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  1. Low testosterone, high cortisol, fatigue, ache
  2. Brain hemmorage help!
  3. Dizzy/lightheaded, tingling fingers & toes and feeling sick...
  4. high prolactin levels
  5. Can normal oxygen (like the tanks some use) help brain damage?
  6. scared!!!!!!!!
  7. Headache in the occipital lobe
  8. dizziness, unsteadiness when walking
  9. Fit/Seizure last Friday.
  10. Existing, but not Living
  11. Extremely worried!!
  12. Split Second Black Outs
  13. seizure
  14. stage iv nonsmall lung cancer
  15. if you have reflux...go do yourself a favor and see a naturopathic dr
  16. maybe seizures
  17. Strange Headaches
  18. my son 8 years old get seizures
  19. Do needle biopsies spread cancer?
  20. Gliobastoma multiforme brain tumor
  21. Worried about mom
  22. pituitary brain tumor
  23. use of flax seed oil
  24. Should we tell him?
  25. Leg contraction
  26. Tired of living with fear of getting cancer
  27. tremor analysis test
  28. Here's my basic info:
  29. 4 yr old daughter seizure cant b controlled
  30. do blood test show if you have a brain tumor ?
  31. Brain tumor
  32. Cyberknife possibility
  33. Constant fear of having a Brain Tumor
  34. Is this inner ear or something worse?
  35. Blacking out?
  36. CT scan and MRI
  37. does brain CT scan show current and past bleeds, strokes, current anureism
  38. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
  39. MRI of the brain--HELP!!
  40. distal polyneuropathy with axonal and demyelinating features
  41. Do left brain tumors cause right side headaches?
  42. worried
  43. How tough is the thinking gadget?
  44. Stage 4 Lung Cancer with Spinal, Bone and Brain Mets
  45. Please help I have my eeg report and I am confused
  46. Benign Brain Tumor?
  47. A MENINGIOMA at MY T-5
  48. Do you think I have a brain tumor...
  49. Welcome to Stage 7?
  50. Cortef help anyone?
  51. Is it possible to cure brain tumor in just a month?
  52. Possible brain tumor?
  53. Another hypochondriac with a brain tumor concern...
  54. questions about eeg and mri
  55. scary symptoms, please help...
  56. bilateral vestibular hypofunction
  57. brain tumor
  58. my wife is having seizures for 2-3 hours
  59. Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid issues?
  60. Reaccurance in the brain
  61. cause of these symptoms ? any ideas ?
  62. TMJ & Pulsatile Tinnitus
  63. What tests are run during treatment of SCLC
  64. Please take time to read this, I need some guidance! LONG!
  65. Mayo Clinic
  66. A very long and crazy medical mystery journey.
  67. Mom had brain tumor surger 72 hrs ago....have ?
  68. worried Mom of 11 year old with complex partial seizures
  69. Everyone MUST READ THIS!
  70. How long did it take for your diagnosis?
  71. son has brain tumor
  72. birth mark in autistic children? a coincidence?
  73. My Dad just diagnosed with a Stage 4 astrocytoma
  74. not unfeeling just not feeling
  75. Does this sound like Alzheimer's or dementia?
  76. Could be a tumor behind the optic nerve, brain tumor. Any advice/pats on the back?
  77. Brain Tumor?
  78. Weird...don't know how to describe it
  79. 28 year-old male with low testosterone and migraines
  80. Need Help For A Family Member
  81. Scared I have a brain disease
  82. Advice on how to get over the fear of dying
  83. shaky eye+ear buzzing=scared of brain tumor
  84. answers
  85. NSCLC with spin off brain tumors?
  86. borderline cancer
  87. What Diseases Cause Brain Lesions
  88. Fibro and thyroid related to low PH balance?
  89. Arachnoid Cyst (Posterior Fossa)
  90. CT scan?
  91. Just Anxiety or something more serious?
  92. Undiagnosed Lyme & took a 5 day ZPAK
  93. what could cause a seizure in a 3 year old child
  94. Faint, dizzy spells, itchy hands and feet and Nausea
  95. If you are dizzy & lightheaded 1 thing docs miss
  96. How to deal with all this??
  97. could it be anxiety?
  98. Just a bit of an upset rant about doc app./weight
  99. headache for 3 weeks?
  100. once cancer spreads from the lung to the brain, what then
  101. Pregnancy diet questions: what needs to change what can stay the same?
  102. my head just doesn't feel the same! is this panic disorder?
  103. Painful/weird symptoms. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  104. Looking for a friend\s to chat about living with Cancer
  105. what is the difference between brain tumors and brain cysts
  106. balance issues, foggy, just not "right" - help.
  107. shunt in brain?
  108. Swooshing sound in right ear
  109. Cerebellar degeneration
  110. Could this be a Goiter?
  111. infertility?
  112. Re: does periodic fever in children go away?
  113. Father, Father in law and grandad
  114. Brain Tumor or just Anxiety?
  115. Stage IV NSCLC, is this the end?
  116. Blood Clot In Vein To Retina Causing Vision Loss
  117. Chinese herbal medicine for cancer treatment
  118. Accuracy of MRI
  119. cholosteatomas
  120. Help needed to understand what is going on
  121. Am I having seizures?
  122. The Cyberknife? Has anyone used this form of treatment?
  123. Lynch Syndrome
  124. Please help...No one can help my husband
  125. Can bad back/neck posture cause head problems?
  126. Blood and Sono - Need help deciphering
  127. deja vu and memory loss
  128. New, sick, scared and grateful.
  129. why didn't my husbands doctor recomend cyber knife for lung cancer
  130. Upper Left Abdominal & Back Pain
  131. Does medication not working point towards a brain tumor?
  132. Worried Sick!
  133. Low oxygen saturation
  134. what causes brain lesions
  135. Chronic Headeaches
  136. MRI question
  137. what causes brain lesions?
  138. Feeling hopeless
  139. Anxiety attacks or seizures and other health problems.
  140. Cyber Knife
  141. My TMJ Story
  142. Small Cell Lung Cancer 9 Month Survivor
  143. Can follicular CA of thyroid cause this?
  144. talk me into it?
  145. Brain fog, dizziness, fullness in ears, pressure behind eyes, things moving: Baseline
  146. !!!Brain Tremors Please Help!!!
  147. Latest Dilemma....what to do?
  148. Does MS mean i'll be in a wheelchair??
  149. I'm New to This Board
  150. Brain tumor and blood pressure - Help
  151. Vibrating Head with MAV or Inner ear symptoms?? Anyone???
  152. MS, stroke, brain tumor, what is it???
  153. MS, Brain Tumor, stroke, What is it???
  154. Well....it wasn't a brain tumor, but... question re. optic neuritis
  155. possible cancer/brain tumor symptoms..
  156. Please don't let it be a brain tumor
  157. Low Testosterone/Possible Brain Tumor
  158. Is this a brain tumor or something? Headaches, Dizziness.....ect
  159. brain tumor
  160. BENIGN BRAIN TUMOR (please respond)
  161. New to the board, have questions about brain tumors
  162. Possible Brain tumor or something?
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  166. Brain tumor??
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  171. Brain Tumors that come back
  172. Brain tumors
  173. Brain Tumor
  174. scared sick of brain tumor, help
  175. Scared of Brain Tumor, help!
  176. son with brain tumor, daughter with pineal cyst - are they related?
  177. My son has a brain tumor
  178. Brain Tumor Surgery soon
  179. Brain Tumor, waiting on appt. w/neurosurgeon
  180. Could this be a brain tumor or am i just paranoid
  181. ?brain Tumor?
  182. brain tumor
  183. Eye sight problems after Brain tumor
  184. i swear i have a brain tumor and the doc are wrong!
  185. Brain tumors, hereditary?
  186. Does anyone here know a lot about cysts and brain tumors?
  187. i think i have a brain tumor :(
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  189. brain tumor
  190. Elevated Platelets Related to Brain Tumor??
  191. brain tumor info needed asap
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  193. Anesthesia Dolorosa after Surgery for Brain Tumor
  194. need advice... could this be my brain tumor back? or am i jut over-worrying
  195. Brain tumor???
  196. brain tumor?
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  199. Please help, whats wrong with me? Anxiety, Brain tumor? infection????????????
  200. Brain Tumor
  201. Expert On Brain Tumors?
  202. Does this sound like a brain tumor?
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  206. Would a Brain Tumor by physically noticable from outside?
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  208. what is this? brain tumor?
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  210. complications from brain tumor
  211. EEG, brain tumor
  212. Is this a Brain Tumor?
  213. FIL found out he has Brain Tumor. advice!!
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  215. Do many people live from a brain tumor?
  216. is this allergies? anxiety? brain tumor?>
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  218. PLEASE HELP!!! could I have a brain tumor?
  219. can you feel a brain tumor?
  220. my bestfriend died of a brain tumor
  221. Could this be a brain tumor?
  222. Possible brain tumor?
  223. brain tumor? please help!!!
  224. I think my husband has a brain tumor
  225. are brain tumors hereditary
  226. Can a bloodtest show a brain tumor?
  227. Brain Tumor?? Please Help!
  228. Brain Tumor? Please Help!!
  229. Would a ct scan show a brain tumor?
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  231. question about brain tumors?
  232. Do I have a brain TUmor??
  233. Brain Tumor In Pineal Gland
  234. possible brain tumor? Need advice
  235. Please help me. Please! (about brain tumor possibility)
  236. What are the odds of getting a brain tumor if...
  237. Brain tumor?
  238. brain tumors
  239. acoustic neuroma brain tumor
  240. might I have a brain tumor..please help
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  244. Brain Tumor
  245. do i have a brain tumor???? dyin??
  246. Brain Tumor Options
  247. Anyone with brain tumors feel like this? Abnormal neuro exam!
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  250. Documentary about Brain Tumors