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  1. Black Stool
  2. Two lumps in neck.
  3. Normal size of the epydidimis?
  4. Question about types of cancers
  5. Small Cell Carsonoma
  6. plz read! swollen lymph nodes!!
  7. Message to Dana, aka Cancerwife
  8. symptoms of...?
  9. LUMPS in my stomach arm and leg!!! help
  10. i don't know where to turn...
  11. need help understanding diagnosis
  12. Vivid emotional nightmares?
  13. Salivary Gland Tumor or TMJ?
  14. lump in an embarassing place
  15. lump in an embarassing place
  16. Blood Test?
  17. Small lump
  18. rhabdomyosarcoma
  19. salivary glands tumor
  20. showing compasion
  21. Should I be concerned
  22. Help, please...I need Answers
  23. lymph node question
  24. Brain Tumour
  25. This maybe the wrong board to post on but...
  26. any help appreciated!
  27. looking for answers
  28. Very odd lumps in back of neck
  29. Lump on Jaw
  30. aint fair!
  31. Cancer Maybe ?
  32. crog77x
  33. medical records...what is the law?
  34. to Kalie
  35. cancer with an unknown primary
  36. Chronic sore throat
  37. didnt get it all....now what????
  38. Should I be concerned?
  39. Six Months or Less
  40. to Kalie
  41. surgery over
  42. universities and cancer
  43. Weird Lump
  44. to Projapoti
  45. to Projapoti
  46. to Projapoti
  47. cancer
  48. question for projapoti
  49. salty taste in mouth after radiation please help
  50. Could this be cancer
  51. My Mom Had Cancer...
  52. what to expect?
  53. does this have to be something serious?
  54. Iressa
  55. Multiple Mylenoma
  56. could this be cancer of some sort?
  57. Swollen lymph node in groin area
  58. Phlemorcic Sarcoma.
  59. Cancer and OTC meds?!?!
  60. When doing excercise...
  61. Well
  62. Anybody here who has Cancer.....
  63. does this sound like cancer?
  64. Question about Tian Xian liquid??
  65. Chemo
  66. Bump on back of head
  67. Multiple Nodes
  68. What am I supposed to do?
  69. Need info on cancer
  70. tongue cancer??
  71. Is this normal?
  72. Immune Systems Boosters???
  73. Lymphangiogram
  74. Pea Siz lumps in lower neck
  75. lump under my jaw
  76. Hi i have a question about a small bump on the right side of my neck im realy freaked
  77. Worried about cancer
  78. Lymph node of right side of neck
  79. red squishy bump on upper leg, please help
  80. Book I just read
  81. To Sarez 72 re: laetrile
  82. black thingy on my skin
  83. Race For Life 2003
  84. New patient...a couple RT questions.....
  85. ribcage cancer
  86. Radiotherapy
  87. Hurthle Cell Carcinoma
  88. How could this be?
  89. Can someone Help me? Continual bleeding! What is it?
  90. Got a quick question
  91. Swelling in Legs
  92. head and neck cancer with ear numbness
  93. lump feeling in the throat+white tounge with red bumps
  94. Bile in Urine, always serious???
  95. Sore lumps in roof of mouth
  96. joint and muscle pain
  97. The doctors want to give up.
  98. melanoma how serious is it?
  99. Lymphoma
  100. lump under skin
  101. alternative cancer treatment SANOVIV
  102. I have These Symptoms...
  103. Mouth Sores From Chemo
  104. Mouth Cancer worry
  105. Is losing your hair a good sign?
  106. Iressa
  107. Breat Cancer
  108. Laetrile (B17)
  109. need to know a little more about cancer
  110. lump on dads shoulder
  111. Son has lump
  112. Dehydration in chemo
  113. metastase? What are the signs?
  114. Anti-Depressant Recommendation?
  115. cancer worries
  116. New Here !
  117. Sore Throat
  119. pain in my ribs....pls help
  120. Books
  121. Vitamin B17/Laetrile - cancer treatment/prevention
  122. Chemo -- Can it be daily? Are there different types of chemo?
  123. Pains in my throat
  124. mass on lymph nodes- help please
  125. My Best Friend is dead
  126. I need some advice
  127. Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC)
  128. painful throat
  129. Lumps on roof of mouth
  130. Begging for Help
  131. my best friend is dieing
  132. Radiation/Chemo side effects
  133. Lump found on throat, no other symptoms!
  134. Cancer? Very Scared!!!
  135. Lump Under tounge and throat pain
  136. Why can't I feel the left side of my throat?
  137. Anyone with Pheochromocytoma?
  138. Question re:sarcoma
  139. malignant neurofibroma
  140. hyperthermia treatments for cancer
  142. could it be cancer?
  143. Any idea what this could be?
  144. Deborah Hospital
  145. Please help if you can
  146. is this a chance of being cancer?
  147. My Friend Rita.
  148. Transmitted Cancer?
  149. Boyfriend has tenderness in testicles, and a lump...
  150. Should i be worried???
  151. Someone Please Help!
  152. Sore lump on my leg, any Ideas?
  153. new here,have a question,really need answers
  154. Plasmacytoma
  155. Message to Dana68
  156. Teenage girl with cancer
  157. A question for those who might know?
  158. constant pain in back of head...HELP
  159. Appendix cancer
  160. Alternative treatments for cancer victims
  162. Need thoat cancer info...Please help!!
  163. Please read and tell me what you think
  164. Looking for a great Oncologist at Mayo Clinic
  165. my mum on oxyplatin
  166. ascites
  167. Palatable foods
  168. cancer?
  169. Concerns for Family
  170. growing lump in my neck, additional one in past 8 hours
  171. Lump on bottom jaw
  172. I dont know if this is the right place
  174. Good luck
  175. Weird chemo side effects
  176. chronic stomach problems and enlarged aortic lymph nodes
  177. antiangiogenics and targeted therapy
  178. smoking
  179. Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer
  180. Husbands mouth cancer / info on cemo/radiation treatments
  181. PET scan "lit up" means what?
  182. Please Help Us
  183. CHEMO
  184. What great news for Dana and Walter
  185. Prostate Cancer
  186. Lymph Node Cancer?
  187. Help!
  188. D you think it might be cancer?
  189. friend has cancer...suggestions for me?
  190. can anyone help??
  191. lumps behind my ears
  192. Statistics on Liver Mets
  193. Testicle Lump
  194. Questions???Thyroid biopsy tomarrow!
  195. Questions on Treatment Side Effects
  196. My Husband's Cancer
  197. symptoms
  198. lump in my throat? Why?
  199. Kidney tumor a concern?
  200. Is it normal to feel angry?
  201. Need advice please!!!!!
  202. My father in law is dying...how do I tell my children?
  203. Gifts for cancer patient
  204. Improving Pain Management in Cancer Care
  205. renal cell metatsis
  206. What can I do for my friend and myself?
  207. bone pain
  208. My dad's not suffering anymore.
  209. Should I be concerned about a tiny benign tumor?
  210. Please help with chemo related nausea remedies
  211. schwanoma (sp)?
  212. I think I have advance stages of Cervical Cancer
  213. Improving Pain Management in Cancer Care
  214. Getting home to Mom
  215. He's getting worse
  216. Cancer resource links
  217. Has anyone tried AHCC
  218. liver CA-please help
  219. Im really worried and need answers.. Please help
  220. need help figuring this out
  221. anyone please help...just want to know
  222. Looking for answers
  223. Actiq Lollipop
  224. Chasbo_im about your age--my story
  225. abdominal lump
  226. A 24 year old survivor looking for chat, thoughts and advice.....
  227. my best friend has just been diagnosed with cancer... i need advice
  229. Improving Pain Management in Cancer Care
  230. Oriental medicine
  231. Postchemo Related Questions/Issues
  232. barto31
  233. Testecula Cancer
  234. Update brother Florida - Passed away 6:05 8/10/02
  235. Update brother Florida - kidneys shut down today
  236. Update brother Florida, why would he hit someone he loves?
  237. Throat Lump
  238. Update Brother Florida, question regarding "strong will" to live if anyone has a...
  239. Update on brother in Florida - 11 days no food how much more will...
  240. Lung Cancer Drug
  242. Guys, I have a question
  243. For Rhody re: new THC study
  244. Nuked Plastic an Cancer
  245. isnt there anything they can do to cure cancer??
  246. My Aunt Eleanore Got Her Wings This Morning :(
  247. thorat sore
  248. A Method Of Prevention, Please Read!
  249. Worried Out Of My Mind!!!
  250. Needing help for mom!

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