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  18. gall bladder
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  28. Hida scan shows gall bladder works 95%, but still pain
  29. how long to expect pain after a HIDA scan
  30. 5 months after gallbladder removal
  31. can it go away?
  32. nursing after surgery?
  33. should i postpone?
  34. Is this typical gallbladder pain?
  35. Quick HIDA scan question
  36. HELP... Hida results 8.5% for our 13 yr old daughter
  37. So Nauseous
  38. hungry but stomach pain [pre-surgery]
  39. HELP Gallbladder???
  40. My Story-4 years-specialists-and diagnosis
  41. HIDA scan/Gallbladder activity
  42. Bile Reflux
  43. Stomach problems
  44. Are these symptoms of gall bladder problems?
  45. I have a gallstone...and questions
  46. I'm new and I need answers
  47. do they look at kidneys on a gb ultrsound?
  48. Gallbladder problems and Vasculitis??
  49. The gallbladder is GONE! A progress report.
  50. Hi! New here, and I'm desperate for answers! Is this a gallbladder problem or not?
  51. Gallbladder surgery. 7 years of agony almost over??
  52. Could this all be gallbladder? Or something else?
  53. Recovery for severe gallbladder surgery
  54. hida scan 28% should i have GP remove or just wait?
  55. 4 days post op and light headed and feel like passing out
  56. long car trip planned
  57. For Anyone Debating the Surgery
  58. blood work levels after gallbladder surgery
  59. No Gallstones but am in a lot of pain
  60. Chest pain and Gallstones?
  61. Biliary colic w/ gallstone?
  62. Gallbladder & Digestion _HELP?_
  63. Stomach or gallbladder?
  64. Post-Op Questions
  65. Post Ops Questions
  66. Curiuos
  67. Right Upper abdominal pain. Gallbladder, liver, or Crohns?
  68. Gall bladder symptoms - normal HIDA and US
  69. Not Able To Measure Ejection Fraction in HIDA
  70. eating after gallbladder removal??
  71. In need of some advice/opinions...
  72. Immeasurable Ejection Fraction
  73. Gallstone pain after gallbladder removed 3years ago.
  74. Reflux in GB
  75. Is it my gallbladder? Help, please!
  76. Swelling in abdomen
  77. Swelling in abdomen
  78. Waiting for scan results...
  79. damaged bile duct
  80. Does This Sounds Like LIVER or GALLBLADDER?
  81. ?Gallbladder Issues
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  83. Gallbladder???
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  85. IBS & Gallbladder
  86. Gallbladder or something else?
  87. Could it be my gallbladder?
  88. Tired of these attacks!! Is it my Gallbladder. HELP!
  89. Surgery in 3 days
  90. Gallbladder or Liver ?? or not
  91. Three months post-op and STILL having pain
  92. Gallbladder pain after starting statin
  93. Is It My Gallbladder? Or Am I Going Mad? Help!
  94. Gallbladder surgery plus liver biopsy
  95. what are some ways to get rid of Gallstones naturally?
  96. Can these symptoms be related to my Gallbladder?
  97. Gall stones found in gallbladder duct, went overseas, need surgery. advice?
  98. gallbladder or ibs/heartburn
  99. Confused
  100. Please tell me what you think
  101. It's been a while
  102. "Gurgling" Sounds After GB Removal
  103. Golf ball feeling below rib cage
  104. How long does diarrhea last after gallbladder removal? Please answer!
  105. Gallbladder surgery without seeing a gastroenterologist
  106. 4 days post op help please
  107. Is this caused by Gallbladder??? Please Help! :)
  108. GB Problems?
  109. Constipation after gb removal
  110. Constipation after gb removal
  111. Problems after gallbladder removal
  112. tight waist band and bloat
  113. Gallbladder Tests Abnormal But No Symptoms
  114. Diet after gallbladder removal
  115. shoulder blade pain after gallbladder op 3 months ago!
  116. pain after Gall bladder surgery
  117. Had gallbladder surgery 4 days ago. Will I ever feel normal again?
  118. Post GB Question
  119. Introduction and Questions about 1 year after Removal
  120. Dizziness with gallbladder?
  121. Is all of this normal after gallbladder surgery?
  122. Should I have my gallbladder surgery tomorrow?
  123. Post gallbladder surgery sharp pain when burping?
  124. Lots of anxiety about Gallbladder surgery
  125. Concerned :(
  126. Getting my gallbladder removed next week. I am terrified.
  127. Just had gallbladder laproscopically removed need some help
  128. Gallbladder Removal Experiences
  129. Immediate relief for a Gallbladder attack?
  130. Just aggravated with this!!!!!!!!!!!!
  131. Need some opinions
  132. Dont know where to go
  133. Symptoms and surgery
  134. Phantom Gallbladder Attack
  135. IBS and Gallbladder woes..what's the difference?
  136. What now???
  137. Heartburn after gallbladder removal
  138. post-gallbladder removal diet.
  139. Post Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  140. Sever GB attacks - removed GB over a year ago
  141. What do I eat
  142. Gallbladder pain worse when stomach is empty.
  143. Help for my D10 - Gallbladder issues??
  144. :(
  145. 2 days post op.
  146. Surgery tomorrow!
  147. Possible remedy for mystery pain!
  148. Bowel Problems after Gall Bladder removal
  149. pain a year after gallblader removal
  150. Got a date
  151. Surgery yesterday
  152. Could it be gall bladder?
  153. So Nauseous...
  154. Feel like I swallowed a balloon....
  155. Gallbladder questions
  156. Surgery on the 14th of December and I'm panicking!
  157. Surgery on the 14th of December and I'm panicking about everything!
  158. Losing all hope...
  159. HIDA Scan question
  160. Curious about a few things
  161. High liver Enzymes
  162. Need help asap
  163. Fatty foods/food in general not a trigger?
  164. Gallbladder, IBS, High Hida Scan???
  165. Is a HIDA scan necessary?
  166. Gallblader removal 1 month later.
  167. RUQ pain 4mos. after removal
  168. So sick after gallbladder removal
  169. I am at a crossroads: looking for advice.
  170. Morning nausea
  171. Me AGAIN
  172. Blood test off the chart totally convinced it's my Gallbladder! Questions!!
  173. An odd symptom
  174. Gallbladder Help
  175. Few questions please
  176. Surgery for Gallstones
  177. Just found out :(
  178. gall bladder
  179. SEVERE pain after gallbladder surgery
  180. actigall
  181. Just had GB Removed.... Need Positive Responses of what to expect
  182. Undiagnosed Upper Abdomen / Mid Back Pain
  183. For those of u who had the GB removed
  184. post surgery gifts
  185. Post Gallbladder Surgery Nausea and Diarrhea
  186. Gallbladder - Hospital or family doc?
  187. What is wrong with ME! Gallbladder?
  188. Abnormal ultrasound and normal HIDA
  189. had an ERCP/ now remove gall bladder?
  190. Pain Under Right Rib No Gallbladder
  191. Gallstones and fullness feeling after eatng
  192. non functioning gallbladder?????
  193. Back pain and chest pressure
  194. Gall bladder back pain?
  195. Confused and a bit frightened...help anyone!
  196. PANCREATITIS - post ERCP pain
  197. Gallbladder vs IBS
  198. It's been a little over a month...
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  200. To cleanse or not??
  201. Distended bile ducts/nausea - No pain
  202. Open cholecystectomy
  203. Gall bladder/ gall stones
  204. Post Op Gallbladder Problems
  205. Is this my Gallbladder or something else? Please help : (
  206. Gallbladder Help
  207. Focal Nodular Hyperplasia & Gallbladder problem
  208. Is there a connection between gallbladder and heart?
  209. Surgery update
  210. Went to post op doctors appt.
  211. It's been 8 days...
  212. Middle back pain, upper abdomen pain.Do you share it with me?
  213. Terribly debilitating nausea... NOT PREGNANT
  214. Right flank discomfort/dull ache
  215. Gallbladder Removed Still Worried
  216. Hello...
  217. Surgeon said A-Typical symptoms! Frustrated!
  218. 3 weeks post op and SO sick.
  219. Gallbladder improvement, or something else?
  220. What is wrong??
  221. IBS or Gallbladder issues?
  222. Frustrated by gallbladder issues.
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  224. Good Riddance Gallbladder!!!
  225. problems after laproscopic gallbladder removal
  226. Post surgery pain
  227. gall bladder surgery / swollen foot after
  228. Now what do I do?
  229. Strange HIDA scan happenings...can any interpret? Also need advice for here and now..
  230. post-surgery
  231. Sludge or Polyp
  232. After gallbladder surgery
  233. Natural gallbladder remedies
  234. bile duct dialated to 12mm
  235. Inflamed Gallbladder Symptoms
  236. Gall bladder surgery or not. That is the question.
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  238. gallblaer
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  240. does this sound like a gallbladder problem?
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  242. Pancreatitis and gallstones
  243. Gallbladder
  244. Gerd or gallbladder????
  245. Surgery soon! Not sure what to do! Need resources/help!!!
  246. Young adult, so so scared and uncertain! Please! Your opinion is appreciated!
  247. surgery?
  248. Itchy after surgery? Also BM question?
  249. ?????Gallbladder Problems?????
  250. Think its GERD but whats the lump?