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  1. Bowel problems after reversal surgery
  2. celiac or UC
  3. Hemorrhoidectomy Recovery
  4. i feel like i need to poop but nothing comes out? and when i do poop i find blood
  5. Bowel problems
  6. why do i have discomfort on the left side of my gut
  7. Can anyone tell me about their experience with anal fissures?
  8. evacuation
  9. Anus Constricting at Night?
  10. Remecade
  11. Fissures/Nitroglycerin ointment/HEADACHES!
  12. Please Help Me...
  13. bowel resection
  14. Advice on our 4 year olds bowel problems please...!!!!!!!
  15. Stabbing lower back pain and bowels
  16. Colofac
  17. Diarreha with some mucous and blood only one day
  18. Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth
  19. dont know what to do
  20. Anal Fistula Help.
  21. Strange symptoms
  22. After drinking alcohol, my stool is red. PLEASE HELP. ALSO, help concerning MRI SCANS
  23. Please!! Anyone else have this problem????
  24. anorectal motility?
  25. blood
  26. Serious problem with my pants
  27. feels like something is inside
  28. how long is pain after bowel resection
  29. Gas Problem
  30. Hemorroid surgery--am I healing OK?
  31. Foul smelling,soft stools and achy belly on both sides
  32. where do i buy aloe vera juice
  33. Had colonoscopy but new discovery
  34. how to bulk up stools
  35. straining to have bm
  36. How to diagnose - Too much acid or too little acid?
  37. Bowel issues
  38. Hemorrhoid?
  39. bleeding from bowels, high platelets, high RBC, low iron, bad liver?
  40. pepto bismol how long do you have black stools
  41. what does it mean if you have dark bowels?
  42. Smelly Leakage 4wks Post Fissurectomy
  43. Gross post-Hemhorroid surgery problem...
  44. Neon yellow/pale coloured, pee-out-your butt, stool
  45. Soreness, bleeding, lump
  46. regular and loose bowels
  47. Lazy Bowels
  48. Anal pain after sphincterotomy and fissurectomy
  49. Has anyone had a hypertrophical anal papilla removed?
  50. what would cause my 7 year old to start having bm's in her pants again?
  51. New diagnosis: Tortuous colon?
  52. Freaking Out: Problem with excised thrombosed hemorrhoid
  53. Too many BMs after excised thrombosed Hem?
  54. External Hemmroid duration
  55. Need Some Advice
  56. Pain with constipation?
  57. Very Long stool - what could it be?
  58. Just need ostomy experienced friends to advise.
  59. I have another problem a small lump about the size of a pea
  60. Lump on anus - cancer??
  61. Burning and hurting anus.
  62. Blood
  63. itching
  64. help!!
  65. Constipation HELP!
  66. diarreha after meals
  67. Advice please: Sore tummy/pooing alot/loose stool
  68. Possible complication from sphincterotomy?
  69. when to go to the dr when you have had diarrhea for a week
  70. stool
  71. Hubba Syndrome
  72. if gas doesn't come out can it cause blood in stool
  73. does taking imodium twice a week have side effects
  74. What to eat after colon resection surgery
  75. bad diarrhea
  76. I will undergo an operation internal sphincteroplasy for after LIS
  77. diarrhea
  78. why do i have diarrhea every morning
  79. short bowel advice
  80. Survived bowel perforation (gynae surgery went wrong) Anyone with similar experience?
  81. I Have Uc/ibs Need A Diet
  82. habbasyndrome
  83. Gas and bowel movement problems
  84. why do i have bleeding from my anal
  85. why do i keep bleeding every time i open my bowels
  86. Posible diverticulosis?
  87. What are bowel loops
  88. trying to get a colostomy reversal
  89. Pain from adhesions after surgery for blocked bowel
  90. bowel
  91. Probiotics for Diarrhea
  92. Getting very scared!!
  93. constipation
  94. need insight and advice; afraid I have colon cancer
  95. anal abscess
  96. blood after i pass wind. anyone else?
  97. Bloody Noses during bowel movement??
  98. Blood during bowel movement lots of it
  99. Just had surgery for posterior starr-anyone else had this?
  100. ??? on a test
  101. Problem with Bowel Movements.
  102. what to eat after a bout with diarrhea
  103. blood test raised ASP levels
  104. where to purchase Hem-Relief
  105. Can Garlic help with constipation?
  106. Quick Question, Former hemorrhoid
  107. how long are you in the bathroom after 1 liter of colon prep
  108. lower left flank pain-bowel movements painful
  109. Intestine Problems?
  110. lower left abdominal pain with release of urine
  111. is milk bad when you have diverticulitis
  112. Post hemorrhoid surgery
  113. Colon rupture or problems?
  114. Foul-Smelling Stool and now Gas
  115. Im so confused
  116. Tomorrow I prep for Colonoscopy!
  117. I Survived Sphincteroplasty - Part 10
  118. Un-solid poop, is it normal?
  119. Probiotic PB-8
  120. what is anul fissure
  121. Please help me - Can't get poo out its too big
  122. Change in bowel habits
  123. is there ANYBODY out there?
  124. Longest you've been constipated for?
  125. What could happen if you use Miralax everyday?
  126. Advice on prep please
  127. Stomach Cramping
  128. what makes yellow poop go away
  129. Could it have been
  130. Wonder if ???
  131. Unusal problem..anyone had one like this before??
  132. constipation help please
  133. prolapsed bowel
  134. Burning/Semi-Diarrea/Anal Fissure???
  135. Really bad diahrrea
  136. Itchy anus: Did anyone find a cure here?
  137. Diltiazem
  138. strange symptoms-help needed, please!
  139. C-diff
  140. alternative treatments for fissures?
  141. could anyone help with possible diagnosis/advice?
  142. why am I bleeding from my anal area
  143. Post-Hemmoroidectomy Tightness!
  144. Has anyone had leg pain?
  145. Imodium Advanced
  146. Anyone had this?
  147. How to sooth bottom from Prep for colonoscopy, and related questions
  148. Could someone kindly attempt to diagnose my problem.
  149. Prolapsed Bowel _ How did it make you feel?
  150. A Little Embarrassing
  151. "Pimple" like bump under skin near/in anal crack?
  152. Partial Small Bowel Obstruction
  153. how long did your colonoscopy prep take?
  154. light colored stools
  155. What could this be? reply as soon as you can please........
  156. Wife has hemorrhoid with stabbing pains(??)
  157. i have urgency n frequency sometimes for bm.
  158. why does this always happen? (Coming out both ends)
  159. Bowel problem.....really scared, any advice
  160. Do hemroids make your side hurt
  161. Rapid Weight Loss
  162. Post Bowel Resection More Issues
  163. Bowel Surgery??Rectopxy etc PLEASE READ THIS!!
  164. Please HELP!!
  165. what to eat after colon removal
  166. Sudden Onset
  167. What could two weeks of continuous Diarrhea mean
  168. Can uterine fibroids cause constipation and straining?
  169. Spicy Foods?
  170. Levator ani syndrome
  171. What exactly is a colonic?
  172. recurrent anal abscess after fissure surgery
  173. Does a colonoscopy help to find Hirschprungs?
  174. Help please
  175. colon hydrotherapy & leakage
  176. oil in stools
  177. Coeliacs
  178. Freaking Out
  179. How long are laxatives to be used?
  180. Ulcers in the rectum !!
  181. What are your thoughts on Miralax or stimulant laxatives?
  182. why does blood comes in stool and then stops
  183. diagnosed IBS- don't know how to stand the pain.
  184. Scared my nerves may be dead! Help please!
  185. Terrible colonoscopy
  186. Odd Bowel problems
  187. Leakage after haemorrhoidectomy
  188. Terrible gas, I feel like I have body odor, gas smell lingers, any ideas?
  189. Does anyone undergo internal sphincteroplasty
  190. Internal Sphincteroplasty after sphincterotomy
  191. Acute Fissure Surgery
  192. Feeling uncomfortable
  193. vegetables & orange juice = diahrreah
  194. white dots and mucus seen in stool
  195. Colonoscopy apprehension
  196. Obscure Problem or Bad Doctors? Gastrointestinal Bowel Colon Intestines Stomach
  197. pinching and burning pain in lower left abdomen
  198. do i have anal fissure or fistula?
  199. What is the recovery from rectalvaginal fistula
  200. odd bowel movements. help PLEASE?????
  201. How long for an external hemorrhoid lump to go away?
  202. Do you have constant constipation let me tell you my story!!!
  203. teen needs advice on oily stools..and eating disorder??
  204. Anyone know?
  205. My Recent PPH Surgery Experience
  206. I don't get the urge to move my bowels
  207. Is it ok to take Florastor with other probotics?
  208. Internal or External?
  209. Colonoscopy on Tuesday help I am scared !!
  210. Pain after colonostopy operation
  211. pale stools help!!!
  212. constipation and right side ache
  213. Feeling of Full Rectum and Passing Flakes
  214. chronic diahrea
  215. morning diarrhea
  216. If you have gas, does it disrupt your sleep?
  217. how many times is too many for bowel movements
  218. threadworms
  219. how long does it take to heal after a hemorrhoidectomy
  220. Was this/is this a fissure?
  221. green soybean-like "pods" in feces???
  222. Hemorrhoids or anal abscess?
  223. please help bowel obstructions
  224. Internal & External Anal Sphincter Muscle and Obstructive Defecation
  225. anal / bowel symptoms
  226. bowel cancer
  227. can Acidophilus Pearls be taken with Flagyl ?
  228. Sloppy, floating stool
  229. Ever heard of natural remedy that attacks the root cause of hemorrhoids?
  230. Fed Up
  231. Need support on recent bowel resection...
  232. inflamed intestines do i have Colitis?
  233. reversal of a colonoscopy bowel movement question
  234. Fissurectomy nearly six months ago and still in pain - please advice
  235. my 2 year old had c-diff
  236. Fear of Thrombosed Hemmorhoid
  237. Advice regarding hemorrhoids and chronic constipation
  238. please make it go away
  239. Please Help Me-urgent!
  240. chronic constipation since birth
  241. Colon Removal Surgery impending...
  242. fiber for BM
  243. loose stools and diarrhea for the past three months!?!
  244. Stopping Flagyl
  245. I am afraid of being put to sleep
  246. Horrible Diarrhea for 5 weeks
  247. Anyone With Advice Please Share
  248. recto vaginal fistula,,
  249. stomach pain
  250. Doc says it is probably IBS, but the wait is STRESSING me! - help?