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  1. More than one type of cancer?
  2. Working through treatments for cancer
  3. I feel lost without her....
  4. Cancer and the PET scan...
  5. Painful lump on thyroid gland
  6. How did/do you feel during chemo?
  7. Ip6
  8. dad has non-hodgkins lymphoma (again)
  9. Help me understand what is going on here
  10. Does anyone know about levels of Progesterone and Cancer?
  11. Radiology report...
  12. just need to talk...please read
  13. Less than a year to live if she has cancer?
  14. your not alone in this batttle
  15. Please Oh Please Help Me
  16. childhood ALL?
  17. need quick answer on what to bring someone in hospital
  18. Feeling Guilty
  19. Can it be Vulvar cancer? Please help!
  20. For those of you with leg lumps!
  21. Cancer???
  22. I'm too young..I have a life to live
  23. Spine Cancer from Lung cancer...
  24. brain cancer? i want to know more
  25. Can your immune system alone effectively fight cancer?
  26. Lyceum Barbarum - evidence of it's cancer curing properties
  27. Endometrial Lining Thickening. Please Help!
  28. leg lumps?
  29. BCG Treatment
  30. Please help me.......
  31. SO SO Scared!!
  32. Cancer Growth on X-Ray
  33. Question about chemo
  34. Can someone put this all together to give me a summation
  35. My mom has cancer...
  36. I need your help!
  37. Questions to those who know about cancer
  38. Checking on Chris
  39. Prayer for Blessed Virgin for cancer cure
  40. Anyone done or heard of Proleukin?
  41. Mouth Lump
  42. Darkest before the "DAWN"
  43. bone marrow cells, looking for answers
  44. Help Me Please
  45. Truly helping people
  46. chemo and radiation
  47. cancer of the voicebox
  48. Need a little info on Brain Cancer
  49. Why Do I Feel So Much Guilt?
  50. question
  51. fish oil
  52. How young is too young...?
  53. Do I have brain Cancer?
  54. Please! Need Help!!!!!!
  55. Fatherin-law on Arsenic.
  56. Please Read
  57. Is it SCAR TISSUE or a new TUMOR? that is the question
  58. Can anyone give me info re: Liposarcoma?
  59. dysplasia in cell in bone marrow
  60. freezing the cervix?
  61. Advanced stomach antrum cancer
  62. MRI and CT Scan for Large Person
  63. Survivor
  64. Should I Be Worried?
  65. Direne True Assessment
  66. alternative treatments
  67. Carcinoid tumors?
  68. What can this be?
  69. How long do you think my granddad has to live?
  70. Please Pray!
  71. Support
  72. myelodyplastic syndrome & AML need answers!!!
  73. bleeding gums
  74. Reducing The Risk
  75. Please God don't take my son!
  76. restated
  77. 19/M Needs Advice
  78. insutru carcinoma
  79. cyst on my ovary
  80. lump on left shoulder
  81. Scared I might have cancer
  82. My baby daughter has a rhabdomyosarcoma
  83. Help...
  84. My aunt is dying....Please pray
  85. Wilhms tumor, stage 2
  86. HELP! I'm 17
  87. Questions about cancer
  88. Bood sputum. Cancer??
  89. Sore jaw/headaches
  90. tumor markers
  91. Now I am really worried.
  92. Could my husband have brain cancer?
  93. I have cancer, too
  94. need help with signs of Cancer
  95. Accupuncture and Holistic medicine
  96. New to this site...question about Temazolamide Therapy
  97. Going for a CT scan tomorrow (friday) results by Monday!
  98. Pituatary tumor? Help.
  99. Megace 80mg a day. How did it effect you?
  100. granuloma
  101. question about dormant cancer cells
  102. Essiac Formula Revealed
  103. cancer-no insurance
  104. yet another worried person here..
  105. Sick of doctors DO I HAVE CANCER?????
  106. What happens when a patient doesn't have insurance?
  107. TheraSphere...
  108. Sisters with cancer Please Help!
  109. Lung/Brain
  110. Chemoembolization
  111. to remove or not to remove thts the ?
  112. shell shocked...
  113. Leiomyosarcoma
  114. Need advice ...
  115. hard lump...im so scared. plz help!
  116. newly diagnosed-need Lots of help
  117. Worried Sick, Please Help
  118. Pain in neck and upper back...?
  119. Malignant Paraganglioma anyone?
  120. Jugular Glumus Tumor
  121. stomach pains
  122. Cancer from chromium?
  123. A word about MD Anderson in Houston
  124. Any ideas?
  125. pain not an early sign of cancer ?
  126. Any Information is helpful
  127. lymph nodes ?
  128. stomach tenderness
  129. Just an encouraging word
  130. My friend has intestinal cancer!!
  131. My Dad has been given 6 months to live, but...
  132. Partoid Adenocarcinoma
  133. Renal Cell Cancer
  134. still looking 4 liposarcoma patient
  135. Letrozole/Femara
  136. dieing bf
  137. How much longer....
  138. Courage
  139. cancer of the urethra
  140. my grandmother is very sick
  141. Is there actually a blood test to detect cancer?
  142. Can a biopsy cause the cancer to spread?
  143. What we eat and lifestyle?
  144. thank you
  145. Swollen Parotid Gland after RAI
  146. Scared I have Cancer
  147. Cervical Displacia
  148. Can it take a full year until prednisone leaves your systom?
  149. soft tissue tmalignancy-liposarcoma
  150. Worried about Mom...Colon CA, Bone CA? Overreacting?
  151. Book: "I Beat Cancer: 50 People Tell You How They Did It"
  152. bump in my leg
  153. New to Cancer My Child Financial Problems
  154. Question of CT scan w/dye
  155. Lumps In Stomach Is It Cancer Help
  156. Vigilante? Cholangiocarcinoma
  157. symptoms of cancer?
  158. Metallic taste (cancer symptom?)
  159. Emb
  160. Doc wants me to have CT scan
  161. Swollen nodes under jaw...panicking!!
  162. new research regarding cancer from cell phones?
  163. Questions concerning oral leukoplakia
  164. Blood Tests: What is my Doc looking for?
  165. How do you stay positive with cancer?
  166. Penile Cancer?
  167. blackberries help nausea associated with chemo?
  168. Question about neck cartilage anatomy
  169. Scared of misdiagnosis...
  170. Lucency, cat scan, what does this mean?
  171. Stomach Lump
  172. HELP~Some1 close died why did it effect me so much?
  173. Could any of these symptoms be cancer related
  174. how can I help them....
  175. wbc and questions
  176. United Devices
  177. Tired constantly-could this be a sign??
  178. projapoti
  179. help
  180. Universal Cancer Vaccinations...
  181. Are malignant cancer lumps hard or soft????
  182. Blood Vein, Vessel or Gland
  183. My docs can't figure it out.. grrrr
  184. Is my dad going to die?
  185. help with sister
  186. lumps under eyes/cold symptoms
  187. Very small, hard lump on testicle; does not transilluminate
  188. New birthmarks appearing
  189. A little bit of Understanding (Blame?)
  190. Why won't they tell me?
  191. brain cancer
  192. Cancer /reflux ?
  193. lump in armpit and on head
  194. Really worried about my friend
  195. How treatable is lung cancer?
  196. What the Future Holds
  197. Can a cyst turn into cancer????
  198. please help!!!!
  199. swollen salivary gland
  200. penile cancer
  201. Dormancy
  202. 26 yr. old and worried~
  203. Hodgkins Disease
  204. Can someone answer this.
  205. urgent advice needed!!!
  206. If you've had an mri before please answer
  207. question about bleeding
  208. Has anyone ever had Methotrexate Injections?
  209. Tonsil Cancer?
  210. Having a bad day
  211. False Alarm?
  212. It's Econico, My grampy started chemo yesterday!
  213. My grandpa is dying..
  214. to anyone with cancer with lymph node involvement
  215. If a Bump was cancer would it be hard??
  216. If a Bump was cancer would it be hard??
  217. lump in earlobe
  218. Freaking out!!
  219. new treatment ?
  220. does anyone know the answer to this????
  221. Lump
  223. big and cancer?
  224. Testicle Size
  225. sarcoma
  226. Some help please...
  227. bile duct cancer/cholangiocarcinoma
  228. anyone know about this type of cancer
  229. Be Strong
  230. What is wrong with my upper lip/top?
  231. My grandfather is worried about chemo
  232. cancer/lymph nodes/trouble swallowing
  233. Low Dose Naltrexone
  234. cancer-no insurance
  235. Rudy had cancer?
  236. my daddy is sick!
  237. looking for help...
  238. still in trouble!
  240. multifocal papillary carcinoma
  241. New Ideas to make cancer patients enjoy hospital time... for a day at least
  242. Help required urgently - IP6
  243. Carcinoid Cancer
  244. Chances Of Getting Cancer
  245. what is ALL? please help!!!
  246. just a word..
  247. Is cancer hereditary?
  248. radiation treatment
  249. To rawvie
  250. 3 liters of water

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