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  1. What happens after you take the medication?
  2. Can Candida mimic an STD?
  3. i may have candida ?
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  5. Got It Completely Under Control
  6. Antibiotic reaction
  7. Candida
  8. Supplements- CandElim, Gymnema Sylvestre
  9. Question about Candida
  10. Candida from long term antibiotic use for acne?
  11. Oral Thrush/Can someone help me figure this out?
  12. Is this candida?
  13. Systemic Candida or Psoriatic Arthritis
  14. die off or flare up??
  15. has anyone used itraconazole (Sporanox) 100mg
  16. Has Anyone Ever gotten a UTI from Fluconozole or Diflucan?
  17. Candida?
  18. Lufenuron Dangers
  19. can oral thrush cause chest pain that go's into arm
  20. Candida problem or something else?
  21. Not sure what is wrong!
  22. Blood sugar issues
  23. thrush
  24. can a vitamin cause die-off?
  25. Nystatin Herxheimer effects, Chronic Fatigue, Neurolgic Disability
  26. Constipation and yeast infection
  27. recurring Candida
  28. Are my symptoms related to Candida/Leaky Gut?
  29. Angular Cheilitis Treatment
  30. Thrush question
  31. Started Diflucan 150mg daily, but for how long?
  32. Feet Candidiasis?
  33. Candida of the mouth and throat
  34. Spotting after a Year Infection
  35. low boederline white blood cell count
  36. permanent dull headache and blury vision
  37. Mystery Illness/Brian Fog/Light sensitivity/Digestive issues
  38. Does it sound like candida?
  39. candida infection
  40. Candida Esophagitis
  41. Candida diet/supplement protocol questions...
  42. poor health need advice
  43. Oregano Oil, candida, drug interactions. Help plz!
  44. Candida overgrowth
  45. SIBO and pain?
  46. Urgent help needed please!!
  47. Belching & Candida?
  48. Vitamin C with citric acid?
  49. how do I know?
  50. chronic candida...please help
  51. Could this be candida overgrowth
  52. candida
  53. Systemic Candida
  54. power through die-off or back off antifungals?
  55. my story and symptoms... someone please
  56. Is it possible that I have candida?
  57. Angular Kelosis/Chelitis
  58. i think i know what you mean
  59. Need help-being inundated with thrush!
  60. Does Crohn's and Strep cause oral thrush??
  61. Eating coconut as good as taking coconut oil?
  62. Meats on candida diet
  63. Strep then candida? Additional weird symptoms
  64. Candida diet- Sugar free jam
  65. This is about Candida overgrowth but much more...
  66. Yellow tongue???
  67. 30yr old male. Could I have candida?
  68. Candida question please
  69. Can you treat thrush naturally?
  70. Thrush in adult after surgery?
  71. just found out I have candida yesterday. I'm clueless! need help
  72. male yeast infection
  73. Angular Chelitis
  74. My journey/battle with chronic candida & finally hope
  75. Newly Diagnosed need advice please!
  76. Oral Candida
  77. Candida Results
  78. pH level treatment?
  79. How can I prevent overgrowth of Candida when taking antibiotics?
  80. Recurring Vaginal Yeast Infections in a 40 year old HELP!
  81. Yeast Infection? Or Something Else?
  82. What medicatio have you had the most luck with at bringing down your candida?
  83. Candida.
  84. Probiotic Dosage for intestinal candida
  85. Please Help Me - Need Diagnosis!!
  86. Pre-existing Conditions
  87. Candida
  88. I stubbed and broke a couple of toes.
  89. ADD Medication
  90. Aussie with questions on candida.
  91. Life-long symptoms in search of cure - candida?
  92. Confirm this is candida?
  93. Itchy Belly Button
  94. candida
  95. I think I have Candida ??
  96. Urgent help....is it Candida?
  97. yeast infection or something else, its killing me :(
  98. Unexpalinable odd symptoms for a year!
  99. Not sure if it's just a yeast infection
  100. Mislead by a pharmacist?
  101. Froth in the mouth,is that candida?
  102. Balanitis troubles (yeast infection symptoms won't go away)
  103. yeast infection caused by soap?
  104. Hello
  105. Please help
  106. diagnosed and so stressed!:(
  107. Please Help
  108. bedridden with candida
  109. Tons of digestive issues and other symptoms... could it be candida?
  110. dealing with discharge and itching since Feb2010
  111. Antibiotics causing a yeast infection... i think?
  112. How to tell if it's Candida or Lyme???
  113. Herxing?
  114. Recently diagnosed, Candida and Lyme
  115. Nystatin and OLE
  116. could my body odor be candida?
  117. Candida and Hives
  118. Candida or psoriasis
  119. Can I possibly have Candida??Opinions?
  120. Candida and head, ear and dizzy problems
  121. Diagnosis without Candida symptoms
  122. Still Fighting
  123. has anyone cured their candida with nystatin and diflucan?
  124. Threelac
  125. candida and sugar addiction
  126. Just A Thought...
  127. Candida diet and chronic gas
  128. Yeast Infection gone, but still lots of burning and pain
  129. suffering from IBS for years
  130. oral candida treatments
  131. suffering from oral candida
  132. Questions
  133. I MIGHT have found the answer to my problems
  134. spit test
  135. Ammonia Urine-like smelling breath PLEASE HELP!!
  136. What is happening to me?
  137. question
  138. Trying Syntol AMD for Candida
  139. New Here... 16 days in...
  140. I was just diagnosed with candida
  141. candida/herpes/siphilis/???
  142. Need help with Candida!
  143. Candida??!!
  144. Help please
  145. Candida misery!!!
  146. Tested Positive for Candida
  147. Candida and probiotics along w prescription?
  148. Coconut oil & Grapefruit seed extract to combat Candida ?
  149. is it ok to chew the diflucan pill?
  150. Systemic Candidis Diagnosis. What next?
  151. Yeast Problem!
  152. Yeast Problem!
  153. Requesting Feedback
  154. Candida: Ruining my life now, and my future.
  155. Are there any fruits I can eat on a no sugar diet?
  156. Oral Candida
  157. anxiety is killing me. very worried, need help, LOTS of symptoms but wasn't lyme
  158. White coating on tongue_very worried
  159. Can this be a Yeast Infection?
  160. Worried, please help
  161. Adult oral thrush
  162. Kefir Question
  163. Yeast Infection/5 Month old Nursing
  164. Help Please.
  165. Why Nystatin for esophageal candidiasis?
  166. Could it be Candida?
  167. Chronic yeast infections from antibiotics for six months
  168. Diet Questions
  169. candida
  170. Candida Diagnosis
  171. Candida Diagnosis
  172. candida treatments
  173. Difference Between Difucan and Nystatin?
  174. Someone, anyone! Help!
  175. Candida and Kefir...
  176. Just diagnosed - feeling intimidated
  177. Could it be because of a yeast infection that i cannot feel pleasue inmy vagina
  178. candida albicans/glabrata of lungs
  179. Penile yeast infection
  180. positive spit test and mouth too soft
  181. How is candida diagnosed?
  182. fungal balls
  183. Treatments targeting lpr/reflux?
  184. Keep slipping up
  185. Symptoms of candida??
  186. IGE Allergy to Candida Albicans
  187. Recurring Angular Cheilitis
  188. Yeast Infection
  189. Olive leaf extract (OLE) and use of probiotics
  190. Vaginal Candida
  191. Thrush in my Mouth "No Easter Egg For Me"...
  192. Candida
  193. Candida infection or something else?
  194. Could this be Candida symptoms?
  195. "Whats The Difference"...
  196. Manuka Honey! Not for me..
  197. Grapefruit seed extact for Candida
  198. herxheimers reaction. ?
  199. Dark Field Blood Test?
  200. Oral thrush with Fluconazole/Nystatin ?
  201. Candida Diagnosis
  202. Candida/Chronic Gas
  203. trapped wind!!
  204. herx??
  205. reoccuring chronic infections
  206. Candida after Red Scrotum Syndrome
  207. Anyone try Daktarin Oral Gel?
  208. Is this fatigue after eating sugar candida die off?
  209. erica white?
  210. itchy toes?
  211. confused is this candida?
  212. Overwhelmed...
  213. test accurate in diagnosing an overgrowth?
  214. Is this candida?
  215. Oral thrush refuses to go away... please help!
  216. Candex--Side Effects?
  217. GERD, IBS, Vertigo = Candida?
  218. Does Kefir work for candida?
  219. Constipation and Candida... What to do?!
  220. candida and alcohol
  221. Is There a Test For Candidiasis?
  222. Drug resistant thrush! Please help
  223. Weird symptoms for 4 months... Candida?
  224. Swollen Lymph nodes - 6 months, Fatigue, candida, facial twitches..Help?!
  225. Candida & threelac
  226. candida
  227. Fibromyalgia and candida
  228. Candida of the intestines affecting the rest of the body?
  229. Slow thyroid? Mercury Poisoning? B12 Deficiency? Gluten Intolerance? Candida?
  230. excellent candidate to donate kidney, but...
  231. Candida treatment that's not herbal?
  232. Diet for Candida
  233. Candida ruining my sex life :(
  234. Candida Yeast Bacteria Cleanse
  235. Floaters in fron of eyes - could it be Candida?
  236. herpes and candida albicans
  237. candida yeast and hormones
  238. Am I a good candidate for pain management
  239. what is candida/thrush in your virginia
  240. Is it possible to have CONSTANT candida die off symptoms?
  241. systemic candida infection
  242. IDET candidate seeking advice
  243. Chronic Hives, Hashimotos, Candida ???
  244. Candida?
  245. Nizoral and Nioxin Regimen...Am I a Good Candidate?
  246. Candida and Sugar Addiction
  247. Help!! Overlapping symptoms of HypoT and Candida Albicans
  248. candida doctors of new orleans
  249. candida and rashes
  250. please could someone give some advice.. ( candida)