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  1. RA Latex Turbid- Test Results 257.5 IU/ML
  2. Is this even possible?
  3. Bee stinging pains etc
  4. help! false positives
  5. ??autoimmune
  6. Positive ANA 1:160 & speckled...Plz feedback from any1 shares symptoms & is diagnosed
  7. AutoImmune, rheumatoid arthritis/hashimotos
  8. Pos ANA Speckled Pattern
  9. While I wait for the Plaquenil...
  10. Diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  11. Long history, looking for answers...
  12. Help with 2 yr old
  13. Possible or suclinical thyroid... how to approach doctor
  14. Positive ANA, positive SSaRO & Centromere
  15. Positive Antinuclear Antibodies, Tired, Tingling, Achey.
  16. Incompetent doctors
  17. Still struggling...
  18. Positive ANA but Normal Sed Rate?
  19. ice water sensation in hands, feet, back - not yet diagnosed, scared
  20. Imuran for Autoimmune
  21. who dx these conditions and how?
  22. Graves disease
  23. Can it still be a thyroid problem if your weight is normal?
  24. Lab result question
  25. Positive ANA & RNP
  26. Phantom swelling in toes in the morning
  27. Undiagnosed Chronic Pain And Other Problems
  28. Where to turn from here
  29. WORRIED about lab results!!!
  30. Dexamethasone injection question.
  31. SED rate affected by taking anti-inflamatories ?
  32. Possible autoimmune disease, need advice
  33. Relapsing poly chondrites
  34. Positive ANA 1:40 Nucleolar Pattern
  35. Bronchiolitis Obliterans
  36. HLAB-27+ gene marker=Reactive Arthritis
  37. Could they be right? Could i be crazy?
  38. Ready to give up... mystery diagnosis, POTS, auto immune?
  39. Please help me Understand my blood results
  40. My body and immune system are at war and im caught in the middle
  41. Elevated CRP, beta globulins, and sed rate
  42. Unknown autoimmune, nonspecific symptoms? help please!
  43. my boyfriend has graves disease
  44. auto immune haemalytic aneamia
  45. Autoimmune diseases!! :( please help!!
  46. Undiagnosed: Hives, Joint aches, Extreme Fatique
  47. rheumatologist for autoimmune work up? strange symptoms
  48. Oh, where to start?
  49. False Positive Lyme Due to Auto Disorder?????
  50. churg strauss
  51. I.T.P, platelets dropping :(
  52. I don't know where to start...
  53. Perispinal etanercept
  54. A.N.A (anti nuclear antibody)
  55. What helps the pain??
  56. Hives and Thyroid??
  57. 7 years of Issues - looking for some direction
  58. is there anything in the world that can help me
  59. auto immune hemolytic anemia
  60. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone????
  61. Lupus Carrier?
  62. Hashimoto and Hives
  63. Assistance with Diagnosis
  64. Can you identify this rash please?
  65. What should I do?
  66. ana >1:1280 nucleolar pattern
  67. Blotchy red rash on chest and arms
  68. pbc? scleroderma?
  69. AI Diagnosis Question - 1:640 ANA+ Speckled Pattern
  70. Undiagnosed
  71. RA? Lupus?
  72. Thyroid hunger and bloating since quitting smoking
  73. CT Scan revealed liver of 19.4 cm and Thoracolumbar Scoliosis, enlarged liver?
  74. Controlling Inflammation in AutoI Disease?
  75. Blood Labs strangly stated? By percentages?
  76. Need a diagnosis
  77. First trip to a rheumatologist - what do they need to know?
  78. New and need support!
  79. Got any ideas?
  80. where to go from here?
  81. Symptoms are what I got...
  82. Am I the only one?
  83. what is wrong with me
  84. normal TSH and high thyroidperioxidase and abnormal thyroid ultrasouond
  85. Severe Chronic ITP and Pregnancy complications
  86. Sound like autoimmune?
  87. Doctors don't believe me
  88. ANA was postive now after 10 months negat
  89. Ana 1:160 speckled and High Muscle Enzymes over 6000
  90. Pain in hands & Positive ANA
  91. Not Alone in the Fight!!
  92. Swollen Lymph Node
  93. i need help
  94. Autoimmune: Wandering Pain with Inflammation and Iridocyclitis
  95. Wegener's Granulomatosis
  96. Does this make sense?
  97. throat
  98. please help
  99. Familiar Sounding Laundry List of Symptoms??
  100. Help! What's wrong with me?
  101. Massive array of symptoms!
  102. New here, overwhelmed, need diagnostic advice (auto-immune?)!
  103. Reposting As Question - RH Level Up, Sed Rate Up, Confusing Symptoms - Worried
  104. Confused By Test Results And Symptoms - RA?? Fibromyalgia, Old Age & Fibromyalgia?
  105. Iritis and sarcoidosis
  106. Scared and confused by conflicting ANA patterns
  107. High ANA score
  108. Rheumy order weird test, didn't check past labs
  109. So confused...
  110. Is this an autoimmunde disorder?? Please help!!
  111. MRSA-boils both armpits
  112. High BP, elevated liver and CK enzymes.
  113. Symptoms - Getting to be too much to deal with
  114. Friend is in need
  115. Help with symptoms.
  116. Any Ideas?
  117. UCTD - can it cause gynecological fibrosis?
  118. Please help
  119. possible multiple autoimmune diseases
  120. New to Methotrexate - question for those who've been on it or are currently on it.
  121. Can autoimmune disorders cause a weakened immune system?
  122. Medication Advise.. untolerable pain
  123. Peripheral Neuropathy, CIPN or something else?
  124. Is Plaquenil very helpful in relieving pain?
  125. Unexplained rash for over 4 years.
  126. What are these symptoms? Anyone else had/has them?!!!
  127. My symptoms are........
  128. does fibromyalgia have a positive ANA marker?
  129. Unsure and Unaware
  130. symptoms? could EBV have caused something?
  131. Child with High ASO for 4 years, rash and is on Penicillin
  132. prednisone advice
  133. Help with Lab Results
  134. Advice on Autoimmune Disorders
  135. Is it Dermatomyositis?
  136. Elevated ASO for 6 years
  137. new poster, very abnormal labs but few symptoms
  138. New Poster, 1:640 ANA with centromere pattern
  139. blood results with my symptoms please help
  140. Allergic to everything!
  141. Help, here are my symptoms
  142. New, worried and could really do with some advice :(
  143. Weird blood results
  144. SLE, starting IVIG in afew day
  145. Haven't been diagnosed yet. Here's my symptoms
  146. ITP and orthostatic hypotension
  147. ALL guesses/advice needed!!
  148. autoimmune disorder affecting reproductive organs
  149. Anyone else with occluded arteries in legs?
  150. Using Prednisone for Myasthenia Gravis
  151. Positive ANA, rf <20, what does this mean?
  152. Chronic, systemic inflammation
  153. Positive ANA-Stabbing Pain in calves and now elbow
  154. Need Help understanding my ANA test results
  155. cognitive impairment with amnestic component
  156. Undiagnosed autoimmune disorder?
  157. Suspicious of autoimmune - which doctor to see?
  158. autoimmune mess!
  159. Adrenal Insufficiency Treatment
  160. Suspected Autoimmune Disorder..
  161. Still searching for an answer.
  162. Confused about ANA results
  163. Answers no one explained
  164. Guillian Barre Syndrome
  165. Symptoms familar? Positve ANA stabing calf pain?
  166. Things that help you feel better
  167. Lupus? Or what else? Confused...
  168. hypochondriac?
  169. Autoimmune disease, but which one?
  170. Anyone suffer from vasculitis due to Sjogrens?
  171. anticardiolipin and fatigue
  172. What do I do while waiting for Rheumatolgy appt?
  173. Son's ASO titer 1418- No active strep
  174. Worried and need your help in diagnosis
  175. autoimmune disorder but docs not sure?
  176. Sjogrens and nausea, and flare up
  177. Allergic to everything she eats!
  178. Undiagnosed Advice please.
  179. Pediatric MCTD? Lab results and Prep. for Rheumy Appointment??
  180. Anyone else experiencing this?
  181. Anyone with CVID get sick from Pneumovax shot?
  182. Do I have Hemochromatosis?
  183. Psoriatic arthritis symptoms? What were yours!?
  184. Bizarre symptoms... can anyone relate?
  185. does this sound like a autoimmune issue??
  186. Virus - swollen lymph nodes and severe leg pain
  187. Vision issues
  188. sjogrens dry eyes
  189. Is Neurocardiogenic syncope the same as "POTS"?
  190. polyglandular auto immune type 2
  191. Badoop doop. Mystery Diagnosis on the boards! Chronic.
  192. Undiagnosed Mystery Illness for 9 years.
  193. Autoimmune Hepatitis Type 2...did I win the genetic lottery?
  194. Undiagnosed Auto-Immune Condition
  195. Lupus vs Malignancy ???
  196. Could this skin problem be an autoimmune disorder?
  197. Ana 1:2560
  198. 4yr old ANA+ 1:160 Atypical Speckled Pattern
  199. Sick and SO scared it's ALS
  200. Cellcept
  201. I am all in questions
  202. Trying to Find the Right Diagnosis Still...
  203. Bloodwork interpretation - Help Needed
  204. Werid symptoms autoimmune ? Any help please
  205. Anyone With Similar Symptoms
  206. Thyroid Rash - need relief
  207. Lichen Sclerosis
  208. schmidts syndrome dr.? polyglandular
  209. Need some info on health issues
  210. What's going on here?
  211. Autoimmune? Would love some input
  212. Another autoimmune issue?
  213. Asking for advice...
  214. Pin Sized Red Dots
  215. Facial rash
  216. Thoughts????
  217. Auto Immune Question????
  218. Negative ANA - out of this world anti-phospholipids
  219. ANA 1:160 speckled and ESR 25... I am confused :(
  220. Neuropathy, +ANA, and a ton of bizarre symptoms!
  221. Autoimmune disorders and Cellcept
  222. Psoriatic Spondlyarthropathy
  223. Angiodema Uticaria - Have Questions
  224. Help for Hashimotos
  225. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis - Encephalopathy
  226. Can anyone help?!
  227. Looking for help/suggestions!
  228. Has diet fixed your Autoimmune disorder??
  229. Autoimmune? Can't get a DX
  230. Unemployed- any help for people w/autoimmune disorders?
  231. Dr. Recommendations for LI, or NYC (Including Brooklyn)?
  232. Thyroid Blood test question..
  233. is this skin thing a clue?
  234. Any advice for next appt w/rheumy... ANA pos/speckled pattern and elevated ESR.
  235. What type of doctor?
  236. Does Autoimmune Disease cause Acne ?
  237. Positive ANA and SSA
  238. a lot of body pain
  239. ANA test question
  240. Runner ... Ana homogenous and speckled ... Legs weak,uncoordinated
  241. Philly Rhuemie??
  242. Please Help!!
  243. Is this autoimmune?
  244. strange sensations
  245. Urgent help needed - Norovirus and Methotrexate
  246. lipids and autoimmune connection?
  247. Autoimmune Hepatitis
  248. Questions, Father had MS
  249. Should I have the autoimmune labs done?
  250. Validation of RA-ESR, ANA & CRP