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  36. Someone please help
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  38. Lupron
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  41. Can anyone relate?
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  43. painful intercouse
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  47. is it back?
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  51. Pelvic pain
  52. Post-Surgery Update
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  68. How to deal with all?
  69. endometriosis
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  72. Help me someone
  73. Possbile Endometriosis (Help please.)
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  99. Help..
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  107. Please help :-(
  108. Excessive bleeding
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  114. Someone please reply
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  139. Get my Lupron shot today
  140. In new here
  141. What Do I Do Now?
  142. deciding my next step
  143. Any words of advice to someone new to this?
  144. did your doc investigate your bowel symptoms?
  145. Pregnancy after procedures? Laparoscopy, d&c, and cone biopsy. Have endo!
  146. Mirena or ablation
  147. Had my 1st injection today!
  148. Could it be endometriosis?
  149. Could this be Endo?
  150. Hysterctomy
  151. Is it endometriosis or just painful period?
  152. Hematosalpinx?
  153. Have to have injections and Antidepressants
  154. Does anyone else experience pain all month long?
  155. Cyst,Endo,Fibroids and Adhesions-Help
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  158. endometriosis cause of low back/buttock pain?
  159. endometriosis and low back/buttock pain
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  163. laparoscopy
  164. first timer
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  182. gyn says i have endo
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  184. Please, 45 and need serious advise...
  185. need some honest advice
  186. confusedddd
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  188. maybe someone with endo could tell me
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  200. I have this @ 44 and misrable.....help with options.........pls....
  201. Desperate
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  203. wife has endo, i have anxiety of losing her
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  207. Doctors...
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  213. 7 years and waiting.
  214. connection between hot flashes, endometriosis, dejavu
  215. Is is Endo - been through so many tests
  216. Horrible gas/intestinal pain on period
  217. problems with alcohol on period.
  218. old symptoms being ignored
  219. If it's not Endometriosis than what is it?
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  224. Trying to find help for my daughter
  225. its getting unbearable!
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  237. i need help
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  239. Should I or should I NOT?
  240. Please can someone tell me if you think i have Endometriosis
  241. OK, dr called and form y Endometroisis....
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  243. OMG, you have to read this........I am in tears.
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  250. My Wife