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  1. Need to Connect w/ Others Who've Had Emergency Resection
  2. what does a pain behind the belly button that get worse when I urinate mean?
  3. Possible Diverticulitis? Advice Needed Please?
  4. Had entire colon removed 3 wks ago need diet help
  5. Ugly fleshy thing on my anal sphincter. *** is it?
  6. bleeding during bowel movement
  7. another hemorrhoid question
  8. Hemorrhoid?
  9. Diarrhea for 2 weeks
  10. PPH SURGERY THIS FRIDAY!!!! please respond
  11. Blood sepcs in stool.
  12. infection after bowel resection
  13. Lower Bowel Resection Done - Need Advice
  14. worried
  15. pruritus ani (anal itch) confused?
  16. Help!! I'm in alot of pain from Defecography
  17. hemorrhoids....
  18. no bm while away from home
  19. Problems with bowel and neusea
  20. does psyillium comes in a pill form
  21. stomach and drinks
  22. When to go to the Hospital?
  23. help please!
  24. Help, it hurts when i go to the toilet!
  25. constpation
  26. Sensitive Digestive System
  27. Can anyone help me with these symptoms?
  28. How to find good GI Dr. Miami, Ft. Lauderdale
  29. calcium that does not cause constapation
  30. having dirreha for about a month
  31. divuticulitis
  32. PPH SURGERY!!! Any positive results out there????
  33. Piles
  34. bleeding when i take a crap and hurts
  35. Question for everyone suffering from rectum odors
  36. Bowel Obstruction
  37. magnesium oxide dosage as a laxative
  38. Hemorrhoidectomy and fissurectomy (SP) today.. This am Here is what i have done
  39. Making Magnisum Citrate bearable
  40. why am i intolerant to yogurt's smell
  41. Every 4th day.....
  42. Constant Diarrhoea...
  43. Should I go back to the doctor for blood in stools???
  44. Dark Stool
  45. Does anyone know what this is?
  46. Laser Hemorrhoid Removal/Rubber Band Removal
  47. What do I have? stool that is coming out in pieces, when I have a high fiber diet?
  48. Hemorrhoidectomy new here and need advice from anyone who has done this
  49. what would cause the rectom to fall from its place
  50. pain after colonoscopy/endoscopy
  51. constipation...
  52. external thrombosed hemorrhoid
  53. Sphincter Muscle Transplant?
  54. How does a person work when they have incomplete evacuations?
  55. holding it in
  56. Trying to contact Katliz
  57. Back home after resection last Friday the 24th...
  58. Does this sound like a fissure or piles or something else ?
  59. Anul Bleeding
  60. Incomplete Evacuations, I may be on to something
  61. After colon surgery?
  62. Strange thing found in Stool
  63. my bowels
  64. Is surgery necessary?
  65. taking dicyclomine
  66. Surferdude here, I have a question to ask?
  67. colonoscopy question
  68. Effect of Aclcohol on faeces
  69. Surferdude here, needing some advice!!
  70. What does this sound like to you.
  71. Problems with insurance! I can't wait for this test any longer!!!
  72. Colonoscopy is at 3pm, so when exactly should I take the prep kit?
  73. Miralax and drug interaction
  74. Free osteopathic treatments
  75. sudden weight gain
  76. Anyone have a MRI enterography?
  77. Countdown to resection on Friday...
  78. Problems with stomach and bowels pls help
  79. overlapping sphincteroplasty
  80. Irritable Bowel issue...
  81. Pro-Biotics Test
  82. Incomplete Evacuation
  83. sphincterotomy
  84. Miralax question
  85. senior chronic diarrhea
  86. Diverticulitis/Garlic?/Pain
  87. Bowel issues - tests run, no solutions - please read!
  88. Please read!!! Urgent!!
  89. do you bowel get used to psyllium
  90. what is the buzzing sensation in my anus?
  91. A lot of fiber, Still hard bowels.
  92. Advice for fatty stool sample and high sugar also in stool
  93. "Natural" Laxatives for Constipation?
  94. diverticulous and fiber
  95. pain after bowel movement
  96. I Survived Sphincteroplasty Part 12
  97. Could the rectum odors, be a result of a yeast infection?
  98. docusate sodium(colace) vs miralax
  99. Bright Red Blood When going to washroom (colitis)
  100. what are tics in the intestine
  101. Cannot Relax Anus to Defecate
  102. Sigmoidoscopy
  103. Anal Fissure
  104. is it safe to use yogurt with fiber when you are having an attack diverticulitus
  105. Rectal Pain
  106. what causes that pinching pain above my vagina?
  107. Long loopy bowel
  108. severe constipation, "something" down there
  109. Questions for henerita45 and katliz
  110. Just had Hemorrhoidectomy and CO2 Laser for fissure
  111. Can constipation cause fatigue?
  112. Diabetes and Low Residue Diet
  113. Question for member suzyljank
  114. why do i keep feeling the urge to pass stool
  115. Hemorrhoids and Natural Cure/Supplement
  116. Severe Chronic Constipation
  117. Embarassing question about wiping too much
  118. IBS: Miralax vs Amitiza
  119. My bowel movements are scaring me dont know what is wrong?!
  120. Don't Know If This Will Help, But You Might Want To Check It Out
  121. If there is no pain, bleeding or itching can it be an external hemorrhoid?
  122. Anal muscle problems
  123. I can finally go, but (stool issues)
  124. anus spasms
  125. Please help, I had a Sphincteroplasty 4 years ago.
  126. Charcoal tablets
  127. diarrhea every time i eat
  128. C. Diff
  129. H miracle cure for hemorrhoids
  130. I need advice/opinions on Colon Resection
  131. what should i eat after an operation for diverticulitis
  132. Needing help, really confused????
  133. Diarrhea and puking
  134. Have to go again straight after movement
  135. l1 wedge fracture
  136. abstract bowel operation
  137. Stomach pains + bowel problems
  138. My rectum hurts when I use the bathroom
  139. is is bad when you bleed when you have bowel movement
  140. Anal fissure and swelling
  141. bowel movent WAY to frequently
  142. why does your back passage bleed
  143. Allergic to TP?
  144. documentation on complications on repeated bowel surgery
  145. Having my 11th op hemicolectomy-has anyone else had one
  146. Bowel Movement after Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy
  147. Hemorrhoids - not sure what to do!
  148. Colonoscopy
  149. pain at tip of anus
  150. Hemorrhoidectomy Questions
  151. why does my bum become sore every time i go to the toilet
  152. Frequent pain in side of stomach / leg
  153. Severe constipation HELP
  154. Hour drive to colonoscopy....
  155. whats wrong with my bowels? HELP
  156. mass in lower left abdomen
  157. C diff
  158. Help! Blood in anus???
  159. Hemorrhoids that make bowel movements difficult?
  160. Unexplained weight loss
  161. severe abdominal pain after bowel surgery
  162. I have gastroparesis and too much bloating.
  163. took phillips milk of magnesia 6 hours ago?
  164. passing gas with mucus
  165. Hemorrhoids??
  166. Losing My Mind
  167. Distended Abdomen- Please Help
  168. how long in hospital
  169. intense stomach pain,mucus,nasea etc please help!
  170. which brand has insoluable and soluable fiber?
  171. fecal stasis
  172. Colon Cancer Surgery
  173. PPH Hemorroid Surgery My Experience
  174. Anal Fissure?
  175. Weeks of drug resistant divertiulitis!
  176. Help! Constipation after quitting smoking.
  177. Rectal Bleeding?
  178. weirdest thing happened to me this morning and worried me! re diarrhea and urinating
  179. Gastroparesis.....please share 5
  180. hemroids do they go away on there own ever?
  181. Bowel problems
  182. diverticulitus bleeding
  183. I am in so much pain.
  184. bleeding at bum and itchy and sore
  185. Diarrhea for some time.
  186. considering rectal intussusception surgery
  187. Perforated duodenum divetricula
  188. Bleeding after sigmoid colectomy
  189. Paste like stools hard to pass! Help!
  190. GI problems and flank pain, NSAIDs?
  191. abdominal pain and bleeding from back passage
  192. Has anyone else had left colon removed or illestomy bag?
  193. Sneak Attack Hemorroid Banding
  194. bowel bleeding
  195. pale colored stool
  196. what's going on?
  197. recovering after surgery..
  198. Lump in Stomach/Possibly Scar Tissue/Adhesions connected to small intestine
  199. What can it be?
  200. Sulfer Gas....desperate for help!
  201. Tan-ish colored stools?
  202. what is a twisted bowel
  203. worried
  204. Colon Cleansing doubter....help
  205. colonoscopy
  206. colonoscopy
  207. blood pressure
  208. Rutin
  209. bowel movement after eating
  210. Very Pale Yellow Stools
  211. been having weird bowel movements for a while now
  212. Need Help---Bacterial Infection
  213. Has anyone else had left colon removed or illestomy bag?
  214. colonoscopy
  215. what foods and pills are best for stomach health
  216. the proper squatting position for bm, check it out.
  217. i have constant diarrhea and stomach pains what's wrong with me
  218. colonoscopy
  219. food to bulk up when bowels are loose
  220. urine question
  221. Upper right abdominal discomfort. Friend has colon cancer so now i'm scared.
  222. hemmys
  223. I think i may be back :((
  224. A bunch of symptoms and no strong diagnosis
  225. What can be the cause of me waking up every night with diarrhea?
  226. Had colon resection 2 weeks ago and why am I so tired
  227. how can i change regular bm from morning to night?
  228. 5 year old with diarrhoea and formed stools
  229. need help
  230. duodenum ulcer
  231. What part of colon would be removed if Diverticulitis was chronic
  232. What does it take to hurt yourself pushing when on the toilet?
  233. Anyone try Ultroid Technique for Hemorrhoids?
  234. Good News & Bad News
  235. Constipation detox
  236. Colonoscopy in 12 hours!
  237. Serious IBS question....bright red blood in stool.....?
  238. narrow bowell movement
  239. Here is what is working to heal my fisssure..
  240. Constipation..when is it real??
  241. Please help... sick for 4.5 months!
  242. losing weight
  243. Recovery from Fissure after surgery
  244. I'm only 16 and I HAVE INTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS!
  245. Colostomy-Loop
  246. Faecal Calprotectin
  247. Antibiotics are ripping me up!!
  248. can someone help diagnose my symptoms?
  249. Doctors who primarily do surgery for scar tissue
  250. Constipated please help!!!