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  1. 2 1/2 weeks post-op multilevel acdf
  2. Abnormal EEG in my 8 year old son
  3. Sudden Onset of pain, numbness and tingling.
  4. fall after cervical surgery
  5. Drugs details
  6. Pseudoarthrosis at C6/C7. A or P revision?
  7. confused about what happened in surgery
  8. had neck surgery but but dont know what happened
  9. had neck surgery but but dont know what happened
  10. Acoustic neuroma or just tinnitus?
  11. Cardio inhibitory Neurocardiogenic syncope without syncope
  12. Continuous Unilateral Headache, unilateral Tingling
  13. GBS, MG, or virus-post flu vaccine
  14. Brain Fog, Stomach problem and dizziness/ balance problem
  15. One pupil larger - head pressure, dizzinesshelp!
  16. Mental disorder and nervious system
  17. pseudosiezure
  18. Speech and other problems
  19. I keep getting shocks in my head
  20. Is bumping your head dangerous?
  21. Painless Tightness (numbness) in head and insomia for over a year
  22. MRI: How long before I can assume "no news is good news?"
  23. Brain Fog, Vision Issues, Floaters and other crazy stuff!
  24. What is happening to me?
  25. Cerebral shrinkage
  26. Testing for metal disorders
  27. Chiari in general... and pregnancy
  28. Head Numbness
  29. Aricept for "dementia" (not Alzheimer's) (celiac)
  30. Would like to know what all this means.
  31. Hypoplasia
  32. trouble concentrating while driving
  33. CBGD - Newly Diagnosed
  34. Strange burning in top right portion of head when I move my head.
  35. Slurred speech and perception/balance problems
  36. Foggy brain, confusion, memory problems
  37. Temporal Lobe Nocturnal Seizures?
  38. Brain pain ?
  39. 2 CT brain scans - one with dye - why?
  40. Chiara Malformation Husband SUFFERING TERRIBLY NEED HELP PLEASE
  41. Many symptoms, need some help!
  42. Problems With Head and Body
  43. Normal MRI Results?
  44. Noduli in the brain
  45. Terrified I have Variant CJD (Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease)
  46. Mri confussion and brain issue??help
  47. excesive blood vessel in the brain help me out with answers
  48. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
  49. Same Issues
  50. Been having some problems
  51. Pernicious Aneamia
  52. 3 year old and possible seizure?
  53. Can anyone help me please!
  54. 7 weeks of hell and crazy symptoms
  55. Lack of Oxygen
  56. Numb Skin on Toes
  57. bug crawling feeling on left side of head
  58. pain on left side... what?
  59. Brain Fog & Pressure in head
  60. New to this site
  61. "Dizzy" spells?
  62. Help me please! Lump on back of head
  63. Chiari Malformation and Singing
  64. Do i have nerves disorder
  65. help with interpretation of results
  66. Swallow syncope
  67. prominent ventricles with tissue loss on CT. 87yr old male
  68. I keep having bad head aches and flashes in my head.
  69. Not sure what to do about possible Neural issues?
  70. Mystery pain
  71. Problems with memory and confusion
  72. Same problem
  73. VP SHUNT at 50...
  74. 8 brain and spinal surgeries
  75. Minor Cervical Injury? I need help knowing.
  76. HELP! Am I dying from concussion?
  77. optic nerves swollen... something wrong in brain?
  78. Chiari Conundrum?
  79. wish I could find the cause
  80. CT Scan Abnormal, but MRI Normal
  81. Post Concussion Syndrome and Equilibrium/Balance issues
  82. Experiences with Mayfield Chiari Clinic?
  83. HELP!!! I need my life back
  84. Son with 3 brain cysts
  85. Intracerebral cyst
  86. I feel like my life is over
  87. New member with scalp pain & burning
  88. My husband has a Blood Vessel Malformation in his Brain
  89. Does this sound like Chiari symptoms?
  90. Need answers!!! ~ Could this really be anxiety!?!?
  91. Could this issue be a nerve problem or something else?
  92. Very Strange Symptoms on the side of face-head
  93. NPH and pressure headaches
  94. My wifes speech slowness is worrying me
  95. Brain damage from painkiller overdose?
  96. weak/faint feeling in head
  97. Variety of Issues- Need Help Figuring Out This Puzzle! CHeck it Out
  98. What cause head tremors and how do I stop them?
  99. The right side of my brain and left side of my body feels weird?
  100. Spreading skin numbness, dizziness, vision probs
  101. Please help
  102. Chiari 1 possibility
  103. Should I be concerned.O2 cutoff to the brain.
  104. Brain cyst
  105. Multiple Problems after Overdose of Robitussin. Help!
  106. chiari malformation newly diagnosed
  107. Crazy Girlfriend!!!! Help!
  108. Hyperactive Nerves and Brain
  109. Wondering What To Do?
  110. CT Angiogram
  111. Brain not following commands-psudo seizures
  112. Can you tell me what these findings on a EEG mean?
  113. Weird stuff goin on in my head
  114. CT Angiogram with Contrast
  115. Right frontal lobe subcortical white matter tiny chronic infarct
  116. possible pathology meaning?
  117. My 2 year old sons mri scan
  118. Chiari Malformation - Newly diagnosed & learning...
  119. Worried about my spine. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  120. Please help??????
  121. Mri Results
  122. My brain
  123. Syst in the brain
  124. Nerve Sensations
  125. Brain Fog
  126. Some advice needed please.
  127. Just found that my grand daughter has an arachnoid cyst behind right eye
  128. Constant Weird feelings in head
  129. Left side of face numbness
  130. MRI artifact
  131. Abnormal brain?
  132. arachniod cyst
  133. Dull/pressure buring type of headache
  134. I think something's wrong with my brain and I'm very weak
  135. Hydrocephilis
  136. Has anyone here had brain surgery? I need to know what to expect
  137. Don't know where to start
  138. Pain,numbing,muscle spasms,weakness
  139. Facial Numbness, tingling, other symptoms.
  140. Severe head ache/ vomiting
  141. Muscle Twitches all over body
  142. Atypical migranes or seizure or ???
  143. PLEASE HELP I beg you :Brain feels extremely weird: like I'm falling.
  144. Burning pains in the head
  145. Head Pressure/Weakness On Right
  146. MRI results for Brain Scan
  147. Alcohol and Marijuana-effects
  148. TemPoral Arteritis
  149. Having constant drunk feeling for last year
  150. mass on right temple, cheekbone.
  151. Low lying cerebellar tonsils?
  152. Dizziness/throwing up/fatigue?
  153. Does anyone else have Thalamic Pain Sydrome or Radioculopathy Pain?
  154. Cyst in Spinal Cord in Neck
  155. neck pain and nervous system disorder in brain
  156. Symptoms all over the place
  157. Can you help reading my BRAIN MRA angiography report?
  158. black pinpricks in field of vision
  159. dizzy and disoriented
  160. Essential Tremor treatment
  161. Self Induced full body shock
  162. sharp pains and vision issues?
  163. skin sensations
  164. PET SCAN... scared
  165. feeling unreal and anxious
  166. dry mouth, throat, sinus, fullness in eyes, buzzing head
  167. Buzzing in Head
  168. Any Ideas what this could be... LONG
  169. Hospital 7wks - Brain tingling / CFS / Virus
  170. CRPS and stabbing/electric shock head pain
  171. Brain MRI report. Lymes. Questions with results?
  172. concerned by mri
  173. help please!!!!
  174. 32 month old with mini strokes?
  175. Brain AVM not treatable Anyone else living like me?
  176. please help
  177. Health issues following a dental infection
  178. Derealization (brain fog, low/fuzzy vision, disconnected feeling)
  179. essential tremor
  180. Seizures
  181. Altered taste (sour minty menthol) and odd skin sensation
  182. MRI Question
  183. beta spikes on gamma range
  184. fluttering
  185. left leg numb to pain and temp
  186. Warm water feeling on leg
  187. i have neuritis for years what the treatment
  188. migraine
  189. I'm feeling dizzy... my neck is having a loose cracking with movement
  190. Brain MRI
  191. Choroid Plexus Papilloma
  192. Dyscalculia?
  193. I have a few problems..
  194. Any ideas? Please help me
  195. Please someone diagnose me
  196. numbness in left cheek and lips
  197. Headache with right eye pain and non reactive pupil
  198. Brain fog, head pressure, cracking in ears, depression/anxiety...what could this be?
  199. Numbness/tingling face arm....lem etc
  200. Eye spasms
  201. Bleeding eye
  202. Can't sleep
  203. Pressure in head, tiredness,
  204. annoying visual sense and fatigue
  205. Devic disease
  206. Sudden headache that won't go away
  207. Confuced and a bit worried!
  208. I have syringomyelia but my symptoms are getting worse
  209. post concussion syndrome
  210. Foggy Thoughts, Bad Memory, Feeling Pressure in my Head
  211. Please help, going through a lot.
  212. Head pressure and nausea - possibly anxiety or depression?
  213. need help
  214. Pineal Gland Cyst, White Matter Lesion, Headaches
  215. brain muscle spasms
  216. Brain Stem Lesion and Facial Pain
  217. Need help with extreme vertigo
  218. Brain mri
  219. sensation in left arm
  220. Has anyone been diagnosed with MSA?
  221. cholesterol Granuloma
  222. visual agnosia?
  223. Difficulty posting.I get mixed up hard to concentrate
  224. Numbness/tingling on face scalp..please help!!
  225. Neural canal Narrowed C-Spine all levels
  226. burning pain in back of head
  227. Minor Head injury and problem in EEG
  228. Continiuos Ache/Pain On Right Side of Entire Body
  229. Need help interpreting MRI report - Chiari
  230. Just putting this out there!
  231. Chiari on my mind...
  232. Pineal Cyst
  233. Chiari the cause all along?
  234. do I have hydrocephalus?
  235. Dizzy, constantly ruining life. Please some advice.
  236. Ringing - Dizzyness - Light headed HELP!
  237. New to the board
  238. Absent seizures???
  239. Chiari and small foramen magnum
  240. Surgery for Chiari - Need Input!!!!!
  241. Constant pressure in head
  242. brain bleed
  243. Should my son get an MRI?
  244. Can Chiari Malformation Be Missed On An MRI?
  245. B12 Shots - what size syringe?
  246. What is this?
  247. Dizzy, blurred vision, other symptoms
  248. Seeking help for concerns
  249. losing track of conversation, foggy brain, very tired after
  250. Unexplained Sensation