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  1. newly diagnosed
  2. ACDF in 4 days
  3. Right leg pain
  4. Microdiscectomy post op day 10
  5. Nearly 3 years chronic back and limb pain, unceasing, what's next?
  6. 6 months after lumbar fusion leg burning
  7. Post Laminectomy--- Sharp knee pains
  8. Fentanyl Withdrawal Question
  9. Was in a car accident 3 years ago, still in extreme pain. What should I do?
  10. Scheuermann’s disease and disc herniation
  11. Has PT fixed your sciatica?
  12. lumbar laminectomy with fusion and instrumentation
  13. So tired of chronic pain
  14. Sciatica and Exercise
  15. 14 months Post PILF L5 S1
  16. Reflexes
  17. Hard lump under rib
  18. SI joint RFA procedure in doctor's office
  19. Getting scared
  20. Here we go again
  21. Do I have legal protection?
  22. spine surgeon needed
  23. Neck pain 6 days post op
  24. Kyphoplasty/Bone cement for compressed discs
  25. Can ANYONE help tell me what my MRI means?
  26. MRI after steroid anti inflammatory injection?
  27. Pain flexing/extending
  28. Is this chronic back pain arthritis or something structural?
  29. New, a little scared
  30. Anyone had a successfull SI fusion?
  31. MRI results
  32. Can t5 and t6 bulging discs cause foot jerks or ...
  33. Had epidural today. T5 and t6 for bulging discs. Pain question PLEASE!
  34. Getting cold feet
  35. Anterior 2 level cervical fusion
  36. I have a question that doesn't fit neatly anywhere
  37. Vitamin D
  38. Post op cervical laminectomy question.
  39. Help!!
  40. low back pain so bad I can't lift my babies HELP
  41. Grade 1 Spondylolisthesis L4-L5 doctor suggests 2 level fusion
  42. Recovery after my Spinal Disc Removal
  43. Cervical spine damage
  44. Facing surgery
  45. Failed Spinal Fusion, Optimesh gone from my back, serious auto immune problems.
  46. Twisted vertebrae (mid back)
  47. Right buttock hurts for months!
  48. Another Lower Back Problem
  49. Long time pain
  50. DDD, rhumatoid arthritis, and bulging disc
  51. Lower Right back pain, bad, getting worse
  52. Prolasped disc & Pelvis problem
  53. Adjacent disc disorder
  54. 2 Year Lower Back Pain in 19 Year Old Athlete
  55. Chronic pelvic pain?
  56. Numb foot
  57. Failed Nerve Root Block
  58. New to board with severe back pain. Need advice.
  59. Just had acdf surgery on c5 c6
  60. Back mri
  61. My MRI meaning please.
  62. Severe leg pain with lumbar stenosis
  63. Red Wine
  64. Lower back pain, hips sitting out of line
  65. Don't know what to do. Please advise? Chronic hip and back pain.
  66. Leg weakness, limping -- can L4 disc bulge cause?
  67. 5 months no bone growth
  68. NEED DIAGNOSIS - Severe Pain in Left Rib Area
  69. Kyphoplasty surgery
  70. Severe hypertrophic facet disease?
  71. Spondylolisthesis post fusion
  72. L4-S1 laminectomy and TLIF ? Other choices
  73. Crippling lower back pain.
  74. PCLF March 7th. Thank you for your stories.
  75. L5-S1 microdiscectomy, not going well, day 3
  76. Sudden back pain ... :(
  77. Orthofix spinal stim(bone stimulator)
  78. Mri burn
  79. MRI Results
  80. MRI Report
  81. Got My Back Fixed Last Night
  82. Can someone help with this back mri please
  83. Undiagnosed Back Pain for 3 Years.
  84. Discectomy at L5-S1 scheduled for 3/15 - anyone want to share their story?
  85. Chronic back pain - Sacroiliac joint
  86. I'm only 21, but I've had chronic pain for years...
  87. Motor Vehicle Accident
  88. Pain behind my left ear
  89. Need MRI but don't have money or insurance
  90. Had MRI Monday, got report today; see dr on Friday. Looking for similar situations
  91. Servere back pain when not active?
  92. Partial hand paralysis
  93. MRI results, what do they mean? Surgery?
  94. Scoliosis and exercise
  95. CT Scan
  96. Hip Pain 1 Year Post Laminectomy
  97. Possible Reherniation, should I have another Microdisectomy?
  98. ACDF with & without plate
  99. Ct Scan
  100. Some help understanding my MRI results
  101. Radiating Back Pain into Rib and Hands
  102. Understanding Mri results of cervical spine
  103. Anterior posterior double fusion
  104. Bilateral Lumbar Laminotomy And Bilateral Foraminotomy At L4/L5 Question
  105. Taking pills daily??
  106. Fusion & artificial disc replacement
  107. Disc popping ?
  108. Back Surgery and Vision Loss
  109. Low back pain on right side of bone
  110. Post Op Visit Bilateral Hips Degenerative
  111. Low grade fever after epidural steroid injection
  112. Lumber Spondylotic Changes Prognosis ?
  113. 2nd Epidural Injection and flare up
  114. Fentanyl
  115. Two years after PLIF/ALIF 360 and scheduled to have screws removed March 2nd.
  116. Medical Term help?
  117. Spondylolisthesis Grade 2/3
  118. DDD after L5S1 PLIF - Advice Welcomed
  119. Is it my imagination?
  120. Lumbar Spinal Fusion
  121. Leg pain after lumbar fusion
  122. New to the Board Hello all! Frustrated Here
  123. MRI: L4-L5 bulge, left medial synovial cyst
  124. Nerve pain 5 weeks post of L4-S1 Fusion
  125. Neve pain 5 weeks post op L4-S1 Fusion
  126. Bad foot pain post surgery
  127. Do Chiropractic side effects appear immediately?
  128. Orthopaedic Surgeon vs Neurosurgeon; Posterior entry vs Anterior entry
  129. Artificial disc replacement above fusion
  130. Radio frequency ablation
  131. Hip socket pain and buttocks post spinal fusion ALIF surgery
  132. hernitated disc
  133. Posterior Anterior fusion
  134. acdf surgey yes or no
  135. help me understand my mri report
  136. Concerned about upper back pain/discomfort
  137. Spine disc replacement
  138. Herniation @ C5-C6 & C7-T1, any help?
  139. Microdiscectomy 2 1/2 weeks post-op HELP
  140. 3.5 Weeks out from C2-7 Laminoplasty
  141. Please Help!! Post Op from Anterior L5-S1 Back surgery
  142. foraminal disc osteophyte defect
  143. 1 Year of Struggling :(
  144. L5 disc almost gone.
  145. Torn disc at L4/L5: Anyone feel like this?
  146. Terrible Back Pain
  147. Please Help - This injury is ruining my life.
  148. What kind of surgery do I need?
  149. General question on the difference between Robaxin and Benzos
  150. Problem at C3-C4
  151. Si joint dysfunction post MVA
  152. Long Term Chronic Neck Pain - MRI
  153. Mri
  154. What dr. to see?
  155. Possible Rhomboid Muscle Tears?
  156. Constant dull left groin, abdomen and back pain
  157. Spondylolysthesis ... what do I do???
  158. Fusing L4/L5
  159. Weird pain in the back
  160. Fusing L1 and L2 in near future. Have questions.
  161. Lower Back - Sacrum Pain
  162. Nerve Damage/Irritation?
  163. Sciatica Dilemna
  164. Increased Pain after Cervical ESI (Epidural Steriod Injection)
  165. Lower back pain
  166. Back pain really referred pain?
  167. my coccyx injury
  168. New MRI results
  169. Back Pain
  170. MRI Results Interpretation
  171. Back Pain
  172. Psoea abbcess (possible return)
  173. Back pain 2 years post microdiscectomy?
  174. Lumber Spine MRI - Help
  175. chiro adjustment gone wrong
  176. Thoracic Fusion Anyone? Recovery Time?
  177. recovery from L1 fracture - pt2
  178. mom has spinal stenosis
  179. Pain while sitting
  180. Help herniated L5-S1
  181. Abnormal MRI of lower back and high wbc
  182. L5 -S1 Fusion
  183. EMG Positve
  184. lower back pain and lump no diagnoses
  185. Upper chest and back pressure and discomfort
  186. Nerve pain
  187. Foot nerve pain after spinal fusion
  188. Dent in lower back
  189. Uncomfortable for years
  190. Back feels better when pregnant why?
  191. Multi level spinal problems. Advise please help.
  192. undiagnosed low back injury
  193. Random lump!
  194. Scheduled for an L5-S1 fusion via anterior.
  195. Tlif fusion 11 months ago and im in more pain now help
  196. Back problem could be a colon problem
  197. Can antibiotics cure back pain?
  198. Pain in upper back, Rib and Chest
  199. Sedation for SI Injection?
  200. Chair back brace
  201. Back Pain Due to Weight Loss?
  202. No Answer's and Frustrated
  203. First epidural
  204. 12 mm herniated disc
  205. Acute pain in front rib and upper back
  206. Please advise for 58 year old female.
  207. Waking up with nausea off and on ... back problem?
  208. Ball in back?
  209. nerve pain
  210. New symptoms :( New Meds
  211. New here with DDD
  212. Need advice please
  213. Is this normal for Mild scoliosis?
  214. Gluteal Pain, Ischial Tuberosity Disorder
  215. 22yo LCBP, Needing 2nd Surgery, Herniations/Stenosis/More
  216. Need advice on ALIF L5/S1 Fusion
  217. Back Pain can be a colon problem
  218. Spine pain
  219. Trigger Point Injections, very scared
  220. Sciatica question
  221. What do you think - See NS on 26th
  222. Can't wait to know what I've done!
  223. New here... Constant pain and want my life back
  224. Did I break my back? NEED ADVICE
  225. Sciatica flare up years after Microdiscectomy
  226. Spine answers needed
  227. 7 weeks out of surgery
  228. Neck pain from working on laptop
  229. Living with two buldging discs and nerve damage
  230. Sciatic nerve pain in leg
  231. Please your two cents
  232. Very sensitive under feet
  233. Post Fusion L5-S1 1 yr. caused symptoms
  234. compound fractured t5-t8
  235. Piriformis syndrome/sciatica
  236. Back After Inactivity
  237. Pain!!
  238. Spinal Stimulator trial tomorrow morning
  239. Back pain with numbness down right arm
  240. Failed back surgery and Fibromyalgia flare up
  241. Decompression Surgery L2-S1
  242. backbone
  243. Low Back or Hip Pain?
  244. New ... back pain after car accident
  245. Lumbar spine x ray
  246. Lumbar microdisectomy
  247. Severe Siatic Pain down Right Leg
  248. Help with understanding!
  249. Should I have the epidural?
  250. nucleoplasty candidate seeking help!

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