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  1. t3-t4 disk herniation
  2. t2-t3 herniated disk
  3. Can a Herniated disk cause Bilateral burning in feet and Legs??
  4. Herniated discs & unexplained fractures
  5. Has any one had scrotal pain from a herniated disc?
  6. Has anyone ever hear of a hiatial hernia?
  7. Has Anyone Had This Surgery Done On C5-6 & Herniated Disc C6-7
  8. thoracic herniated disk???
  9. t3-t4 disk herniation
  10. Umbilical Hernia Query
  11. Hiatal Hernia Help Fast Please
  12. hernia? gastritis? going crazy here :(
  13. HERNIA? this is scaring me
  14. Incisional hernia repair
  15. ????'s about disc herniation
  16. Newly Diagnosed Herniated Disc L3-L4 Please Help!!
  17. Hiatal Hernia
  18. herniated discs in neck and spine???
  19. Any reherniated members?
  20. Herniated cervical disc c5-6 with nerve impingment
  21. re-herniation or severe sciatica flare up?
  22. L4/L5 herniation and now UPPER back spasms??
  23. Testicle Prob....hernia Again?
  24. umbilical hernia??
  25. Size of herniation
  26. Injuinal Hernia
  27. Hiatal Hernia in Pregnancy
  28. Newbie here, with a herniated disc
  29. HERNIA - Question for those that have had one repaired...
  30. Failed Lami,Reherniated @ L5-S1
  31. Gastritis, IBS, GERD, Hiatal Hernia...Please Help.
  32. effect of hernia on ur exercise routine?
  33. Can't decide about hernia operation
  34. Herniated L5 disk +sciatica + nursing= NO MEDS?
  35. help w/herniated cervical disk
  36. Wsib and Herniated Disc
  37. Inguinal hernia repaired now I want to get pregnant
  38. hernia
  39. Disk Herniation and feet swelling
  40. hernia surgery
  41. Help For Hubby- Herniated Disks?
  42. Pain, is it ovarian or a hernia or something else?
  43. Bulged Herniated Disc L3-L4 (4 ML Tear)
  45. Vomiting Blood - Hiatal Hernia
  46. tried pt for contained disc herniation/hurting a worst stage now
  47. contained herniated disc surgery options / help
  48. Herniation bet T6 and T7
  49. Herniated Disc and now what...?
  50. Can herniated disc cause foot problems
  51. question about limitations from herniated disc
  52. umbilical hernia
  53. I need info on Hiatal Hernia's
  54. hernias
  55. Herniated disc w/ siatica. Also DDD...Help???
  56. Hiatal Hernia Pain
  57. Hiatal Hernia w/ dry cough and chest soreness
  58. Hiatal Hernia
  59. Do I Have A Hernia?
  60. Sciatica with herniated disc but NO BACK PAIN
  61. Can a herniated disk go away by itself?
  62. Herniated disc on L5, Bulgding disc on L4, What's to expect?
  63. Anterior approach C5 / C6 herniate disk spinal surgery
  64. ? for those who have reherniated or hernatied a different disc
  65. new member questions about herniated disc and severe osteoporosis
  66. Isn't a "protrusion" a herniated disk? (m)...
  67. Help needed with herniated disc...is surgeory recommended?????
  68. Hernia?
  69. hiatal hernia :(
  70. Herniated disk L4-L5 in deep pain plz help
  71. Still sore after hernia and turp operations
  72. herniated cervical d.
  73. GERD vs. Hiatal Hernia
  74. Herniated disks and exercise
  75. anyone have a hernia operation and a TURP within a short time of each other?
  76. Herniated disk,L5/S1
  77. Bone spur-herniation, cervical stenosis and arthritis
  78. Only 22 and possibly have a 2nd herniated disk
  79. Herniated Disk Surgery on C5 & C6 of Neck?
  80. DKAY-how long did u wait till 2nd acdf during advent of second herniation
  81. Double Hernia
  82. Only 20 yrs old & 2 Herniated, Degenerated Discs
  83. Can a small Hiatus Hernia cause symptoms?
  84. Herniated L4/L5 Disk
  85. Hiatal hernia ? Can this be it?
  86. hernia recovery
  87. Hiatal hernia manipulation
  88. Hiatus Hernia and GERD
  89. Its Only A Small Hiatus Hernia..huh?
  90. Herniated/Buldging Discs ALong w/pain
  91. Hernia?
  92. Heart attack or cervical disc herniation?????
  93. Cervical Disk Herniation, C-4 Nerve Compression And Intrusion On Spinal Cord
  94. Post hernia surgery problem
  95. Nerve damage or Hernia?
  96. Head aches owing to C5-6 Herniation
  97. C5-6 Herniation
  98. Hiatal Hernia???
  99. New Here And Need Help With Herniated Disc
  100. Herniated C 5/6 and pain epidurals ??
  101. Lower back herniated disk and neck pain!!
  102. New Herniated Disk
  103. I Need A Reality Check About Hernia
  104. herniated disk & emg
  105. Newcomer Needs Help (L4/L5 Herniation With Nerve Root Compression)
  106. What are the symptoms of Hiatus hernia
  107. Hernia and ED
  108. Help, is this a re-herniation?
  109. still herniated? pls advise
  110. If you have multiple fusions...do you/can you still get more:do discs stop herniating
  111. Hernia's and blood pressure?
  112. re-herniation question
  113. Hernia - Surgeons - opinions
  114. herniated disk L5_S1
  115. Sliding Hiatus Hernia that I can feel slide lol
  116. herniated buldging disks?
  117. hiatal hernia surgery
  118. Reherniation??? Still in Pain...Still Scared!!
  119. Possible Hernia?
  120. Help with Thoracic Disc Herniations.
  121. No pain med for herniated discs?
  122. Acid Reflux/Hiatel Hernia
  123. Testicle pain after hernia surgery
  124. Cervical & Lumbar Herniations from sitting.
  125. Please Help....Possible Reherniation!!
  126. Many herniations, now foot pain and hands?
  127. 3mm Hernia touching left S1 Nerve
  128. Herniated Disk-non surgical recovery
  129. Hiatal Hernia
  130. Herniated disc vs. disc bulge
  131. Herniated disc and tailbone injury
  132. GERD/Hernia...who knows
  133. low back pain l4 l5 herniation no leg pain
  134. Hiatal hernia, GERD newbie needs more hand holding
  135. spinal compression c-6,7 herniation
  136. Anyone who has had a reherniation, Please Respond.
  137. Has anyone out there with a Hiatal Hernia had the Stretta Procedure?
  138. New Here...Thoracic Disc Herniation
  139. Disc herniation and trunk shifted
  140. No Hernia....?
  141. Hiatal hernia?
  142. Thoracic Spine Herniated Disc
  143. Is this a hernia?
  144. herniated disk between c-5 and 6 work related
  145. How often should a hernia be checked?
  146. Herniated discs c5 and c6
  147. Possible Hernia??!?!!!
  148. Herniated Disk/Back Pain & Horseback Riding
  149. How were you diagnosed with cervical herniations
  150. Cervical Stenosis & C3/C4 Disc Herniation
  151. Is this a heitus(?) hernia?
  152. Acid Reflux and Hiatal Hernias
  153. cervical and lumbar herniations, is it all down hill?
  154. Treatment that actually works for herniated lumbar discs.
  155. Feels almost like a hyena hernia
  156. C 5-6 herniation with spinal cord thinning
  157. Questions about Herniated Cervical Disk and Treatment
  158. New Here, Possible C5-6 Herniation, Lots of Questions
  159. hernia
  160. how to avoid re-herniation?
  161. Herniated disc in neck- Is PT helpful?
  162. What is the Best Test for Hiatal Hernia?
  163. Discomfort Following Hernia Surgery.
  164. Herniated L4/L5 - Questions
  165. need info about herniated cervical disc and possible paralysis
  166. More herniations
  167. All herniated disc sufferers...how's your pain?
  168. Is it a cyst or Hernia?
  169. Hernias in Women
  170. Women and Hernias
  171. Slipped disc/ Neck hernia
  172. more herniations after surgery
  173. herniated disk and fibromyalgia
  174. Weird pain after hiatal hernia repair
  175. Do you understand your herniated disk?
  176. herniated disks in neck
  177. Inguinal Hernia & Masturbation ( VERY IMPORTANT )
  178. Hiatal hernia, heart symptoms related?
  179. Bending over, skipped beats and hiatal hernia~
  180. umbilical hernia surgery
  181. T-10-T-11, etc herniation after MVA
  182. L5/S1 herniated disk re-occurring problems
  183. looking for info on bulging or herniated discs?
  184. looking for help or info on bulging or herniated disc?
  185. possiable herniated c5-6 disc
  186. 3 year old boy with hernia
  187. ? About Hiatal Hernia
  188. possible hernia???
  189. Reflux???GERD???Hernia???
  190. Hernia maybe????
  191. Cervical Spondylosis and Disk Herniation
  192. Herniation, Disc Protrusion, Bulging Disc...what Is The Difference?
  193. Hernia surgery question
  194. C5/6 Herniation Causing Shoulder Athrophy?
  195. Need Advice 3 herniated disk, DDD, Smorals Nodes, ect
  196. I Have Fm, Oa And Herniated Disk
  197. Post Hernia Pain
  198. Im 19 with herniated discs
  199. Thoracic Disc Herniations
  200. Anybody know about IDET, or Abrasion for 4 level herniation? To have fusion 2/12/04
  201. IBS, GERD, Hiatal Hernia
  202. Hiatial Hernia Surgery
  203. Sitting with Herniated Disc advice
  204. Did Cracking my own neck cause my disc Herniation at C5-C6?
  205. Degenerative Disc Disease (w/herniation) & Headaches??
  206. Reherniation shown on the MRI
  207. question for anyone with herniated disc!
  208. Herniation size
  209. L5/S1 disc reherniated after Discectomy
  210. Herniated L4L5... from pregnancy or delivery?
  211. herniated disc and lifting my baby
  212. Herniated Cervical Discs
  213. New here; herniated disc at L4-L5, Microdiscectomy?
  214. Anyone have a reherniation post-Microdisectomy?
  215. Help Me please Need suggestion L5-S1 Herniation
  216. Herniated disc - lots of questions- help!
  217. Herniated L4-5 Disk, need advice
  218. herniated/ruptured/sciatic nerve -- please help
  219. Incisional hernia{please help}
  220. epidural caudal catheter neuroplasty for treatment of central lumbar disc herniations
  221. ..Hernia..
  222. herniated disc or pinched nerve?
  223. Future herniations after previous fusion
  224. Has anyone had a pregnancy related hernia?
  225. T1/T2 herniation with nerve root compression and foraminal narrowing
  226. Hytal Hernia
  227. disc herniation post mva
  228. Herniated disc?
  229. lumbar and cervical disc herniation
  230. Is it IBS?Hernia?Ischemia? Opinions Please
  231. Hernia
  232. Hernia Surgery and Masturbation?
  233. Extensive SCLC and Herniated Disk
  234. herniation after fusion
  235. Does anyone take protonix for hiatal hernia?
  236. herniated disc
  237. Hernia, varicocele, cancer, what?
  238. Right parencentral disc herniation info needed
  239. People with herniated disks - is jogging recommended?
  240. Hernia topic?
  241. herniated disc
  242. Is hernia repair permanent?
  243. does L5-S1 disc herniation cause pain in the lower abbs???help!!
  244. what is the difference between GERD and a hiatal hernia
  245. Does Hiatal Hernia causes symptoms or not?
  246. Phernial Neuropathy
  247. Herniated c5, c6 and c7
  248. Upper GI results............ Sliding Hiatal Hernia
  249. Anyone with a herniated disc get stabbing pains in back and around sides
  250. Cervical herniated disc options?

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