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  1. 6 month-old having seizures???
  2. I think i may have a bad nerve ending in my thumb.
  3. Can anyone help me please?
  4. Weird sensation in head
  5. health
  6. Tingly feeling and Numbness
  7. Mri
  8. Pressure in my head
  9. Migrains, Dizzyness.... and so much more.... please help me.
  10. migraines, dizziness and dr says see therapist. help!!!
  11. vagus nerve & fainting & heart arrythmias
  12. Mri
  13. Cerebellar Ataxia
  14. looking for people with pseudotumor
  15. sharp shooting pain on top right of my head
  16. dizziness from dawn til dusk
  17. Mine hurt!
  18. Really worried.
  19. Lightheaded and Weird sensations?? I'm lost!!
  20. Can someone please interpret my MRI report??????
  21. transient icy patches on my face/body
  22. Can Neuro problems cause swallowing problems?
  23. please can anyone help me!!!!
  24. Lynxgal
  25. Dizziness & Numb feeling
  26. To feelbad
  27. is it brain damage?
  28. what is the tingle in the brain?
  29. Chiari Malformation Information
  30. Shaky & confused
  31. severe dizziness and headaches
  32. problem with my nerves
  33. What Does a Brain CT Scan Show?
  34. Temples
  35. encephalmalacia
  36. Shrinking brain?
  37. How to stop shaking
  38. Help!!!sensory disturbances and eye pain
  39. two spots on left and one on right side of brain
  40. DESPERATELY seeking ideas on neuro type symptoms!
  41. brain lesions
  42. mysoline for tremmors
  43. brain mass
  44. Meiges Syndrome
  45. strange sensations, this happen to you??
  46. Neurological problems that wont go away (please help!)
  47. Question about EEG
  48. Please Help - Brain / Head "Cracking"
  49. Soft upper motor neurone signs
  50. Dizziness, pressure headaches, teeth hurt!
  51. headaches and nerve pain
  52. Spasms or Twinging of the brain or head while in a sleep
  53. Black BLOB
  54. A Birth Defect - What's it Called?
  55. Chiari 1 Malformation and 12yr old
  56. C1-C2 instability
  57. mental get tired when im studyind or doing other job
  58. Suggestions ?Carpal tunnel ?I am not convinced but the neuro tries to convice me
  59. tingling right side of face and chest
  60. severe neck pain
  61. who reads Mri
  62. what is fibermalagia
  63. recuring pain in my left ankle during sleep about every 30seconds hot as bad when i a
  64. Weird numbness
  65. dizziness and pressure
  66. seizures, headaches, numbness, dizziness
  67. Cerebellum Sticks Below Base Of Skull
  68. newly diagnosed hydrocephalus - need info, please
  69. phychatrist doctors
  70. Very worried...
  71. what can cause brain lesions
  72. Mysterious part of brain? The "super power" section?
  73. Heavy Head
  74. Inflamed Nerves In Arm
  75. Alana20
  76. snap or bang in the brain
  77. mucus controling me
  78. Low Grade Glioma Tumor!! Has anyone else been diagnosed with this??
  79. MRI of the BRAIN
  80. pineal cist seizurescns symptons
  81. how long is the surgery for a chiari malformation takes
  82. Can someone tell me what this is PLEASE!!!
  83. headaches, nausea, dizziness
  84. ventricle size after VP Shunt revision
  85. congestive heart failure
  86. what to do if you have cerebellum pain
  87. My brain has a mind of its own!! Lol
  88. tingling in head
  89. Concussion?
  90. Son diagnosed with Cavernous Angioma
  91. throbbing pulse in neck keeps me awake
  92. Suffering from blurred vision and having headache!
  93. question.help
  94. brain sensations
  95. tingling in face
  96. 12 yr old loss of equilibrium & short-term memory, severe headaches,
  97. Please!!! I Need Answers!
  98. bacterial meningitis
  99. vein in temple is pulsating why?
  100. Totally fatigued and in pain
  101. what causes leg,feet,hands and feet and back to cramp at different times
  102. tingling in legs...
  103. cyst
  104. My brain has swelling... I'm beyond fear...
  105. Extremely worried
  106. What Diseases Cause Brain Lesions?
  107. MRI shows spot on brain what could it be
  108. does anxiety cause constant light headedness
  109. Arachnoid cyst
  110. can anyone explain an MRI report?
  111. Falls
  112. i have had a headache for 2 months now, what is causing it?
  113. Elevated Prolactin and...Premature MENOPAUSE?!
  114. electric shock sensation on left side when walking
  115. Cognitive problems, irritability.. ?
  116. what natural foods can help take some of the symtons of ms away?
  117. mri head
  118. I have no idea what this could be.
  119. psuedoseizures
  120. subject, body tremmers
  121. i have a burning sensation in my scalp
  122. am i wack?
  123. Alana20
  124. head numbness
  125. I need help
  126. wondering what to do about a MRI
  127. i keep vomiting and im nauseas, what could i have
  128. What could this be? Should I worry?
  129. Headache, Ear and Eye Pain
  130. Buzzing inside head
  131. head feels like it burns when i touch my hair
  132. does this take into an effect
  133. what is jumpy eyes
  134. tingling, tremor, numbness in head
  135. arachnoid cyst
  136. Tingling on left side of head
  137. Struck in forehead with softball line drive...
  138. not sure at all??
  139. Myothenia gravis???
  140. frontal lobe tumor
  141. Pounding & Numbness
  142. nonspecific areas showed up on MRI of head
  143. Need Help About A Brain Tumour
  144. What Causes Itching under Skin
  145. not sure if this is the right place
  146. Life AFTER a TIA
  147. Temporal artery
  148. Bohunk?
  149. vegus nerve
  150. Brain Surgery - Recovery
  151. tingle and numbness on my left side face, arms, legs top of head and chest
  152. Worst (or best) MRI Interpretation?
  153. left ear pain radiats to my left brain
  154. Brain Current
  155. what is your prognosis and treatment for pineal cyst
  156. alana20
  157. Lynxgal.....
  158. update re: cognitive impairment - pls help
  159. please help!!
  160. abnormal EEG
  161. calcium deposits on brain
  162. peroneal nerve palsy
  163. Help me please!
  164. pains in my legs at nite
  165. tingling down right side of face
  166. can you do me a favor? it's urgent!
  167. Anyone help?
  168. electrical zaps in head
  169. dizziness
  170. pineal/putitary cysts...help
  171. Arm went numb + constant 'zombieness', falling asleep
  172. any idea?
  173. chiari malformation
  174. what causes lesions on the brain besides ms
  175. Permanent upper peripheral vision loss, severe headaches, etc? HELP!!
  176. 8 year old brain shakes
  177. nerves
  178. Am I Crazy? Please Help...
  179. I got my diagnosis has anyone heard of this?
  180. A bunch of neuro type problems :(
  181. Operation on my cerebellum
  182. Eye Won't Open - 3rd Cranial Nerve Damaged
  183. NO help out there
  184. Brain Haemorrhage
  185. is it a headache? or what the hell is it?
  186. Pounding/Pulsing in head
  187. Twitching lips
  188. Need some serious advice???
  189. Feels like little bugs crawling under my scalp on my head, what could it be?
  190. whats wrong with my head?!
  191. TBI's?
  192. Could I Have a Brain Tumour?!
  193. Can anybody give advice?
  194. sharp shootign pains in my head
  195. any idea as to what this could be?
  196. Hyper intence brain matter
  197. feeling heavy headed
  198. dizzy, tired, spaced out
  199. Please help! Possible anurysum!
  200. what does only 1 bright spot on mri mean?
  201. Head pressure/dizziness/brain fog
  202. Brain Cancer
  203. Need advice quick.
  204. Alana20....
  205. Transverse Myeltis
  206. Brain zaps!!!
  207. Pineal Cyst just found
  208. Severe Pain - Arachnoid Cycst
  209. Brain Cyst Growth? What is normal and what is too much?
  210. weird vibrating feeling when trying to sleep
  211. i dont know if seizures go into this board or not, but please, please help me.
  212. Seroquel medication hyper activity or adrenalin rush from the brain I need help
  213. What is this?
  214. "Spells" that Mimic a Stroke but Not a Stroke According to Doctors
  215. If Neurocardiogenic causes syncope , what causes the horrible cramps and pasting out
  216. Occasional twitch/spasm of right side
  217. feelbad-question
  218. anyone have any ideas???
  219. Undiagnosed brainstem lesion - locked in syndrome LIS
  220. asprin and a alarm noise in head
  221. electric surging through body
  222. do deep neurofibromas show up on x-rays?
  223. Right eye drooping, headache
  224. feels like head vibration
  225. New to this forum.... question
  226. pressure, numbness head and tingling of face
  227. Conitnuous ringing/pulsing in the head
  228. chrnic pain in th right side of my head
  229. brain damage from mercury poisoning
  230. 30 Bromazepams of 3 mg daily to sleep......
  231. How Do I Respond To 'how Are You?' Would Love Some Input Here.
  232. question please help
  233. Lesions on the Brain
  234. Small Headache
  235. Please help me, what do these MRI results mean? In idiot terms please...
  236. Head shaking/tremors
  237. Any clue what this could be?
  238. Driving myself crazy worrying
  239. Intracranial Hypotension
  240. Involuntary retching and gagging
  241. Lapse in memory
  242. head tension.. etc :S makin me parinoid
  243. Preventing A Spinal Tap Headache
  244. Head Pressure/neck What Is Going On???
  245. New Here~
  246. Need Help, please
  247. I am getting so frustrated!
  248. Lightning-strikes in left side
  249. Arm and hand numbness
  250. brain mass?