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  1. can anyone help me???
  2. PROLOTHERAPY for back problems
  3. Can they do this?
  4. epidural gone bad?
  5. Severe lower back pain and teeth problems?
  6. Neck/Lower Back Ache!! Help!!!!!
  7. mattress / topper recommendations??
  8. Epidural damage i think... please help ANYONE!
  9. Spina bifida
  10. pregnancy and tens unit?
  11. This might help some...
  12. Has anyone had a three level fusion? 24 and needing help...
  13. Disc Degenerate
  14. Is this scar tissue pain?
  15. Lumbar fusion and return to sports
  16. Who has had BAK cage surgery
  17. Trigger Points
  18. Help me help my fiance! Please!
  19. Crackpots
  20. ACDF Surgery at C5-6 on Jan.26th
  21. Janatee, how are you doing?
  22. arthritis in lower back. Can anyone help? PLEASE!
  23. what next??
  24. Advice Please!!
  25. Annular tear
  26. Scar Tissue
  27. four weeks post nucleoplasty pain
  28. Nerve Block
  29. Cultivating relationships in difficult circumstances.
  30. Unexplained neck pain.....found out the cause....
  31. Good news
  32. hello everyone .. I am new here.. had a microodiscetomy 3 weeks ago
  33. lumbar fusion for post operative discitis.. good fusion outcomes wanted!
  34. what is this!!,permanent partial
  35. Scheduled for Surgery on Jan 8th.....have questions?
  36. Trumatic thoracic spoldylolisthesis undertreated?
  37. Weird, traveling back pain
  38. ssi and my disabilitys questions
  39. discogram and fever
  40. Help with MRI results
  41. Scoliosis..just wondering
  42. Severe back pain
  43. I'm new to this site, at my wits end with this pain!
  44. Severe stinging in upper back/neck
  45. Help please. I am in the ARMY and pending Spinal Fusion
  46. Is it back pain?
  47. Back Pain while breathing deeply
  48. MRI need help with understanding results
  49. Disability - dumb question?
  50. surgeon says my back is fusing by itself!
  51. What level effects Hamstring and Hip
  52. Here's to a happy, healthy, PAIN FREE New Year...What's your wish?!
  53. back problems for the first time
  54. January's Surgery's
  55. Would anyone know what happened to my sig...
  56. fusion surgery for post op discitis?? help!!
  57. New here and hurting...
  58. INFUSE procedure and Sleep Number Beds
  59. Physical Therapy after PLIF??
  60. Hip Pain 7 Months Post Op Micro Discectomy
  61. tolerant to the pain meds
  62. toe cramps, tightening up anyone else?
  63. Unable to walk, numbness & incontience for over a year since back surgery
  64. husband
  65. at a loss
  66. Help with pain 2 years after surgery
  67. Adjustments
  68. Gymnastics ~ Back Problems (ouch!)
  69. steriod shot # 3
  70. new member with back problem
  71. L2 Compression fracture options?
  72. more pain than before
  73. L2 Disk Causing Sciatica?
  74. standing to long
  75. Tension Myositis Syndrome
  76. Help - bad pain
  77. Can you help me..please?
  78. Exercises to help prevent...
  79. question
  80. had bad back for years help
  81. ACDF with Cage support
  82. Low back causes hip pain?
  83. I Have a Surgery Date Finally!!!!!!!!
  84. Multu Level Cervical Fusions
  85. (simple question) What does this mean?
  86. our price for holiday cheer
  87. lower back pain and leg pain, any suggestions ?
  88. Back Pain and Fall
  89. I know I haven't been around much....
  90. supplements for healing
  91. MED yesterday, back home today
  92. neuroforaminal block ?
  93. Happy Holidays to all My Cyberfriends out there
  94. help! nonstop pain,no diagnosis in sight
  95. Need help with decision
  96. cortisone epidural questiona
  97. , P&S, So No... Oh! Emergency Surgery For You!
  98. weight gain and fusion surgery
  99. Osteophytes,who would have thought?
  100. Mark!
  101. Back and leg pain
  102. S/P Lumbar Fusion and still in PAIN!!
  103. back pain and depression
  104. sacro iliac pain in diskitis??
  105. Referred pain - is it a disc problem?
  106. Does post discectomy surgery numbness go away?
  107. What could this be
  108. Does anyone here have scoliosis or know about the risks?
  109. stop PT while still in pain?!
  110. symptoms for tear/facet/si
  111. healing?
  112. back and neck ach with cough
  113. accupuncture, has anyone had success ?
  114. question/discogram result
  115. Coccyx pain
  116. Middle back pain
  117. METRx Anyone?
  118. Why is my back making me sick?
  119. please help me, whats wrong , and what are these codes?
  120. saw spine surgeon
  121. atheritus in lower back
  122. post op diskitis
  123. Immediate Discectomy (vs. Micro) and Fibromyalgia
  124. what should i do, help
  125. Who's had multiple back surgeries
  126. Othopedic Center of St Louis
  127. New to board - experiences with annular tears?
  128. Maverick Disc surgery completed. Yeah!
  129. question re: x-ray's after c5-c6 discetomy
  130. anyone experiencing this?
  131. Philosophic Coping...
  132. Good laminectomy outcomes wanted (really, all experiences)
  133. neurontin withdrawal
  134. Now I,m FRUSTRATED(long story)
  135. orthotics and type of shoes to wear
  136. surgery vs pain meds
  137. Would this be sciatica?
  138. Good Fusion Outcomes Wanted 2
  139. Pars defect > spondylolisthesis
  140. excruciating left hip pain
  141. Back injury/ surgery questions
  142. Excruciating Middle Back Pain...For No Reason?!
  143. worker's comp hearing
  144. cervical fusion
  145. My neck cracks!
  146. Low Back, arm and ab pains
  147. Pinched Nerve Madness !!!!!!!!!!!
  148. Medtronics? any ops on implants to block pain?
  149. smoking and fusion???
  150. Link SB 111, anyone had this disk replacement
  151. frustration
  152. Has anyone done this
  153. lower back and leg pain
  154. L5-s1
  155. great ice idea
  156. back pain with headache
  157. Botox injection info?
  158. Selective Nerve Block Used Diagnostically?
  159. Strange bumpyness on spine after laminectomy/ligament or bone????
  160. hardware failure
  161. interbody fusion and spondylolisthesis
  162. Facial numbness with back injury
  163. Help!
  164. Post Discectomy aches
  165. Need some help...
  166. Another question!!
  167. How do you all feel about....
  168. Repercussions from Tordall Shot in the Butt!
  169. can someone please explain to me what's going on
  170. Prodisc experiences?
  171. Kennethhoff - how are you?
  172. Confused
  173. Pregancy after Prodisc???
  174. bcorica - are you still here?
  175. Pain has subsided--do I still need surgery?
  176. Laminectomy for lumbar stenosis
  177. Nothing important LOL!!
  178. Weird back pain, SCARED!
  179. Sorry it's been so long!
  180. Second Surgery
  181. Colonoscopy--any trouble for back patients?
  182. Numb and pins and needles in finger tips and arm....related to back problem???
  183. Hi, I'm back, good to see there are still the same names and some new still helping
  184. lumbar spinal stenosis & inflammatories
  185. lower back pain/tight hamstrings??
  186. Weird Back Feeling
  187. Failed spine surgery
  188. 360 fusion
  189. BAAAADDDD BACK & No Sex
  190. Lumbar Discopathy ?
  191. Sciatica
  192. back pain books by Jolie Bookspan
  193. I had nucleoplasty
  194. My sig???
  195. Emergency Admittance, I Told The Doctor ...
  196. How long does it take for muscles to heal after they have been cut from laminectomy
  197. lower back pains
  198. December Surgery's
  199. constant back spasms
  200. plesase, you tell me ?????
  201. Post-Op Meds (Posterior Lumbar Fusion)
  202. Gastroesophageal Reflux - caused from lying down all day??
  203. Waiting
  204. dont know where else to turn!!
  205. radiofrequency for lumbar facet sclerosis?
  206. still swelling on spine 12 weeks after laminectomy
  207. Lidoderm Patch
  208. weird pain
  209. Nerve block info wanted please.
  210. bad back poochy stomach
  211. wierd back pain
  212. Lower Back Pain and Abdomen
  213. Do I have to have a discogram?? *scared*
  214. Please explain my MRI Results
  215. Another New Twist!!
  216. Hello, please can someone offer me some information.
  217. In Tears Someone Help please :(
  218. bhasi
  219. Coccygeal Injections
  220. Doctor won't prescribe strong narcotics!!!!!
  221. Is fusion an option at 24 yrs old?
  222. legal questions regarding back injury HELP ME PLEASE!
  223. Question about tailbone and back
  224. Tomorrow
  225. Laminectomy/discectomy anyone??
  226. epidural steriod injection #2
  227. back pain meds
  228. second surgery on the 19th
  229. Getting disability with back problems
  230. what causes a popping sound in your back?
  231. Sacroiliac Joint Pain!
  232. VAX-D and/or ADR
  233. Strange pain and smell at back of my neck :(
  234. New and needing help...
  235. please has anyone had herinated cervical 1,2 and 3
  236. Need more info. on anterior vertebrectomy
  237. Tomorrow?
  238. Pain Meds?
  239. Any advice
  240. discogram/pain/ct
  241. Do lumbar fusions really help???? A back fusion for my 30yr old wife the mother of 3
  242. Happy Thanksgiving!
  243. Nucleoplasty Approved - Finally!
  244. New Here..L5/S1 nerve damage
  245. Upper Back Pain - Cause??
  246. Tailbone
  247. dropping sensation
  248. Opps! I did it again!
  249. Nucleoplasty aftercare....sorting out different approaches
  250. hi pomcoach

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