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  1. L5/S1 Fusion in 2 weeks
  2. Spondylolysis
  3. Spineless
  4. L4 L5 fusion and concerns! HELP needed!!
  5. Replacement of L-4,L-5 and S-1
  6. Medication Question
  7. New to this Board - advice needed
  8. physical Therapy ?
  9. 19 days post op fusion Q
  10. 11-yr old MRI for Spinal Curve progression and possible tethered cord...
  11. trying to return to normal - Help!
  12. mel, hows the smoking??
  13. I made it guys, Back from my L4 L5 fusion!!!!!!!
  14. Sudden sciatica attack- what kind of treatment is best?
  15. xray??
  16. Feeling Frustrated
  17. ~M~ and Haw'nCarl...Is everything ok?
  18. Mel, have you disappeared?
  19. Products to help nerve damage?
  20. Please Help Me....
  21. Another problem...
  22. scaroiliitis
  23. finally, A Surgery date!!!!!!!!!!
  24. ANOTHER question.
  25. Scar tissue and pain
  26. Transplant needed!
  27. One more question
  28. What Do I Do Now???
  29. Mel - Just checking!
  30. Has anyone experienced this?
  31. Spondylolisthesis
  32. neck pain/emg
  33. Need advise before Doctors visit
  34. pain worse after shot in spine???
  35. smoking, They wont do surgery????
  36. Anyone else looking into ADR at 2 levels??
  37. TENS unit
  38. MRI results??
  39. 2 weeks post op (fusion)
  40. Returning to old job
  41. New Hip & Foot Pain???
  42. heat/cold sensation issues
  43. Friend's surgery....seeking creative minds
  44. anyone ever see a PHYSIATRIST?
  45. hip pain
  46. PLEASE someone help me! i am so scared
  47. what nerve runs on the front part of the thigh?
  48. such a stupid question....but why with a bulging disc
  49. new to boards/frustrated with pain
  50. discectomy/what to expect
  51. lower back and hip pain
  52. Medical bills and income loss - anybody?
  53. When is a fusion necessary ?
  54. Workmans Comp Permenant Impairment Rating
  55. can someone pls help me understand why my hip hurts too?
  56. help me understand please.........
  57. nerve damage and temporary blindness
  58. NEWBIE with bulging disc/DDD and excercise?
  59. Disc fragment compressing on L5 nerve root?
  60. help
  61. A post surgery excercise question
  62. wish me luck 360 fusion tomorrow
  63. MEL - How did you do?
  64. ACDF C5-C6 NS says impressive findings during surgery
  65. Anyone with good outcome on epidural steroid injections
  66. Accupunture? anyone had help with it?
  67. Aching leg post micro-d
  68. Acid running through my body
  69. allergic reaction to titanium rods in back
  70. In pain and hubby's being a jerk!
  71. How does surgery 'fail'?
  72. LIDODERM patches..injured_betty see my reply to
  73. laminotomy/discectomy: post-op question
  74. 360 fusion-hospital bed??
  75. post-microdiscectomy leg pain??
  76. Trigger Point Injections
  77. Just a post
  78. keith update and new issues
  79. bone stimulator
  80. Am I healing??????? Comments please.
  81. Inversion Tables
  82. anterior/posterior fusion
  83. At Wits End..... Where do I go from here???
  84. Sports Injury? Severe Back Problems Now!!!!
  85. ADR approved!!!
  86. Xanax????
  87. does this sound like a pinched nerve?
  88. 9 wk. post op, update
  89. This pain is unbearable!!!!
  90. numbness in left leg and penis after L2 fracture
  91. Neck problem. My story. Any words of wisdom, suggestions?
  92. Pain and what it means
  93. 4 cm leg length discrepancy in 11-yr. old congenital scoliosis patient
  94. MRI - English translation please
  95. Pain Med Addiction!!!!
  96. discogram
  97. Recommended by PCP to stop VAX-D and go to Neuro-Surg.....I'm in need of Hugs
  98. An old friend has come back...
  99. DRX 9000 has it helped anyone?
  100. Neck Pain Question
  101. Charite ADR approved by FDA today!
  102. ADR approval
  103. Hurt back at work, new questions
  104. artificial disk question
  105. Back Pain Question
  106. Hospital for Special surgeries
  107. Fusion Nov. 1st-L4 L5, what to expect?
  108. Dr Ditsworth
  109. long term damage
  110. Please Help ! Lower Back
  111. Can overly large breasts contribute to these back problems??
  112. what happens after fusion?
  113. Having a tough time
  114. Newbie needs help
  115. ????
  116. Sacroiliitis - I feel hopeless that it will heal
  117. Lower back and thighs on FIRE
  118. Anybody familiar with this... if so.. Please give me your input,
  119. Total Lumbar Fusion L1-S1
  120. Inflamed disc/pinched nerve, HELP!
  121. What can I possibly do?
  122. Elavil, does it help?
  123. Does an epidural hurt?
  124. where now
  125. nerve damage??
  126. Lost... not sure what to do?? SS question.
  127. Medrol.....Having Myelogram in morning
  128. Ruptured L-5/S1 Need options Other than Surgery: Help Please
  129. SKELAXIN...has anyone taken this??
  130. I woke up with pain
  131. For Mel!
  132. Recent injury
  133. alcohol vs meds?
  134. I'm getting a Spinal Fusion in the summer...
  135. Hydrocodone/how much is toxic
  136. bulging discs and protrusin and cant get help for the pain can someone help
  137. Need Answers for Pain
  138. discectomy/laminotomy post-op
  139. Pain in upper right back
  140. irregular period after microdiscectomy
  141. What is foot drop?
  142. Ride home from hospital?
  143. Incidental Finding
  144. Painful back stiffness, just sitting?
  145. After the SI injection
  146. Book on pain
  147. post discogram question
  148. Has anyone experienced this??????
  149. home from DISCOGRAM
  150. MRI Results (was hip, back leg pain)
  151. Back pain is back...!
  152. Has Anyone Experienced This???
  153. synovial cyst in the lumbar spine
  154. Painful!
  155. Does anybody know my prognosis?
  156. Maverick disc replacement report/update
  157. today is the big day
  158. Had My Myelogram, CT and MRI today.....
  159. Like I have all the time in the world....
  160. Chronic Back Pain
  161. questions on epidural shots
  162. is this normal?
  163. Request Information
  164. Bilateral pars intra-articularis defects
  165. Feedback on adjustable beds
  166. Is fusion better for DDD or ADR
  167. Pool Exercises for bad backs?
  168. I Passed!!!!!!!
  169. info about Discogram
  170. Trigger Point Injection
  171. From Fusion to Hip Replacement
  172. Back Problems from work (Pls Read)
  173. Here I go with another Myelogram
  174. information please
  175. epidural steroid injection in neck
  176. You folks are scaring me!
  177. why the switch???
  178. Rabea Cage ?
  179. Post Op MRI
  180. all mixed up op only 2days aways
  181. need advice on burning lower back pain
  182. I need your help, has anyone anyone ever
  183. Ladies, has this happened to any of you ?
  184. wc finally approved epidurils
  185. degenerative disk disease/pain meds
  186. Some hope for anyone hoping to avoid surgery...
  187. So much pain, So little hope
  188. Backpain help
  189. Risk of epiduaral steroid?
  190. TxHunni, AlSmith, Jenna's mom and other well wishers.
  191. 6 months since L5-S1 fusion
  192. 20 yr old worried
  193. Need advice, please
  194. in pain from yard work
  195. A question for the ladies...
  196. Can anyone interpret what this means?
  197. How long until I can touch my feet?
  198. 2 level ADRs not approved yet, now fusion
  199. back pain when wearing heals???
  200. Anyone experience elevated blood pressure after ESI's?
  201. l5-s1 fusion and more just found this place
  202. Attacked, Doctor not concerned with pain...
  203. my body!!!!
  204. Hallelujah!! I don't have to drive!!
  205. Any ideas??
  206. home from l5 s-1 fusion
  207. Confused =\
  208. Typical L5-S1 pain distribution
  209. 10 days post-op today............
  210. I'm sure that they will find something
  211. out of meds!!!!
  212. Back from neuro appt.
  213. Back pain relating to Episcleritis?
  214. What Else Can Happen???????????????
  215. little ones and fusion????
  216. Idet...
  217. Help! Still have back pain
  218. i have a date im anxius !!!!
  219. Anyone Know anything about this?
  220. Single, how are you all handling disability?
  221. L5-S1 causing foot pain
  222. Yesterday, I over did it...............
  223. So far, injections and PT are a bust
  224. Chiropractic Experiences?
  225. Position during back surgery
  226. Question?
  227. Getting another MRI... and a Myelogram
  228. Virginia Workmans Comp & Back Injuries
  229. Listening to advice from others
  230. I did something dumb...
  231. Anyone have this "back" problem?
  232. Spondylolisthesis - need some advice
  233. need your support
  234. Disturbing back pains
  235. mediator is not your friend
  236. Anxious to return to work.............
  237. ADR - Pro's and Con's
  238. do you talk to others about your back pain?
  239. Upper Back Pain
  240. Still Recovering
  241. one of those days
  242. Deep, internal "itching" back pains?
  243. please help
  244. trying to help good mate with back problems
  245. Pelvic Splanchnic Nerve obstruction
  246. Is this normal?
  247. New diagnosis questions
  248. Sciatica as possible cause
  249. Advice on preparing for surgery?
  250. what does mediation mean?

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