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  1. Cancelled PT
  2. back, neck and hip pain
  3. Inflammation and soreness around fusion/hardware post op
  4. what a difference a doctor can make
  5. Any of ya'll taken Zonegran??
  6. BRAIN MRI for back problems??
  7. Now Why Did I Do That Again?
  8. Dorsal Column stimualor
  9. Numbness after surgery
  10. Very Disappointed!!!
  11. grrrrrrrrr
  12. recurring problems with twisted spine
  13. seeking advice for my husband
  14. Now what?!?
  15. Injured Betty
  16. Does anyone here have KYPHOSIS? Did you have surgery yet?
  17. Back from Doctor, 4.5 weeks post fusion!
  18. Getting off hydrocodone
  19. Can anyone PLEASE help me
  20. who has a home remedy for an ice pack?
  21. What Now??
  22. LaZBoy chair : making it better for my back
  23. MRI Findings, Please help!
  24. Please tell me this has happened to someone
  25. Afraid to Move!
  26. Of course a sciatica question!
  27. update on fusion feeling down :(
  28. any info on Ambien?
  29. how to deal with stairs after fusion
  30. did you do anything for YOU?
  31. First day of PT UGGH!
  32. Anyone tried disk decompression
  33. Garden tub versus reg one
  34. having surgery
  35. Post Op 9 Weeks L5-S1
  36. Bone graft
  37. Day two discectomy/terrible
  38. seems like december is big month for surgeries here
  39. What back brace should I use?
  40. osteoporosis????????
  41. horrible hip pain
  42. Question about epidural injection?
  43. Ah Crud
  44. must be the day for Sh(( to happen..
  45. Yay! We finally get to wait some more
  46. best sleeping form for a bad lower back?
  47. Question for AFTER steroid injections?
  48. Lost my films
  49. surgery CANCELLED
  50. question about valium and back pain
  51. Please Help me Fusion on wednesday
  52. Back Pain won't go away
  53. chronic back aches
  54. Here's a new one - Fusion allergy???
  55. Self induced cycle of pain
  56. Cervically induced dizziness?
  57. I think I know the whole idea now....
  58. i had my procedure today
  59. Inversion Table
  60. Adr
  61. Reiki, anyone tried it?
  62. 4 wks. post fusion, has anyone felt like their getting nowhere?
  63. Fusion on Thursday
  64. Fat Pads or Cysts? 2 B or not 2B?
  65. 11 week post op...follow up
  66. Hello Tomorrow
  67. Has anyone used Actiq????
  68. surgery date set
  69. Back Pain
  70. Diskogram & Pain Meds, HELP! grrrrrrrrr
  71. So does this mean I wont walk.......
  72. Talwin for pain
  73. 2 weeks post-op disectomy...
  74. Oh My Pets!!!
  75. Med DR bone and joint-what to expect
  76. Having my 1st epidural injection today
  77. PT on Wed -What to expect?
  78. Inversion Table - Can anybody recommend a good one?
  79. Epidural post op discectomy
  80. Scar Tissue???
  81. Post fusion flare up??
  82. simply decadent behaviour
  83. 2 Surgeries and Still In Pain
  84. Aching legs, screaming legs post fusion
  85. Can some one help ?
  86. dr questions
  87. Like rollerblading on a rough rode
  88. Considering Fourth Surgery
  89. Pain is starting to get worse!!!!
  90. neck pain
  91. after fusion
  92. regarding a post earlier on jumping body
  93. Carol, with the morphine pump, are you out there?
  94. Do a lot of u have aching back pain?
  95. Scar Tissue
  96. Questions PLEASE ANYONE WITH Lumbar Micro Diskectomy L-5 Experience!
  97. Bulge at l/3/l4, fused at 45/s1
  98. 1st setback since L5-S1 discectomy 10 weeks ago.
  99. After microdisectomy
  100. Newly Diagnosed with Spondylolthesis and have questions
  101. What were YOU doing 4 wks. post fusion, my progress?
  102. New and worried
  103. pain at 4 wks. post microdiscectomy
  104. cervical problems
  105. When do they want to fuse ..?
  106. FUSION 7 months P/0
  107. Neck pain
  108. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving
  109. lower lumbar musle pain HELP!
  110. anterior spinal fusion(S1-L5)
  111. facet joint cracking
  112. back pains
  113. Water Bed???
  114. doctor chasing
  115. Question???
  116. Opinions - How long before returning to work
  117. pre-auth for items after surgery???
  118. Htd
  119. need help reading MRI report
  120. Please help. Upper back/shoulder pain
  121. back problems
  122. Discogram..what to expect.
  123. Bulging disk with nerve damage
  124. Plif Problems
  125. TAZ UPDATE 5 month post op - L5-S1 fusion
  126. what's going on?
  127. Disc Issues
  128. I'm Scared! Why me ...
  129. Any Aussies using the healthboard
  130. Scheduled L5 S1 ADR in 2 weeks!
  131. Can't stand up straight
  132. Morphine pump
  133. Zoloft and blood
  134. Daughter with back pain
  135. More surgery to correct non-healing incision
  136. Knots & Stiffness in back, pain from walking.
  137. Stenosis
  138. can any one reccommend a NYC doctor and lawyer
  139. reply quick pls!
  140. Why do I have to go through this?
  141. Nerve issues post fusion....anyone with this?
  142. Where do you go NOW?
  143. facet joint syndrome
  144. bathing after surgery
  145. Friends son was injured today
  146. Tms?
  147. Pain Patch, does it work or not?
  148. post fusion nerve problems
  149. A couple questions for post fusion patients!!!
  150. Epidural injection post op discectomy
  151. In search of a physician
  152. different board
  153. Facet injections = pain now worse!
  154. need advice from post fusion patients
  155. Fusion Confusion
  156. Painful to touch and soreness around hardware site after fusion?
  157. anterior-posterior spinal fusion?
  158. End of my rope!
  159. what about me?
  160. a couple of ?'s
  161. Tens Unit Post Fusion Surgery?
  162. vitamins natural supplements??
  163. Noob with Back Problems :(
  164. CT scan
  165. fusion and anti-inflamatory meds
  166. Mel...
  167. Those massage cushions
  168. Discogram - Your experiences?
  169. zero gravity chair, tilt desk, and memory foam
  170. Hospital stay post-fusion
  171. had good news 31 days post op (fusion)
  172. Pool vanquished butt pain
  173. Disc bulge - again
  174. what is a percutaneous disc decompression
  175. ATT: mel
  176. Positive Post - 9 weeks post-op Fusion
  177. Anyone Familiar With Pain In Shoulder Blade?
  178. saw NS today and......
  179. Newbie to this board - worried about Doc appointment
  180. Who is from UK
  181. What does the future hold?
  182. My Weird Story of Back Problems
  183. 3 1/2 weeks post-op laminotomy/discectomy L5-S1
  184. Does it hurt you to walk or sit?
  185. Back injury questions
  186. shoulder/shoulder blade dislocation
  187. SherryZeta- are you there?
  188. compression fracture still hurting after one year
  189. Should I get surgery?
  190. Body jerking and jumping at bedtime, how do I stop!!!!!
  191. MRI and CT ?!? one versus the other
  192. Facet Injections & Neural Ablation?????
  193. have date for electronic stimulator
  194. getting nervous again!
  195. Need help w/a major decision PLEASE??
  196. 11 months post op with major pain
  197. Scheduled my fusion today
  198. Almost 4 Months Post-IDET!!!!!
  199. What do I do?
  200. Flexicore Disc
  201. We have had a set back of sorts
  202. How long should incisions be seeping?
  203. please give opinions about my pain
  204. Question about nerve damage?
  205. Disc problem post fusion
  206. 7 weeks Post op L5-S1
  207. This is gross but I have to know...
  208. Does this help with Discectomy??
  209. Transitional Vertebrae
  210. percocet or hydrocodone 10/325
  211. Another reason to quit smoking: PART 2 :)
  212. What kind of handbag do you ladies carry that have back &/or neck pain?
  213. Anyone had facet joint injections??
  214. Getting ready for round 2-Which surgery?
  215. Is it my back?
  216. leg tightness and heavyness after fusion? Anyone?
  217. lumbar spinal stenosis getting worse
  218. 5 months post op Discectomy
  219. Sciatica from Anuerysmal Bone Cyst
  220. stronger pain meds after discogram
  221. idet/procedure " what to do "?
  222. New Mattress
  223. I need advise and help!
  224. I need your guidance
  225. Is physical therapy necessary?
  226. How much Ultracet is o.k.
  227. What can the ER do?
  228. 3 days post idet
  229. Help with some terminology from MRI
  230. The big question: surgery or not??
  231. Tell me what your leg(s) felt like after fusion!
  232. Back problems=neck problems=headaches?
  233. Broken Screw Replacement
  234. About to just give up on this whole thing!!!!! GRRR!! So frustrated!!!
  235. confused and disillusion
  236. is this normal???? Help???
  237. 6 week post op Microsdisectomy
  238. x-ray results
  239. "C" pillows
  240. Pain!!!
  241. What does L3 and L5 mild protrusion mean? Pressing on spinal cord.
  242. Back Problems at age 22
  243. Has anyone else been put on an anti-inflammatory after fusion?
  244. any l5 fusion advice?
  245. Post op Microsdisectomy L5-S1
  246. I'm at witts end!
  247. Questions after surgery
  248. Mri
  249. fusion surgery question
  250. How Long did leg pain remain after microdiscectomy

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