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  1. Single, how are you all handling disability?
  2. L5-S1 causing foot pain
  3. Yesterday, I over did it...............
  4. So far, injections and PT are a bust
  5. Chiropractic Experiences?
  6. Position during back surgery
  7. Question?
  8. Getting another MRI... and a Myelogram
  9. Virginia Workmans Comp & Back Injuries
  10. Listening to advice from others
  11. I did something dumb...
  12. Anyone have this "back" problem?
  13. Spondylolisthesis - need some advice
  14. need your support
  15. Disturbing back pains
  16. mediator is not your friend
  17. Anxious to return to work.............
  18. ADR - Pro's and Con's
  19. do you talk to others about your back pain?
  20. Upper Back Pain
  21. Still Recovering
  22. one of those days
  23. Deep, internal "itching" back pains?
  24. please help
  25. trying to help good mate with back problems
  26. Pelvic Splanchnic Nerve obstruction
  27. Is this normal?
  28. New diagnosis questions
  29. Sciatica as possible cause
  30. Advice on preparing for surgery?
  31. what does mediation mean?
  32. straighting of spine
  33. need some back pain remedies please help
  34. going thru hell with my back and workers comp
  35. injured betty
  36. is this good news?
  37. Lifting my son is killing my back!!
  38. Injury from fall
  39. hoping for 2 level ADR
  40. I'll try again: Selective nerve block - can someone help me?
  41. spondy and the BULGE
  42. Loer Back Pain...Please Read
  43. Post fusion update
  44. Unbearable Zingers
  45. breast question
  46. keith got a treadmill!
  47. anybody had any luck with the mckenzie method?
  48. how can i make my back stronger?
  49. For those who have had a Myelogram........
  50. second guessing
  51. What is this called?
  52. numbness in fingers
  53. Spondy Suffering
  54. Meds are making me sick
  55. fusion question
  56. Just got new MRI results....not good!
  57. I'm back and recovering well
  58. question about MRI
  59. Another surgery vs waiting question
  60. Spinal stenosis/Foraminal stenosis?
  61. Going crazy post op fusion
  62. Hungry
  63. surgery vs waiting
  64. Surgery update..............
  65. need help
  66. just went to doctor, some interesting views
  67. I'm scared
  68. will I need....
  69. AlSmith, advice on Nuerotin
  70. Prolotherapy or cortisone?
  71. IDET consult scheduled, nerve studies on legs???
  72. One more drug to be concerned about
  73. Subcutaneous nerve entrapment
  74. Flexicore ADR trail - feedback/input please.
  75. i need workmans comp help bad!
  76. back pain radiating up
  77. Hi Everyone: An Update on little me...
  78. New here, advice please
  79. cross your fingers for me!
  80. I give Up!!!!!
  81. Getting "another" opinion vs "second opinion"
  82. Safety of Celebrex and Bextra, like Vioxx, is being raised
  83. Can anyone answer my Question?!?!
  84. Flourscope Epidural
  85. PT and exercise are helping!
  86. L5-S1 Discectomy
  87. Post Op Electrode/Stim Therapy?
  88. paying for an MRI
  89. Do they always use BMP with fusions??
  90. Am I crazy?
  91. Back, hip, leg pain ...
  92. Workmens Comp. Lawyers
  93. I don't understand my symptoms!
  94. twitching problem
  95. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome...Fact or Myth
  96. What could this bump be?
  97. Second appointment with PM Doc...For ESI
  98. Path to wellness is not always easy
  99. new diagnoses, not back related
  100. Neuro or Ortho?
  101. back from appt
  102. L3-4 Symptoms
  103. I Finally got an appointment with a neurosurgeon
  104. JASONE - how did your surgery go?
  105. Mind if I join?
  106. tomorrow is the day
  107. Selective nerve block? Need answers pls!
  108. L6
  109. standingman
  110. electric pain vs dull pain question
  111. Had MY last shot
  112. Anyone else with this??
  113. Little Girl With Lumbar Bulging Discs
  114. outcomes on 360 fusion in the uk
  115. Is there an end in sight?
  116. web sites
  117. got to vent
  118. sacral nerve compression causing problem?
  119. Mother ordered some homeopathic stuff for her sciatic nerve problem
  120. off work and better now
  121. Restless legs
  122. Reflexes (DTR's)
  123. Sciatica
  124. micro surgery
  125. Back from surgery - ADR filmed by NBC Nightly News
  126. question about "getting better"
  127. Yoga?
  128. thinking out loud
  129. still perform surgery?
  130. CNA02 - How did your appointment go?
  131. condradictions in recovery
  132. How keep pillow under knees while sleeping ?
  133. Injured Betty
  134. needing advice on bowel problems
  135. new to this forum, HELLO
  136. Looking for Relief
  137. Decrease backpain by sleeping with legs elevated ?
  139. Surgery time.............
  140. Anyone try Inversion tables?
  141. A newbie to this game ....
  142. Different surgery outcomes-PLEASE!!!!!
  143. Newbie to back problems... Questions
  144. Adr
  145. Need YOUR help :)
  146. Fusion questions
  147. L4/L5 Fusion comments please?
  148. strange pain in leg
  149. Who is eligable for ADR??
  150. Spinal Misalignment and Hives / Red Blotches
  151. pillow for neck pain sufferers
  152. Texaswildrose question for you
  153. cramping in leg
  154. finding the best surgeons
  155. needing info on ADR
  156. Odd sensation in legs...
  157. Is it just me????
  158. Leg burning, tingling, and numbness!
  159. Back Pain and No answer???
  160. injuredbetty - how is your husband doing?
  161. Hoping for a good Ortho......
  162. Horrible experience with new Orthopedic Doc.
  163. Problems with my t-2 to t-6 bulging disks and nerve impingement
  164. I have tendinitis in hip from fusion donor site..
  165. My pain has taken over
  166. Successful weight loss with back pain?
  167. Activities lying on side?
  168. shooting shoulder pain
  169. Post Fusion Pain Med Question
  170. does p.t. REALLY work?
  171. does p.t. REALLY work?
  172. our experience at the outpatient clinic
  173. AlSmith, new diagonsis from Doctor for numbness
  174. Knowing when it is time for surgery
  175. update:saw spine doctor today
  176. Zingers?
  177. Lower to Mid left on spine...
  178. more Aching then pain now worried !!!!
  179. Oh my aching back................
  180. Diagnostic tests following surgery
  181. severe headaches after ESI
  182. Backpain : Watching TV with a LaZBoy recliner
  183. Backpain: platform bed vs boxspring
  184. 19 year old needs help!
  185. microsurgery to relieve pressure on nerve?
  186. starting to freak out
  187. depressed, what activities are left???
  188. Screw removal post-lumbar fusion
  189. Fusion and Aqua Therapy?
  190. Muscle spasms and chest pains
  191. oh this sucks
  192. Best type of chair for backpain when sitting at computer
  193. Horrible Back kink help!!
  194. Horrible Back kink help!!
  195. broken tail bone??
  196. ADR-insurance
  197. pinched nerve
  198. help
  199. ahhhhh!wat is this?
  200. is a 8mm rupture bad?
  201. MRI readers Please Help!!!!!
  202. leg aches
  203. Foot Drop, is it related to Spondy? What is it?
  204. Buying a 45 degree inversion table for backpain
  205. ever heard of BAK surgery?
  206. what is ADR
  207. Anyone using Nortriptyline for Pain (Pamelor/Aventyl)
  208. Severe muscle spasms-Botox?
  209. morphine pump and how young are you? im 27
  210. Visual Loss After Spine Surgery
  211. SI joint
  212. Post fusion surgry
  213. Fusion - Walker/Cane Question
  214. Healing time from micro-d
  215. Aloha All!
  216. Nerve regeneration or compression?
  217. Wish me luck!!!
  218. how much pain should I have????
  219. Leg cramps (long)
  220. I wonder
  221. Steriod Injection?
  222. BEDS : Comparing Simmons and Stearns and Foster
  223. Watch out for NBC Nightly News for Artificial Disc Replacement
  224. Does anybody know for sure?
  225. curtis slipman at penn- your thoughts?
  226. Back tenderness
  227. ruptured disc help?
  228. stenosis surgeryL4-L5
  229. Discogram
  230. epiderals done today
  231. Arm pain & numbness ... Pinched nerve? Help!
  232. Frustrated and in pain......
  233. Sad, Frusturated, Depressed, All of the above
  234. W/C approved fusion!
  235. PT ultrasound unit for use at home??
  236. narcotics and anesthesia
  237. When does it end.
  238. frustrated.
  239. Discectomy now Fusion
  240. Had ESI today... and got EMG results.
  241. What to expect w/ Discectomy & 360 fusion?
  242. Celebrex Allergy Symptoms
  243. Ultrasound Heat Therapy?
  244. question about recovery time
  245. Ick-medrol pack
  246. Starting To Get Discouraged
  247. Bone Spurs?
  248. In for neck surgery on fri, more worried about hip than neck
  249. Posterior AND Anterior L4 L5 fusion....anyone?
  250. annular fissure?

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