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  1. How to cure perianal itch from Moisture??
  2. clear like jelly fluid from the rectom
  3. Blood Tinged Mucas with Constipation
  4. Traces of food or Blood
  5. Can you have a hemmorhoid on the anterior wall?
  6. Sick for a week
  7. Pain in rectum
  8. Help. Blood in Stool and scared.
  9. Meds for Fistula...
  10. Help - Bowel problems
  11. Any ideas
  12. still have pain after 5 months
  13. why do i always have diarrhea after i eat -Jess
  14. Blood on toilet paper w/o pain
  15. This thread, is specifically for those who have fecal body odors, or smell like poop!
  16. Unsuccesful Sphincteroplasty
  17. colonoscopy advice
  18. Painful hemmoroids
  19. Is this trapped wind?
  20. A lump on the ring of my anus
  21. Ok.. here goes
  22. Help me diagnose
  23. Lower left pain
  24. Bowel Movement
  25. Enemas once a week or less...
  26. go to a doctor for a diagnosis...
  27. alternatives to colon resection
  28. bowel intolerance
  29. anal bleeding,external
  30. anus swollen like a flower
  31. Weak sphincter muscle after fissure repair
  32. why blood comes while doing bathroom
  33. why do i feel constant noisees and frequent diarrohea
  34. Itchy anus...
  35. need support
  36. dificult bowel movements and glycerin suppositories
  37. Severe Constipation in children
  38. cuzz50
  39. there is fresh blood when i have a bowel movement
  40. diverticulitis ?
  41. gas, contstipation and reflux
  42. Severe Gas
  43. Food intolerance please help
  44. Is this all connected
  45. Help, Closed off tight rectum
  46. hemorrhoidectomy - hole healed too small?
  47. Colonoscopy sucked....
  48. anual pain/pressure
  49. Newly diagnosed and worried
  50. no stool..just blood and slime
  51. What doctors do retrocele repairs?
  52. Extremely bloated....
  53. It turns out i don't have a hemmerhoid
  54. how long does it take for thrombosed hemorrhoids to go away
  55. Can this be Hemorrhoids?
  56. everytime my 6yr.old eats her tummy hurts and she has soft stools
  57. Surgery: Go for it or get a second opinion??
  58. Is this enough to seek hemorrhoid surgery?
  59. Post colon surgery
  60. s thermophilus
  61. bowel disorders
  62. bowel movement: incomplete evacuation
  63. Hi, have people tried Guardian Silver Sol, for bowel problems?
  64. how do i know if i have pinworms
  65. abdominal cramping with diarrhea after eating
  66. Increased Serotonin Level and Diarrhea
  67. pain management??
  68. where to turn next
  69. chances of diverticulits after having surgery 2 years ago?
  70. what are the side effects of anal fissure surgery
  71. Colon Removal Surgery--Need Some Facts
  72. extra small stools
  73. bowel prolapse
  74. recent colectomy
  75. VSL #3--thoughts?
  76. All from hemorrhoids?
  77. hemorrhoids and healing
  78. Very Embarrasing Bowel Issue
  79. can't seem to heal my hemorrhoid
  80. Blood in my underwear after I sleep / weird smell.
  81. Colon Resection
  82. help pleasee, maybe hemroidds?
  83. Burps that smell like gas
  84. Perianal Abscess / Anorectal Abscess
  85. aching bum
  86. constipation and calcium supplements
  87. Almost passed out after diarrhea attack
  88. pain after eating
  89. Fungal bowel (colon?) infection?
  90. ripped?
  91. how can i lance a hemorrhoid
  92. chronic diarrhea following jejunum resection
  93. bowel resection surgery
  94. bowel changes...always gassy, never "clean"
  95. Problem with initially hard stool: Need advice/suggestions
  96. Colonoscopy prep will cause a flare-up
  97. chills/fever after colonoscopy
  98. No stool, just mucus(?), help please
  99. Mucus coming from anus?
  100. Red-flecked stool
  101. Bowel pains
  102. constipation incomplete evacuation
  103. Blood with bowel movement?
  104. Collagenous colitis
  105. Sick and tired of being constipated and bloated..
  106. Bowels
  107. blood
  108. Why would doc remove hemorrhoids but not enlarged papillae?
  109. Is it a fistula if it's not draining?
  110. Is it a fistula if it's not draining?
  111. Fever & wondering what the heck is up with this?
  112. Versed/Fentanyl or propofol for colonoscopy?
  113. Life after Spincteroplasty???
  114. several bowel movements a day and gaining weight
  115. Klean Prep for colonoscopy tomorrow
  116. Chronic Anal Fissure - Healed after surgery, but still have pain all the time? Help!
  117. my doctor warned me about the STARR procedure
  118. Is this really an anal fissure?
  119. Has anyone tried Amitiza....
  120. perforated bowel in 12 yr old child with Cerebral Palsy
  121. how long does it take a bowel perforation to heal?
  122. ventral mesh rectopexy
  123. A lump inside my colon, Freaking Out
  124. bowel evacuation within hours of eating
  125. Surgery Tomorrow - Argh!
  126. Thrombosed hemorrhoid
  127. hemorrhoids
  128. intestinal problem and gas pain in back
  129. Comments and questions about hemorrhoids
  130. incomplete bowel movements
  131. I wouldn't wish this on anyone
  132. Blood on toilet paper
  133. stents
  134. Need Opinions and Advice on Ultroid
  135. Four months Post Hemorrhoidectomy-need advice/support
  136. large knot outside of rectum.
  137. Please Please Help........
  138. Please help me!!!!!!!
  139. Fed Up Of Being Constipated!!!!
  140. son has extremely huge bowel movements
  141. son has extremely huge bowel movements
  142. Bowel prolapse surgery (STARR)
  143. bouts of diarrhea
  144. Bowel resection with no awful bowel prep!
  145. Diverticulitis Surgery what to do!!
  146. Rectal bleeding
  147. Few and small bowel movements. Weak bowel?
  148. Ibs?
  149. Painful Bloody BMs, Achiness, Fever
  150. bowel -resection and one yr later new diverticulitis
  151. Constipation after weight loss.
  152. how long do i have to wait to exercise after a complete colectomy
  153. sphincteroplasty surgery
  154. LIS surgery
  155. Bowel change in frequency
  156. it hurts when i poop
  157. Possible help for those with chronic abd pain
  158. Can you tell me what I can expect during and after a fiisurotomy
  159. External Thrombisis... lanced yet clot keeps returning
  160. New to Board**Sphincterplasty scheduled March 1st 2010
  161. do you need to treat scattered diverticula?
  162. bolwel
  163. How can I bulk up my Stools
  164. 2 Weeks Constipated - No Health Insurance!
  165. Bleeding issues
  166. what kind of juice is good for an abdominal pain
  167. STARR Procedure
  168. Chrons Disease
  169. major abdo pain after eating virtually anything, help
  170. Sigmoid resection vs. Suture rectopexy
  171. Too much or Too little POO!
  172. fecal incontentence
  173. Sore bottom
  174. stomach discomforts/strange stools
  175. Need Help with Severe Constipation!!!
  176. Doppler guided THD hemrroidectomy
  177. diagnosed with rectal intrussusception about 8 months ago
  178. Hemorrhoidectomy
  179. Poss colostomy terrified.
  180. IBS Severe Cramping
  181. informed that I need a STARR procedure
  182. My Hemroidectomy experience
  183. thrombosed external hemorrhoid... Should I see doctor?
  184. I had a Fissurectomy...
  185. Itchy Anus
  186. I was so mortified
  187. symptoms following appendectomy
  188. The emergency doctor told me I have a paralyzed bowel
  189. Bowel pain similar to appendicitis but not?
  190. Colectomy Complications, Fistula developed, ileostomy now needed temporarily
  191. what will stop anal fissure pain?
  192. bowel diorder
  193. Need help fixing anal itch / soreness / little bleed
  194. why do i have constant diarrhea and blood in my stool
  195. help me heal my colon
  196. Rectal Wall Sprain?
  197. exrta long colon
  198. Thin/Small Stools Problem
  199. Bowel Problems
  200. had surgery for rectal prolapse post op problems please help!!!!!!!!!
  201. post surgical pain and withdrawal
  202. laparoscopic sigmoid resection questions
  203. laparoscopic resection a week ago
  204. constipation: feeling of obstruction
  205. 6 days constipated
  206. 4 months of stomach issues... HELP PLEASE!!!!
  207. My experience with Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS) for my Chronic Anal Fissure
  208. how to prevent nausea after colonoscopy
  209. Bowel disorder::: No sex drive, appetite, constipation?? Helppp pleasee
  210. why am i scared to do a poo
  211. He spends a long time in the bathroom
  212. UC/Papilla/Fissures Discussion
  213. Severe Bloating
  214. Strange Discharge
  215. What is this?
  216. anal fissure and hemmorrhoids
  217. extended/swollen stomach,weight gain
  218. Foul Smelling Gas & Stool from Cough Drops
  219. Abnormal Blood Results/Feelings Post Colonoscopy
  220. Eating after colon resection
  221. smelling bad, why?
  222. Pain in lower left abdomen
  223. ERCP question post procedure
  224. Colonoscopy after Diverticulitis
  225. nobody's listening
  226. abdominal discomfort lower left
  227. Hemmoroid Burst Now What?????
  228. What is meant by "intermittent bleeding?"
  229. Is it really Ibs, anxiety or too much fiber
  230. I'm new and a little scared
  231. New Here!! LONG Introduction and weight loss question!!
  232. Colon Removal - Need Info
  233. My surgeon recommends that I not undergo surgery
  234. guys i need your help
  235. suppository
  236. mysterious pain in rectum
  237. please help running out of options and scared
  238. Why would abdomen be tender to touch after 6 months after colon surgery
  239. have colonic inertia and an outlet obstruction
  240. tenderness in left side of abdomen
  241. Severe Weight Loss
  242. hemorrhiod and constipation
  243. New to the board, I believe I have a fissure (and possibly other problems)
  244. bm
  245. bowel
  246. Can a bidet be used for a sitz bath.
  247. Triphala long term use for constipation
  248. Sharp Upper left abdomen pain on deep breathing
  249. Not Sure What it Could Be
  250. Red Chunks In Poop

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