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  1. bile duct dialated to 12mm
  2. Inflamed Gallbladder Symptoms
  3. Gall bladder surgery or not. That is the question.
  4. Gallbladder removal and verry worried
  5. gallblaer
  6. Safe to take niacin supplement after gallbladder removal?
  7. does this sound like a gallbladder problem?
  8. Gallbladder issues? yes, no? advice pls!
  9. Pancreatitis and gallstones
  10. Gallbladder
  11. Gerd or gallbladder????
  12. Surgery soon! Not sure what to do! Need resources/help!!!
  13. Young adult, so so scared and uncertain! Please! Your opinion is appreciated!
  14. surgery?
  15. Itchy after surgery? Also BM question?
  16. ?????Gallbladder Problems?????
  17. Think its GERD but whats the lump?
  18. A little nervous after surgery
  19. gallbladder symtptoms but no stones, help
  20. Gallbladder?? Any experiences or info would be great.
  21. HIDA w/CCK Risk to liver
  22. Meeting with surgeon next week...
  23. gallbladder removed 4 years ago and sick now more and more
  24. pain on and off for six years... anyone else??
  25. Surgery Friday
  26. No appetite after gallbladder removal?
  27. tummy trouble
  28. HIDA scan w/CCK experiences?
  29. gastroscopy??
  30. Gallbladder removal tomorrow!
  31. Gallbladder removal success
  32. So much pain after gallbladder surgery?
  33. HIDA results
  34. gallbladder and dizziness
  35. Is it really my gallbladder?
  36. gallbladder removal surgery in 6 days!
  37. ultra sound on gall bladder scared
  38. Possible gallbladder problems
  39. Did the HIDA scan today.
  40. Need help understanding!!!! Ultrasound of abdomen
  41. Anyone have any ideas????? (help!)
  42. tomorrow the HIDA scan
  43. HIDA ejection fraction of 33%?
  44. Hida scan tomorrow, question
  45. Scared
  46. Gallstones Diagnosed, No Pain, Liver Levels Up, Surgery?
  47. Any advice on what the next step could be?
  48. gallbladder removal
  49. Chest pains, Nausea after gall bladder surgery
  50. HIDA scan question
  51. nausea & vomitting after surgery
  52. dilated common duct?
  53. gallbladder wall thickening
  54. burning sensation in throat after surgery
  55. share your recovery story
  56. pain five months after surgery....
  57. possible gallbladder pain
  58. abdominal pain caused by gallbladder?
  59. Conclusive dx or not?
  60. Gallbladder surgery Monday, NERVOUS!!!
  61. Gallbladder or liver?
  62. Is this what gallstones do?
  63. No surgery yet
  64. what causes a low functioning gallbladder?
  65. Tests Are Coming Back Normal???? (HELP)
  66. Anyone take metamucil after gallbladder removed?
  67. Going to the surgeon
  68. Gallblader Surgery tomorrow
  69. Issues after Gallbladder Surgery?
  70. First time poster here
  71. Went in for a colonoscopy, came out with LUQ pain
  72. hida scan questions ? please answer
  73. Cardiac symptoms after gallbladder removal?
  74. Gallbladder bloated so bad feel like i could die
  75. Gallbladder attack sorein epigastric area??
  76. I think i might have an infection
  77. Another Gallbladder question....Thanks
  78. Post-Cholecystectomy Syndrome 8+ weeks Post Op anyone?
  79. Gallstones
  80. post gall bladder chest muscle spasms
  81. Gallbladder attack bad
  82. right side abdominal/ribcage pain flu like symptoms
  83. Gallbladder
  84. Dilation of common bile duct.
  85. Surgical Consultation
  86. I give up... there is no help!
  87. Desperado :( normal hida scan :(
  88. Shoulder pain ... after
  89. 1.5 yrs of cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, fever, etc
  90. had ultrasound in december 2010, everything was ok, could that changed in a month or
  91. how much chest ct scan going to show of gallbladder or stomach
  92. tired of pain meds
  93. Weight loss
  94. Feeling pretty darn good :)
  95. Gallbladder surgery incision site?
  96. Lost 8 pounds in a day with IV??? is this normal with me being malignantly obese
  97. gallbladder stone
  98. I don't feel good :(
  99. Hiatal Hernia anyone
  100. Gall bladder or what?
  101. Question about recovery
  102. Could this be gallbladder?
  103. Could it be my Gallbladder?
  104. Made it thru surgery!!
  105. gallbladder pain
  106. Spleen?
  107. Surgery Tuesday!Getting a lil nervous
  108. Clogged bile duct?
  109. mrstude36
  110. Gallbladder Polyps
  111. what is wrong with me?
  112. Rescheduled Surgery. I chickened out :(
  113. How long were you tired from surgery?
  114. Hida Scan Today story & questions
  115. Home after surgery (all good so far)
  116. My Last 30 Days of Symptoms - help?
  117. Can anyone give me some advise please?
  118. Gallbladder polyps found -- should I take it out?
  119. Gallbladder removed 12.20.10 GAS PAIN?
  120. success after Gall bladder removal??
  121. Can overexposure to chemical irritants cause gallbladder problems?
  122. what is thiiis
  123. Stinky gas
  124. Gall Bladder Questions, Desperate!
  125. Gallbladder problems after removal, pls help
  126. Bladder issues
  127. Looking for advice
  128. HIDA results
  129. Weird anal/rectal discomfort weeks after gallbladder removal
  130. green stools
  131. My gallbladder removal story.....
  132. gallbladder sludge present while pacreaic attack
  133. What causes a gallbladder to go bad
  134. Sphincter of Oddi? Bile sludge? or scar tissue?
  135. HIDA scan
  136. treatments for excess gas from gallbladder surgery
  137. How low do you get
  138. gallbladder removal
  139. why dont i move my bowels regular after gallbladder operation
  140. Attacks while waiting for surgery?
  141. Gallbladder decline...testing...just looking to share my story.
  142. gastro/neuro symptoms.... gallbladder?
  143. Gallbladder/biliary dyskinesia
  144. Gallbladder surgery post-op report
  145. Fibromyalgia gallstone correlation?
  146. Pancreas, Celiac, Gallbladder or Stomach?
  147. PLEASEE HELP pain after eating
  148. Please help, gallbladder removed, but symptoms are still there, other than the pain.
  149. Help~ Unexplained gallbladder-related symptoms still going after surgery.
  150. Newly diagnosed
  151. No doctor can figure out what i have but i feel like i'm dying, help? pain all over?
  152. Gallbladder?
  153. Gallbladder out tomorrow!
  154. Gallbladder pain in middle not right...
  155. Reacurrance of bile build up in my bile ducts
  156. specialist does not believe Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction exists
  157. Dealing with pre-surgery anxiety...
  158. Slow digestion + bowels
  159. Surgery in one week...MAJOR ANXIETY
  160. Back pain after gallbladder surgery. Is this unusual?
  161. Gallbladder dilemma
  162. Medications prior to gall bladder removal
  163. why do i still have heaviness and shoulder pain after my gall bladder has been remove
  164. Post-Heart Attack with Gall Bladder Issues... Healthy meals?
  165. Normal HIDA, bad gallbladder?
  166. Severe IBS or Gallstones problem?
  167. my stomach cant hold food down. what could be the problem
  168. Gallbladder (not sure)
  169. Problems since turning 40
  170. Gallbladder Surgery On October 14!!
  171. Gallbladder dysfunction diarrhea
  172. Can a HIDA-CCK scan kill a gallbladder?
  173. Gallbladder Issues Post-Surgery - Help!
  174. Are these symptoms of a clogged bile duct?
  175. Pain pain pain from my gallbladder.....
  176. Has Anyone Tried Gallbladder Cleansing Rather Than Surgery?
  177. I Have Pain & A Lump In My Gallbladder. Anyone know the procedures for surgery?
  178. First post, hope you can help re gall bladder polyp question
  179. what are some pros/cons regarding having your gall bladder removed?
  180. Is there such a thing as Mild gallstone pain?
  181. Bladder stone
  182. Another gallbladder thread: Your experiences?
  183. Multiple symptoms- no answers-Please help
  184. Upper left quadrant, pancreatitis, gall bladder
  185. Gallbladder -please help
  186. please help, pain post gallbladder surgery!!
  187. Just diagnosed with gallbladder polyps
  188. right side rib pain..could it be my gallbladder?
  189. Over a year since gallbladder was removed
  190. Been having these "attacks" for over a year...
  191. My GallBladder History!!!
  192. Gallbladder pain years after gallbladder removal?
  193. abdominal pain after gallbladder surgery
  194. burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
  195. recent gallbladder surgery question
  196. diet for after gall bladder surgery
  197. Gas and more Gas with no Gallbladder
  198. gallbladder issues info needed
  199. Is this GERD/IBS/Gallbladder?????!!!
  200. Weird Stomach Issues
  201. gall bladder surgery
  202. Getting sick every night at the same time & the same way; doc has no idea why. help?
  203. Gall bladder removal surgury
  204. Ewwy. Help.
  205. Right side colon pain when sitting down...PLEASE HELP! :/
  206. Right side colon pain linked to IBS???
  207. problems after gallbladder removal.
  208. Having no gall bladder, does it make you tired?
  209. Gallbaldder
  210. Burning Stomach & Bloated Feelings
  211. My Wife has been suffering for 2 years with the same simptoms about the same time of
  212. Nausea and Gallbladder
  213. Strange Abdominal Symptoms after Gallbladder Surgery
  214. what causes an enlarged gallbladder
  215. Please help! Gallbladder removed.....
  216. is this bile duct related
  217. Does this happen to people with no gallbladder?or sphinctor of the oddi dysfunction?
  218. Pulled muscle, hernia or problems after gallbladder surgery?
  219. Stomach Problems
  220. Need confirmation: Is it gallbladder? Pain ?
  221. Gallbladder problems?
  222. what is lump after gallbladder surgery
  223. gallbladder polyps
  224. Gallstone and horrible pain
  225. Having my Gall Bladder Removed, what can I expect after?
  226. Eating too much fiber with no gallbladder
  227. Gallbladder Surgery, Burning Skin Sensation, and Hardened Colon
  228. Do these symptoms sound like gallbladder?
  229. MS since 2001. Gallbladder attack and neuro has concerns about surgery
  230. gall bladder
  231. Having reflux not sure if acid or bile...Barrett's esophagus?...Gallbladder removed.
  232. Gallbladder removed, reflux (acid or bile?), and Barrett's Esophagus
  233. Fat malabsorption, anemia, and multiple other issues...please help me! :)
  234. Having No Gall Bladder Do You Think Eating This Can Cause Issues?
  235. Gallbladder removed, symptoms worse, 79lbs lost., bile in stomach,...Questions!
  236. 10 Months After my Gallbladder was removed...
  237. Life after Gallbladder Removal - Can anyone relate?
  238. After Gallbladder Surgery
  239. Abdominal Pain, Gall Bladder Polyp & Blood test results
  240. Diarrhoea after Gallbladder Removal
  241. Gallbladder removed, dull ache, bloating and constipation
  242. anxiety with gallbladder problems?
  243. I need help Anybody out there with Sphincter of the Oddi
  244. drinking alcohol after gallbladder surgery
  245. Had enough/swollen stomach after gall bladder surgery
  246. gallbladder issues with chest pain nausea
  247. No gallbladder pain or Fatty Liver??
  248. side effects after baul bladder removal and umbilical repair surgery
  249. Problems losing weight after gallbladder surgery
  250. still have pain ,post gaul bladder removal

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