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  1. Life after having thyroid removed
  2. Help?
  3. Scheduled for FNA/Abnormal Ultrasound
  4. Low iodine diet
  5. Worried about hubby
  6. Blood results normal? Advice needed
  7. Thyroid ultrasound result - so anxious I can barely cope
  8. FNA Biopsy Results - Any Ideas
  9. Need help understanding recent blood test
  10. Hoping to get help!
  11. Is this a normal symptom of gerd
  12. Please, please someone answer, very nervous
  13. Advice/Insight Please?
  14. Ultrasound result help
  15. Hyperthyroidism w/nodule & enlarged lymph nodes
  16. waiting on test results
  17. 8 small Nodules!! And in Pain!! Pls in need responses!
  18. Ugh ... thyroglobulin STILL detectable
  19. symptoms of hypothyroid post thyroidectomy
  20. Thyrogen
  21. thyroid
  22. Thyroglobulin 6 months after thyroidectomy
  23. help understanding ultrasound
  24. Thyroid cancer
  25. Confused about surgery
  26. Total Thyroidectomy on 11/14
  27. Convinced I have thyroid cancer.
  28. Question on thyroid hormone...
  29. Hurthle cells, Thyroid, LA doctor?
  30. Papilliary Carcinoma
  31. Day 6 post partial thyroidectomy
  32. Confused - Post RIA questions!
  33. Help with my ultrasound results
  34. follicular thyroid cancer
  35. thyroidectomy
  36. Lab results 1 years post thyroidectomy
  37. Recovery after thyroidectomy? What's it really like?
  38. My update...
  39. hairloss
  40. Very frightened 23 year old!
  41. Concerned about Ultrasound
  42. Can a nodule be both?
  43. High TSH w/Nodule
  44. Hashimoto's, Thyroid Nodule, FNA Inconclusive consists of Blood??
  45. Thyroid FNA came back Insufficient
  46. Papillary Thyroid Cancer - WBS Clear but Tg high
  47. Post thyroidectomy 5 days
  48. Can someone please help?
  49. Painful thyroid "lesion" after taking Victoza
  50. after thyroid cancer surgery
  51. 1.9cm thyroid nodule with calcification
  52. New here, question about calcifications?
  53. Thyroid Nodule, normal TSH, high antibodies
  54. Thyroglobulin raising
  55. How long between follow up appointments?
  56. Thyroid question
  57. When is too high for antithyroglobulin levels?
  58. Should I go to the doctor?
  59. Waiting on FNA results-Feeling Ill for Way to Long :-(
  60. Thyroid Ultrasound
  61. Need sound advice/opinion
  62. Advice Needed - Had Partial removal, just found out it had Papalliary carcinoma, NOW?
  63. Please help! How big chance my FNA biopsy result is cancerous?
  64. parathyroid
  65. PLZ Help... why am I the only one who sees the urgency??
  66. Well... what do you think the odds are?
  67. need your opinion
  68. Please help, lots of questions!!
  69. Family History of Thyroid Cancer - Opinion please
  70. papillary cancer -pathology test
  71. Troubles with new doc and suppression guidelines
  72. suspicion of hurthle cell lesion
  73. How long were you in isolation after your iodine/radiation treatment?
  74. PET scan and ultrasound of thyroid
  75. thyroid cancer and liver/kidney nodule?
  76. I need your imput, please.
  77. whole body scan
  78. Iodine radiation
  79. Worried
  80. TSH levels
  81. Anxious about RAI treatment
  82. Radical Neck Dissection - 1 week post op
  83. after thyroidectomy and some questions if these things are normal
  84. Please help******
  85. Thyroid nodule and ultrasound
  86. Ultra sound report and nodule
  87. Should I INSIST on biopsy?
  88. Elevated TSH-new doctor OK with it
  89. Lab question
  90. Are these symptoms of thyroid cancer?
  91. Solid nodule with calcified periphery, FNA
  92. hyperthyroidism?
  93. Is total thyroidectomy the right decision?
  94. Possible Thyroid Cancer or Lymphoma
  95. Very worried
  96. Symptoms, symptoms???
  97. Dr Gary clayman or dr nancy Perrier?
  98. Thyroidectomy throat tightness
  99. RAI treatment
  100. diagnosed as having Hashimoto's,hypo and 2 nodules questions!
  101. TSH at 56; need questions for endo
  102. Am I the Only One With Unsuppressed TSH?
  103. Nodule question...
  104. Did you have symptoms
  105. I am so scared, I am making myself sick....
  106. Do you ever feel normal again?
  107. Biopsy confusion?
  108. Cant seem to lose weight...
  109. Partial Thyroidectomy - discovered papillary carcinoma
  110. Ultra Sound Report. 4 Nodules. Please help
  111. LID & Fleischmann's Marg
  112. thyroid
  113. Thyroid tumor
  114. Follicular Carcinoma - Alternatives to RAI after surgery
  115. Should I ask the dr?
  116. Is no news really good news??
  117. Advice, Please
  118. Prepping for I-131. Questions!
  119. New Patient... New Discoveries
  120. thyroid has me worried and stressed out
  121. Continued issues.
  122. Update on my thyroidectomy
  123. 2nd RAI here I come
  124. New diagnosis
  125. New here, worried and scared
  126. How Long Do The Steri-Strips Need To Stay On?
  127. Post ablation scan - worried
  128. thyroid cancer
  129. My Tg is still 24
  130. 16 year old's labs show undetectable tsh
  131. Need Ontario 2Erfa Doctor
  132. Calcification of a nodule
  133. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it
  134. sory for all the posts I am just freaking out
  135. I was wondering about US conclusion
  136. Odd Enlarged "Lymph-Node" & Stable Thyroid Nodules
  137. Pathology report
  138. mass the same as nodule?
  139. 5 cm mass on thryoid
  140. Finding thyroid doctor in Ontario, Canada
  141. A friend of mine is having surgery today.
  142. My dilemma...
  143. what does mildly increased vasularity mean?
  144. thyroid ultrasound report
  145. Taller than wider or wider than taller???
  146. Can a lymph node show in Thyroid Nuclear Scan? Plz Help
  147. Low iodine diet quick help please
  148. Could a nodule even if it was cancer cause all of these symptoms??
  149. Can you ever lose weight?
  150. Shocked or Damaged Parathyroids after TT
  151. Thyroid complex cyst found 3cm help me!!!!
  152. Thyroid cancer and worried sick, help!
  153. "full" thyroid?
  154. Help
  155. Thyroid cancer
  156. Disturbing ultra sound report Cancer?
  157. Why surgery?
  158. Thyroid Cancer
  159. Sono on Thyroid Results
  160. Nerve block
  161. New here - Thyroid lobectomy in 3 weeks
  162. Newly Diagnosed and freaking out
  163. Should I be worried?
  164. thyroid ultrasound results
  165. Really overwhelmed - inconclusive but "suspicious of malignancy"
  166. results back, am a little worried?
  167. Opinions on this low iodine diet?
  168. What were your experiences?
  169. Diagnosed and quite worried
  170. Low, Low Calcium after TT
  171. Please recommend a good endocrinologist in NY
  172. Thyroglobulin went up
  173. 3cm nodule with increased blood flow on right side of thyroid
  174. possible thyroid cancer... questions
  175. asymmetrical thyroid
  176. Could these symptoms be related to Thyroid?
  177. undiagnosed but worried.
  178. Worried
  180. R Thyroidectomy Tomorrow
  181. levothyroxine after right side lebotomy
  182. If you know anything about my results, please let me know what you think. Thank you!
  183. Thyroglobulin level concerning?
  184. New medication after thryoidectomy
  185. Thyroglobulin test result
  186. I need some help understanding my results??? Doctor didn't explain!!
  187. Voice excersises after a thyroidectomy
  188. Confused, reoccurance or never gone
  189. Ensure for breakfast
  190. New!!! US and blood test results. Cancer?
  191. More than 3 months after TT and my voice is still hoarse
  192. it is recurrence
  193. question for hurthle cell survivors..
  194. Help! Life post-thyroid cancer
  195. radiation therapy
  196. Fna
  197. goitre or cancer
  198. can radioactive dye from CTA and angiogram cause thyroid cancer?
  199. Help.
  200. recurring thyroid cancer
  201. is it thyroid cancer ?
  202. biopsy results show groups of follicular cells
  203. Papillary Carcinoma
  204. will they remove my thyroid?
  205. Follicular thyroid cancer
  206. Suspicious nodule. Second Biopsy?
  207. I had an Ultrasound today
  208. Help to read pathology report please x
  209. Thyroglobulin elevated
  210. Thyroid and brain fog
  211. thyroid nodules
  212. Appearance of Thyroglobulin
  213. Lump on neck, any input?
  214. Medullary cells in thyroid! Info please.
  216. Stopping Synthroid
  217. pain on jaw line,neck
  218. Thyroid lobe removed pathology report undetermined
  219. FNA biopsy in nodule in tyhroid, how accurate is this test?
  220. Surgery for Thyroid cancer
  221. Papillary microcarcinoma
  222. Iodine Scan - Liver uptake?
  223. low iodine diet
  224. Thyroid Nodule Paranoia
  225. Too young to be worried?
  226. thyroid nodules for the second time
  227. ? on pressure/swelling in neck 3 months post-op
  228. Weight Gain after Throidectomy
  229. Tell me your thyroid cancer story... please
  230. HUH? Hurthle, Hashi, Benign, Cancer? IDK?
  231. Follicular Neoplasm - have a TT?
  232. Hypoechoic nodual
  233. Thyroid
  234. My 17 yr old daughter needs thyroid surgery!
  235. Random LID Soy Question
  236. Confused and worried :((
  237. TG is 378!! Hypo but not thyroid surgery. Is this normal??
  238. Need info on thyroid lab results and advice! Thanks
  239. Do not give up!
  240. Thyroidectomy recovery?
  241. green color from biopsy, any ideas???
  242. Hypo HELPPPPP!
  243. Worried about u/s findings
  244. Possible medullary but also suspicious for papilliary
  245. Biopsy on 10/4
  246. What is the average mcg of iodine in chicken breast?
  247. Frustrated with potential misdiagnosis. Advice?
  248. Cyst or more - is doctor backtracking
  249. 25 Y/O Male, 2 Benign Thyroid Nodules, Thyroglobulin (Tg) 560+
  250. recurrence?

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