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  1. Could this be lupus?
  2. Looking for some advice/thoughts
  3. Severe joint and muscle pain is ruining my life.
  4. Diagnosed with an Auto Immune Disease
  5. Re: Hidradenitis Suppurativa-I'm sick of it!
  6. SCARED about what I might have
  7. UCTD or Seronegative RA?
  8. new autoimmne diagnosis
  9. Lupus maybe?...Autoimmune crap, any info appreciated
  10. Vision problem from Dx AI disorder or neurologic?
  11. I don't know what to do...:(
  12. Autoimmine or Neuropathic?
  13. ANA; a request for information and advice
  14. weakness with PN
  15. Help... Autoimmune... all of a sudden?
  16. Please help with my 4 y/o
  17. ACIU? Help! Chronic hives and more
  18. Feel terrible
  19. Positive ANA, low titer, homogeneous/speckled
  20. Autoimmue Disorder?
  21. Looking for Name of Disease
  22. joint/muscle pain
  23. Freaking out
  24. Anyone With POTS?
  25. Behcet's disease
  26. Prednisone?
  27. Please help! Do you recognize these symptoms?
  28. How often to visit rheumatologist
  29. Detectives Needed! What Do I Have?
  30. Sed Rate & ANA
  31. Help, what does RA Factor mean?
  32. Long term low platelets.. now low mpv..suggestions?
  33. What about autoimmune disorder with Lymphocytosis
  34. Vitiligo cured- my story
  35. What is wrong with me!!??
  36. Please Help,what other autoimmune diseases cause tingling/numbness besides MS?
  37. Muscle Weakness, Pain and Twitching
  38. Raynaud's with positive ANA and RF
  39. C-ANCA / PR3 positive but not Wegener's....
  40. need your expertise
  41. Positive ANA/Joint Pain/Fatigue
  42. MS ??
  43. What do you make of these symptoms ?
  44. ANA 1:80
  45. Could this be autoimmune?
  46. LUPUS? NO MED. INSURANCE, Needing some advise!
  47. Is this true?
  48. Blood Test Question.
  49. Looking for answers
  50. What is wrong with me!!??
  51. Cancer or automimmune?
  52. Need an analysis please!
  53. New rash
  54. I have Autoimmune Hemoglic Anemia
  55. Overactive Sympathetic Nervous System?
  56. What do all these tests mean?
  57. Desperate
  58. painful shin bump..ra in family
  59. 4 year old with HIGH ANA
  60. positive ana and other weird symptoms
  61. Inflammation w/biopsies but bloodwork comes back negative for inflammatory markers!
  62. Positive ANA/Positive DNA/Extreme Fatigue - No Other Symptoms
  63. Lupus rash
  64. Who biopsies mouth/lip ulcers?
  65. Help please!
  66. Trying to get a diagnosis...
  67. Some questions
  68. What exactly is a doctor looking for when they diagnosis you with autoimmune disease?
  69. Dermatomyositis Diagnosis
  70. blood results
  71. I don't heal properly, is this Autoammune disease?
  72. ANA of 1:40??
  73. Failure to Thrive
  74. MCTD - what is an anti-RNP
  75. scared please help..multinodular goiter
  76. Vasculitis muscle pain??
  77. Facial numbness and pain after being out in the cold
  78. Rituxan to treat interstitial lung disease caused by CVID
  79. We've tried everything! :(
  80. MCTD and Fibromyalgia
  81. Can a saliva gland blow up?
  82. Dermatomyositis
  83. Hashimoto's & ANA neg??
  84. Scleroderma?
  85. Are these symptoms showing an autoimmune disorder?
  86. IgA Serum
  87. Wegener's Granulomatosis - anyone here?
  88. Diagnosis Dermatomyositis
  89. ANA results
  90. Feeling Overwhelmed!
  91. Difficulty Reaching Diagnosis
  92. hyper thyroidisim and high blood pressure
  93. low complement 3
  94. Low Complement 3
  95. Help with Hands Please!!!
  96. help with crohns cramps
  97. Positive ANA for 20 years - nucleolar
  98. Please read and offer some advice
  99. Very Confused About Blood Work! HELP PLEASE
  100. Would welcome opinions...
  101. Hashimotos Help please!
  102. Hashi? PerniAnemia? What to do..Thank You!!!
  103. Do you think I have an Autoimmune Disorder?
  104. Undiagnosed thyroid and enlarged lymph nodes
  105. Confusing Labwork
  106. Low-Positive ANA
  107. acne inversa
  108. My son has X-Linked Agammaglobulinemia and i want to find more info where do i go?
  109. vasculitis
  110. Immune System/Hypothyroid/Anemia
  111. Tapering Prednisone and is So Weak
  112. Question about my ANA
  113. Help please...positive ana 1:640???
  114. SOS: Lupus? RA? Ulcerative Colitis+Arthrits?
  115. Just Diagnosed: UCTD -Does Plaquenil help?
  116. Symptoms
  117. urticaria angeodeoma and the rest.....
  118. lump in throat, fatigue, off balance and pressure in head what could this be?
  119. Question about Autoimmune Disorders
  120. To people with strange lumps
  121. Guillain-Barre syndrome?
  122. positive ana, positive rf, muscle and joint pain... help???
  123. Autoimmune and kidneys?
  124. staying cold and purple spots on skin
  125. Can't seem to get an answer
  126. feels like dying
  127. Positive Speckled Pattern ANA test.... questions!
  128. Pandas and pure O
  129. thyroid blood tests
  130. what to do when incision site itch
  131. Posted on CFS board also...
  132. CSD with Mononeuritis Multiplex
  133. Autoimmune and ovaries question
  134. SREAT Hashimoto's Encephalopathy
  135. What's the deal with elevated Igg??
  136. phenylalanine for Vitiligo
  137. Synthroid vs. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  138. ANA Result Question
  139. problem with collagen disease
  140. Auto immune? Test results
  141. Elevated IgG and IgM, totally freaking out now!
  142. Thyroid Antibodies
  143. Positive ANA and ssDNA, Sick for years
  144. Slightly Low IGA count means?
  145. Hypothyroid and AI very sick help
  146. hidradenitis-suppurativa
  147. some kinda boil in my pubic region
  148. Excruciating pain from abcess/cyst, herpes?
  149. 28yr old Female w/painful lump under arm
  150. acne lump like on the armpits
  151. CA-MRSA (Need help, something!)
  152. Went to the Dr. for Armpit Lumps.. he told me this.. What can I do?
  153. cyst or boil where no bacteria cultures grow
  154. Sweat/soap residue build up on pubic hair?
  155. White coating on some pubic hairs
  156. Hidradenitis Suppurativa-I'm sick of it!
  157. what kind of surgery can you get if you have hidradenitis suppurativa
  158. Reoccuring Boils............
  159. Severe situation...Please help!
  160. Pimples/blackheads Inner Thighs
  161. Bump in armpit, what could it be?
  162. getting boils on neck
  163. Large Red Bumps on Inner Thighs and Now Underarm
  164. Large lump
  165. Eczema/ Boils
  166. Different kind of rash!!!!
  167. Women with butt crack hair issues
  168. Bugbite?-no...what the heck is this?!
  169. Skin Numbness
  170. Boils
  171. Hidradenitis Suppurativa
  172. Armpit Lump
  173. Hidradenitis Suppurativa...
  174. Boils & Red Bumps that keep coming back & girlfriend has them now!! HELP!
  175. Hello I am new with Hypothyroid
  176. strange lumps all over my body
  177. Pimples on buttock that turn into dark scars...
  178. Large painful lumps
  179. "Popped" a lump in my breast O.o
  180. sores had enough
  181. is lump an infection or serious?
  182. help?
  183. I need help figuring out what this is...
  184. Acne...under armpits?!
  185. zit like bump in pubic area
  186. boils
  187. Boils...
  188. good and bad news regarding infectious disease specialist
  189. What is the normal size of the kidneys suposed to be?
  190. Hidradenitis suppurativa
  191. CYSTS??? Please help
  192. Boils
  193. Hydrodenitis Supertiva
  194. reoccuring cysts
  195. bump behind ear
  196. How do you know what foods break you out?
  197. Fordyce Spots & PPP Help Desk/Library
  198. has anyone experienced those damn boils!!!
  200. short cycles-perimenopause???
  201. Itchy Bumps
  202. Headaches with dizzy spells!!!!! Please Help!!!
  203. Is this an autoimmune disease?
  204. Is this a blood disorder???
  205. pneumonia????????
  206. ugh!!!!!! (cont.)
  207. lump under arm
  208. worried please answer
  209. SICK & TIRED of being SICK & TIRED

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