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  1. Update.....
  2. 18, active, athletic, sciatica?
  3. can't walk for more than 5 min. without leg pain, PLEASE HELP!
  4. How to lose some weight?
  5. Myelogram
  6. Glucosomine/Chondroitin and BMP fusion
  7. How can this be???????
  8. the waiting is really getting to me mentally ..
  9. Lower Back Pain/Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  10. is a physiatrist the same as a pm doctor
  11. Open Stand up, Sit down MRI
  12. Temporary Release From ER..Just Wanted To Update
  13. Not sure if this is Sciatice
  14. sciatica and trigger points????
  15. WOW-things can't get better...or maybe, how can they get worse????
  16. PT makes things worse for me
  17. switched from hydro to methadone
  18. What could this be?
  19. Lower back sore again. How long should I wait until starting to exercise it?
  20. Lower back sore again. How long should I wait until starting to exercise it?
  21. mn Surgeon info needed
  22. Frustrated and Need understanding!
  23. misdiagnosed with MS?
  24. inversion table
  25. teenager with spondylolithesis
  26. Back pain questions?
  27. Six weeks post microdiscectomy...still hurts
  28. Quad feels wet and on fire...hmm
  29. I feel like Charlie Brown.........
  30. Nerve Pain in Legs
  31. An Update on lil me - 2 fusions on and problems?
  32. MRI & EMG results, Please help!
  33. low back pain, doctor said i have sciatica
  34. It's getting worse....
  35. Surgery is Wednesday, Feb 2nd
  36. doc gave me Cymbalta for pain/depression
  37. New Pain. How do You Get Doc To Listen?
  38. Hypermobile spine
  39. How I managed and eleviated my pain....
  40. Painful Back pain
  41. Bulging Disc and Bone Spurs
  42. myelogram headache ?
  43. help....i feel so down
  44. share your surgery success story!
  45. stress and pain
  46. Surgery Scheduled !!
  47. sciatica question
  48. The new ADRs are in town
  49. back and left legs problems
  50. Going to Professional Councelor/Psychiatrist....Even More Aggravated!!!!!
  51. 6 months post fusion and going skiing tomorrow
  52. nervous...just got back mri reports for cervical and thoracic...HELP me understand!
  53. Hello
  54. update on electronic stimulator removal and other problems
  55. EMG information
  56. Will we get off pain pills??
  57. HELP!!! Why does this hurt so bad?!?
  58. recovery question???
  59. anyone know about CHROMAGEN?
  60. 12 weeks???????????/
  61. Hmmmmm
  62. Numb Pinky Finger...
  63. Off to the doctor
  64. One Week Update.
  65. Frustrated by thoracic back pain
  66. neck kink
  67. I overdid it!
  68. New area at ankle that is numb
  69. need advice asking doc for different meds
  70. What the heck does this mean??? MRI scan
  71. Back to work, should I be concerned?
  72. Received recommendations from Specialist yesterday (m).....
  73. L-4 Stenosis
  74. Thankful I found this board
  75. Post L4 L5 fusion, really stiff and sore in sacrum area after activity...anyone?
  76. Bad weather...Worse pain?
  77. another post surgery tip
  78. Discogram tomorrow 10am -- What to do?
  79. Worst Case Senerio
  80. My neck still hurts
  81. Question on Second ADR
  82. Postpone Surgery??
  83. New here and seeking input
  84. question mid to upper back sufferers
  85. facet joint and SI injections
  86. post surgery sucesses
  87. Epidural w/ fluroscopy yesterday
  88. Newbie
  89. Sciatica pain med questions ?
  90. Knots in back
  91. New Ortho Spine Spec
  92. PT post fusion....are you'all bending yet?
  93. Limitations after Spinal Fusion Surgery
  94. arthrotec pain med/has anyone heard of it
  95. Learn from the young!!
  96. Help, I'm outta drugs!
  97. Surgery Scheduled
  98. Radio Frequency Lesioning...
  99. Neurosurgeons vs. Orthopedic surgeons
  100. somtihmg different foot and leg?
  101. Will I ever be able to pick up my baby after my fusion?
  102. where do you but a grabber?
  103. where do you but a grabber?
  104. Mel
  105. What's going on?
  106. P/T time
  107. 360 fusion
  108. Odd Question?
  109. I'am HOME.
  110. Surgery Went Well, Not As Bad As I Had Thought!
  111. Hi Ho, Its Back to work I go!
  112. tear in disc question
  113. Can I do this without help?
  114. back problem? arm and leg pain !urgent!
  115. My Husband Is So Discouraged
  116. Calling all Fusion-ites......
  117. Any recommendations for new pain meds?
  118. Curious
  119. ugh pain
  120. Family Leave Act?
  121. I'm sleepy!
  122. 10 weeks post L5, SI discectomy
  123. I Hate My Fusion!!
  124. No ambition................
  125. Physical Therapy?
  126. Anybody from Chattanooga Tn?
  127. update/ my first follow up.
  128. How to fix a `leak' in a disc??
  129. Hot Tub ???
  130. Had Electronic Stimulator removed
  131. My Injury, MRI Results
  132. 12 weeks post fusion follow up
  133. Surgery for primarily back pain..anyone had good results?
  134. Husband has slipped disc in neck
  135. Tired of fighting Workers Comp (depressed)
  136. surgery a success
  137. Facing surgery
  138. Anterior/Posterior VS TLIF/w Posterior Lumbar Fusion
  139. Workers comp....get a lawyer or no?
  140. go to a movie????
  141. pain since childhood
  142. Good Back Doctor in Seattle Washington
  143. Humbly asking for help (for a "beginner")
  144. Can't get blood from a turnip? Or can you?
  145. Esi
  146. Back Pain Question
  147. What should I do now?
  148. Plantar Fasciitis and back problems - Can anybody help?
  149. back from follow up
  150. what do i do next???
  151. Death to the coach potato- I'm off to work!
  152. Anyone use these???
  153. New Back Surgery
  154. Thorasic Help!
  155. Need Some Advice badly!!!.... What To Do???
  156. withdrawals/what can i do
  157. Good Office Chair
  158. [B]How many fusions are a SUCCESS??[/B]
  159. recliner with massager???
  160. doctor help
  161. xray and follow up
  162. Surgery Set..
  163. TOPAMAX for chronic back pain?
  164. Dural Ectasia?
  165. bone matrix mixed with your own bone?
  166. Experience with intrathecal pump implant or electro therapy implant?
  167. Big Mistake!!
  168. Please, any suggestions? Lower Back
  169. Facet Joint Injections for Ruptured Disc?
  170. Pain meds and flax seed versus flax seed oil
  171. Slipped on ice
  172. hit the wall again and need to vent!!!
  173. Pain meds make me sick!!!
  174. Anyone know of a good back doctor in VA?
  175. New guy here..need advice
  176. Pain Free Neck!
  177. low back pain started on my period and still here
  178. 2:30 AM and the Zingers are BACK
  179. MY TURN-neck questions and another
  180. Nucleoplasty
  181. Medial Branch Block today...
  182. scoliosis & breathing problems
  183. [B]New here...Accident victim and need advise please[/B]
  184. Anyone Here from Australia???? need help on workers comp
  185. anybody have good exercises to help neck and upper back
  186. Great follow-up appt today!!!
  187. anterior/posterior fusion
  188. Uh Ohhh, I Am Going Numb
  189. Quick Quick Quick.... need advice
  190. back doctor in nyc
  191. **MRI RESULTS** Comments Please? THANKS!
  192. looking for feetback
  193. taking norco for a year/also taking more and more
  194. Sciatica Treatment?
  195. Some Advice Please.
  196. First Time, Long Time -- ADR in waiting
  197. ESI & Facet's done today-Scared, PLEASE HELP ME!
  198. To Chronic Back Pain Sufferer
  199. Drug Of Choice.
  200. Dream Surgery..
  201. Comfortable car for 5'2" woman
  202. Treadmill..
  203. slipped on ice
  204. few questions
  205. Undecided about Electronic Nerve Stimulator
  206. i think i have trapped a nerve
  207. Non-surgical fusion?
  208. when did they notice fusion taking?
  209. Haw'n Carl, how are you?
  210. football back problems
  211. Anthing that has helped lumbar discogeinc syndrome ,facet syndrome, DDD
  212. post micro-d - pain in the OTHER leg??
  213. Creaking spine like a "Bendable Barbie's" knee joint!
  214. the zingers have arrived
  215. Odd tickle....
  216. HELP! What is my Problem?
  217. Post -OP Supplies ??
  218. Anyone familiar with these symptoms?
  219. Diskogram question
  220. HI,10 days post op
  221. Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)
  222. Whats w/the L5 S1?
  223. update / ruptured disc
  224. Ice!!
  225. hardware removal?????
  226. Board in the butt??? WHAT??
  227. Tailbone pain after Micro D L4/L5
  228. It was a spider!!
  229. New Here and Needing Some Help!!!
  230. New here with questions
  231. Has anyone had an increase of tingling at 2 1/2 months post surgery?
  232. Disappointing News!
  233. Advice dealing with Worker's Comp
  234. Home from surgery
  235. jdlfmc/question for anyone with a disc tear
  236. This is strange!
  237. Has anyone had disc fusion for upperback/neck
  238. Had Surgery Last Week
  239. Back Pain and No Reason. Please help. Any Advice is appreciated!
  240. What the heck now- GRRR
  241. L4/5 tear/bulge and S3,4,5 radiculopathy
  242. Rrrrrrrrrr!!!
  243. neck problems sorry dont know where to post
  244. What is ADR good for
  245. Hip pain after adjustment
  246. New Here
  247. Had electronic trial stimulator installed on Wed.
  248. Second time's a charm (so far)
  249. Please clear up my ADR confusion
  250. Just need your support: surgery cancelled...again!!

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