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  1. Wanting In-put!
  2. Block vs RF and target area
  3. muscle spasm in back
  4. 2 1/2 years they still don't know?
  5. Discharge instructions
  6. 2nd epidural steriod injection Frid.....scared even more than 1st one
  7. Back problem/breathing problem
  8. Tail bone contusion
  9. Back and more back!!!
  10. 5 Weeks post op spinal fusion L4, L5, S1 & bone graft
  11. Sleeping on flat board.
  12. instermentation ?
  13. Artificai\\l Disc Replacement
  14. Ongoing lower back pain....
  15. Scoliosis or something else?
  16. MRI results....could this cause my symptoms
  17. had surgury L5/S1
  18. Can a hunched-forward back be prevented?
  19. Lower Back Question For All
  20. Successtory - a question?
  21. 1 month post,from l-4/5/s1 int/ant fusion
  22. Flat on my back after PT- what to do?
  23. w/c question.......HELP PLEASE
  24. What is spondylosis?
  25. Sacroiliac joint/L5-S1 disk bulge
  26. In Praise of this Board...
  27. Experiences with SED??
  28. Can neck/upper back pain cause face tingling?
  29. Facet joint injections?
  30. Bruised tailbone?
  31. I am so angery....I DO HAVE spinal stenosis HELP. ..
  32. Epidural injections, to do or not to do....
  33. If you have alot of pain and problems now, what happens 10-20 yrs down the road
  34. got my 1st epidural today
  35. mri answers
  36. Help constant back pain!!
  37. antidepressants for nerve pain
  38. New nerve pain 5 months after laminectomy/discectomy
  39. tears tears ....my son made me cry ....
  40. radio frequency on nerve
  41. Epidural steroid vs. Discogram
  42. Flank
  43. Chronic Lower Back Problems
  44. Pleural Rub Please read
  45. just diagnoised
  46. I feel hopeless and need your opinions
  47. physical therapy for a month and pain worse HELP!
  48. What are c4-5 symptoms?
  49. MRI results
  50. Fusion recommended
  51. DDD how bad is it??
  52. Mokita - How are you doing?
  53. tightness and immobility of the spine at L4 and L5 level/had laminectomy
  54. New here- ESI question
  55. Partial Paralysis after ACDF
  56. loosing my balance after surgery
  57. Help Dr wont listen (nerve test)
  58. Latest MRI, 2 pages long! Help
  59. neck pain could it be from back?
  60. New Here !
  61. Night spasms/cramps in thigh and buttock - what causes this?
  62. Side effects of Anti-inflammatories?
  63. HElP!!! please ...major pain day after steriod injection
  64. Disc Operation-Recovery advice wanted
  65. Inversion Therapy
  66. Nerve blocks and "conscious sedation"...question
  67. Mri
  68. nerve pain in FRONT of leg
  69. How do I live with this?
  70. Aquatic Therapy
  71. Spinal Stimulator??? Pyschologist??? What's the connection?
  72. Bottom left rib
  73. myofascial pain origins?
  74. New Member- New Maverick Disc
  75. My MRI results? (translate please)
  76. Help! What questions should I ask the Neuro Doc
  77. Happy Birthday Michigansk8er
  78. implantable neurostimulator
  79. To:Onebadback or firemed21
  80. What comes after steroid injections?
  81. 1st steriod injection on Friday..scared to death...
  82. Magnesium - what form and dosage?
  83. Upper back injuries?
  84. Walking for the lower back???
  85. holistic medicine
  86. IDEY vs Intrathecal Laser Discectory
  87. Epidural
  88. new...confused need help....
  89. HELP!! yelled from Indiana!!
  90. Grade four Spondylolisthesis
  91. Soft Tissue Bumps on Back Associated with Pain?
  92. New Here - Doc prescribed Neurontin
  93. DR. Visit yesterday
  94. lumbar corpectomy, fusion failure
  95. Update on the experience of a discogram
  96. Lower back pain from vegetarian diet
  97. Anyone familiar w/Dr. Michael Kropf, Fullerton, CA?
  98. Upper Butt, Lower Back, Left Side Only; thoughts?
  99. I can't stop worrying!
  100. Discogram recovery time
  101. 15 and upper back pain... help!
  103. working/physical therapy
  104. Vioxx side effects?
  105. Neck injury~over a week later, it's still not better!
  106. Home from L5-S1 fusion & decompression lami
  107. Elavil: (1) any problems or side effects and (2) did it help? Anyone???
  108. buldging or ruptured?
  109. mid-upper back pains
  110. discogram in a few hours
  111. have dr appt on Tuesday[2/10]...have ??????
  112. What should I be sleeping on?
  113. Post-op walking - good or bad?
  114. Lumbar Pain
  115. High Density Zone Lesion?
  116. pain in lower back, butt & legs
  117. Lower back pain from eating...help please?
  118. new here...may have spinal stenosis
  119. Inflammed Muscles around Torasic Curvature
  120. Chiropractic question - back is better, neck is worse
  121. Surgeons in St Louis or Kansas City?
  122. Pain M.D. Gives Up on Me
  123. Update on Nerve Block
  124. Follow Up and Question
  125. Thank You! Surgery Feb 20
  126. PT instructor said he had never heard of this...
  127. Is All This From Back?
  128. kinda confused
  129. si joint injections...any luck?
  130. Neck pain
  131. Felling Rough after Epidural Injection
  132. Fusion Monday 2-9 Any Advice?? Pain management?
  133. 5 wks PLIF post-op/intense leg pain
  134. New to List with Spondy
  135. Does anyone ever get twitches of nerve pain anywhere else?
  136. boney back
  137. Spondylolisthesis
  138. Is nerve pain from laminectomy?
  139. post operative discitis and natural fusion.. ?
  140. back pain think its pleurisy
  141. Wisconsin Doctor Recommendations wanted.. opinions too please!!!
  142. Lumbar Epidural Injection
  143. back pains and difficulty breathing
  144. isillyme-wondering how the surgery went
  145. Can disc cause abdominal pain?
  146. Back Problems
  147. Spina Bifida
  148. quick discogram question...
  149. Back Pain - New, Scared, Need Advice!
  150. Has your back pain caused anxiety or palpatations
  151. Anyone familiar w/Jacques Palmer, a NS in Orange County CA?
  152. do the surgeons even know?
  153. discitis?
  154. Discogram question?
  155. discitis?
  156. Nerve problems?
  157. The PM and OS can't even agree on tests to take - how can I decide who to believe?
  158. Update on Myelogram
  159. Cleveland Clinic Recommendations/Experiences
  160. Ddanna, How are you feeling?
  161. Having Terrible Pain and Headaches
  162. Pain in lower Spine
  163. nervous about emg and cervical injections
  164. IDET or surgery/fusion
  165. Need Help on Surgery Questions: I am new!!
  166. Question about MRI result
  167. percentage question
  168. Esi
  169. discogram, microdiscectomy and EMG
  170. Questions about failed PLIF's
  171. discogram and microdiscectomy
  172. What can low back pain cause in other areas?
  173. how long will my surgery take?
  174. why is this check like this??????
  175. IDET experiences needed
  176. Correlation between back pain/antibiotics?
  177. Help with pain/diagnosis--neck/arm
  178. Is 6 months the gold standard for microD - or can I wait?
  179. My facet joint inj. experience
  180. What is up with my shoulders?
  181. Question for Tomorrow (or anyone)
  182. Atrophy Question
  183. To say hi and ask questions
  184. Could a back problem cause all this?
  185. Hardware removal
  186. ALIF L4-5 Surgery Monday 1/26
  187. Back Problems
  188. MRI-2-Level Fusion Post-Op
  189. impairment rating question
  190. Neurontin- has it made anyone's nerve pain worse???
  191. disc replacement overseas
  192. all locked up
  193. new here and hello
  194. TENS units and Airport Security
  195. interesting article on w/c
  196. idet...
  197. need advice about fusion surgery...
  198. Which procedures have the most success rate???
  199. libido
  200. L5 Nerve root damage after IDET
  201. Quite the situation Xrays&whiplash
  202. Anyone that has had a laminectomy/discectomy take muscle relaxers/did it help?
  203. please help I need some answers
  204. Mattress Question.
  205. Post Nucleoplasty - questions
  206. Wierd Back Feelings...
  207. Degenerative L-4 and L-5 Discs
  208. Would you have myelogram after 5 months of radiating pain?
  209. Back Pain, Kidney Area
  210. Question for people who have had a cervical fusion??
  211. Post Myelogram
  212. back and knee problems
  213. Mother's back problem
  214. need advice
  215. Squatting after microdiscectomy
  216. Jan 30th Fusion....I have some questions
  217. Question about shoulders
  218. My neck hurts :(...
  219. Fusion T12-L1 = not stiff?
  220. helpppppppppppppppppppppp
  221. Has anyone ever heard of or had ....
  222. questions about physical therapy
  223. Has anyone had a Medial Branch Neurotomy
  224. Annular tears - meds survey?
  225. numbness and tingling in left arm and fingers
  226. good fusion outcomes wanted - lumbar
  227. Poll : How does the weather affect you ?
  228. Spondylolisthesis?
  229. Lumbar Facet Injections
  230. Im Back
  231. Why follow innocent ME??
  232. hurts when I stand up straight
  233. Lumbar Fusion & Anti-Inflammatories!?
  234. weight lifting after surgery
  235. sleeping with pillow between knees
  236. Need Good Back Excercises for lower back and leg pain
  237. herington rods.....got them 13 years ago.
  238. Michigan workers compensation
  239. Sciatica after ADR
  240. 2 Back Surgeries .... By The Way, I'm 21.
  241. Need Help Back and Tailbone Injury Wont Go Away
  242. Pain in both legs after surgery "HELP"
  243. Disc replacement experiences Help!
  244. help
  245. Numb Leg
  246. Any other options?
  247. Low Back Went out Yesterday - any Reccomendations?
  248. Hey Mark......did this happen to you at all
  249. Exercise advice please - annular tear L4-L5
  250. can anyone help me???

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