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  1. upcoming 3rd cervical esi....couple questions
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Could anyone recommend a nucleopasty doctors in or around the Chicago area
  4. When is a Myelogram necessary?
  5. Misty's One-Week Countdown for Fusion!!!!
  6. Only found in your BIOPSY!!!
  7. Sacroilliitus
  8. Details of ALIF
  9. did you have nucleoplasty?
  10. Hey Carl and Brooke - Info on Hardware Block
  11. looking for thoracic help
  12. Fusion and PT
  13. Looking for (Tomorow)
  14. Spinal Stimulator (Question)
  15. 10 days post op fusion, doing great
  16. Discectomy, Acupuncture & Chiropractor
  17. Radio Frequency Ablations
  18. does anyone else have this problem?
  19. 1 year, 1 month post L5/S1 discectomy laminectomy
  20. Back pains
  21. discogram
  22. In English Please!
  23. How long does it take?
  24. I have so many questions?
  25. 6 Months Post Op Lumbar Fusion Update
  26. All About Back and Neck Pain
  27. X-ray results....Can anyone help??
  28. I'm needing some info please
  29. New Ortho Doc in Atlanta
  30. Sclerosis in my Sacroliliac joints...help!!!
  31. Question about methylprednisolone....
  32. Broken Pedicle Screws
  33. Surgery Tomorrow
  34. lumbar support pad
  35. Jettsmom, good luck on Thursday ...
  36. Question??
  37. Counting Down! One week until my fusion...
  38. Plz interpret damage
  39. Sciatic Nerve Surgery
  40. Slooooow Loading??
  41. What else could this be?
  42. Considering Surgery..READ ME!!!!!!!!!
  43. "Mildly increased intake in the vertebral body of L4"
  45. Overweight / Needing Fusion
  46. Degenative spine?
  47. Back Pop after surgery
  48. DDD- slow onset, or fast injury?
  49. Surgery statistics
  50. How do you find out the 'best' surgeon in your area?
  51. HELP: I need a new back dr. in cleveland, ohio
  52. Where's the thread called "Good fusion outcome stories"
  53. Need advice. Husband facing fusion at L4-L5
  54. Microdisectomy
  55. Swelling of Feet and Charlie Horse's in Calf
  56. ADR Artificial Disc Replacement
  57. Help, post surgery pain
  58. MRI report need HELP
  59. Will I be drugged up through the stay at hospital after my Fusion?
  60. Stressing me out
  61. 20 years old and having back problems
  62. spondylolisthesis, reduction
  63. What kind of dr is this?
  64. What does this mean exactly?
  65. Neck Pain/Cervical Pain
  66. Hi, I really need advice on MS contin...
  67. Herinated disc - any help with more information is appreciated
  68. I am scheduled.....
  69. Degenerative Stenosis and Degenerative Disc Disease
  70. fusion 15 months now, should it be fused?
  71. How Do I Know If It's.... (First post here, please help)
  72. Improperly healed t12 Compression Fracture
  73. 3rd Opinion?
  74. Strange symptoms...
  75. Odd Feeling In Back
  76. Major Fusion Jitters - What should I do?
  77. Pain in lower back, feet following a car accident
  78. Bone Graft Pain (fusion Procedure)
  79. Epiduiral Injections Reactions?
  80. Help; new and confused. need advice.
  81. Sudden curvature, low back pain
  82. 3 months post surgery;still in pain
  83. MRI interpretations
  84. How often do fusions fail? At what point did they fail?
  85. Surgery for a collapsed disc
  86. Climbing out of the pool on ladder
  87. Sex and Surgery
  88. Terrible nights after Fusion
  89. Quality of Life????
  90. Help.. what the heck do I keep doing??
  91. Embarassing Question...But Need To Be Sure
  92. Questions about Discectomy/Hemilaminectomy
  93. Help to understand CT results? (Please)
  94. Question about Severe neck pain.
  95. Back pain question
  96. Back tingling sensation but no pain...weird
  97. Disc Nucloplasty Recovery
  98. Does anyone have a TEMPUR PEDIC or SLEEP BY NUMBERS bed?
  99. I am 23, please help me!
  100. Hip area pain after fusion ... anyone have this?
  101. severe pain in back but dont know y
  102. Someone Please Help Me....
  103. CT scan or MRI and what is the difference?
  104. Tense neck and upper back. Accupuncture?
  105. burning sensation
  106. Any Smokers Out There???
  107. Blood pressure and ESI
  108. Chiropractor
  109. Pinched nerve, leg pain?
  110. I fell down my stairs! :-(
  111. Aching Back and neck when standing for long time.
  112. First ADR finally FDA Approved !!!!!!!!!!
  113. Newbie - what tests to do - what conditions to look for?
  114. weigt gain problems
  115. If i have severe nerve damage in my r/t leg how do I suppose to walk after my fusion?
  116. Surgery date 6-16 is it to late to tell the doc to take the bone from my hip?
  117. severe lower back pain and leg pain
  118. Pre-Fusion Questions
  119. Facet Joint Injections
  120. worried about talking to doctor
  121. Lumbar fusion...When can I sit?!!!
  122. Upper and low back pain
  123. First artificial disc recommended by FDA panel for approval
  124. Tens Machine
  125. Fusion , hardware blocks and New MRI
  126. Chronic Low Back Pain – First Post – HELP!?!
  127. Hasn't ANYBODY had a fusion for stenosis?
  128. Fusion or discectomy?
  129. Drx 9000
  130. Moving to Idaho...please help
  131. hot or cold?
  132. to those who have become perm. & stationary out comes
  133. Bone Morphgnic Protein (BMP) Positive results please?
  134. Nucleoplasty radio wave injection
  135. can someone please answer?
  136. If You've Had Fusion... Please Read
  137. Anyone had surgery for foraminal stenosis??
  138. question about body looking like the letter c?
  139. should i panic?
  140. Does Accupuncture help? How long to work?
  141. McKenzie Method
  142. Discectomy
  143. 22 y/o, post-discectomy L4-L5 and still in pain
  144. To Lori J. HELP !
  145. Burning foot
  146. other new pains
  147. 19 yr old college football player that needs insight! post -opp
  148. Return to Work Statis-- have Questions
  149. how long off work?
  150. Getting Up On the Wrong Side of the Bed -- Literally!!
  151. Lower Back
  152. update
  153. back pain - chiropractor
  154. Hello
  155. Need Info: Major right Leg Pain - Cause pinched Nerve L5-S1
  156. Foot drop? Need help
  157. What if . . . ?
  158. foot overpronation cause of back pain
  159. post surgery confusion
  160. PLEASE HELP (PLIF Discotech B-Twin Cages )
  161. discogram results
  162. Bad back day
  163. Sciatica and Pregnancy
  164. Spinal Fusion
  165. Spine Fusion (T1 to S1)?
  166. minimally invasive surgery L5/S1
  167. Isthmis Spondylolytic Spondylolysis L5/S1
  168. Would you try Neucleoplasty?
  169. RF Treatment Update
  170. Dural-Ectasia??Anyone
  171. ADR - artificial disk replacement ???
  172. Can lifting hurt your neck?
  173. Preparation for/post-op expectations for 6/1 Laminectomy
  174. Burning and Stabbing Sensation in Thigh
  175. Cervical Fusion Last Nov, Now, Bone Graf Has Collapsed?!
  176. ??? 4 Carol Re: Fusion
  177. Lower Back
  178. A second bulging cervical disc in two years
  179. bulging disc in lower back...chiropracter ok?
  180. Just wondering
  181. Broken tailbone, back pain
  182. Back Ache, Numb arm, tingly fingers!
  183. no one knows why i hurt, or how to help me!!!
  184. left sided pain
  185. W/C Insurance Denial
  186. Neuro Surg. in Oklahoma?
  187. A question about spinal stenosis
  188. Pain in Upper Back Right Side of Spine
  189. I guess I'm getting a fusion
  190. C5-C6 surgery or not?? I'm scared...please help
  191. Motorcycle Accident
  192. 4 Months Post Op: L5-S1 PLIF
  193. annular tear or spondylolisthesis?
  194. Bony hump on neck
  195. Upper Right Back Pain
  196. Mri Results today-what do they mean
  197. need help...KINDA SCARED!!
  198. What happened to Stitches or El Franko?
  199. Pain on Left side of back
  200. stimulater(neuro.) do they work
  201. success story
  202. can arthritis be associated with having back issues?
  203. 3 weeks post surgery..still have tons of pain!
  204. Post L5/S1 Microdiscectomy Pain, Intermittent
  205. Just for fun - Medical Art Work
  206. SED - Has anyone had one ?
  207. How many times can they operate on your back? I am working on my third surgery.
  208. FeElBaD...this is what the neurosurgeon says....
  209. 4 weeks post op, swelling in my lower back
  210. What to do? L5-S1 Surgery?
  211. zanaflex
  212. Hi all, do you remember me??
  213. Please advise on these symptoms
  214. Brooke79 is doing fine!!!
  215. I had a c-5,6 fussion
  216. Hemilaminectomy -- has anyone ever heard of leaking spinal fluid
  217. Help!Just had lumbar rhizotomy
  218. Leg pain - Anyone else begging for a good night's sleep?
  219. help - arm numbness and back pain
  220. Scoliosis 1969, Spondylolisthesis 2004
  221. any information on gene therapy.... use of stem cells etc?
  222. Leg cramps
  223. Please help me i have pain everyday!! Hi Dustie!
  224. back spasms
  225. Need back help and advice (kind of long)
  226. L5/S1 surgery in Philly
  227. question about foot drop
  228. when to have surgery
  229. Never posted here before...
  230. Fusion was 100 percent successful
  231. After 2 surgerys and 6 years--We found it...
  232. Back problems/pain
  233. C-spine Problems
  234. Please help me i have pain everyday!!
  235. Saw Doctor Today, HELP?
  236. Problems post surgery!
  237. sciatica-does it show up on xray?
  238. Brooke79, I want to wish you luck!!
  239. Trigger Therapy/Myofacial Release - any help?
  240. Botox injections for muscle spasms in back?
  241. Nervous!! Revision and another disk...
  242. HELP! I'm at my wits end
  243. Pins and Needles
  244. discogram with NO MEDS
  245. I saw A neuro Dr Today!
  246. Lumbar Laminectomy ????'s
  247. Co-Workers dont understand back pain
  248. OW! I've strained my back!
  249. Anyone have a burning pain in the butt?
  250. Help understanding MRI choices?

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