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  1. home from surgery
  2. Fracture at base of spine
  3. Help-pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. diskogram
  5. Thoracic Pain - Surgery?
  6. pain in buttock and leg
  7. hey myspine is a tens machine similar toa scs??
  8. Requesting a new chair at work
  9. please i need a friend....... someone to listen..
  10. Tomorrow is the Day
  11. need to stop narc pain meds prior to surgery - which OTC ones work?
  12. Recovery questions....postop
  13. Help? understanding MRI?
  14. syringomyelia
  15. A RASH!!!???? What next?
  16. New Doctor...Questions???
  17. Piroxicam/feldene
  18. new pain post op pain?
  19. Too Much Post-Op Pain, Please Help!!
  20. 16 y/o with scoliosis
  21. Im confused and so is Doc
  22. Does this add up?
  23. New here, disco results- please help
  24. chronic rhomboid injury
  25. Results from my MRI
  26. back from neck fusions - brace questions
  27. Micro-D set for 3/10, Need Advice
  28. Question about back problems...
  29. 3 months post-op
  30. seriously, I've just about had it.
  31. Miracles
  32. thoughts/experiences about chiropractors?
  33. enough is enough i cant take no more
  34. i did what you asked will any one help
  35. MRI results-help needed to understand
  36. Need your opinion
  37. Any advice on prep for first PT appt tomorrow?
  38. Lumbar spine question
  39. New to Group
  40. Decompression laminectomy
  41. Scared...pain came back
  42. I'm Home from my post. L5-6,S1 decompres,interbody,laminect,w/hardware, fusion.
  43. What causes the pain?
  44. Location of L5 disc? Where on the spine?
  45. Can't sleep, Normal?
  46. T8-T9, anyone?
  47. Doctors and Pain Meds!!!
  48. well thats it then
  49. spondy questions
  50. English Please Doc!!
  51. What Do I Do?
  52. Am I overreacting?
  53. Question?
  54. Vertabral Axial Decompression
  55. Does anyone have any advice
  56. I'm back
  57. a question and new update
  58. Foot drop...
  59. failed surgery need advise pls!!!
  60. How long does this last??? What does this mean????
  61. Irrating-
  62. Ultracet - Good or Bad?
  63. anti-depressants for pain??
  64. No reflexes?
  65. Post poned my fusion
  66. Upper back pain when breathing...
  67. Sharp upper back pain and breathing...
  68. Rheumatologist....Anyone been to one?
  69. owwwww PLEASE HELP!!
  70. second xray
  71. Was Scheduled for Breast Reduction to help back...Not gonna happen..Now Depressed!!
  72. Lower back/Hip pain with knee discomfort!
  73. UPDATE: on almost falling from the sippy cup
  74. any good pain centers in phoenix area?
  75. anyone out there had the ADR???
  76. Newbackguy I need your advice!!!!
  77. Anti-inflammitories slowing healing?
  78. My surgery is tomorrow and I'm scared!
  79. What Next
  80. Hello Valley
  81. ? on back pain.
  82. Back 2 Back
  83. Foot Drop?
  84. Lumbar spine injury and tailbone pain
  85. What kind of work do you do?
  86. How do I know?
  87. pain in one place on spine
  88. 4 Bad Cervical Discs - In Extreme Pain - Please Help
  89. can anyone help??? Need advie on meds Endone and Diazepam...
  90. Would you Recommend IV Sedation for Facet Joint Block?
  91. 15 days after (did i blow it out)
  92. those with cervical issues
  93. Pain in my tail bone
  94. Anybody else have flu? And how did it affect your back?
  95. Shifted Vertebrae
  96. Upcoming Surgery
  97. Sat. Morning,OUCH,
  98. Slipped & almost fell, OUCH!!
  99. Doc looked at the neck stuff today too
  100. white raisins soaked in gin????
  101. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  102. What have i done??? please read....
  103. back pain after spinal fusion
  104. No Pain & Doing Great!!
  105. Frustrated and sick of pain!!!
  106. Doctor Visit today
  107. back pain
  108. 2 yrs post op.help with pain!!!
  109. > Quiet Cook ~ Iliac harvest
  110. very confused need help
  111. Muscle spasm - what i learnt this week
  112. lump on spine
  113. diastematomyelia in 5 year old daughter
  114. such a sap
  115. ESI c6-c7
  116. UPPER back pain??
  117. Post Op: Caring For Someone After Back Surgery
  118. Plz Need Some Advice For My Hubby
  119. Just a few pre op questions
  120. Today is the day.....pray for me......
  121. filling my prescription question (problem)
  122. Can a second fusion be done?
  123. Do I need to see a Doctor?
  124. Anyone have additional surgery once start to operate?
  125. Stupid Brace!
  126. Need Advice
  127. sciatica
  128. Swallowing Problems after Cervical Fusion?
  129. mylogram results
  130. New to Forum - Surgery in 20 days :/
  131. Decompression and a fusion
  132. Please Explain An Emg Nerve Test
  133. Back pain question...
  134. here's what is going on
  135. reinjury or they miss somthing !!!!!!!!!!!
  136. I'm ready to give up!
  137. My Introduction, Cause and Problem :)
  138. after surgery question for the ladies
  139. Any risk in waiting?
  140. Disc vs Muscle pain ?
  141. Please Help!!
  142. I want to be better RIGHT NOW!!!
  143. Neck Pain Has Returned After Steroids
  144. For those of you who opted for surgery.. advice?
  145. Can Nerve Damage Be Seen On Mri Scan??
  146. Spine fellowship questions
  147. Led
  148. Diskogram results
  149. 3.5 Month post fusion, when did YOU start bending a bit?
  150. compression fractures
  151. If it ain't one thing, it's another...
  152. Help with my MRI results
  153. Does Anyone else have this problem?
  154. I'm so miserable
  155. 26 and Crooked Back! Help!
  156. HI guys post op update
  157. "a pain in the neck!"
  158. gotta get a new DR
  159. biofeed back set me off in spasms
  160. What kind of exercises does a physical therapist do?
  161. Drop by for 4 month follow up for l5-s1 fusion
  162. Fingers twitching???
  163. Sorry! Guess I need to vent a little or a lot!!
  164. Is this normal????
  165. Steroids for back pain
  166. Injured disc. Rehabilitation-Being sent to Advanced Spine
  167. ESI question
  168. To new Friends and Old...Aloha!
  169. Laser procedure to burn the nerves
  170. surgery date
  171. Bertolotti's syndrome
  172. compression fractures T9-10-11
  173. [B]help! what do i do now[/B]
  174. Microdiscectomy, 6 months post op...still in pain.
  175. Can a massage Aggravate the sciatica?
  176. Exam results, finally!
  177. What should I be doing post fusion?
  178. finding doctors, the right ones
  179. Pain in my...............
  180. Brace after laminectomy/diskectomy?
  181. Disc Protrusion treatments example methlprednisolone.
  182. 7 mons post op microdisectomy. foot pain
  183. New to the forums
  184. Upper, left back to numb in front
  185. Update
  186. Too young for surgery?
  187. Road Reminder;
  188. Post Op - Microdiscectomy
  189. Memory Foam Bed
  190. Now my neurosurgeon is testing me for rheumatoid arthritis for my back pain??????
  191. Help And Advise Needed From A Guy In England
  192. Electrical bone growth stimulators ~
  193. back pain is about to ruin my life!
  194. Laminectomy/Diskectomy surgery in 3 weeks
  195. The pain is changing me
  196. Morphine???? Good Or Bad????
  197. Dansgirl, where are you???
  198. GOD HELP im in such pain
  199. MRI advice please
  200. Possible causes of 'clicking' back - opinions please?
  201. Feeling desperate....
  202. Mel, regarding failed back fusions
  203. No relief from Subutex........
  204. Mid/Upper Back Pain.
  205. HOW do you stand it day to day????
  206. ADR & Insurance Companies
  207. I'm Home!!
  208. Backpain and fever
  209. Back from Surgery
  210. shoulder pains
  211. worked out today
  212. Injection facet joint l4 and l5
  213. post-epidural, post-surgical tissue damage
  214. Blood for surgery problem
  215. Nuerosurgeon vs Orthopedic surgeon from Microdiskectomy?
  216. New Member Please advise>>>
  217. ADR Surgery
  218. Pain While Sleeping after Fusion
  219. Carol632
  220. Marianne?????
  221. need help
  222. Tightness in mid to upper back
  223. SO FRUSTRATEd...anyone have grinding in back and what is it?
  224. Valium and other meds
  225. Inflamation in sacrum can affect nerves?
  226. Help With Xray Reading
  227. shooting pain to anus
  228. former member w/failed fusion
  229. Numb/Tingling Toes & Fingers after Facet Joint Injection?
  230. If you settle with W/C, then who covers your med?
  231. How do you tell the difference....
  232. Discogram
  233. neurontin???
  234. Dealing With Workers Comp..Need Advice
  235. Advice please
  236. Had my diskogram, have some questions
  237. does anyone have any remedies???? please read
  238. I am to the point of furious now!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!
  239. Post op question
  240. severe pain at tailbone
  241. nervous neice
  242. Accupuncture
  243. EMG - 2nd time around
  244. new doctor opinion - who do i believe?
  245. Just found out something from Neuro, I was never told!!!!
  246. Thoughts on Returning to Work After Surgery
  247. Can Somebody Tell Me Please
  248. Consult Friday....Nervous, not sure what to expect!
  249. Lower back spasms....owwww..help!
  250. can any one tell me

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