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  1. another esi
  2. Hi everyone -I am new to the board..
  3. Four Level Cervical Fusion
  4. EMG experiences wanted
  5. Microdisectomy no good for me!
  6. Medication question???
  7. What is disk disease and a bulged disk
  8. Post-IDET Report
  9. Minimally Invasive Surgery: Cervical Fusion
  10. Ouchie Coccyx
  11. What to do with used Muscle and Bone Growth Stimulators?
  12. Question about lower back pain
  13. Sprained back+yoga=?
  14. pain and burning in my back
  15. Question about chiropractor
  16. Lordotic curve question
  17. Facet Joint Syndrome
  18. Idet
  19. I'm so frustrated!
  20. strange leg pain
  21. Jfk
  22. IDET Procedure Rejected by insurance
  23. MPT & Jus ~ question please about injuries?
  24. low back/foot swelling????
  25. was "I'M ONLY 18 !!!!!!"
  26. Had microdiscectomy, still sore hip..
  27. Headaches/association with Neurontin cessation?
  28. constipation
  29. Looking to talk with other on SERIOUS back problems..msg
  30. Back Problem affecting going to the bathroom?
  31. TLIF ...One More Bit of Info.......
  32. Transforaminal Lumbar Fusion ~ Any Experience?
  33. Constipation-Before and After Fusion
  34. "Frozen" back post op??
  35. Newcomer! Q's about my injury
  36. Spondy's
  37. finally mri results -- please help interpret
  38. 9 months post L5-S1 hemilami/microdisc
  39. need back doctor in fort worth
  40. i'm new.... can anyone tell me about pars defect?
  41. what not to do's -- no-no's for bad backs??
  42. Your thoughts on my MRI results
  43. got mri report
  44. Newbie here! Q's about Laminectomy.
  45. Newcomer with compression fracture needs help!
  46. Ouch, my back.
  47. What is sclerosis? Please help!
  48. What to do now with back pain?
  49. Pinched nerve?
  50. Back Surgery vs. Pain mngmt Question?
  51. Tomorrow
  52. Leg and Feet cramps and spasms question AND it is my birthday!!!
  53. Fusion and pregnancy
  54. URGH! SOOOOO frustrated!
  55. Muscle Relaxers & Anti-Inflammatory Meds.
  56. Any questions about "maverick" disc? I've had it.
  57. Life one year after L5/S1 surgery
  58. A big thank you to Tomorrow
  59. decompressive laminectomy & medial facetectomy
  60. Happy Birthday MaryAnne
  61. Hardware
  62. Need advice for my bro-in-law
  63. Can Someone Help Me On Thos One?
  64. do i have my 3rd ep/ing
  65. Scoliosis
  66. Can anyone help me?
  67. Weight Gain From Bextra
  68. waterbed?
  69. Surgery in France
  70. November Surgery's
  71. Where is BAXTER???
  72. workers comp issue plaese help
  73. Charite ARD Europe
  74. severe depression/anxiety
  75. 4 months post-op from lumbar spinal fusion and laminectomy
  76. For guys (mostly)--referred pain to the "hoozits"
  77. NEW HERE! Having Discogram in 3 Days,need asurrance
  78. weakness in legs
  79. Post fusion problems
  80. Prednisone Injections In The Back
  81. Post Surgery
  82. PLIF Post Operative Leg Pain
  83. L5-S1ers, please list all of your treatments
  84. Duragesic Patch question
  85. Anyone know about Dynesys for Lower back
  86. My MRI results...
  87. We all need to go SWIMMING!!
  88. unable to move
  89. Wierd problem- headaches, loss of circulation...
  90. Rehabilitation Supply's wanted!
  91. Fusion of C5,6 and 7 with metal plate
  92. Cards on the table - discogram
  93. Pain in toes?
  94. l5s1 ddd please help
  95. Effective tests for back problems
  96. test results and disability
  97. spinal fusion C5 & C6 2 weeks post op in pain
  98. Ciatic Nerve Pain
  99. Any thoughts would be apreciated!
  100. L5-S1 Fixing without Surgery?
  101. Muscle Spasm! I think
  102. PLIF'ers and bone donor site pain
  103. LESI injections today and Good and Bad News
  104. Results for very active microdiscectomy
  105. Inversion or "Hang Up" Tables
  106. Disc Replacement outcomes
  107. Questions to LMVLMV & others about exercise & spondy
  108. migrating rib/shoulder blade pain
  109. 2 years of back pain and now hip pain too
  110. Need Back Pain Help!!!
  111. Sort of an OT question
  112. managing back pain
  113. Successory Re: Microdiscectomy?
  114. Need help from JUDE5 or others with access to ENBREL
  115. Incline Bench Press
  116. Happy Halloween!!
  117. Using the "Back Seat"
  118. post-IDET condition of disc?
  119. rib cage ?? again....
  120. Looking for a SPECIALIST
  122. foods, spices to avoid before surgery
  123. CT mylogram whats the verdict on that
  124. Failed Fusion
  125. headaches from back problems?
  126. Newbie has ?'s for the back pros :)
  127. Post-Operative Bracing
  128. Severe Pain after Caudel Block
  129. Pedicle screw removal???
  130. High Blood Pressure from Meds
  131. any idea?
  132. How long have you been out of/plan to be out of work?
  133. What do you think about disc problems and chiropractors?
  134. Went to the dr. Friday
  135. MRI MACHINES...............
  138. Please Respond: Microdiscectomy Patients
  139. Please Respond: Microdiscectomy Patients
  140. 22 year old with severe back pain...HELP!
  141. Ruptured disc in L4/L5
  142. Poor posture?
  143. MRI results & Epidural injections
  144. Anyone had standing/sitting or Loaded Lumbar MRI's?
  145. Bye For Now
  146. spondylolisthesis
  147. What happens right after Lumbar Fusion surgery
  148. pregnancy after surgery
  149. Alternatives: Weight Lifting...?
  150. Treatments for Mild Bulging Disc
  151. Cold numb foot
  152. pins & needles, numbness permanent?
  153. Has anyone had the Laminectomy procedure?
  154. Question about activity with mild bulging disc
  155. EMG done. What could this mean?
  156. medication results
  157. Ins co won't cover Vioxx!!
  158. Please help! Cortizone shot!
  159. 74 year old woman with back pain need help!
  160. Bonati Institute
  161. nerve damage, tried everything...
  162. Any pain med suggestions?
  163. Cant take the pain on my right side anymore
  164. Handicap Placard??
  165. Harrington Rod & Fusion
  166. sugery
  167. nucleoplasty help needed - please respond
  168. EDD
  169. three weeks from surgery - really scared
  170. Just found out
  171. anyone ever had a shot in the back?
  172. back pain
  173. can chiropractors work safely on discs??
  174. update on pm appt
  175. need info from people who have an attorney for workman's comp and still working on th
  176. Mobic Anyone?
  177. Lower Back Pain A Mystery
  178. METRx System
  179. Hey rlcowboy
  180. How do you find the best dr?
  181. Difference between Microdiscectomy and Endoscopic Discectomy
  182. still having left buttock pain
  183. L4/L5 bulge, degeneration and tear
  184. Is spondilolistheis worse than.....
  185. having a problem with workman's comp
  186. Please help. How can I help my husband right now?
  187. Do you all know what this could be?
  188. hello
  189. Spouce at witts end.
  190. Back update
  191. Spondilo/MRI/Neural Foraminal Narrowing Questions
  192. IDET procedure
  193. New to Site RE:Cervical Stenosis
  195. Bad news from Dr appt.
  196. VAX-D Treatment Table
  197. back pain
  198. Pain, Swelling, What's the deal????
  199. sciatic discomfort
  200. Lump In Lower Back
  201. Cervical Fusion
  202. Trying Topamax and MRI results
  203. Old spine, new problems
  204. Nucleoplasty tommorrow. Thoughts and questions?
  205. Seeking advice/info on pain meds for spondylolisthesis, esp. re: Neurontin
  206. Sacroiliac & Lumbar Rhizotomy
  207. help on stenosis op
  208. ongoing pain
  209. Happy Birthday LouLou1963
  210. I am home had the prodisc surgery
  211. numbness
  212. help!
  213. Sciatic pain
  214. Healing without surgery--3-4 years!?
  215. Back Pain Newbie
  216. Disc Nucleoplasty or Cryno?
  217. Post Surgery Tips
  218. nortriptylene side effects
  219. Numbness More Frequent
  220. Opinions on anterior lumbar fusions?
  221. 2nd Yr. Anniversary L-4/L-5 Fusion Surgery
  222. can someone help me with some w/c questions
  223. maverick disc replacement success
  224. Foot Still Numb and Dropped After L4 L5 Disectomy
  225. Foot Still Numb and Dropped After L4 L5 Disectomy
  226. do you believe these?
  227. lumbar fusion
  228. second MRI, strange findings
  229. Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion
  230. Who do I go to? Orthopedic dr. or Neuro.?
  231. Recovery Time for Laminectomy
  232. Recovery Time for Laminectomy
  233. Discogram and PED
  234. Discogram and PED
  235. Pain from Concrete Floor
  236. Pain from sleeping!!!!
  237. ******?
  238. Maverick Artificial Disc
  239. fusion while taking immunosuppresants for Rheum Arthritis?
  240. Back scan
  241. New to the board
  242. ??? about Sacroiliitis please!!!
  243. This message is for Telzey
  244. Lumbar fracture worries :( I am new on here
  245. Hello everyone
  246. Any answers are appreciated!
  247. there is hope for spondies
  248. Arachnoiditis
  249. **Tom Vollmer - re: Fusion-yes or no???**
  250. Afraid of Needles

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