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  1. Confused and worried :((
  2. TG is 378!! Hypo but not thyroid surgery. Is this normal??
  3. Need info on thyroid lab results and advice! Thanks
  4. Do not give up!
  5. Thyroidectomy recovery?
  6. green color from biopsy, any ideas???
  7. Hypo HELPPPPP!
  8. Worried about u/s findings
  9. Possible medullary but also suspicious for papilliary
  10. Biopsy on 10/4
  11. What is the average mcg of iodine in chicken breast?
  12. Frustrated with potential misdiagnosis. Advice?
  13. Cyst or more - is doctor backtracking
  14. 25 Y/O Male, 2 Benign Thyroid Nodules, Thyroglobulin (Tg) 560+
  15. recurrence?
  16. Follicular thyroid cancer - one week post completion thyroidectomy
  17. Possible Hurthle or Follicular Thyroid carcinomas
  18. Have to do low iodine. Is whole wheat flour low iodine?
  19. Question about effect of stress.
  20. Not sure if the right board, but so nervous
  21. Pregnancy and Levoxyl
  22. FNA results - benign but some Hurthle Cells
  23. very scared, have to wait until 9/1 for specialist appt.
  24. New Diagnosis: Follicular thyroid cancer
  25. Ankle & Foot Swelling
  26. Swelling
  27. 2nd surgery - positive for cancer
  28. Waiting Game is so Draining
  29. Life without a thyroid?
  30. New Hypothroid and dont understand results
  31. Thyroid ultrasound
  32. 2" Lump in Daughter's Neck
  33. Atypical of Undetermined Significance
  34. Irregularly Marginated Complex Hypoechoic
  35. Can laser hair removal cause thyroid cancer?
  36. New Hypo Diagnosis - advice please
  37. Terrified Newbie
  38. thyroid cancer without biopsy??
  39. Calcium level
  40. New to boards. Possible Thyroid Lymphoma??
  41. The ever continuing thyroid cancer saga... HELLLLP
  42. Thyroid issues...help
  43. sister had metestatic thyroid cancer... have nodule on my thyroid
  44. large neck mass (help!)
  45. Follicular cancer
  46. 9 years after thyroid cancer - small lymph node found in neck??
  47. blood in mouth and Thyroid
  48. New, with questions! Long post...
  49. Please help - still in limbo
  50. finally back on meds... Whole body scan questions
  51. 6 days post op
  52. Micro carcinomas
  53. papillary microcarcinoma
  54. papillary thyroid cancer
  55. Thyroidectomy 13 years ago thyroglobulin antibodies high
  56. Think I'm ready to go under the knife...
  57. CT Thyroid Abnormal
  58. Vocal cord/trach question
  59. Stretched nerve after thyroid surgery, anyone?
  60. Introduction
  61. cancer q
  62. Any precautions for scan RAI dosage?
  63. Thyroid more than one surgery?
  64. Need some advice
  65. thyroid cancer
  66. negative scans positive Thyroglobulin levels
  67. papillary thyroid cancer
  68. Constant lower back ache
  69. Ultrasound found 3 Thyroid nodules and I am freaking out
  70. Thyroidectomy at 23
  71. How is Everyone?
  72. Need correct Synthroid dose
  73. FNA with all types of cells - confused
  74. Encouragement please!!!!! From success stories..........
  75. Scared.Mass on thyroid seen on MRI
  76. Intrathoracis Goiter
  77. Can papillary thyroid cancer cause dizziness?
  78. Diagnosed yesterday-- questions
  79. Wife had FNA today on thyroid nodule.. Im confused
  80. question on rise in TSH
  81. Cyst on thyroid, very scared, question about thyroid cancer
  82. Thyroidectomy but not malignant
  83. Myasthenia Gravis & thyroid cancer
  84. Thyroid cancer
  85. Holistic Alternatives to Thyroid Cancer?
  86. Thyroid cancer
  87. is this thyroid cancer?
  88. thyroid cancer and pregnancy
  89. lymphoma from thyroid cancer
  90. Thyroid Cancer
  91. Thyroid Cancer and Allergies
  92. One Year Later After Thyroid Cancer
  93. papiliary thyroid cancer-ablation done & surgery three years ago
  94. thyroid cancer & living near a volcano
  95. ??? thyroid cancer
  96. reactions to thyroid cancer
  97. Thyroid Cancer
  98. Anybody not take rai- outcome of thyroid cancer in your 50s
  99. Thyroid cancer scan
  100. Thyroid Cancer and breathing difficulties/heart palpitations
  101. Anyone been diagnosed with Medullary Thyroid Cancer?
  102. is it thyroid cancer or what?????
  103. Atypical thyroid cancer
  104. Papillary Thyroid Cancer
  105. Newbie-Everything is going SO Fast! Pl Help-Thyroid Cancer
  106. Thyroid Cancer
  107. Thyroid cancer and RAI
  108. thyroid cancer's spread to lung nd spine..plzz help
  109. Thyroid cancer
  110. So scared I dont know what to do. Thyroid Cancer
  111. high thyroglobulin, thyroid cancer???
  112. Thyroid Cancer meds and hives/skin itch
  113. Papillary Thyroid Cancer & Nodes Diagnoses Yesterday!!!
  114. Question for Thyroid cancer survivors
  115. Wow - I can't believe I have thyroid cancer
  116. Papillary thyroid cancer
  117. Scared of possible thyroid cancer.
  118. Need help...just got diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer
  119. Correlation to Thyroid Cancer and Colon Polyps/Bowel Problems
  120. What is normal TSH level after Thyroid Cancer?
  121. Hyperthyroidism problems after thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer
  122. what happens if you get thyroid cancer for the second time
  123. Thyroid cancer question
  124. Thyroid Cancer?
  125. Thyroid Cancer - Synthroid vs Levoxyl - Anyone???
  126. Thyroid Cancer
  127. Thyroid cancer metastasized to lung
  128. metastatic thyroid cancer :mad:
  129. Question about thyroid cancer and the radiation pill
  130. Thyroid cancer follow up--sharing good news!
  131. possible thyroid cancer
  132. Thyroid cancer follow up
  133. Thyroid Cancer (Papillary)
  134. thyroid cancer follow-up/how long?
  135. thyroid cancer.... need advise
  136. Hurthle cell cancer, thyroid cancer...questions...
  137. Thyroid cancer/hurthle cell cancer...
  138. Looking for info on thyroid cancer/hurthle cell cancer...
  139. thyroid cancer, just found out
  140. thyroid cancer?
  141. thyroid cancer
  142. Thyroid cancer metastasized to the brain?
  143. thyroid cancer 5 years ago still on 60mcg liothyronine
  144. how many weeks after thyroid cancer surgery can you go back to work
  145. does thyroid cancer spread to the breast
  146. Thyroid Cancer?
  147. Questions about Thyroid Cancer
  148. Staying hyperthyroid post thyroid cancer...dealing with the symptoms
  149. off thyroxine after thyroid cancer
  150. Thyroid Cancer & Blood Levels
  151. Thyroid Cancer Questions
  152. TSH 85, Prior Thyroid Cancer Twice...
  153. Thyroid Cancer ....hoarseness
  154. 2 yrs out of thyroid cancer and pregnant
  155. Papillary Thyroid Cancer - 2 differing doc opinions, what to do?
  156. Had thyroid cancer-struggling-new job-should I talk to my boss?
  157. Thyroid cancer in England with questions
  158. Thyroid Cancer +WBS
  159. thyroid cancer help needed
  160. thyroid cancer and becoming pregant
  161. Thyroid cancer query
  162. Sclerosing variant of papillary thyroid cancer
  163. Meduallry thyroid cancer
  164. Thyroid cancer
  165. Facing Surgery for Papillary Thyroid Cancer
  166. Radoactive Iodine for Thyroid Cancer Questions
  167. How can they tell if thyroid cancer has spead to lymph nodes?
  168. Thyroid Cancer
  169. Thyroid Cancer - Surgery Wait list - Opinions?
  170. thyroid cancer common?
  171. Recurrent Thyroid Cancer Common?
  172. Question for Thyroid Cancer People - Archie, etc.
  173. thyroid cancer
  174. Had Thyroid Cancer and now Breast Cancer
  175. Could I have thyroid cancer?
  176. Tt For Thyroid Cancer
  177. Thyroid Cancer On Increase
  178. Thyroid Cancer.....23 year old male
  179. Thyroid Cancer leads to other cancers???
  180. Thyroid cancer and radiation questions
  181. help-thyroid cancer and radiation
  182. Men and Thyroid cancer
  183. Is there a link between breast cancer and thyroid cancer?
  184. Synthyroid and thyroid cancer
  185. my mom has thyroid cancer
  186. is it possible Thyroid Cancer after RAI?
  187. Benign pathology but I still may have thyroid cancer???
  188. thyroid cancer symptoms??
  189. is there a link between hypothyroidism and thyroid cancer
  190. tsh level after thyroid cancer removal & concerns
  191. Link b/t RAI for thyroid cancer & breast cancer?
  192. Thyroid cancer patient now possibly facing lymphoma...
  193. Turned out to be Thyroid Cancer....
  194. Thyroid Cancers
  195. Who treats your thyroid cancer?
  196. What type of thyroid cancer?
  197. No overnight for thyroid cancer?
  198. Thyroid cancer - after two surgeries, now in radioiodine therapy quarantine
  199. Thyroid Cancer...
  200. Thyroid Cancer
  201. thyroid cancer; lymph nodes (cervical lymphadectomy)
  202. question on thyroid cancer
  203. information on Radioactive Iodine Treatment for thyroid cancer
  204. thyroid cancer: concerned about treatment plan
  205. How common is Thyroid cancer really?
  206. Thyroid cancer
  207. THYROID CANCER: surgery questions
  208. Diagnosed with thyroid cancer half an hour ago
  209. Thyroid Cancer
  210. Q: Re: thyroid cancer and T4
  211. Amy, Ringbearer, Blue or any others who have had thyroid cancer...
  212. TSH suppression - post thyroid cancer...
  213. Did your Thyroid Cancer come back?
  214. Is this Part of Thyroid Cancer Too?
  215. Thyroid Cancer Surgery ?'s
  216. Thyroid Cancer, Need more advice
  217. Birth Control & Thyroid Cancer
  218. Thyroid Cancer..Need answers..please help!
  219. Thyroid cancer
  220. Laser Hair Removal linked to thyroid cancer?
  221. Possible Thyroid cancer
  222. Thyroid Cancer
  223. Question about thyroglobulin after thyroid cancer
  224. Thyroid Cancer
  225. Thyroid Cancer Question
  226. Thyroid cancer..anyone in Seattle? & when to file complaints with AMA?
  227. Thyroid cancer..anyone in Seattle? & when to file complaints with AMA?
  228. Thyroid Cancer Question
  229. thyroid cancer
  230. New to this Board: thyroid cancer?
  231. diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer
  232. Diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer
  233. Thyroid cancer
  234. Thyroid Cancer and Diabetes
  235. Thyroid Cancer and Diabetes
  236. 21-year-old suspected to have thyroid cancer...questions (long)
  237. Looking for a thyroid cancer board
  238. Grave's disease and thyroid cancer
  239. Thyroid Cancer spread
  240. Thyroid cancer your Synthroid dosage
  241. Anemia and Thyroid Cancer?
  242. thyroid cancer & colon polyp connection
  243. thyroid cancer - painful pins & needles
  244. Thyroid Cancer Recovery Suggestions!
  245. Thyroid Cancer Surgery Recovery
  246. Thyroid cancer, need a list of ? to ask Dr. tomorrow
  247. thyroid cancer awareness week
  248. Possible thyroid cancer
  249. Synthroid and Thyroid Cancer - Meep?
  250. Mimi - Follow up to thyroid cancer - I'm ok!

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