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  1. After lumbar fusion
  2. just a note
  3. Someone please answer.......
  4. Back Fusion
  5. slipped disc!! ahhh!!
  6. sprengles deformity
  7. ATTN: Northern Calif. people
  8. Pain down leg on sitting
  9. Vioxx losing effectiveness?? Please help!
  10. exercises for rececovery from neck surgery
  11. Frustrated & Confused
  12. Now What????? Sick of this.......
  13. Misdiagnosed in 2001-have a tumor
  14. Any good results from Vax-D?
  15. ~~~~OakleyGirl~~~~ How are you??
  16. "failed back syndrome"
  17. abnormal result from surgery
  18. Cracking my back, and worried...
  19. Very Startling Discovery - Am I Shrinking?
  20. EMG results and scared...
  21. just waiting for a reply
  22. How long does it take????
  23. please help
  24. Unable to sit for one year
  25. Unable to sit for one year
  26. after microendoscopic disectomy
  27. Getting off oxycontin before surgery
  28. Son w/mild scoliosis. Need info and advice, please
  29. Newbie....in need of exercise ideas- fusion
  30. I do not understand this
  31. Pain while sitting even 6 weeks after microdiskectomy
  32. to all debating back surgery
  33. to all you spondylolysis & scoliosis people:
  34. DDD,dics bulge, AND W/c......... help
  35. I'm back and had my surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. 9 weeks postop from posterior lumbar fusion and still feels like screws are digging
  37. Won lawsuit (yeah!), have some questions...
  38. A little depressed.
  39. Getting scared!
  40. Neurological Symptoms
  41. To do or not to do
  42. spondylolysis/spondylothesis
  43. Newbie with back problem
  44. BMP
  45. pain in middle back and shoulders
  46. Burning sensation on Foot
  47. Someone please help
  48. low back pain
  49. Pain Medication
  50. X-Ray Results.....Where is this heading?
  51. Cervical Fusion Recovery Time
  52. Vertebrae turned wrong way...Questions.
  53. Another Fusion Surgery?
  54. Burning sensation in back, legs and/or buttocks?
  55. DDD in Neck, can past injury cause ddd?
  56. What test defines a fusion???
  57. MRI results
  58. Tell me again why I should have a discogram?
  59. Microdiscectomy - What to expect?
  60. NS doesn't want to hear about numbness
  61. back problem and WC
  62. 1/2 way to recovery and now this...
  63. Pulled muscle... or worse?
  64. what is a cell-saver?
  65. I am so tired of the pain...have spondylolithesis/spondylosis
  66. Anyone know how SHG is doing?
  67. worried/tired of pain
  68. facet rhizotomy
  69. Sciatica at age 18...
  70. Not Sure What to do? Surgery or not?
  71. ?Surgery for L-2 Pinched Nerve
  72. Microdisectomy Recovery - Shooting?
  73. I have another question.....I'm sorry but I really need help!
  74. Question about meds
  75. no reason for upper back pain?
  76. What is Cleveland Clinic?
  77. Newbie with QUESTIONS and CONFUSION
  78. lumbar fusion
  79. Questions about nerve block injections
  80. The Psoas Muscle
  81. L5-S1 hemilaminectomy with microdiscectomy
  82. Spondylolisthesis causing burning feet!
  83. 6-day old microdiscectomy
  84. Is this Sciatica????????
  85. SI Joint/manipulation questions
  86. Scoliosis in infants
  87. To Fuse or Not To Fuse
  88. strange sensation
  89. Provocative Discgraphy
  90. Wanted: IDET success stories
  91. How do you find a good doctor?
  92. Neck problems vs. back problems
  93. My Pain Management Experience!!!!!
  94. Anyone ever tear a back muscle?
  95. pain meds are not working
  96. episacral lipomas
  97. Severe Back Pain - no relief
  98. How ice works on inflammation
  99. Surgery postponed
  100. Microdisectomy Recovery - I think I messed up!
  101. Update on Swollen Feet
  102. No disc left
  103. artifical disc replacement
  104. IDET and Neucloplasty
  105. I am new on this site.....questions
  106. Worried and depressed.
  107. L5-S1 surgery, questions
  108. Interesting advice from my doctor
  109. Spina bifida occulta--ANY ideas for pain relief?
  110. another PAIN SCALE
  111. Surgery or wait
  112. New to board, MRI results and questions
  113. Insurance question
  114. To Rubes
  115. Spondylolisthesis and Fusion
  116. Nervous
  117. *ChristinaD - Surgery Tomorrow*
  118. TENS questions
  119. lower back pain and w/c doctor
  120. Provocative Discgraphy
  121. back pain is spilling into my relationship
  122. Kneeling Chair for Computer Work
  123. chiropractic massage
  124. pain after surgery
  125. I had microdiskectomy surgery which not only resulted in leg weakness but emotional
  126. Physical Therapy Opinion
  127. help me... i need advice about my on going back problems....
  128. To VPG
  129. what can I do for back muscle spasms?
  130. spondylolysis spondylolisthesis chiro???
  131. mid back pain
  132. mid back pain
  133. mid back pain
  134. Fusion
  135. facet injections
  136. Lower back muscle pain - PLEASE HELP!
  137. Hey Acme, can you help me?
  138. What Does Fusion Mean To You?
  139. has ANYONE left the hosp. after back surgery with sciatic pain these days?
  140. Exercises for Back and Pelvic Pain
  141. SI Joint Dysfunction
  142. Any ideas on what this could be?
  143. Do they alway have to do a laminectomy with a discectomy????
  144. Do they alway have to do a laminectomy with a discectomy????
  145. DDD of cervical spine
  146. To climb or not...opinions wanted
  147. Stormy!!! You made it!!!!
  148. IDET sucks Looking at Fusion HEELLLPPPP.
  149. What is a myelogram?
  150. Sudden Erratic pain...Help!
  151. Yankee Fan Glenda
  152. Still waiting....
  153. New to HealthBoards
  154. Any ideas on back pain?
  155. shooting pain from pelvis to ankle, help!
  156. Posting For Wife
  157. Please pray for YankeeFan tonight, Sat. at 10pm ET
  158. Continued Back Problems
  159. Unknown Diagnosis
  160. looking for answers
  161. Permanent Nerve Damage and Foot Pain
  162. im lost
  163. communication
  164. communication
  165. Artificial Disc versus Fusion Surgery
  166. Relief for only the worst back pain !!!
  167. w/c doctor visit scheduled
  168. Please help me understand my MRI
  169. to Daubie......
  170. IDET
  171. survey on post-op diskectomy or laminectomy pain & weakness
  172. Nerve Damage
  173. does nybody have pain in lower abs??
  174. Tomarrow*** HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  175. SI Injection
  176. back problems in a teenager
  177. I found the cause of my pain, Thanks everyone
  178. Help needed
  179. middle back tumor?
  180. Please help me translate my last MRI.
  181. What does this mean on xray report?
  182. I forgot to mention....
  183. have any of you had severe headaches, and then
  184. back pain is tearing my life apart!!
  185. Tell me what these MRI results mean?!
  186. Wht could be wrong with me
  187. 8 mo. and no fusion, still infected
  188. annular tear
  189. post diskectomy/laminectomy/ problems. Doing a survey.
  190. Both Spondylo & Cervical?
  191. post back surgery
  192. ESI
  193. ESI
  194. MRI Reports
  195. What is the matter with my middle back?
  196. new patient..questions about post op fusion
  197. do P.T.'s help in diagnosis?
  198. do P.T.'s help in diagnosis?
  199. do P.T.'s help in diagnosis?
  200. Strange neck problem with referred back pain
  201. post op MRI report
  202. my doctor is a piece of work
  203. osteoblastoma
  204. boy did my physical therapist goof!
  205. Something for possible fusion patients
  206. Bcorica - how have you been doing ?????
  207. warning sign?
  208. Anyone had surgery for facet hypertropy??
  209. I'm confused, do they operate on buldging discs??
  210. I'm confused, do they operate on buldging discs??
  211. Confused
  212. ~~~~jdlmc - Linda?????~~~~~~~
  214. Back Pain Still
  215. Are 2 discectomy's possible
  216. Argghh the agony.....
  217. Can't live without Vitamin C
  218. Spondylolithesis/ anterolisthesis questions
  219. C2-3 problem w/headache.....anyone every have a Disc-O-Gram ???
  220. Can anyone explain this
  221. Can anyone explain this
  222. Anyone else with Cauda Equina Syndrome
  223. L4-L5 Ruptured disk need help
  224. need some info on Neurontin!!!
  225. Epidurals
  226. Frustrated w/ a T-11 Compression Fracture and then some
  227. Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
  228. Checking in
  229. Pain Meds not working
  230. After surgery problems
  231. IDET - How Long for Approval?
  232. THANX L5S1
  233. Need advice
  234. Pre-fusion mega jitters...help!
  235. W/C hearing date set!!!!!!!!
  236. an update sorry for not posting for awhile
  237. Best remedy for backs is not to rest
  238. Have appt. w/dr to discuss IDET and Nucleoplasty..what to ask??
  239. disavowed, I'm still here!
  240. Jasonswife, are you there?
  241. Stormy, Best of Luck to You!!!!!!!!!
  242. right side lower back and right groin pain
  243. post op problems
  244. information on doctors?
  245. cervical and lumbar story
  246. Post Nucleoplasty Physical Therapy?
  247. Hi, I'm new and I Need HELP!!!!
  248. hope someone is listening
  249. severe lower back pain
  250. diabetes after epidurals

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