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  1. Comfortable car for 5'2" woman
  2. Treadmill..
  3. slipped on ice
  4. few questions
  5. Undecided about Electronic Nerve Stimulator
  6. i think i have trapped a nerve
  7. Non-surgical fusion?
  8. when did they notice fusion taking?
  9. Haw'n Carl, how are you?
  10. football back problems
  11. Anthing that has helped lumbar discogeinc syndrome ,facet syndrome, DDD
  12. post micro-d - pain in the OTHER leg??
  13. Creaking spine like a "Bendable Barbie's" knee joint!
  14. the zingers have arrived
  15. Odd tickle....
  16. HELP! What is my Problem?
  17. Post -OP Supplies ??
  18. Anyone familiar with these symptoms?
  19. Diskogram question
  20. HI,10 days post op
  21. Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)
  22. Whats w/the L5 S1?
  23. update / ruptured disc
  24. Ice!!
  25. hardware removal?????
  26. Board in the butt??? WHAT??
  27. Tailbone pain after Micro D L4/L5
  28. It was a spider!!
  29. New Here and Needing Some Help!!!
  30. New here with questions
  31. Has anyone had an increase of tingling at 2 1/2 months post surgery?
  32. Disappointing News!
  33. Advice dealing with Worker's Comp
  34. Home from surgery
  35. jdlfmc/question for anyone with a disc tear
  36. This is strange!
  37. Has anyone had disc fusion for upperback/neck
  38. Had Surgery Last Week
  39. Back Pain and No Reason. Please help. Any Advice is appreciated!
  40. What the heck now- GRRR
  41. L4/5 tear/bulge and S3,4,5 radiculopathy
  42. Rrrrrrrrrr!!!
  43. neck problems sorry dont know where to post
  44. What is ADR good for
  45. Hip pain after adjustment
  46. New Here
  47. Had electronic trial stimulator installed on Wed.
  48. Second time's a charm (so far)
  49. Please clear up my ADR confusion
  50. Just need your support: surgery cancelled...again!!
  51. online pharmacies
  52. Sweet tooth
  53. 6 mons post microdisectomy w/drop foot
  54. this HAS got to be the last thing to go wrong!!
  55. serious numbness problems
  56. Please Help Me!!
  57. Discogram and ADR
  58. cracking your back???
  59. 2 MRI's, Bone Scan & SPECT Scan...condition still unknown
  60. neurontin/terrible feeling side effects
  61. confused about doctors
  62. Five Week Post Op With Erector Set
  63. New PM DOC?????
  64. SI Joint Inflammation to Carol
  65. The news from my doctor's visit!
  66. Why do I have SO many drugs?
  67. Posted on this before......
  68. Update on husband's neck fusion, part two
  69. 5 Months Post L5 Fusion
  70. Medrol/Steroid Question
  71. One step forward 2 steps back
  72. Scoliosis
  73. Birkenstocks
  74. Wondering about surgery, finally!
  75. Scared about my future...
  76. Question...Help?
  77. Newbie...can you help?
  78. Pain And Swelling In Back Right Ribs
  79. Does anyone know what this is called?
  80. surgery tomorrow
  81. Doing better but not sure about the Epidural
  82. sciatica
  83. I need help from others with this problem
  84. Anyone else having problems getting pain meds???
  85. Hit a bump in the road
  86. I hate this!!!!
  87. Spondylolisthesis-still looking for answers-not feeling so good today
  88. New here, looking for advice, help, hope..
  89. i have a tear l4-l5/what surgery option are there
  90. Mentally ready for surgery now.
  91. when does you back hurt the most
  92. Wednesday is my 6 wk. check-up...
  93. Type of doctor
  94. oxy vs. hydro
  95. mel1977..
  96. What is a discogram?
  97. degenerating disks in lower back
  98. Relief is in sight
  99. I need a pedicure!!!!!!!!!!
  100. idet questions
  101. More Problems than I ever knew
  102. Bad back
  103. Waiting on a Call
  104. Epideral for birth
  105. Bcak from neurosurgeon
  106. fusion L3 & L4 with Parkinson ? recovery?
  107. pain in leg and lower back
  108. To drive or not to drive, that is the question!
  109. Advice?? I goofed up and hurt!
  110. Suggestions please?!
  111. New MRI Results
  112. severe headache after physical therapy
  113. Neck/Upper Back issue
  114. Post fusion, will the restless legs go away???
  115. Rehurniation
  116. Are MRI's needed with contrast?
  117. Low Back Pain for the past 6 years(now aged 23)
  118. pain meds question percs and hydros
  119. mpullee question about idet
  120. Need some advice..
  121. Has Anyone Here Had The Endoscopic Discectomy?
  122. Need help planning for surgery...
  123. ESI Question
  124. spondylolisthesis and sclerosis of the joint
  125. Home from my L4-L5-S1 fusion!
  126. artificial disc recovery
  127. What's the worst that can happen???
  128. SCARED...Please help!
  129. What would YOU do?
  130. Terrible Update!!
  131. Hardware Question.
  132. Not looking forward to being naked on the table
  133. Feel like giving up....
  134. sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  135. Now What???
  136. Absorbine jr. now has a large PATCH!!
  137. On the lighter side
  138. Pre-Op Thoughts.
  139. Inversion Tables
  140. Mel, Caey, Hunni, Carol, Al
  141. ALIF Fusion - ill take all the responses I can get...
  142. Saw the Doc
  143. Syringomyelia anyone?
  144. Fusion Question
  145. Why So Much Pain?
  146. can you explain my DISCOGRAM/test positive
  147. You guys! I did it AGAIN!
  148. L5-S1 Hemilaminectomy/Microdiscectomy
  149. GUSTONE/i have a question for you
  150. IDET / anyone have luck with this
  151. home from surgery today aghh!!
  152. ADR in U.S. vs Germany???
  153. Is there such a thing as post operative depression?
  154. This stuff with MetLife is ticking me off!!!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!
  155. Seeking more info about chiropractic tx.
  156. I had my pre op visit..no brace after surgery?
  157. I fell - what is this pain?
  158. Back Pain MRI Results
  159. gotta get moving
  160. Need to find a surgeon
  161. Post Fusion-ites A ? about Rollar Coasters
  162. Spoke to soon......
  163. Thorasic Question
  164. Nucleoplasty - work for you???
  165. 9 weeks post fusion, what kind of stretching of the legs is aloud?!!
  166. Yet ANOTHER epidural?!
  167. Spinal Stenosis
  168. Some Questions Regarding Spinal Fusion ...
  169. What the heck is going on?
  170. Vertebra That Sticks out....
  171. You know desperation has set in.....
  172. Hello Tomorrow
  173. Leg pain coming back after microdiscectomy
  174. Saw neuro..Fusion, ADR, or PT..need advice!
  175. Tailbone and Lower Back Pain
  176. L5-S1 Fusion first thought..
  177. Consult with Neurosurgeon---advice please
  178. need help convincing family
  179. Staples Out - YIPPE - 3 week Dr Appt.
  180. Jessie!!!!
  181. pinched nerve in back
  182. I need info on sciatic nerve pain
  183. thinking about a microdiscectomy with no insurance
  184. Symptoms of C3-4 and C5-6
  185. Pinched something?
  186. hope you are all doing good
  187. Meds for DDD
  188. Only pain at night??!!!
  189. Hubby just got fired - need support
  190. 12 weeks post op micro
  191. 11 weeks post op still havin probs !!!!!
  192. Back from the other side
  193. I hurt soo bad.......
  194. Burning painful big toes... new problem!!
  195. So sad
  196. Worried - any experience with Arthrotec?
  197. I am starting to get
  198. Spinal fusion and weight gain??
  199. Question ?? For Mel 1977
  200. Back Surgery Possible
  201. What's the problem with my lower back?
  202. anyone feel as if their back is on fire?
  203. Cortizone shot
  204. HAPPY NEW YEAR Back problem
  205. Indomethacin
  206. does my back pain really exsist??
  207. Horrible back pain..
  208. Bone growth...
  209. so confused
  210. Neck pain-Questions for Dr?
  211. you know you feel better....
  212. Will a L5 S1 Fusion realy help ??
  213. New Here!!!~Back pain following misplaced epidurals
  214. The reason the pain starts AFTER you get home.
  215. My fusion is Wednesday!!!
  216. Lump Upper Back Advice?
  217. Back muscles ceesed up. Need urgent help!?
  218. Elevate legs without aggravating backpain
  219. 3 Level Spinal Fusion questions!
  220. An interesting discovery in PT
  221. New Back Problem~What to do?
  222. Almost 3 weeks post-op
  223. Injections yesterday. help if you can !!!!!
  224. back pain meds and panic attacks
  225. Post fusion 3 months, Can not stop crying! HELP!!!!
  226. Ruptured Discs at L5/S1 & L4/L5
  227. Water skiing after back surgery???
  228. buldging disc
  229. What an ordeal I've been through.............
  230. Nursing Home/Rehab NO THANKS!!
  231. discogram results..what do you all think?
  232. Spinal fusion and decompression
  233. Something fishy or just concerned doc?
  234. Any Advice?
  235. How do you pass the time?
  236. leg length discrepancy question
  237. Looking for non surgical options
  238. meds
  239. Sciatica or blood clot?
  240. 15 days post op, and how much?????
  241. Visible backbone
  242. Painful back problem
  243. post-microdisc. swollen nerve?
  244. PAIN PAIN from scoliosis, please help
  245. 6 Months Post Spinal Fusion
  246. Pain medication - avoiding/reducing tolerance
  247. Pain Management put me on Methadone today! Anyone familiar??
  248. Cervical Fusion or Disc Replacement? HElP?
  249. what's my problem?
  250. hopefully found problem!

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