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  1. popping in the back of head...really scared..please help.
  2. Update - diagnosis
  3. numbness
  4. fevers
  5. head tics
  6. What is wrong?
  7. apnea,seizure, neither or both?
  8. Arterial Venous Malformation of the Brain
  9. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Arnold Chairi Malformation
  10. symptoms help
  11. new to arnold chiari malformation: symptoms?
  12. New help with 17 year old (PCA posterior cerebral artery)
  13. Long week of pain
  14. dazed "airy" feel in my head while sitting
  15. what cause memory loss and blurry vision
  16. Bppv?
  17. Brain spasms related to copper imbalance?
  18. Feeling lightheaded accompanied with occasional sweats and i vomited late last night
  19. what does a cat scan show
  20. high body temperature after chiari malformation surgery?
  21. Flair signals
  22. head pains
  23. Headache for a week?
  24. chiari ...
  25. Dizziness, numbness, tingling
  26. DX with chiari
  27. tingling in face
  28. Spinal tap yesterday
  29. what causes lesions on the brain
  30. what was a hydrocephalus shunt made of 35 years ago in london UK
  31. headache,chest and left arm pain, etc.
  32. arnold chiari malformation
  33. Pseudotumor Cerebri
  34. i can't read normally
  35. Strange Symptoms. Asking for Advice..
  36. Head tingling - Special testing
  37. MRI of Brain, need some clarification
  38. Nominal Aphasia?
  39. burning and tingling in brain-any ideas? also MRI question.
  40. White spots on the brain
  41. botox for torticollis
  42. neck and head pain
  43. sensation of water on my head
  44. Child with dizziness and lightheadness
  45. Body Heat and Brain Dysfunction
  46. shortness of breath , but the doctor cant find the problem
  47. white spots on brain, what are they
  48. feeling groggy all the time what should i do
  49. There may be a small right sided tumor causing the widening - help?
  50. I have been diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri
  51. 43 and fading fast,mentaly & phyicaly
  52. Eight year old boy with Pineal Cyst...PLEASE HELP!!!
  53. night time internal quivering
  54. Dizziness, Imbalance, And Tinnitus
  55. chiari doctors
  56. How To Read Mri
  57. head jerks
  58. Soar Neck, Numb Lip, Tingling sensations
  59. headaches for 3 wks and demyelination
  60. Dystonia or Something Else
  61. what is wrong with my right hand and arm
  62. Really worried about my hubby
  63. Reverberation through my head if I tap it..???
  64. constant dizziness worsens when turn head
  65. spinal tap scheduled for pseudotumor
  66. Brain Abnormality and more
  67. Pineal Gland Cyst
  68. Hot head and face most everyday
  69. Head noises
  70. Doctors that treat Chiari Malformation
  71. not myself, "numb" for a long period of time
  72. pressure, tingly feeling, fuzziness, etc...
  73. numbness on left side and neck
  74. lumps and loss of movement in hands and feet
  75. brain haemorrhage
  76. hemi paralasis
  77. Plantar and Gastro Reflex?
  78. "Brain Shivers"
  79. Head feels tired, blured vision occasinoaly
  80. Just had an open sitting MRA done, almost fainted-clostrophic-having an mri tommorrow
  81. Are Our Symptoms Really From The Chiari?
  82. cysts on the brain
  83. Vestibular Neuritis
  84. Have they damaged a nreve with the injection??
  85. i think my brain is malfunctioning
  86. Diagnosed with Chiari and low B12
  87. are meningiomas hereditary
  88. cyst in the brain
  89. I need help with a MRI....PLEASE!
  90. not sure if its a nerve pain or bone pain
  91. ventriculo peretineal shunt.
  92. dysautonomia? MVP? how are they connected?
  93. What could all this mean?
  94. Clarification for MRI report - Encephalomalacia
  95. numbness of right hand and right shoulder
  96. need advice
  97. what causes lesions on your spine?
  98. lumbar shunt and pregnancy
  99. Chemistry in head completley messed up, life going down hill...
  100. brain zaps when falling asleep???????
  101. brian lesion
  102. pineal gland cyst
  103. Numbness?
  104. What could this be?
  105. dysautonomia
  106. Nearly 2 months of changing symptoms...tremoring...frustrated...
  107. Huntington Chorea
  108. objects are small and far,nausea,mild headache
  109. what does it mean to see flashes out of my eyes?
  110. Puzzled with this Morning Symtoms
  111. dizziness and memory loss
  112. Tingling Numbness Left side of face and lips
  113. tingling all down my right side
  114. Brain is resistant to all sleep/pain meds
  115. worried
  116. pressure to the head when I lay down
  117. cholesterol cyst
  118. Chiari symptoms
  119. helllppppppp please
  120. walking up a hill and shortage of breth
  121. teenager passing out
  122. Neurological Withdrawal Symptoms
  123. inflamation of the nerves
  124. Death of 15 year old due to bleed at base of brain
  125. Is there a scan or x-ray that shows neuron damage? If not, how is it diagnosed?
  126. head pressure worse when lying down
  127. post chiari surgery skull shape changes
  128. don't know where to start....
  129. meningitis
  130. New Chiari diagnosis- need help!
  131. I need help quickly
  132. How long do your eyes remain dilated after a concussion?
  133. tingling scalp
  134. Mysterious pain in head
  135. weird head pain?
  136. dizziness, head pressure and heavy chest
  137. infections incoherent
  138. headaches, tingling, ringing in ears and dizziness
  139. getting a shocking feeling when falling asleep
  140. hi lynxgal
  141. Csf
  142. Little bit of everything symptoms.
  143. Brain Bleed - Central Nervous System Vasculitis
  144. At my wits end
  145. tingling on one side of face
  146. tingling in head with feeling of throwing up
  147. I really don't know what to think!
  148. Ian McCutcheon or Daniel Yosher in Houston
  149. how to read a MRI
  150. Symptom Check
  151. what causes two brain lesions?
  152. need advice
  153. Worrying Post Operation Symptoms
  154. how do i wean myself off zanaz
  155. Re death of eldest son and MRI result for youngest son
  156. Cervical spondolysis
  157. True or False, need advice
  158. Black-out versus Seizure
  159. MRI result of young son after death of 15 year old son from suspected cerebal aneurys
  160. why do i have a sharp pain on the side of my neck?
  161. terrible tremors
  162. my 5 year old has got to have brain surgery
  163. doctor found two cyst in my head
  164. fainting
  165. strange feelings in the head
  166. Someone Help Me Im So Desperate
  167. Blood clot in the head! DEATH! ANSWERS PLEASE
  168. Alana20
  169. Dementia? Psychotic symptoms. Prognosis?
  170. tumour symptoms
  171. what is a childs normal blood presure
  172. Confusion and disorientation - Before and after Prathyroid surgery
  173. Constant dizziness, TMD?
  174. Re death of eldest son and MRI result for youngest son
  175. Ataxia???
  176. Scan that shows damage an MRI scan doesn't?
  177. my son has just had an mri scan
  178. 66 year old dad just had shunt installed for NPH
  179. When I look up in bifocals, my right arm,leg and right half of my mouth go to sleep.
  180. Possible Essential tremor?
  181. dilated pupil with headaches
  182. Anyone know what my MRI means?
  183. CT scan question
  184. Anyone know what my MRI means?
  185. Waiting for MRI Results...
  186. Can car exaust cause brain damage?
  187. bizarre fatigue symptoms like a drunk
  188. Is Benign muscle fasiculations a disease?
  189. Cold spots ?
  190. Strange Nerve symptoms?
  191. post lumbar puncture, NEED HELP!!!
  192. dysautonomia or p.o.t.s.
  193. Almost chronic lightheadedness
  194. Autonomic neuropathy, but not diabetic. Also other disorders?
  195. For Those In Limbo Please Take A Look
  196. 1 year old with LARGE choroid plexus cyst
  197. Problems with my cognitive brain function
  198. Brain pop
  199. fluid in brain and pressure in eye
  200. Neurotransmitter imbalance triggered by physical exercise?
  201. Can you offer any information with Arnold Chiari Malformation/ Dandy Walker Variant?
  202. Is this diagnosis and treatment correct? (motor neuron disease)
  203. Is this the same as Chiari Malformation?
  204. pupils changing size
  205. Do U have Chiari Malformation? Answer this question.
  206. trapped nerves?
  207. Evidence of abnormal enhancement?
  208. Headache and arm numbness
  209. possible alternating horner's syndrome
  210. Help interpreting my 9 yr olds sons MRI and EEG results and symptoms
  211. Possible Arnold Chiari Malformation1/Syringomyelia
  212. Weird Feeling in head
  213. Warm Water Sensation on leg
  214. Alana20
  215. Autonomic Neuropathy
  216. Oxygen shortage?
  217. Symptoms, waiting for MRI results
  218. Cavernous Hemangioma of the Brain
  219. Mri report..help me understand
  220. Pseudotumor Cerebri or MS??? please help
  221. intracranial hemorrhage...anyone know anything about it?
  222. why?
  223. hopeless...any advice?
  224. Help Understanding MRI..
  225. How to read mri
  226. what do abnormal spikes on an eeg mean?
  227. brain shunt for hydrocephalus
  228. i get spells as though im going to faint but never do
  229. what causes lesions on the brain
  230. Chronic headaches and dizziness when moving my eyes
  231. slerry speech
  232. Burning in the brain
  233. Unknown symptoms
  234. Not the head-buzzing from sleep paralysis, but something else...
  235. Shaky Days...my son and I...
  236. Circulation/nerve problem?
  237. Mri Machines
  238. pulse in my head and dizzinessss
  239. small vessel disease
  240. whole body numbness
  241. Mri
  242. What Could This Be?
  243. Does this sound like Chiari Malformation?
  244. CT Scan Vs. MRI
  245. Narcolepsy/Catplexy
  246. lynxgal
  247. test results
  248. Sudden onset of fatigue
  249. my friend died 6 mos ago from a anurizum .
  250. 6 month-old having seizures???