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  1. Weird blood results
  2. SLE, starting IVIG in afew day
  3. Haven't been diagnosed yet. Here's my symptoms
  4. ITP and orthostatic hypotension
  5. ALL guesses/advice needed!!
  6. autoimmune disorder affecting reproductive organs
  7. Anyone else with occluded arteries in legs?
  8. Using Prednisone for Myasthenia Gravis
  9. Positive ANA, rf <20, what does this mean?
  10. Chronic, systemic inflammation
  11. Positive ANA-Stabbing Pain in calves and now elbow
  12. Need Help understanding my ANA test results
  13. cognitive impairment with amnestic component
  14. Undiagnosed autoimmune disorder?
  15. Suspicious of autoimmune - which doctor to see?
  16. autoimmune mess!
  17. Adrenal Insufficiency Treatment
  18. Suspected Autoimmune Disorder..
  19. Still searching for an answer.
  20. Confused about ANA results
  21. Answers no one explained
  22. Guillian Barre Syndrome
  23. Symptoms familar? Positve ANA stabing calf pain?
  24. Things that help you feel better
  25. Lupus? Or what else? Confused...
  26. hypochondriac?
  27. Autoimmune disease, but which one?
  28. Anyone suffer from vasculitis due to Sjogrens?
  29. anticardiolipin and fatigue
  30. What do I do while waiting for Rheumatolgy appt?
  31. Son's ASO titer 1418- No active strep
  32. Worried and need your help in diagnosis
  33. autoimmune disorder but docs not sure?
  34. Sjogrens and nausea, and flare up
  35. Allergic to everything she eats!
  36. Undiagnosed Advice please.
  37. Pediatric MCTD? Lab results and Prep. for Rheumy Appointment??
  38. Anyone else experiencing this?
  39. Anyone with CVID get sick from Pneumovax shot?
  40. Do I have Hemochromatosis?
  41. Psoriatic arthritis symptoms? What were yours!?
  42. Bizarre symptoms... can anyone relate?
  43. does this sound like a autoimmune issue??
  44. Virus - swollen lymph nodes and severe leg pain
  45. Vision issues
  46. sjogrens dry eyes
  47. Is Neurocardiogenic syncope the same as "POTS"?
  48. polyglandular auto immune type 2
  49. Badoop doop. Mystery Diagnosis on the boards! Chronic.
  50. Undiagnosed Mystery Illness for 9 years.
  51. Autoimmune Hepatitis Type 2...did I win the genetic lottery?
  52. Undiagnosed Auto-Immune Condition
  53. Lupus vs Malignancy ???
  54. Could this skin problem be an autoimmune disorder?
  55. Ana 1:2560
  56. 4yr old ANA+ 1:160 Atypical Speckled Pattern
  57. Sick and SO scared it's ALS
  58. Cellcept
  59. I am all in questions
  60. Trying to Find the Right Diagnosis Still...
  61. Bloodwork interpretation - Help Needed
  62. Werid symptoms autoimmune ? Any help please
  63. Anyone With Similar Symptoms
  64. Thyroid Rash - need relief
  65. Lichen Sclerosis
  66. schmidts syndrome dr.? polyglandular
  67. Need some info on health issues
  68. What's going on here?
  69. Autoimmune? Would love some input
  70. Another autoimmune issue?
  71. Asking for advice...
  72. Pin Sized Red Dots
  73. Facial rash
  74. Thoughts????
  75. Auto Immune Question????
  76. Negative ANA - out of this world anti-phospholipids
  77. ANA 1:160 speckled and ESR 25... I am confused :(
  78. Neuropathy, +ANA, and a ton of bizarre symptoms!
  79. Autoimmune disorders and Cellcept
  80. Psoriatic Spondlyarthropathy
  81. Angiodema Uticaria - Have Questions
  82. Help for Hashimotos
  83. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis - Encephalopathy
  84. Can anyone help?!
  85. Looking for help/suggestions!
  86. Has diet fixed your Autoimmune disorder??
  87. Autoimmune? Can't get a DX
  88. Unemployed- any help for people w/autoimmune disorders?
  89. Dr. Recommendations for LI, or NYC (Including Brooklyn)?
  90. Thyroid Blood test question..
  91. is this skin thing a clue?
  92. Any advice for next appt w/rheumy... ANA pos/speckled pattern and elevated ESR.
  93. What type of doctor?
  94. Does Autoimmune Disease cause Acne ?
  95. Positive ANA and SSA
  96. a lot of body pain
  97. ANA test question
  98. Runner ... Ana homogenous and speckled ... Legs weak,uncoordinated
  99. Philly Rhuemie??
  100. Please Help!!
  101. Is this autoimmune?
  102. strange sensations
  103. Urgent help needed - Norovirus and Methotrexate
  104. lipids and autoimmune connection?
  105. Autoimmune Hepatitis
  106. Questions, Father had MS
  107. Should I have the autoimmune labs done?
  108. Validation of RA-ESR, ANA & CRP
  109. Social effects of Autoimmune Disease
  110. Depo-Provera, MS trigger
  111. confused
  112. Autoimmune....? Please help me :((
  113. Chronic hives - look'n for a cure????
  114. what is going on
  115. I don't know what this is, any help would be great
  116. face pulling and nasal dryness
  117. APS Mother
  118. Mouth sores
  119. immune system cocktail
  120. Kenny's AI Thread
  121. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  122. The hellish Autoimmune Odyssey
  123. Decreased saliva?
  124. Guillian Barre
  125. Mixed bag/Autoimmune mess...
  126. Does this sound like autoimmune disorder?
  127. Postive ANA 4 yrs ago, speckled and homogenous, now hair falling out, weak
  128. Severe reoccuring mouth ulcers, headaches and joint pain
  129. hi im a little new here but ive been worried
  130. Frustrated and don't know where to turn
  131. RAI Treatment with type 1 diabetes
  132. ANA speckled and nucleolar
  133. Uctd
  134. Lyphocytic hypophysitis
  135. Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease?
  136. So confused... possible thyroid autoimmune disease?
  137. Bone Marrow Cells active?
  138. Dr suggested autoimmune disorder, but normal tests
  139. Am I Sick? Positive ANA test, I don't have answers.
  140. lost...
  141. Vestibular Neuronitis
  142. positive ANA and high RNP, what could this mean?
  143. Very Concerned
  144. Autoimmune but which autoimmune disease/syndrome? Difficult case...
  145. Help! Feeling confused!
  146. KOLs of autoimmune diseases
  147. the vanisishing blood test
  148. Please help! Not sure where to go from here
  149. Positive RNP and symmetric multiple joint pains
  150. need advice
  151. Autoimmune or Diabetes?
  152. My child had a ANA Positive @ 1:160 Speckled
  153. StaPH inside of a cyst inside of my breast.. now maybe lupus?
  154. autoimmune
  155. Result help please
  156. Can An Autoimmune Disorder Not Be Detected By BloodWork
  157. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  158. Rheumatologist Appointment
  159. Fibromuscular dysplasia
  160. Blood test result help please
  161. Freaking out!
  162. titer of 1:320
  163. Worried about Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome..
  164. Anyone else have splinter hemorrhages?
  165. advice for underarm HS
  166. auto immune problem?
  167. Colds and Hashimoto's Disease
  168. b12 mind bogggle
  169. Sle
  170. Young, healthy female in need of advice. Dry hair, falling out all of a sudden.
  171. Undiagnosed auto-immune
  172. Sjogrens Syndrome Diagnosis and Symptoms
  173. At a loss with Doctors actions :(
  174. At a loss with Doctors actions
  175. Has anyone had so many autoimmune disorders
  176. High ANA, positive RF but negative Anti-CCP
  177. postitive ana, elevated c4, pain, rash, fatigue
  178. My girlfriend has autoimmune problems. how can I help her?
  179. Positive ANA , Negative rh, neg ccp-igg..HELP
  180. sjrogen's or lupus
  181. Symptoms but negative blood work?
  182. Please help me...i don't understand my labs!!!
  183. sjorgens
  184. Positve ANA blood test
  185. I'm perfectly healthy....NOT
  186. Hashimotos but normal TSH Levels w/Pain?
  187. Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD)
  188. Seeking specialist in MD, VA, DC or DE
  189. Help please
  190. sjogren's sindrom??
  191. Could this be lupus?
  192. Looking for some advice/thoughts
  193. Severe joint and muscle pain is ruining my life.
  194. Diagnosed with an Auto Immune Disease
  195. Re: Hidradenitis Suppurativa-I'm sick of it!
  196. SCARED about what I might have
  197. UCTD or Seronegative RA?
  198. new autoimmne diagnosis
  199. Lupus maybe?...Autoimmune crap, any info appreciated
  200. Vision problem from Dx AI disorder or neurologic?
  201. I don't know what to do...:(
  202. Autoimmine or Neuropathic?
  203. ANA; a request for information and advice
  204. weakness with PN
  205. Help... Autoimmune... all of a sudden?
  206. Please help with my 4 y/o
  207. ACIU? Help! Chronic hives and more
  208. Feel terrible
  209. Positive ANA, low titer, homogeneous/speckled
  210. Autoimmue Disorder?
  211. Looking for Name of Disease
  212. joint/muscle pain
  213. Freaking out
  214. Anyone With POTS?
  215. Behcet's disease
  216. Prednisone?
  217. Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?
  218. How often to visit rheumatologist
  219. Detectives Needed! What Do I Have?
  220. Sed Rate & ANA
  221. Help, what does RA Factor mean?
  222. Long term low platelets.. now low mpv..suggestions?
  223. What about autoimmune disorder with Lymphocytosis
  224. Vitiligo cured- my story
  225. What is wrong with me!!??
  226. Please Help,what other autoimmune diseases cause tingling/numbness besides MS?
  227. Muscle Weakness, Pain and Twitching
  228. Raynaud's with positive ANA and RF
  229. C-ANCA / PR3 positive but not Wegener's....
  230. need your expertise
  231. Positive ANA/Joint Pain/Fatigue
  232. MS ??
  233. What do you make of these symptoms ?
  234. ANA 1:80
  235. Could this be autoimmune?
  236. LUPUS? NO MED. INSURANCE, Needing some advise!
  237. Is this true?
  238. Blood Test Question.
  239. Looking for answers
  240. What is wrong with me!!??
  241. Cancer or automimmune?
  242. Need an analysis please!
  243. New rash
  244. I have Autoimmune Hemoglic Anemia
  245. Overactive Sympathetic Nervous System?
  246. What do all these tests mean?
  247. Desperate
  248. painful shin bump..ra in family
  249. 4 year old with HIGH ANA
  250. positive ana and other weird symptoms

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