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  1. kidney cancer?
  2. Why cant chemo cure stage 4 cancers?
  3. Atypical cells
  4. rare case??
  5. How to make someone belch
  6. Husband's health - right to know?
  7. Lowgrade fever for 3 months = cancer?
  8. AIDS test common before bone marrow biopsy?
  9. weight loss, swollen lymph nodes and more
  10. Worried
  11. Worried about cancer in my neck!
  12. Hard immovable lump on the side of my neck that won't go away
  13. Small lump behind jaw line
  14. Scared .. Help :(
  15. invasive squamous cell carcinoma of lip
  16. I have a lump
  17. Possible cancer??
  18. Swollen ridge at top of my head, is it another tumour?
  19. pheochromocytoma cancer
  20. Help, I found a lump!
  21. Lump in upper lip
  22. Tumor Markers?
  23. cancer fear reply me please
  24. Help undrstanding my biopsy report
  25. Should I be worried or am I thinking too much
  26. Am I the only one left?
  27. Oral Cancer worry need insight
  28. Help...
  29. Melanoma scare
  30. Carcinoid Tumor
  31. My first post
  32. CT scan result help!!
  33. Hematologist Appt May 13th
  34. immunoglobulin m's
  35. Do you have to get a specific blood test to see if you have cancer?
  36. what cause acoty sacoma?
  37. I'm very concerned!
  38. Mestastatic adenocarcinoma of lymp glands
  39. Harmless? or Harmful?
  40. Size of Swollen Lymph node very scared
  41. Do I have cancer?
  42. Poss Liposarcoma?
  43. Cancer and sugar
  44. Anyone have similar symptoms...
  45. mouth sores after chemo
  46. Please Help ME!!!
  47. Ovarian Cancer Not yet diagnosed or pancreatic, or none of the above
  48. Should I get second opinion on biopsy?
  49. Melanoma+High Neutrophils+Low Lymphs=Cancer?
  50. New here... Liposarcoma help please
  51. ATP level/cell energetics and alternative cancer medicine
  52. Vulvar Cancer at 17??
  53. mystery symptom - Cancer?
  54. cancer survivor
  55. head and neck cancer
  56. Cancer scare! Any suggestions?
  57. Feeling Withdrawn
  58. Pet scan results
  59. chronic high white count not sick
  60. squamouse cell poorly differentiated unknown primary left inguinal node
  61. Swollen Lymph Node-Collarbone
  62. doctor feels softball size lump, CT scan shows nothing
  63. Bump on neck
  64. 10 yr old son with desmoid fibromatosis
  65. Cancer & Exercise
  66. Complete Blood tests and Pain in Elbow
  67. Endometrial cancer?
  68. Concerned about blood tests & symptoms
  69. My last 9 months story and im still clear! New Member
  70. Biopsy - is this normal
  71. Thalamic (brain) tumor (in friend) and its sensory impact
  72. phew, No Cancer at all !!
  73. Standing in front of microwave all day - CANCER?
  74. Should I Press for More Tests?
  75. Black spot under toenail, Melinoma???
  76. Foamy Urine started it all...
  77. skin leisons & bleeding pores
  78. double whammy
  79. new here - possible sarcoma???
  80. Do I have Oropharyngeal Cancer?
  81. Are they looking for cancer?
  82. 5th time fighting cancer...I am 21...
  83. Cancer or Not? Worried as Hell! (neck and collorbone)
  84. please answer... just had ultrasound!
  85. What type of cancer does this sound like please?
  86. I was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma
  87. Temporal Bone Cancer? Help!
  88. Can this be cancer?
  89. dealing with the unknown
  90. Desmoid Fibromitosis Tumor
  91. Cancer help?
  92. Can anyone recommend any alternative cancer treatments...
  93. Mom in Hospital
  94. Memory loss with radiation?
  95. Unexplained lumps and disturbing symptoms. cancer?
  96. A cancer question .
  97. Liposarcoma diagnosis
  98. use of DCA in fight against cancer
  99. CA 15-3 elevated - does this always mean cancer?
  100. First post
  101. lesions
  102. Help with symptoms
  103. anal cancer recovery
  104. need advice please
  105. Many symptoms!!
  106. lipoma or worse???
  107. what does abnormal cells mean?
  108. In this alone...
  109. Mom
  110. choroidal melanoma
  111. MFH Tumor
  112. Sarcoma in lower back
  113. 15-19 hours of sleep a night, MRI showed 3.3cm enlarged nodes
  114. cancer?
  115. New to here (& cancer)
  116. Lump in neck above collarbone. HELP!
  117. reassurance for the newbie
  118. two lumps in trapezius muscle?
  119. pain in abdomen
  120. gerd/ibs or cancer
  121. supraclavicular lymph nodes.
  122. Please help with PET CT Scan results
  123. 6 days post op... possible Desmoid Tumor
  124. Myeloma question
  125. At wits end
  126. mediastinal mass
  127. blood test results
  128. Chances of cancer
  129. swollen lymph node..
  130. looking for ladies with vulva cancer
  131. Groin nodes, squamous cell cup need support
  132. Mass in Neck with Pain
  133. *liver* high white blood cell count! milk thistle!
  134. Cancer - mucoepidermoid carcinoma
  135. Might have Cancer or something?
  136. Nasopharynex cancer
  137. Salivary Cancer?
  138. elevated wbc and bone pain
  139. Cancer or not?
  140. pretty large lump on thigh.
  141. Bone Marrow Biopsy Monday
  142. ultrasound of neck lymph nodes
  143. Back and chest pain when breathing mainly i go to lay down!
  144. Rare cancer
  145. cancer signs?
  146. Please give me some good news...
  147. Mgus
  148. Any Thoughts???
  149. Help have six nodules "No Hot or warm nodules noted"
  150. CEA of 20.3
  151. Questions on possible cancer
  152. Cancer
  153. 3 nodules
  154. Bile Duct Cancer!
  155. Swollen Lymphnodes in Groin Area
  156. Strange happenings with my tonsil (Cancer?) With photos!
  157. Lumps/Lymph Nodes
  158. Throat Cancer?
  159. Lump on Stomach
  160. Mysterious Spot On Toe
  161. Purple/Blackish Growth on upper thigh
  162. Under Chin Lump
  163. Discovered lump... freaking out
  164. Cancer, carcinomatosis of peritoneal cavity..
  165. Lymphnode issue
  166. Hole in Right Tonsil. Could it be cancer??? [PICTURES INCLUDED]
  167. Multiple Myeloma question?
  168. Mucositis = Cancer?
  169. [PLEASE HELP] I think I might have cancer!
  170. Cancer getting worse
  171. Hard fixed lump on collar bone.
  172. Could this be nodular melanoma? Pictures.
  173. MRI for recurrent GBM
  174. Cancer Pain
  175. Cancer of the...
  176. Possible Cancer Research?
  177. Lipoma or Liposarcoma: From a very worried young adult
  178. Wish to share info on Multiple Myeloma
  179. Cyst
  180. Question about the use of Butterflies
  181. question about infant and cancer...
  182. Growth/Tumor filled with mucin
  183. Very High White Blood Cell Count...Honest Advice Required
  184. possible cancer cure found in 12 weeks
  185. Epithelial
  186. what do you think?
  187. Swollen Place in Underarm
  188. I hate my oncologist
  189. what are the general symptoms of cancer
  190. One quick question
  191. Could all of these symptoms be related?
  192. Tumors?
  193. symmetric multiple joint pains after chemo
  194. Mass in Pelvis
  195. Has anyone had Tummy flap or transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap (TRAM)?
  196. Curettage and Electrodesiccation -Healing ??
  197. Growing and multiplying lumps behind BOTH knees - Synovial Sarcoma?
  198. cat scan last week
  199. 6 yr old with swollen lymph nodes
  200. 2 hard lumps in lower leg not visible pls help
  201. Squamous cell carcinoma
  202. lipoma?
  203. Does anyone have alot of splinter hemorrhages?
  204. living with this fatty lump is it limpoma ??
  205. CEA levels at 4500 - is there hope it's not cancer
  206. Lipoma's that turn into Liposarcoma's
  207. Large Tumor
  208. Women problems; pain in stomach; pressure on anus
  209. Lumps on my neck
  210. Ques about serum proteins
  211. Weight Gain w/ Cancer????
  212. neuroendocrine cancer
  213. Multiple Myeloma Pain
  214. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Post On The Boards After Surviving Cancer?
  215. Pain meds prevent me from good sleep.
  216. How to prepare?
  217. Cancer and odour
  218. Bleeding gums while brushing
  219. Treatment Decision, leaning to Surgery
  220. Bowel issues and NHS waiting lists
  221. presumed small cyst at right kidney!!!
  222. Cancer: Non-Hodgkins Folicullar Lymphoma
  223. Constant Nausea!
  224. Colon cancer?
  225. To much stress with cancer on top!
  226. cancer to death progression?
  227. Breastlight
  228. Worried about spep test and serum immunofixation test
  229. Multiple Myeloma Question
  230. Gist
  231. What is going on with my Mommy? Cyst or cancer?
  232. My Dad was just diagnosed with Cancer...
  233. Help me PLEASE...im freaking out about cancer for the past 6 months..?
  234. stage 4 cancer, no treatment...what to expect
  235. illness
  236. I think I have cancer, breaking out in moles!
  237. concerned
  238. Does Anyone Have This Cancer?
  239. Do I listen to my moms wishes?
  240. Tiny black dot under the skin next to my lip
  241. been there done that so farr...
  242. Does this sound like Thoat Cancer? (Used Snuff for Approx. 4 years)
  243. nodules, night sweats, etc.
  244. How to know I am risk of Endometrial cancer
  245. How to diagnosed endometrial cancer
  246. Cancer talk is scary, but...
  247. What is a mass?
  248. opinions on what this might be.
  249. To worry or not to worry..
  250. Kidney cancer hereditary question

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