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  1. Any Thoughts...
  2. Please help....really worried
  3. cancer question
  4. Results are in from CT Scan done on Friday
  5. donating blood/cancer
  6. My Little Girl
  7. need information on side effects of radiation to the larynx (throat)
  8. Info on salivary gland cancer?
  9. Help!! had chemo leaked under skin cant get it out
  10. Small cell advanced cervical cancer
  11. Help with what this means? Squamous metaplasia
  12. Please help me know what's coming for us..small cell that metastasized
  13. Need advice about post radiation swelling.
  14. Questions??
  15. Symptoms of Lung Cancer
  16. Neck Dissection experiences
  17. awareness bracelet
  18. Funny test results
  19. Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  20. General Cancer Question
  21. Hypoechoic Mass-What's that? Clueless!
  22. Child with Cancer (GNB)
  23. Has anyone tried Ellagic Acid?
  24. Heard of Ablation????
  25. are these signs of cancer in the jaw?
  26. neoplasm
  27. Question for Bill or anyone who had throat radiation
  28. Low grade neoplasm
  29. Just wanted to introduce myself
  30. Odd Symptoms
  31. Dont Understand What This Is
  32. x-ray vs. MRI
  33. Radiation from x-rays
  34. chemo.. actinomycin
  35. Did my husband have cancer?
  36. Terrified - Please help
  37. Radiation/Chemo for Mouth Cancer
  38. Pain and swelling of lower leg
  39. Cancer question please help
  40. vulval cancer?
  41. Lymphoma
  42. Normal? Worh a Trip to the doc?
  43. Looking for support tips..
  44. Mouth Cancer?
  45. My Ultimate Fear...
  46. Ct Scan results..can someone help?
  47. mesenchymal chondrosarcoma
  48. Under eye Bruising/Dark Circles final stages of Cancer?
  49. tesituclar cancer? please help
  50. Can cancer be found through blood work?
  51. Can someone help me understand..?
  52. My father... and his sickness
  53. I have a bump on my right temple that hurts and I'm afraid it's cancer! Please help!
  54. Do I have cancer?
  55. I cant believe I missed this!!! Tonsil Cancer?!
  56. Acid reflux linked?
  57. Very confused and need some help
  58. Small lumps under skin in abdoman
  59. Puesdomixoma Peritini
  60. Whitish patch in back of throat?
  61. I think I have cancer...
  62. Soft Tissue Tumor
  63. Mild ear pain for more than 3 months--cancer?
  64. Melanoma
  65. very scared
  66. Question, need advice...
  67. Cancer Symptoms?
  68. Lump, Blood: Do I have cancer?
  69. possible signs
  70. Dad getting chemo, no energy or appetite. Ideas?
  71. Ascetis
  72. Coming to grips
  73. A possible cure to cancer the FDA doesn't want you to know about.
  74. lump on back of head
  75. Scared about lump
  76. Thick Neck???
  77. Sore throat due to radiation
  78. Is it a Brain Tumour?
  79. Brain stem Glioma
  80. the Dr Nicholas Gonzalez treatment
  81. Feel wierd thing on my right testicle
  82. Young person with terminally ill parent
  83. Early signs
  84. Lung Tissue?
  85. Hnpcc
  86. bump under upper lip
  87. Head Lump
  88. Melanoma and pregnancy
  89. Confused
  90. What is this thing under my jaw?!
  91. Swollen Gland
  92. So worried.
  93. Dad has advanced primary lilver cancer. I have a few questions about what to expect..
  94. lump on thigh and back pain, please help.
  95. Penile cancer maybe HELP
  96. Cancer In Blood
  97. Colon cancer - survival chances ...
  98. I'm so mad...yet I can't stop crying...HELP
  99. Probably a Dumb Question
  100. Please help- I am scared
  101. Stomach problem I think ?
  102. Post Thyroidectomy swelling question
  103. It's been almost a month since he died.
  104. Still am not sure if i have cancer
  105. Heartsick
  106. thyroid biopsy back
  107. squamos cell cancer
  108. My brother has lump in cheek.....
  109. can a ct scan of the neck show all head and neck cancers
  110. Can this be a tumor?
  111. Symptoms?
  112. How do I care for the carer?
  113. Leg Tumor?
  114. lymph node at side of arm area PLEASE help
  115. Nasopharyngeal mass
  116. Could be Cancer - what do I do now??
  117. Brain Cancer- early signs?
  118. Some Good News
  119. info on chrones disease[any please]
  120. IM SO SCARED..DOc appointment tomorrow!
  121. Im only 22 but doc found a lump today :(
  122. Alternative Medicine ? Supplements ? Anything to help fight cancer ?
  123. What Do You Say?
  124. taste buds
  125. My best friend was given 2-6 months brain ca
  126. Please help a friend with AML.
  127. growth on the tongue
  128. CT scan of nasopharynx
  129. Is there anything that can help fight or prevent cancer.
  130. friend with sudo tumor
  131. Prayingmom Please Read
  132. So, He has two weeks...
  133. still in search of answers on throat issues
  134. Difficult question-What do I tell Stage IV friend?
  135. Possible multiple myeloma and disability
  136. grandpa
  137. Hurthle Cell Outcomes
  138. High WBC (Leukocytosis?) & a High Platlet (Thrombocythemia?)
  139. lump
  140. Scared!!!! Can my b/f have Cancer?
  141. Test Results
  142. please help mom may have mets to spine
  143. Rife Machine
  144. locked jaw from tonsil cancer
  145. Lump in throat?
  146. Elevated wbc and platelets
  147. Lump on my rib cage
  148. Cancer runs in my family..am I at risk?
  149. COULD this be cancer?
  150. So worried, in need of some comfort
  151. multiple myeloma possible?
  152. Twac
  153. study group for renal cell carcinoma
  154. Cancer of the Nasal Cavity
  155. Fizzickle are you still around???
  156. Sick with worry
  157. Could this be a brain tumour?
  158. Chemo only option?
  159. Does this have any truth to it?
  160. time sensitive...any help please?
  161. want to help my friend
  162. Scared I have cancer
  163. Genes/Cancer
  164. Where can you go for genetic testing?
  165. Hair Growth After Radiation
  166. Dr lorriane day
  167. WBC count
  168. Picking at moles?
  169. Esophagus/Trachea Stent
  170. Swollen lymphnode in neck
  171. testicluar cancer
  172. help
  173. cancer in spine
  174. Marijuana & Cancer
  175. what cancer has taught me
  176. Pain - will this help?
  177. my friend
  178. my friend...
  179. Does anyone have 2 primary cancers?
  180. questioning the ENTs diagnosis
  181. lump on neck
  182. could it be?.....
  183. A lump on the head...
  184. Help for my Brother in-law
  185. testicluar cancer
  186. x-ray exposure
  187. Please help! Bad throat symptoms
  188. for anyone who has seen a person pass away
  189. What's that on my face???
  190. Question
  191. Pea like bump on scrotum..need help
  192. Information on medication side effects
  193. Life After Cancer
  194. rife machine
  195. bony pain -is it cancer?
  196. could this be a sarcoma?
  197. Sarcoma
  198. Anyone have experience with Clinical Trials?
  199. big swollen legs
  200. Painless swollen lymph nodes in neck.
  201. Can a bloodtest show cancer?
  202. Brain Cancer?? please help im worried
  203. lump on lower back
  204. question about paint
  205. Need Advice
  206. my mom has cancer
  207. I Am So Scared Right Now!
  208. Emily's Last Day of Chemo
  209. It cant be cancer .. can it??
  210. Lost my mother to it...
  211. does my dad have cancer?
  212. Grandmother died-Top Docs are clueless!
  213. Tumor on the back of eye
  214. Breaking the News
  215. Mri Results
  216. Fist Oncologist appt., what to expect??
  217. Love Is stronger
  218. lump on my right testical...
  219. Could this be cancer
  220. need advice re blood results!!!
  221. Possibly Cancer at 21
  222. im so sorry
  223. Do natural vitaminsor supplements work?
  224. Please help.... scared.
  225. Why Do We Do This?
  226. treating infections in cancer patients
  227. brain cancer
  228. Sadly missed Grandmother
  229. GIST Cancer
  230. Lukemia and Multiple Myeloma
  231. Hair Dye Cancer
  232. In memory of my friend...
  233. Wagner's granuloma???
  234. My dad has tongue cancer, anyone familiar with this?
  235. Would a MRI of the head, neck, and spine detect oral (mouth) cancer?
  236. Husband with lung cancer
  237. I just got the call - I have a testicular cyst
  238. I am scraed,nervous,I don't know what to do.
  239. Lump on penis
  240. alternative medicine for lung/brain cancer
  241. My right testicle has a small lump...help
  242. Collerbone
  243. What is it like to pass on with cancer?
  244. symptoms?
  245. Bone Pain
  246. Symptom Help
  247. Strange lumps on shin bone......
  248. Can somebody help me...im really scared.
  249. swollen lymph nodes?
  250. high cbc is infection not cancer