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  1. cortisone for tailbone update
  2. Anyone Here Ever Done McKenzie Therapy?
  3. How much may U move after disk fusion?
  4. I saw surgeon today. Says I need a microdiscectomy
  5. A Sad Day
  6. Stomach Pain
  7. Question! Sex after PLIF
  8. Texas Diva ?? PM ??
  9. still upset over right leg
  10. going to the bathroom a lot?
  11. Neurontin Articles
  12. So confused
  13. OMG -I'm in pain with more numbness
  14. can anybody shed some light&
  15. Your experiences with ESI
  16. Muscle spasms - Suggestions???
  17. Anybody what to guess what this means??
  18. A call from W/C today
  19. Had my steroid epidural for my back
  20. Post op sciatica pain
  21. Six Weeks Post Fusion and a Little Discouraged
  22. Had my first pre-surgery meltdown...
  23. First Time With Major Back Pain, Any Suggestions?
  24. New Pain!
  25. Back problems and only 18 years old
  26. How long can a nerve be pinched before there is permanent damage?
  27. Not sure what to do
  28. Failed Fusion
  29. Burning pain in left shoulder blade, anyone else??
  30. Can't sleep........
  31. Pm drs??
  32. Having an ESI tomorrow, have a ?
  33. scared of surgery
  34. Need some advice..please read and reply
  35. Post injection
  36. Been scheduled for Discography....
  37. Don't know what to do....any suggestions?
  38. Prolotherapy??? Has anyone heard of this?
  39. emg next
  40. Disco Results {finally}
  41. muscle pain or lung cancer?
  42. hmmmm, now what?
  43. sciatica or something else?
  44. Got Fired Today
  45. Positive Feedback for Cortisone/Steriod Injection
  46. Has anyone had "Lysis of Adhesion"?
  47. Bad News!
  48. Relafen - siede effects?
  49. How/where do I find out my Dr's credentials?
  50. I have my MRI results and it's bad.
  51. Am i over aggcegerating
  52. Cervical Traction
  53. posture taping
  54. Drs Office low chairs
  55. HELP........Calf Pain/Cramps 1 week after surgery
  56. Radiofrequency Neural Ablation?
  57. Harrington Rod 1969
  58. Q: Oral corticosteroids...what dose?
  59. Experiences with fluoroscopy microdiscectomy
  60. any idea's or advice please
  61. Scoliosis treament for a 16yr old?
  62. Vicodin, Neurontin, Muscle Relaxer, Prednisone, Injections...
  63. My Aching Back
  64. MVA - Having problems 6 months later
  65. Missed a stair - new pain
  66. Pain on my left side - please help!
  67. Does anyone have any advice please
  68. question about Neurontin after surgery
  69. I think something is wrong, scared
  70. Oral steroid cortisone working wonders
  71. back stiffness?
  72. Pldd
  73. Successtory ???????????
  74. Help Me!!! I Can Barely Walk !!!!!
  75. $$$$$ Discogram
  76. General tightness in upper back
  77. SomethingTo Smile About
  78. Pain starting to get to me emotionally
  79. 6 Months After Accident- Having lots of Problems!!
  80. Will any Dr. perform surgery on scar tissue?
  81. Nausea from the pain
  82. How Fast Does Scar Tissue Form?
  83. Dr. Victorsch/scoliosis
  84. Curious Fusion or ADR?? + general ??
  85. To:Dr Victorsch
  86. Riding a bike?
  87. Off Neurontin and On Cymbalta
  88. Maybe a silly question but... enema???
  89. Question for SEVERE BACK PAIN sufferers/please help
  90. exercising after back surgery
  91. Bulge disk...what is usual treatment?
  92. Something for breakthrough pain
  93. neck/back pain Drs can't find cause
  94. Hi Im new, I need some info. on pinched nerves?
  95. Neurontin for DDD?
  96. Bikram Yoga helping back pain
  97. Attorney In Toronto for WSIB
  98. Stillinpain - Topamax Question
  99. burning upper back question
  100. StarDust (and anyone) PT ?'s
  101. Piece of disc broken off?
  102. Looking for some info Can you help?
  103. Need Help And Encouragement
  104. I am being sent to a Pain Management Dr.
  105. mri results..and i am mad
  106. What a day!
  107. Tailbone pain is definately caused by L5-S1 disc protrusion
  108. Disc Narrowing - my long story
  109. Question about "collapsed discs?"
  110. 25/female with Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis and other."Sorely" need advice on treatment
  111. Not so good 6 mos. check up...
  112. Best Back Dr
  113. Help with reading MRI and....
  114. Drx9000
  115. frustrated newbie!! arrgggh
  116. More Surgery!!
  117. What's The Next Step??
  118. How many on Topamax?
  119. need your thoughts please
  120. MedX ????
  121. Physical Therapy Questions
  122. Survey Says: DISCOGRAM
  123. ADR Questions??
  124. I had no idea it would be like this
  125. Neuro Called w/ MRI results-Not So Good, Fusion Time...
  126. Osteophytes, Bone Spurs & Bony Tubercles
  127. Help! ESI injections and headaches!
  128. Back from ortho appt.
  129. Nerve Root Block Injection Too concerned..?
  130. laminectomy and discectomy ????
  131. Has anyone communicated with AlphaKlinic?
  132. why fusion ,ADR, etc,cant these docs just
  133. Strange Cervical Curvature
  134. Post Lumbar Fusion w/Instrumentation done 4/20
  135. My Status Update
  136. Saw the Neuro this AM
  137. Might be off to the O.R this morning
  138. It's been awhile and I need advise!!!
  139. Have horrible pain and EMG showed nothing! Please HELP!
  140. Does anyone know anything about curved spines?
  141. Will this ever go away??
  142. Sciatica - next step
  143. "Helpful" Family and Friends
  144. I am getting worse. Pain is now on the right side!!!
  145. "I'm off to see the Wizard!"
  146. Posture support brace
  147. wat the doc said today...
  148. Whats the nerve that is by the sciatic - begins with a *P*
  149. Good Luck Tuesday Doctor Appointments!
  150. Oh!!! How I Hate Neurontin!!!
  151. coughing and its killing me.
  152. Ginger root for inflammation
  153. Years of Sciatica?
  154. I need your help!!!!
  155. Need help with cervical MRI results
  156. Horrible back pain
  157. I don't even know what to title this...
  158. Where to go next?
  159. 25/female with Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis and other."Sorely" need advice on treatment
  160. For females with problems at L3
  161. Need some info on epidural injections
  162. Disc Nucleoplasty?
  163. If not Sciatica....then what?
  164. Paula Abdul interview
  165. Now what??
  166. How do I prepare my kids?
  167. Please Help!!!
  168. Does anyone else have numb areas on feet?
  169. Upcoming fusion surgery
  170. I'm back from first post-op apt!
  171. Terribly severe foot pain.... Anyone else have it??
  172. Nerve Pain Post-Microdiscectomy
  173. Quietcook-please Explain These To Me!!
  174. Posterior Annular Tear
  175. Can taking pressure off of the nerve cause muscle spasms?
  176. I think the chiropractor made me worse.
  177. back pain
  178. compression fractures - help - advice
  179. Workers comp question-STILL in new different PAIN
  180. Need someone to listen...Please
  181. PsychLea ? for you ~
  182. New Info for lots of you!!
  183. My situation and need advice please!! :)
  184. Anyone have this back problem?
  185. New Here..ACDF@ C3-C7 with hardware..
  186. Physical ability after ADR
  187. still nervous after surgery
  188. Does anyone crack their back?
  189. How Do You Know...
  190. Horrible Back Pain
  191. ADR Decision Time - help
  192. 25/female with Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis and other."Sorely" need advice on treatment.
  193. ? opinion, saw spine specialist
  194. Back home after op & feeling good!!
  195. Spine Fellowship
  196. How long before nerves are badly damaged?
  197. And The Doctor Said.......
  198. MRI questions.
  199. Has anyone heard of Dr Edward Heres new procedure
  200. Two questions: ADR / Pain symptoms
  201. Isn't waiting the worst part!
  202. Depressed need to vent
  203. so much pain!!!!
  204. hi guys.
  205. Sciatica Pain
  206. Doctors Appointment Today
  207. The powers that be really have it in for me..
  208. other options
  209. Thank you all
  210. swim without arching back?
  211. need some help understanding
  212. Back turning for the worse.
  213. Pain medication question
  214. Thanks for sharing everyone
  215. 3 surgeries already, 4th recommended
  216. Scoliosis
  217. Got news from Doc Yesterday....but......
  218. discogram ???
  219. another question/one week post op
  220. Please Help
  221. 1 week post surgery
  222. Myelogram side effects
  223. Dont think I can take much more
  224. Questions on Topamax and neurontin
  225. cortisone shot for tail bone
  226. Sticking my neck out
  227. Sciatic Pain
  228. Another ESI today - wish me luck...
  229. Rowboat??
  230. Post-Op Wound Infection?
  231. High Volt Pulsed Stimulator vs Interferential Stimulator???
  232. Advil after surgery
  233. IMPORTANCE of asking TONS of ?'s
  234. Dr. Jho
  235. oxycontin and lortab
  236. Back From Pm Doc Appt.
  237. I finally got smart and took a stand....it worked!
  238. post surgery problems, need help
  239. A suggestion for back pain sufferers
  240. what is your opinion on my docs info
  241. Decision taken...nurse charges??
  242. Lesion on T10
  243. I think I've decided, so now what should I expect?
  244. Thoracic questions
  245. Fusion and PT question?
  246. Doctors appointment w/ Artficial disc doctor
  247. Scared and Anxious
  248. saddened
  249. Can Drx 9000 Help With This?
  250. Help I was called for JURY DUTY -

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