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  1. Treatment Decision, leaning to Surgery
  2. Bowel issues and NHS waiting lists
  3. presumed small cyst at right kidney!!!
  4. Cancer: Non-Hodgkins Folicullar Lymphoma
  5. Constant Nausea!
  6. Colon cancer?
  7. To much stress with cancer on top!
  8. cancer to death progression?
  9. Breastlight
  10. Worried about spep test and serum immunofixation test
  11. Multiple Myeloma Question
  12. Gist
  13. What is going on with my Mommy? Cyst or cancer?
  14. My Dad was just diagnosed with Cancer...
  15. Help me PLEASE...im freaking out about cancer for the past 6 months..?
  16. stage 4 cancer, no treatment...what to expect
  17. illness
  18. I think I have cancer, breaking out in moles!
  19. concerned
  20. Does Anyone Have This Cancer?
  21. Do I listen to my moms wishes?
  22. Tiny black dot under the skin next to my lip
  23. been there done that so farr...
  24. Does this sound like Thoat Cancer? (Used Snuff for Approx. 4 years)
  25. nodules, night sweats, etc.
  26. How to know I am risk of Endometrial cancer
  27. How to diagnosed endometrial cancer
  28. Cancer talk is scary, but...
  29. What is a mass?
  30. opinions on what this might be.
  31. To worry or not to worry..
  32. Kidney cancer hereditary question
  33. Enlarged lymph node in neck
  34. Carcinoid Cancer
  35. brain ct scan for my son please i dont want to lose my son
  36. B-17 Cancer Treatment/Cure?
  37. Am I Being A Hypochondriac? Please Help.
  38. Cancer detected by high CRP level?
  39. Can it be cancer???!
  40. Carcinoid Tumors
  41. pancreas cancer??? just wondering if anyone who had/ or has it could help me ?
  42. 2nd Opinions?
  43. ultrasound vs CT with contrast.
  44. scared i have lymphoma
  45. Heterogeneous lymph node
  46. Possibly Lymphoma.
  47. lung lesion~should I be worried!
  48. Testicular Cancer?
  49. Lymphoma
  50. Gland Masses
  51. My younger cousin has a spreading mole on his penis head...
  52. Neuroendocrine Tumor
  53. Distal Bile Duct Cancer
  54. Soft tissue sarcoma?
  55. Mestasis
  56. What should I expect?
  57. Urology Clinics London
  58. Enlarged node in neck after 6 months
  59. Going for CT guided biopsy Lymphadenopathy iliac inguinal and Retroperitoneal.
  60. Fibromatosis/Desmoid tumor
  61. Should I get a kyphoplasty?
  62. Chewing on paper -> cancer
  63. dermatofibrosarcoma protuberance
  64. 7 year old wbc 24.6 no blasts-suggestions
  65. A link to the cure
  66. could it be a tumor
  67. Cancer?
  68. Could a lump on collar bone be Lymphoma?
  69. Problem Urinating!!!
  70. my pathology report???
  71. vitals before n after coma
  72. does coma always happen w/ liver failure
  73. Just a question about tumor removed
  74. My father has pancreatic cancer
  75. Live like you were dying
  76. throat cancer?
  77. what will ct scan on my liver show
  78. Cancer everywhere
  79. What is going on with me?
  80. how long will you live with pancreatitis cancer
  81. Really worried about Lymphoma :-(
  82. Newly Diagnosed-Grade III Astrocytome (Brain)
  83. Mri
  84. Tonsil Cancer?
  85. Cancer: nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  86. Soft tissue sarcoma
  87. Carcinoid syndrome? Please help
  88. Lower abdominal pain both sides. ovarian cyst/cancer? any advice?
  89. Ambiguous radiology vs. patholgy breast results
  90. Possible Pancreas Problem
  91. hard lymph nodes and rubbery ones? i am worried about cancer...
  92. Just diagnosed with Cancer and I'm really scared.
  93. Penile Cancer
  94. hypoechoic mass
  95. Breast cancer with Lymph node involvement?
  96. swollen submadullar lymph node
  97. Natural/Alternative successes?
  98. Worried about swollen nodes
  99. I've self-diagnosed myself to have leukemia and/or lymphoma...
  100. Do I have cause for concern?
  101. Please help.
  102. Raised inflamtion marker
  103. Care required after stem cell transplant?
  104. carcinoid?
  105. leukemia
  106. what do you think it is ?
  107. Dichloroacetate
  108. cancer
  109. Recommendations on Oral Mucositis Treatment
  110. Suspicious moles
  111. melanoma skin cancer
  112. How do you handle the waiting???
  113. Fluid Build Up In Neck Lymph Node.
  114. is it recurrence
  115. large mass growing on left thigh
  116. testiest
  117. Chromogranin A Test
  118. A quick question about tumors
  119. I'm a little worried!
  120. How long does it take to get cancer screening results back?
  121. Parotid Gland Cancer(Salivary Gland)
  122. terminal cancer
  123. Blood Work
  124. Cancer not detected by MRI of Brain?
  125. If you don't like cancer...
  126. got pain under my arm what can it be
  127. Mediport-Lifesite information needed
  128. Mesenteric Lymph Nodes - Cancer risk
  129. Retropectoral Desmoid Tumor
  130. how fast do sarcoma grow and spread
  131. Cyst or tumor?
  132. Portacath no longer accessable for flushing
  133. Renal cell carcinoma
  134. cancer in shoulder i have been told it is inoperable?
  135. Orthopaedic oncologist
  136. Lymphoma or mass Pelvic Crease Inguinal Node
  137. recurring extremely painful to palpation right front side of neck
  138. Round spots all over body
  139. radio active iodine treatment
  140. help
  141. Acinic Cell Carcinoma
  142. Elevated AFP
  143. Multiple Myeloma and my mom
  144. News from the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting
  145. Smokers
  146. im very worried!
  147. Is it cancer?
  148. Hemmerhoids!!!!!
  149. Running low grade fever for days
  150. can anyone help me???
  151. Is this cancer?
  152. In the hands of the NHS
  153. Carcinoma of the toung and lymph node removal
  154. Number of Lumps increasing and becoming Vascular
  155. if my right testicle has a small lump on it what does that mean
  156. Carcinoid Syndrome? New - Please help!
  157. Small cysts
  158. X Rays and induced cancer because of them..
  159. was told cannot donate blood because of some type blood cancer
  160. Node in neck
  161. Freezing cold one minute and drenched in sweat the next
  162. Steroids, chemo and cancer
  163. what does a neck ct scan show
  164. Could Microwaves be Used as a Cancer Treatment?
  165. blood clots while take Warfarin
  166. Biopsy (any ideas please)
  167. Could it be Insulinoma
  168. worried
  169. Lump in neck
  170. Penile Cancer
  171. Worried about mass along left costal margin.
  172. High reticulocyte count but rest of blood test ok
  173. pappillary carcinoma
  174. 4inch Nodule on Leg
  175. thickening of the womb
  176. Lump on leg
  177. Recently found birth mother and siblings...cancer rampant in family!
  178. Alternative Cancer Treatment with 65% Success Rate?
  179. Question about cancer caused by CT scans
  180. enlarged lymph node
  181. Small lump
  182. Possibly cancer please help!!
  183. Multiple Myeloma and Staghorn Calculi
  184. zero blood count
  185. Vitamin C and Ozone treatments
  186. RE: Polycythemia Rubra Vera
  187. Pea sized lump on neck
  188. What is my prognosis
  189. what does it mean if you have a spot on your liver
  190. Alternative treatments
  191. do i have tonsil cancer if my tonsils look black
  192. cancer
  193. Perotenial Carcinomatosis
  194. Right side of throat hurts ??
  195. What do doctors know
  196. Medical Bill Help!!!
  197. Moral dilemma...called an ambulance
  198. mri
  199. Fatty Lumps Are Painful
  200. Ruff moles
  201. need help understanding
  202. Ruff Moles
  203. Can cancer cause weight loss?
  204. Cancer Appetite Loss and Treatment
  205. 20 years old and lung cancer
  206. Recent surgery...Now What????
  207. cancer smelling sores
  208. Worried?? Eagle's syndrome
  209. Lumps under skin
  210. Cancer, cancer, cancer
  211. what does a cyst look like
  212. A meningioma!!!!
  213. lump on my thigh
  214. A Lot of CT Scans and Radiation - Worried about risks
  215. please give me your views
  216. Clueless and Concerned
  217. pancreas
  218. question
  219. In 2003 my mom passed away from cancer
  220. Mouth Cancer?
  221. First Experience, need information please
  222. What is Multiple Myeloma
  223. scared
  224. any idea what this could be?
  225. Fyi
  226. Osteosarcoma
  227. Could it be a cancer or???
  228. There is hope!
  229. show lump mass in thigh
  230. metastatic thyroid carcinoma
  231. Please help!
  232. Swelling on the legs and constant hiccups
  233. Costant Hiccups at night...
  234. concerning question about lumps
  235. Can Tian Xian and Essiac Tea cure Cancer?
  236. Neuroendocrine Carcinoma
  237. mass on arm getting bigger
  238. circular swelling on thigh
  239. Cancer
  240. Does Sorafenib really cure Advance Cancer?
  241. Lump on Inner Thigh...
  242. Squamous Cell Carcinoma Groin Lymph node CUP
  243. Nodule on pancreas
  244. Pea Size Lump On My Right Testicle!
  245. Throat/Neck Cancer
  246. stomach pain help
  247. GA-40 experience anyone?
  248. Tiny tiny hard point on right testicle.
  249. how long after prednisone to wbc return to normal
  250. VIPoma Diagnosis