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  1. Embroynal
  2. Different size/shape in testicle.
  3. testicle question
  4. Testicle cancer or something else? (pain and hard breast)
  5. had testicule removed from testicular cancer
  6. Afraid that I may have testicular cancer (very long, but please read)...
  7. Small Lump on my left testicle
  8. hard lump under my bottom right testical
  9. small spot on underside of left testicle
  10. very small lump on left testicle
  11. Should I be worried?
  12. trouble twice over
  13. Testerone level in 29 aged male
  14. Help what is this
  15. Lumps...No health Insurance
  16. No clue what this lump is...
  17. Need help!!
  18. Lump for 10 years,anyway it could be cancer?
  19. Testicular Cancer/Cyst??
  20. Lumps on scrotum...
  21. Lump forming
  22. I found a lump.
  23. lump on my left testicule
  24. Long-term chemo/radiation side effects?
  25. Please Help Me!
  26. Bilaterial epididymal cyst
  27. Right testicle problems
  28. How quickly does testicular cancer spread?
  29. Could it be Cancer?
  30. Possible cancer?
  31. Do I have cancer or am I worrying about nothing?!
  32. recent orchiectomy for lump of unknown origin
  33. Two Lumps...One Found Years Ago....
  34. c shaped lump on the top of right testicle
  35. Urgent refferal to Urologist after ultrasound.
  36. Testicular Caner ? Cyst ? HELP
  37. Could these lumps be Testicular Cancer?
  38. Testicular Cancer
  39. Has anyone had/got testicular cancer? I've found a lump...
  40. Testicle cancer
  41. Piles & Testicular Cancer
  42. Little Ball In Scrotum (Testicular Cancer?)
  43. TRT/testicular cancer
  44. testicle cancer
  45. Testicular Cancer?
  46. epididymitis/testicular cancer?
  47. Testicular cancer? or not?
  48. Does testicular cancer usually cause pain?
  49. Testicular Cancer Survivor -Difficulty finding the righ underwear
  50. Testicular cancer i think
  51. Testicular cancer? Please help, only 16
  52. Testicular cancer? Please help, only 16
  53. testicular cancer
  54. Testicular Self exam: should I be concerned?
  55. Testicle cancer?
  56. Want a reply this time please
  57. facts about cancer and testicular cancer
  58. testicular cancer?? plz help
  59. Testicular cancer. Info please? :(
  60. testicular cancer?
  61. Possible Testicular Cancer
  62. testicular cancer
  63. Testicular Cancer
  64. How do you check for testicular cancer?
  65. testicular cancer question
  66. Sonogram--how conclusive is it for testicular cancer
  67. Testicle Cancer?
  68. Testicular Cancer?
  69. Chemotherapy - Testicular Cancer
  70. Do I have testicular cancer? Please help... I"m scared
  71. testicular cancer
  72. Testicular Cancer [PLEASE read]
  73. Testicular Cancer Checks
  74. Testicular cancer? I need your thoughts...
  75. Testicular cancer again!?
  76. Testicular Cancer in 10 year old nephew
  77. Affordable Regular Testicular Cancer Testing
  78. testicular cancer?
  79. worried of testicular cancer
  80. Testicular Cancer & Radiation
  81. Is this a sign of testicular cancer?
  82. testicular cancer?
  83. Testicular Cancer??
  84. Testicular cancer
  85. testicular cancer
  86. Sign of testicular cancer?
  87. Testicular Cancer
  88. testicular cancer v. some other type of infection
  89. Can someone please tell me if these symptoms could mean testicular cancer?
  90. testicular cancer
  91. Injured or Testicular Cancer?
  92. Testicular Cancer
  93. testicular cancer questions?
  94. Testicular cancer? I've had this for 5+ years now..
  95. Testicle Cancer
  96. very worried could be testicle cancer?
  97. Testicular Cancer???
  98. testicular cancer
  99. testicular cancer?.. any ideas
  100. Testicular cancer, worried
  101. Testicular cancer questions.
  102. how is testicular cancer cured?
  103. Testicular cancer question - Warning sign.
  104. Testicular cancer question
  105. Testicular Cancer
  106. 15 year-old male. Very worried about Testicular cancer PLease read on
  107. testicular cancer
  108. Can you have testicular cancer for 13 years
  109. Testicular Cancer.. what to feel for?
  110. Testicular Cancer?
  111. possible testicular cancer?
  112. possible testicular cancer?
  113. testicular cancer
  114. can this be testicular cancer?
  115. Can this be testicular cancer?
  116. not testicular cancer but a cyst??
  117. was diagnosed with testicular cancer but test found no cancer
  118. Testicular cancer and testicular appendages (Please Help!)
  119. Testicular appendages and testicular cancer (Please Help!)
  120. Testicular Cancer
  121. Testicular Cancer?
  122. Testicular Cancer
  123. How do you avoid future testicular cancer?
  124. Please Help - Testicular Cancer
  125. Testicular Cancer?!.. Hopefully not..
  126. do i have testicle cancer?
  127. where does testicular cancer occur ?
  128. is this a sign of testicular cancer? I'm worried.
  129. Testicle cancer question
  130. when does cancer show up in the blood test ?
  131. testicular cancer question...HELP
  132. testicular cancer question - help needed
  133. Sertoli or leydig tumors
  134. Testical Cancer Please Help!

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