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  1. how accurate is a discogram
  2. Disability for back problems
  3. Does this sound like a pinched nerve?
  4. Wondering on drug
  5. C.E.S and Neural compression
  6. Prolotherapy for spondylolisthesis?
  7. 8 days post-op from posterior/anterior interbody fusion L4 to S1
  8. Transforaminal Block
  9. Morning Back & Leg Pain (Sciatica)
  10. Facet Joint Cyst
  11. Postpone surgery???
  12. thoughts welcomed
  13. 7 days post-op discectomy
  14. Going crazy waiting...I need support
  15. New!
  16. Ok..Ok.., am I overdoing it?
  17. Lcmiller,gracie Girl,shiz,bounce,oliver-dove,i Need You!
  18. Jettsmom!!! ???
  19. pain patch????
  20. Info Needed On Foot Drop....
  21. Hey Tennisnut !! How Are You?
  22. scared to go back to work
  23. no back brace after surgery???
  24. Spondylolisthesis and related stomach pains?
  25. Head spins and "Zapping" from neck?
  26. Scared to death
  27. Philly physician- Dr. Chin?
  28. Update...
  29. back fusion, how long will i hurt
  30. new spine clinic in town
  31. chiropractic adjustments
  32. TAZMN, Jettsmom, Carl....(the gang)....how is everyone???
  33. Help!
  34. leg pains after surgery?
  35. My days are numbered!
  36. Question about mediaction assistant programs
  37. MRI RESULTS, What does it Mean?
  38. RF Denervation and pain meds
  39. one level vs two level
  40. constipated pains?
  41. Need help on this question
  42. hurt back at work
  43. Neurontin use after discectomy of L5-S1
  44. Neurosurgeon in NYC
  45. Just started Physical Therepy Today
  46. Artificial Disc Replacement
  47. Oooppsss, I'm a bad patient
  48. Osteophtes (bone spurs) can anything be done?
  49. Spacisity in lower extremeties! Help
  50. What questions to ask DR
  51. Question for MistyAtl
  52. to mlachowicz: how are you?
  53. Back Pain and Which Doctor To Go To
  54. Please help with suggestions!!!!
  55. Hi everyone, I think the second Lami is working out
  56. Back Problems
  57. how long does the pain last!
  58. ok folks had an accident yesterday ....
  59. Glad to have found this board!
  60. back pain? whatta you think?
  61. lower back pain
  62. Thorasic Disc Surgery
  63. MRI results... Please help????
  64. Please help!!!!!!!!
  65. How can drs up and leave us stranded???
  66. 6 weeks post fusion...am I being unreasonable?
  67. Insision is driving me CrAzY! HELP
  68. MRI results
  69. Arachnoiditis
  70. 14 Horizontal scars across lower back and butt?
  71. Question for tennisnut
  72. Dr Hallett Mathews anyone?
  73. What could this be??
  74. Travelling: how does it effect you?????
  75. Any Advice?
  76. Shoulder Pain - Ouch!
  77. Chronic Back Itch?
  78. Scoliosis?
  79. Opinion on Doctor
  80. foot burning,pins and needles--post op
  81. Pain in lower back, someone help me
  82. On the Outside Looking In
  83. possible indication for surgery
  84. Steriod Injections
  85. two level vs one level fusion
  86. horrific pain :(
  87. What to do now?
  88. Thoracic Discogram
  89. is surgery a option?
  90. Vax D, Epidural Injections?????
  91. Fusion Question Help Please
  92. discogram??????????
  93. Experiencing Pain again after discectomy/Laminectomy of L5-S1
  94. Just a question about different treatments?
  95. L5-S1 trouble again
  96. PT too aggressive?
  97. Upcoming Lumbar Fusion
  98. Question For Scotty12
  99. After Back Fusion Surgery
  100. Vax-D treatments
  101. How do you stand the wait?
  102. Looking for a great post surgery office chair
  103. Pregnancy after back surgery?
  104. Dansgirl
  105. legs swelling?
  106. Regaining Energy After Surgery?
  107. 2 weeks post op 360 fusion an doin ok:))
  108. I need help with MRI Terminology
  109. Prodisc and Insurance
  110. Does 'Foot-drop' usually mean neural compression?
  111. need a doc
  112. 6 Months Post-Op L5-S1 PLIF and feel so drained!
  113. Does your age affect your treatment ?
  114. Elaine ???
  115. shave legs???
  116. drop foot and microdiskectomy
  117. Survived the MRI!!!
  118. Anyone have any idea about cost
  119. Finding professionals on the web.
  120. can anyone tell me what my mri and xray results mean?
  121. Weird Upper Back (Thoracic) Pain
  122. Doctors suck!!!
  123. L5S1 Fusion vs. ADR
  124. Released from doc's care, 3 mos. post lumbar fusion?!
  125. Painful Mornings
  126. Having a hard start....AGAIN??
  127. need advice please help???
  128. Back to work after fusion? How Soon?
  129. Hi I am looking for anyone with 360 degree fusion L4-5
  130. Question for Taz
  131. 2 wks post-op fusion/sound normal?
  132. EMG- what's it like?
  133. I'm back & worse than ever
  134. Lumbar Fusion L3-L5--have a few questions
  135. MRI, I am afraid of closed in spaces!!
  136. Help with MRI results
  137. Coming off of Medication... Please Help.. I feel Like I am going crazy...
  138. Body Numb need help
  139. Mid Back Pain Getting Worse - Where Do I Start
  140. please help cure my mid-back pain
  141. L5S1 ALIF June 8th
  142. Considering a Lumbar Fusion
  143. Question for ElaineJ
  144. MRI Results
  145. TAZ UPDATE... Three weeks post op!
  146. Another Operation only 60% chance?
  147. Hardware Removal
  148. any solutions?? Spinal fusion with disc replacment..
  149. I'm having lumbar fusion L4-S1 in a week
  150. withdrawls from neurontin?????
  151. Newbie-coping with lower back pain...
  152. Back pain and driving!
  153. lower back pain and cervical rupture
  154. Percutaneaus Laser Disc Decompression
  155. Muscle atrophy,Due to si dysfunction
  156. I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  157. Disappointment and unknowns
  158. Muscle Relaxers: Flexeril vs. Soma
  159. Anyone here had a Mayelogram ?
  160. Surgery for fragment/sequestered disk - is it necessary?
  161. lower back pain/lightheadedness
  162. Looking for a little relief
  163. Back Pain
  164. For anyone who has had a fusion.. When and how did you come off of your medication?
  165. YAHOO!! Got my MRI appoinment!
  166. Help!!! Bad Back Pain!!!!
  167. Microdisectomy infomation please...
  168. Facet Joint Injections
  169. Nerve problem in back
  170. How did you feel 1 wk post-op from fushion?
  171. Tomorrow is the day.....
  172. c4 fusion 4 wks postop/c5 fusion (2003) hardware replaced
  173. Acupuncture?
  174. Acupuncture?
  175. aches and pains
  176. just wanted to say hi:))
  177. can anyone help me please
  178. No Brace After Fusion????
  179. I am desperate! Pain Meds - Is it just me???
  180. Frustrated!!!!
  181. MMI exam
  182. SED - Dr Yeung
  183. Question for TOMORROW
  184. Only Crazy People Need Surgery?
  185. Need 2 Level Fusion (tlif) Severe Back Pain
  186. Hip/Lower Butt pain...Question
  187. Is leg pain normal after fusion?
  188. Micro-Discetomy L4-5, L5-S1
  189. Broken Screws & Cages
  190. Need help reading my MRI results
  191. Disc-related symptoms?
  192. Anyone Had ALIF & PLIF?
  193. HELP!! What are the symptoms of a failed lumbar fusion??
  194. I had my L4-5 fusion on June 16th.. Just wanted to ask a couple of questions?
  195. I made it...... I'm back!!!!!! (L3-L5 Fusion)
  196. FUSION CONFUSION and collapsed discs
  198. applying for disability NEED HELP
  199. Getting ready to make the BIG appointment
  200. Methylprednisolone
  201. DXR therapy
  202. Fushion hardware removal
  203. 4 weeks post op and have a stitch abcess
  204. Is it ever to late for a fusion??
  205. Popping while walking
  206. Neurontin driving anyone else CRAZY???
  207. New here...please help!
  208. L5/S1 Lumbar Fusion set for 7/16/04 Please Help
  209. coblation nucleoplasty for my neck
  210. confusion...what type of surgeon should do a Lami./fusion
  211. questions about radio-frequency
  212. Hasn't ANYONE had a fusion because the disc was collapsed causing facet jointproblems
  213. Sex after Surgery
  214. Post Fusion - New Pain
  215. So much pain at night!!!
  216. Epidural Caused Back Problems - What to do ???
  217. Has anyone had disc replacement?
  218. Need help...fusion using stem cell vs. pelvic bone graph
  219. Tail bone sharp pain
  220. My tail bone is in pain
  221. Had Fusion! When is sitting GOOD?
  222. Does CES cause hot feet?
  223. ALIF in two days.... new here
  224. SI dysfunction
  225. questions about upcoming endoscopic discectomy
  226. Ankle Weakness
  227. 360 fusion any one had one
  228. Spinal Stenosis, relationships, what to expect and quality of life
  229. ACME, question for ya!!
  230. HELP! Has anyone had anterior fusion
  231. point tenderness/burning in back
  232. 4 months post op still in pain and getting really depressed
  233. 17 years-old with a bad back
  234. No nore PAIN MEDS! Question ???
  235. I'm in pain
  236. ESI is that the only option?
  237. Can achy legs be caused by back problems?
  238. cervical/buldging disc
  239. info on smor's node
  240. TAZ is Alive! L5--S1 Fusion Survivor
  241. 9 days post Fusion..when are taking baths safe?
  242. How much pain after fusion is normal?
  243. Bad posture
  244. Back pain and tingling..Ideas?
  245. Why did YOU have a fusion, could you have waited for the ADR?
  246. I'm new here
  247. Can I go scuba diving now?
  248. Second L5-S1 microdiscectomy within 3 weeks
  249. Pain, what could it be?
  250. Ortho wants to do a fusion: Neuro wants to do a diskectomy. Now what?

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