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  1. upper back pain vs lower back pain?
  2. weird feelings tonight...
  3. difference in Hydrocodone
  4. GOT pain in left lower back & knee, any help
  5. Stillwater, Telzey, Successtory, Greg, O'Girl, other old friends--are you out there?
  6. Anybody recognize these symptoms?
  7. Knee Problems to Back Problems??
  8. Fairly new to back pain and not sure what to do
  9. BEWARE...of your bed....
  10. Julie & Elaine..........
  11. how long does a back sprain last?
  12. Disc-o-gram @ 3 levels What to expect?
  13. Weak urine stream and ejaculation
  15. Best books, websites, and products for backpain
  16. Any Advice Upper Back And Chiro
  17. question for anyone with bulge in neck
  18. One-Sided Back Pain/Inflammation
  19. A little bit afraid of what I did this afternoon.
  20. I though of this... Wonder why Doc's Don't?...Opinions Please!
  21. 6 weeks post op/first PT appt
  22. Disk injury and pregnancy. Advice please!!!!
  23. Different Types of Pain Associated with Collapsed Disk?
  24. Has anyone had any success with Natural Remedies?
  25. Colleen, Are you out there???
  26. Terminated From Work (injury happened at work) PLEASE READ
  27. mri results please help
  28. Yippee!
  29. fusion scheuled for Tuesday the 7th
  30. Piriformis Syndrome
  31. Post Op Massage????
  32. some questions
  33. Anticipating airplane trip!
  34. in pain today?
  35. pinching nerve in the behing.
  36. Supposed to get ESI...Success and failure stories wanted... Please?
  37. anyone have a latex bed???
  38. GOOD 4-Level Fusion's Wanted [PLEASE]
  39. help me i have had a cervical mri on my back?
  40. in patient rehab?
  41. MRI Results Finally. Need some help interpreting
  42. Synovial Cyst - ouch!!
  43. Is it possible to recover from Spondy in a non surgical manner?
  44. Quick question about medrol. Fast responses are appreciated.
  45. A Good Story
  46. Hi! I'm new & really need some advice or similar experiences.
  47. anyone get workers comp to pay for hot tub?
  48. coughing, blowing nose aggravating back after surgery
  49. Exercises....question regarding...
  50. New Meds.?? No injections!!!
  51. Got Results from the Addendum (comparison) of my MRI's
  52. Terrible ache in upper back when I miss chiropractic appointment
  53. please help, vomiting again
  54. Inversion Table for upper and mid back pain
  55. Sex and the back/maybe too much information
  56. lumbar epidural w/botxin
  57. Tempurpedic aggravating back problem?
  58. What are us back problem people taking for meds?
  59. Could 1 degenerated disc cause all these other problems?
  60. Have you had a microdisectomy/still in pain?
  61. Extremely overwhelmed!!!
  62. Microdiscectomies after nucleoplasty
  63. Car rides painful. You?
  64. second opinion-who would YOU choose?
  65. Please help: Back pain...
  66. Neck and Back strain
  67. Butt pain after microdiskectomy
  68. Jenna's Mom
  69. evaluation????
  70. very angry, last one I promise
  71. not ready for test
  72. Shooting back pain
  73. Odd pain.
  74. Can waiting too long for surgery do more damage?
  75. leaving backs, moving on to PM?(saw doc today)
  76. Good News And Bad News
  77. Does exercise/stretching really help?!
  78. Finally some good news!!
  79. Has anybody had surgery for spinal stenosis?
  80. Emu Oil
  81. 6 1/2 Wks Post Op Lami/Disc L4-S1
  82. There IS life after fusion!
  83. I'm a total mess!
  84. 20 Years Later - Fusion T11-T12-L1 & Harrington Rods
  85. neurosurgeon said no surgery would help - opinions?
  86. I must be doing something right.
  87. spinal cord stimulator questions
  88. why no chiropractor?
  89. anyone else ever felt this??
  90. Myelogram headache
  91. what can i do to releive back pain?
  92. What Next
  93. Annular Tears(? and update)
  94. Believe my son has Dowager's Hump..help
  95. MRI results! Please help.
  96. I could use some advice
  97. Is it a strain or disk problem?
  98. discogram?what should I expect?
  99. outcomes of epidurals wanted please......
  100. What do people take for drug regimine?
  101. Tailbone pain and increased back pain
  102. Please help-meds
  103. Continued back pain after surgery
  104. lower back laminectomy
  105. Producttramp, A pregnancy ? for you!
  106. pain in left lower back and left knee, please read
  107. back surgery at t5
  108. mepergan fortis
  109. Falling apart from pain and death in family
  110. Disability Dr. Appts. set
  111. WC to pay for YMCA?
  112. Dr Problems
  113. What do you think?
  114. 5 months after surgery still pain??
  115. 1 yr L5 post fusion: no differience (i think tight calves are REAL cause)
  116. Is This Bad??????
  117. Will this ever heal? (kinda long)
  118. back pain
  119. Third Surgery...Looking For Advise?
  120. Thoracic Sprain?
  121. Leaving Saturday for injections!!!
  122. Mother of Jenna :)
  123. Bulging disc-how does it heal???
  124. ALIF questions (kinda long)
  125. myelagram
  126. Heelsgal, Taz, Jo, Onthemendnow..how's everyone doing lately?
  127. degenerative discs & intestinal problems
  128. Med Question
  129. Healing Annulus Tear At L4-l5
  130. L4-L5 Question????
  131. Ab Strengthening
  132. Now what??? (long)
  133. Any alternative to Advil???
  134. MRI= NOT always correct
  135. 4 Level Fusion
  136. Hamstrings, Hips and Lower Back
  137. Ankylosing Spondolitis
  138. back pain since march ple
  139. Pain Question-am I grasping for straws?
  140. Got results from 3rd MRI... Can anyone help understand it?
  141. what to take with meds?
  142. Extra Vertebrae/L6
  143. Cortizone Injections In Spine
  144. Quick Question on Annular Tear(HIZ)!
  145. Lower back injury
  146. Torn a muscle in back
  147. Driving my family insane.
  148. Driving my family insane.
  149. hurt back at work
  150. Bone spur on 6th vertebrae
  151. regarding discectomies
  152. Tomorrow's the day
  153. Thoracolumbar junction syndrome
  154. MRI results-HELP please
  155. t5 culciumfied ruptured disc
  156. Aquatic Classes?
  157. Rehab Help from Micro-d
  158. Restless Legs
  159. Lumbar Facet/Medial Nerve Blocks/rad-freq denerveation
  160. Back to work - Life after ALIF?
  161. pinched nerve?
  162. t-12 compression at 26... what's the long term?
  163. neck pain-slept wrong?
  164. Broke T12, L1
  165. Hi Elaine, I'm on right now too
  166. narrowing between c3 c4
  167. Back Pain and Left side protrusion
  168. For Everyone Who has Annular tear or has done Prolotherapy
  169. Numb Tounge
  170. Sharp pain in center upper back
  171. thuracic surgery
  172. Tempur-pedic mattress?
  173. Fly Girl, are you there?
  174. Third Surgery, May be Fusion ??
  175. Head spins and zapping in face anyone?
  176. I want non-surgical success stories-any?
  177. Morning pain bad, is this normal???
  178. new shots?
  179. how do back problems affect the reproductive system in women?
  180. Pars defect & partial spina bifida-spinal fusion possibly needed-VERY scared!
  181. To All With Stenosis...
  182. Lower back fusion recommended
  183. L5 Back Surgery
  184. Carl are you out there?
  185. What is wrong with my neck? I need help.
  186. Second discectomy
  187. Looking for Anular Tear(HIZ) Success Story
  188. MRI Results...what does this mean????
  189. losing faith in doctors
  190. Thanks out2lunch & Mistina
  191. Wondering if anyone could answer my question
  192. We need some success stories
  193. Minimally Invasive L4=L5 fusion
  194. Headache after discogram
  195. best car for back pain?
  196. Neurosurgeon or Orthopedist for Facet Joint Cyst?
  197. McKenzie Method for Facet Joint Cyst
  198. Cervical Spine Nerve Root Injections
  199. Freeeeked out
  200. Upper back pain...
  201. Can the Tailbone be removed?
  202. I freaked out during MRI. Looking for encouragement!
  203. odd question, but asking anyway
  204. Julie, Julie...
  205. Butt pain bad post miscrodiskectomy...
  206. Grade 4 annular tear
  207. Sciatica question
  208. L4-L5 disk
  209. Length of time wearing Cervical collar...
  210. Discography and tear in disc(help!!)
  211. tempurpedic bed----is it possible???
  212. Am I crazy???
  213. Newbie Here: Lumbar Disc Protrusion?
  214. odd information
  215. Help! Incredible Back Pain When Sitting For A Long Time
  216. which surgeons???
  217. large annular tear, how long to heal?
  218. Does anyone else have this prob.?
  219. pinched nerve
  220. Degenerative Disk Disease
  221. low back ache!
  222. Hey Jenna'sMom
  223. Any Thoughts?
  224. Dr visit not good
  225. PT Question
  226. Annular tears
  227. postop: Wondering how long wear cervical brace after fusion
  228. Shoulder Pain
  229. More or less looking for moral support!
  230. What kind of doctor to see for back pain?
  231. Hello Carl
  232. Sciatia Pain and No Insurance
  233. Sciatica? Is it changing?
  234. 1 year and a few days post op
  235. Pars Defect w/ Bulging Disc L5
  236. Maxed out pain killers/not cutting it
  237. Dr. Bohlman
  238. EMG & Medications???
  239. rib numbness
  240. Neurosurgeon
  241. worried about plif 360 fusion fed up with life
  242. Vax-d????
  243. need help please
  244. Anyone have tight hamstrings and other muscles from this back stuff
  245. Hi Elaine, I see you're on now.
  246. Was ask If I have DDD, But Neuro hasn't said anything.
  247. Tired of fighting the "back" battle - Advice?
  248. New pains/numbness...I need some info.
  249. Having problems with scoliosis
  250. Hardware Removal - Aug 12

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