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  1. This May Help Your Back
  2. Is there any exercises we can do with our backs?
  3. DR.Stephen Esses in Texas. Any patient of him?
  4. Back Pain Toe Pain?
  5. Advice that might help you cure back pain.
  6. injuredbetty!!!!! Synovial cysts
  7. Joint Injections, How bad are they?
  8. Pins and Needles
  9. Anyone with 2+ Surgerys,Still having pain?
  10. Ongoing back pain & future pregnancy
  11. V-ball after Neck Surgery?
  12. Athlete looking for input
  13. Numbness/Tingling in Mid Back ?
  14. Home from dr I AM Really confused
  15. Post Cervical Fusion Pain (c5-c6)
  16. Neuro-muscular dr for spasms anyone?
  17. Question about SCS and psychological testing
  18. Am I expecting too much?
  19. Nerve damage?
  20. Left Leg Bone Pain
  21. epidural during childbirth...which level?
  22. Any suggestions
  23. Monarch
  24. How do you find a good comp doc!
  25. What are my options?
  26. Need a Stable Back
  27. 18 year old....need experienced opinions
  28. discogram coming up....nervous
  29. Need advice about lower back pains..from experienced sufferers PLEASE
  30. Can there be a link?
  31. Help
  32. Upper outer left calf pain advice please
  33. Lots Of Pain Tonight
  34. Numbness in my foot, freaking out!
  35. PLease Reply
  36. Instrumentation removal?
  37. A years worth of back pain.
  38. fusion and swelling help?
  39. Home after Nucleoplasty bad results
  40. frozen shoulder
  41. 6 months post op fusion and pain has changed
  42. discogram....how long does the pain last
  43. Has anyone had an Anterior (only) fusion?
  44. natural fusion at L5 & S1
  45. I need to vent-very depressed
  46. (b) Si Joint Pain
  47. Tuberculous spondylitis and / or disc infections
  48. Pain Management....what to expect??advise??
  49. thorasic back pain
  50. More osteophytes after lamy...I can't take it anymore!
  51. Well..got through the myelogram
  52. successful cage fusion stories wanted...
  53. Dynesys and trials UK
  54. Post Open Discectomy
  55. husband serious back problems, help!!!
  56. Second surgery
  57. Unbearable muscle spasms in left side/back-help
  58. sciatica in buttock...sciatica hurt to touch?
  59. IDET not for tears??
  60. for spondymom re:HARDWARE IN A FUSION
  61. EMG Ordered
  62. HELP! Hip, groin and mid-thigh pain....
  63. Lidocaine patch
  64. Hydrocodone-Getting clean
  65. New to Board...Cervical Problems
  66. workers comp- degenerated & bulging disk
  67. S1/L5 Spondy question
  68. new here, plz help w/questions on sciatica
  69. Anybody with artificial disk surgery?
  70. Has anyone experienced this???
  71. Feldenkrais or Alexander Technique experiences
  72. Anyone with something like this?
  73. Insurance won't approve anything, help!
  74. Neurontin for back pain
  75. Hot Tubs?
  76. MRI help
  77. More questions about spondylolisthesis
  78. MRI Results... laymans terms
  79. possible cancerous cysts?
  80. farscape66 spondyl.
  81. L4/l5 Please Help
  82. question
  83. Back Pain/general
  84. Nerve Damage question. Looking at another surgery!
  85. Momentary loss of all sensation in one leg
  86. Arthritis and DDD
  87. McKenzie Threapy, any testimonies?
  88. post microdiscectomy l5/s1
  89. sharp pain
  90. yoga for DDD and spondy??
  91. Synovial Cyst Removal?
  92. w/c approved fusion surgery-it's tomorrow
  93. left shoulder bade pain
  94. Back Pain-this really works!
  95. 2yr old w/back pain swollen
  96. 1 1/2 Year post Fusion pain, I know you guys are out there!
  97. Lots of questions about spondylolisthesis
  98. Lumbar Traction? Did it help?
  99. i'm in alot of pain..
  100. Spondylosis
  101. Pdd procedure and torn disk
  102. Scoliosis
  103. Fusion support
  104. I need to vent!
  105. Any Suggestions? Pain Dr. Wants to do Caudal Block
  106. 16 yr old
  107. Surgery on June 17th!!!
  108. 2 days post hemilaminectomy/discectomy
  109. Lumbar Radiofrequency #2 Post hey AMY R!
  110. I need your opinions Please help
  111. Where to start?
  112. Popping the back
  113. Leaving for vacation
  114. denervation in L5 root territory
  115. Decisons Decisions!!
  116. [B]disability questions...need advice please [/B]
  117. Please help re: ESI
  118. My sisters pain changed, is this normal?
  119. Scheuermanns Kyphosis, Scoliosis, DDD, etc
  120. Neuro Surg Consult!
  121. Si joint injections after a lamy/discectomy, did it help?
  122. Movie "Freida" suffered back pain
  123. Bad Fusion
  124. Any One In The Uk
  125. How often does this happen?
  126. Can anyone translate this?
  127. Synovial Cyst
  128. Upper back pain
  129. Help - need info on nerve impingement
  130. Advice Please. Pills or Injections???
  131. recovering from broken back: T-12 & L-1
  132. does this plan sound good?
  133. 18*2 back surgery*still pain*
  134. Just had a 1level fusion
  135. New and have some questions...Please help!
  136. Foot Drop Update
  137. Depression and neck problems!
  138. Microdiscectomy....pain is back...=o(
  140. more pain after ESI....help please!!
  141. Surgery..Is it the best option?
  142. Surgery..Is it the best option?
  143. post-op after ALIF L5-S1
  144. Severe Back Pain
  145. Back Pain Relief
  146. stem cells
  147. constant leg pain, worse when laying down?? Help
  148. Back Hurts Today Cuz I Took A Header At Work!
  149. 16 what?...as odd as it sounds...
  150. For:Brooke79
  151. Just Got My Trial Neurostimulator
  152. back pain...WHY!?
  153. myelogram
  154. Sciatic pain
  155. Chronic back pain for 5 years STILL UNDIAGNOSED!!!!
  156. wifes back problem (L-4)
  157. Survey on pain meds Shoreline - please comment!
  158. Doing well post fusion but EXHAUSTED
  159. Girlfriend's Back Pain????
  160. Keeping Correct Posture Question
  161. Hi! New here but think you guys are great!
  162. Status Post Lumbar Laminectomy
  163. Scoliosis-- impossible to cure?
  164. Hi! New here but think you guys are great!
  165. why don't doctors talk english?
  166. Disc protrusions L1,2,3,4, and 5
  167. Working out after back surgery
  168. How to do abdominals?
  169. thorasic disc problem
  170. Found my ADR doctor!
  171. Taking out the Hardware
  172. Chronic Pain Exercise
  173. ALIF and info on recovery
  174. anyone else have fever after ESI??
  175. More surgery update
  176. Disc replacement surgery
  177. Opposite Cheeks - butt :rolleyes:
  178. Lidocaine patch
  179. Any Double Cage Fusion Success Stories 3 Years Or More?????
  180. Can someone help identify this pain?
  181. Post Surgery Update
  182. Siatic Pain is killn me. Can you Help?
  184. Update on SI problems
  185. 36 Years Of Pain Coming to a Conclusion
  186. Hardware Block
  187. Scoliosis Lower Back Pain
  188. Does X-ray show fusing?
  189. Questions about upcoming Mylogram..?
  190. Do disc tears heal on their own?
  191. Microdiscectomy Success
  192. Just received diagnosis-please help
  193. back sergury settlement
  194. Home from Surgery
  195. In severe pain from DDD
  196. Disc nucleation
  197. Facet joint injections - success stories please!
  198. I'm new and Have some questions
  199. Back later
  200. Horrible Upper Back Pain...
  201. Judy, Betty, and Carol
  202. It Is Needless To Do More When Less Will Suffice
  203. Hello I am New!
  204. "if you don't take care of your body . . . "
  205. My dad's kyphoplasty
  206. Father having extreme lower back pain.
  207. L5-S1 annular tear questions - MRI results
  208. IPA increase ?
  209. Neurostimulator psch consult
  210. Anterior Cervical Fusion of C 5-6 6-7 Neck
  211. PsychLea
  212. long term clicking in neck
  213. failed disc replacement, need info on BMP fusion
  214. Looking for answers...
  215. Upper back numbness, Arm pain
  216. MRI report - what is my next option?
  217. Leg aches after spinal fusion, need advice
  218. Extruded Discs - Is surgery Inevitable ?
  219. info on "drop foot"
  220. Dr. Alex Francini - any experiences???
  221. L5/S1 hardware removal
  222. Prolotherapy?
  223. Lumbar Radiofrequency
  224. MRI Report and Lower Back Pain, Help
  225. Oh the agony
  226. hardware owenership
  227. Lump/knot in dimple of buttocks cheek?
  228. How often is nerve damage permanent?
  229. lumbar fusion coming up in a few weeks and i seek support & answers to some questions
  230. Disc
  231. Anxious for this appointment
  232. Piriformis release or surgery - anyone?
  233. PT thinks he figured my probs out!
  234. Desco Booked This Thur Not Lookin Forward To It
  235. L5-s1 Bulge,can It Cause Left Hip Pain?
  236. Disk Matter Left in Spine Following Disketemy
  237. GOT HELP...but TOO much meds???
  238. Fusion L4 - What is hospital stay like?
  239. Sharp pain after discectomy
  240. Fusion Techniques: Bone graft accelerants
  241. back pain
  242. Mri Of Lumbar Spine - Laser Treatment
  243. Post IDET: exercises for spondylothesis?
  244. Lower back pain help?
  245. What Medicine For Back Spasms?
  246. weird pains in back
  247. what can i do? (DDD)
  248. Neurotomy
  249. Sometimes my toes turn pink...?
  250. Advice and support for Brother needed!

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