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  1. MRI Report and Lower Back Pain, Help
  2. Oh the agony
  3. hardware owenership
  4. Lump/knot in dimple of buttocks cheek?
  5. How often is nerve damage permanent?
  6. lumbar fusion coming up in a few weeks and i seek support & answers to some questions
  7. Disc
  8. Anxious for this appointment
  9. Piriformis release or surgery - anyone?
  10. PT thinks he figured my probs out!
  11. Desco Booked This Thur Not Lookin Forward To It
  12. L5-s1 Bulge,can It Cause Left Hip Pain?
  13. Disk Matter Left in Spine Following Disketemy
  14. GOT HELP...but TOO much meds???
  15. Fusion L4 - What is hospital stay like?
  16. Sharp pain after discectomy
  17. Fusion Techniques: Bone graft accelerants
  18. back pain
  19. Mri Of Lumbar Spine - Laser Treatment
  20. Post IDET: exercises for spondylothesis?
  21. Lower back pain help?
  22. What Medicine For Back Spasms?
  23. weird pains in back
  24. what can i do? (DDD)
  25. Neurotomy
  26. Sometimes my toes turn pink...?
  27. Advice and support for Brother needed!
  28. Dr. Delamarter - any experiences?
  29. Impotence and back pain
  30. burning leg pain...how long to wait?
  31. Papillonisback - Been to Specialist Today - BAD NEWS !!
  32. lumbar fusion and pregnancy
  33. I keep getting burning in my legs when I walk around!
  34. Tv show today about ADR vs. Fusion
  35. Help Desperately Needed
  36. My MRI Report- would someone translate this?
  37. SI problems
  38. Artificial disks anyone ?
  39. Dreaded discogram - worst/best case for pain?
  40. movement disorder from disc disease?
  41. Bertolotti syndrome
  42. Iliopsoas Or Psoas Problem
  43. questions about back and abdominal muscle problems
  44. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy
  45. What was your degree of disability & pain before lumbar fusion?
  46. Info on Esi please
  47. Nerve damage or there's another problem here?
  48. T12 injury
  49. I did a stupid thing...
  50. Info Please Neck Disec & Fusion C 5-6 6-7
  51. NUMB FEET after Laminectomy
  52. RF Lesioning..when do you get results?
  53. L4/L5 dried up disk
  54. Is there a link between pregnancy and all this pain
  55. chiropractor, osteopath or physio??
  56. I am really mad now!
  57. L1/T12 Fusion
  58. Degenerative discognetic Disorder, please read
  59. Post op foraminotomy in pain...
  60. back pain and med probs.
  61. Cervical Epidural Question
  62. Anterior Cervical Fusion of C 5-6 6-7 Neck
  63. back pain worsens at night
  64. muscle spasms
  65. anyone else have donor bone absorbtion?
  66. Everyday neck pain/headaches, HELP!!!!
  67. 4 weeks post surgery why am I still in so much pain?
  68. Aching Feet and Ankles
  69. Post Fusioners - back to work ... when?
  70. epidural nerve block and physical therapy
  71. Is it sciatica if it doesn't go below the knee?
  72. Success percentage rate of Fusion
  73. Having surgery soon...
  74. shoulder pain
  75. wondering if my life is ever goning to be the same again
  76. Back Problems; How long did you go to Physical therapy?
  77. MRI different from doc diagnosis/common?
  78. Advice would be appreciated
  79. 9 years post op...new probs
  80. Post op pain
  81. Pain on the left side
  82. Failed PLIF's need to chat
  83. Need Help With Diagnosis
  84. Feet tingling and low back problems should I be concerned about long term damage?
  85. Home from surgery
  86. Hnp ?
  87. Started PT on Wednesday
  88. post surgery pain
  89. MRI Confusion
  90. Racharina
  91. enbrel
  92. Just found out that my fusion didn't work
  93. Lower back pain 2 years after partial laminectomy.
  94. List Of surgeons for nucleoplasty
  95. MRI results: Can I get some help?
  96. Puzzling Post-PLIF Pain
  97. Hemaongiomas/bulg.disks...more syptoms.
  98. I am so confused!
  99. Esi
  100. Thorasic and neck pain w/knumbing in back, neck, and hands
  101. leg pain at nights? Consider RLS
  102. pain 1 year after laminectomy
  103. chiro or doc?
  104. Life After L4-5,l5-s1 Surgery
  105. Oh..Oh...possible revision surgery....
  106. Going to cancel my oppointment!
  107. Anyone Used A Zero-gravity Chair?
  108. Spinal Fusion And Exercise??
  109. MRI interpretaion back problems
  110. Anyone whos had disc nucleoplasty
  111. Piriformis Syndrome?
  112. one vertebrae pops all the time!!
  113. Need info on disck replacements
  114. still healing after 3 years?
  115. Back-Neck=what?
  116. Need opinions/ Morphine pump
  117. Back Pain Stopping Life & Spoiling Relationship - HELP ANYONE??
  118. Do discs ever fuse on there own...?
  119. Upper back, neck, and vision problems
  120. Good fusion outcomes wanted!
  121. Still have pain
  122. Workcomp/Back Injury
  123. Disability claim
  124. Bad Posture
  125. Tai Chi
  126. Vacation and Sick time
  127. What does it take to do permanent nerve damage?
  128. Sliped Disk ?, Please Help!
  129. hello, and can you help me? post-micro-surg, L5-S1
  130. TLSO or LSO Brace
  131. Where is the "Good fusion stories" thread!!!!
  132. Large 360 Fusion
  133. In need of opinions/Information!
  134. Help!!
  135. Pain in the buttocks and lower back
  136. Pain that moves..... so annoying!
  137. Wht does my hip & butt hurt?
  138. 1 year since L5-S1 anterior interbody fusion with BAK cages
  139. scared- surgery SOON!
  140. Chiropractic help
  141. my ribcage in the back sticks out on one side
  142. Some back exercises I found
  143. Anyone who has a "TEAR" in the disk
  144. Low Back problems linked to mild depression?
  145. Just curious...how did you all come to have bad backs?
  146. Pain worse after ESI
  147. Ins Coverage for IDET, Nucleaplasty, Disc Decompression.
  148. Need a good mattress for low back
  149. Been Told I Have 2 Have Disogram
  150. Question about MRI and doctors orders
  151. question about recovery time, and pain??? kind of clueless to this thing..
  152. DR's call about MRI results
  153. Surgery
  154. Grade II spondylolisthesis
  155. Bad Lower back pain after sleeping on stomach?
  156. Questions to ask doctors...
  157. SpondyMom...I apologize
  158. MRI Results (after CT Scan)
  159. Back Pain So Bad I Can't Walk
  160. Advice from people who have had unsuccessful microdisectomy
  161. what car to drive to ease back pain
  162. IDD Therapy-what is it?
  163. facet arthopathy?
  164. How Bad is this?
  165. I need info on Neurostimulation
  166. A few questions, help please
  167. anyone had a muscle spasm in their sacrum and did it affect the sciatic nerve
  168. Normal EMG, but all these symptoms
  169. Advice Needed
  170. New nerve pain if from spondylolisthesis..
  171. successful back surgery
  172. Morning Back Pain
  173. Popping Spine
  174. Yet Another Pain Med Question....
  175. Lower right back pain beneath rib cage
  176. Feeling lightheaded when walking......need fusion
  177. is IDD a same procedure as VAX-D?
  178. Lower Back and hip pain
  179. Specialist blew me off and offered advil, I have serveral ruptured disk Help
  180. well I have had enough ..called another NS....
  181. 10 wks post-lumbar fusion and sciatica?
  182. Periformis syndrome - anyone have this?
  183. Had Mylegram Friday-HELP!!! PAIN!!!!
  184. Loose Cages Anyone?
  185. disc injury
  186. Stiff Neck cracks constantly!
  187. lower back pain sometimes feels better when spine is cracked
  188. Impairment Rating?
  189. back pain wydase where?
  190. muscle spasms after spinal fusion
  191. Nerve or muscle pain
  192. will this make my back worse???
  193. Anyone had a srew replaced?
  194. HELP!! Nuecleoplasty? Anybody have it? Need answers
  195. What is the difference btwn physiatrist and pain mgmnt doc in treating chronic back p
  196. Spinal Stenosis? Help!
  197. When is it not ok to still have nerve pain?
  198. legs going numb and buckling, pain increase MRI negative, now what?!
  199. Discogram
  200. Work Conditioning
  201. oh no 2nd ESI...scared ...help!!!
  202. L-5 fusion
  203. New back pain and nerve damage
  204. Maverick Disc Results
  205. bone spurs on spine!
  206. Tail Bone or lower back PLEASE HELP!
  207. I'm Back, 12 days post op
  208. Spinal Cord Stimulator(neurostimulator)
  209. Calif Workmans Comp New Laws for 2004
  210. Facet injections
  211. what do you think
  212. help fusion mentioned, also how bad is the epidural pain?
  213. Recommendations for pain mgmnt doc in Orange County, CA?
  214. I'm going in for a CT Mylegram Friday
  215. T12-L1 - Rare level for discogram?
  216. Numb Thigh (Top Left)
  217. just got home from 6 weeks in hospital
  218. Cold Feet--Literally not Figuratively
  219. Need input from those who have had lumbar fusion.......
  220. 1 Level Ant Cerv Fusion
  221. Sleeping w/upper body elevated helps(what does this indicate?)
  222. muscle spasms around ribs?
  223. Pain Management Program, what to expect?
  224. Vax - D
  225. upper back pain
  226. question about new med
  227. please help
  228. 10 weeks post op L4, L5, SI Fusion/lami/intrumentation
  229. new here. med probs.
  230. 2nd epidural gone bad.
  231. Anyone had Endoscopic Microdiscectomy?
  232. The Beginning of a journey I think....
  233. lordosis
  234. back pain/cerebral palsy/arthritis
  235. ESI without sedation, OUCH!!!!-more long...
  236. Cleveland Clinic or Mayo???
  237. Immediate Surgery HELP needed
  238. chronic lower back pain 14 years now
  239. Could I have reinjured myself?
  240. Long time till Medicare...
  241. 3 weeks post op l-5,s-1 fusion-questions about recovery...
  242. need info my back is getting worse
  243. Nasty Hip Pain from DDD?
  244. L5-S1 options
  245. If you took Neurontin, how long did you stay on it??
  246. Anti-inflammatory diet for back pain sufferers - any suggestions?
  247. Pain in bottom of foot
  248. Telzey And Baxter
  249. Aching legs/feet in evening/night after L4,L5,S1 fusion, need advice, can't sleep
  250. Weird pain in left shoulder blade...

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