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  1. Breast Check Physical
  2. im having surgery in few days and im scared
  3. benign brest tumor question????
  4. lump in the breast is C5
  5. Delaying radiation?
  6. multiple mammos harmful?
  7. End of side joint pain from aromasin
  8. Anyone Else Get "Tattooed" from Core Biopsy?
  9. what causes multiple cysts around a large cyst??
  10. ???? about my mammogram report
  11. Rash & Lump
  12. nodular denscity ??doc wants me to see a surgeon
  13. went in for green discharge now a cyst??
  14. Mammo in 6 months
  15. diagnostic mammogram for nipple discharge???
  16. How Do I Know If Arimidex I Is Working
  17. does a painful lump mean cancer in my left breast
  18. Bruising after core needle biopsy normal?
  19. Punctate Calcifications
  20. microcalcifications
  21. cyst in my breast
  22. gray discharge from one breast
  23. why does ductal papillmoa require surgery
  24. how long should I wait to see a doctor for a lump in my armpit?
  25. 5 year pill therapy
  26. Need a biopsy
  27. Breast Lumps
  28. soreness in both breast
  29. Does anyone have any idea?
  30. First mammogram came back abnormal
  31. Questions about swollen node
  32. Broken machine and timing
  33. Mother and Aunt with cancer
  34. Scared Now What?
  35. Call Back - They may have pressed too hard?
  36. Tacycardia
  37. Painful lump...could use advice please, single mom, scared.
  38. paget's disease
  39. Good news.
  40. Swelling Of The Breast
  41. Should I be worried??
  42. 2 Different Mammograms In A Month
  43. ACR Bi-rads 3
  44. So scared. Just want to talk.
  45. New lump in breast
  46. What should I do???
  47. Core Biopsy + Thin and Flat-Chested
  48. IMPORTANT for estrogen receptive breast cancer
  49. I get a biopsy on Friday
  50. Could this be breast cancer?
  51. Does anyone know about SAVI Breasy Bachytherapy radiation treatment?
  52. Cysts
  53. Breast Pain
  54. Does anyone has info about the "Professor K-effect"?
  55. Do I need to do a surgical biopsy or see another doctor?
  56. when it rains it pours
  57. I post my wife Shirley message : Do I need to do surgery now or see another doctor?
  58. Mri
  59. Herceptin weight gain then loss
  60. call back after a second mammogram
  61. suggestions on what i should do next
  62. called back for diagnostic mammogram
  63. 8mm Mass on left--Help!?!
  64. density with questionable destortion
  65. breast lump
  66. Confused and new to this board
  67. Can it be Breast Cancer?
  68. Lump under clavicle
  69. lymph glands in armpit.
  70. Nodules found in mother's breast, what does it mean?
  71. what can make sciatia pain go away without meds
  72. shortness of breath w/stage 1 breast ca
  73. not sure
  74. Linda49er
  75. Re: Paget's Disease
  76. Mammogram Showed Multiple Nodules Scared
  77. worried scared loving husband my wife is fighting breast cancer please help me
  78. lump on breast skin
  79. lump on breast skin
  80. Chemo - TAXOTERE
  81. Dimple?
  82. Does anyone know?
  83. Just need some reassurance I think...
  84. Had a mammogram monday and showed microcalcifications
  85. 4 years of intermittent, sharp shooting pains in breast
  86. Breast Lump - Enlarged Lymph Nodes
  87. Small flaky area of nipple. help!
  88. Please need input..Burning breast
  89. Lumps that come back
  90. scared, please help
  91. New here and don't know what is going on
  92. Mri
  93. HELP!! Is this the beginning on an inverted nipple???
  94. What are Linear Calcifications in your Breast?
  95. How serious is DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ)?
  96. "Normal" nipple discharge???
  97. Good News...no cancer!
  98. Question about pain
  99. Arimidex, bone loss, Ezorb
  100. Nipple Discharge
  101. What is it?
  102. getting scared here T,T
  103. I'm very scared right now...please help with any input
  104. Arimidex from Canadian pharmacies?
  105. Surgery for lumpectamy coming up. Please help...
  106. If you are on tamoxifen.....
  107. Husband has lump
  108. Suspicious Finding
  109. Dr. exam today Breast nodules- what does it mean?
  110. Bad time to be called in for a second xray and sonogram.
  111. After the whirlwind - now what do I do...
  112. New here and have some concerns
  113. Blood results?
  114. Severe breast pain with no diagnosis
  115. Timing of surgery/radiation/chemo?
  116. How do I find the best doctors?
  117. Prayers Please
  118. Mammogram Results: Heterogeneously Dense Fibroglandular Tissue
  119. Enlarged lymph node axilliary
  120. Just noticed lump
  121. Discomfort caused by scar tissue attached to muscle
  122. leego
  123. desperate for advice
  124. matectomy with expanders..help
  125. 6 month check-up
  126. periods while on arimidex
  127. What were your symptoms?
  128. What If she doesn't Remove it?
  129. Sister just dx with Breast Cancer
  130. Hot node
  131. Pain when laying down?
  132. Lexapro & Breast Cysts
  133. when does radiation start after lumpectomy
  134. Question about Neulasta
  135. is a breast cyst that is 4cm long and half as narrow suspicious?
  136. spots on lungs
  137. Stereotactic biopsy tomorrow
  138. how long will i wait after a biopsy for the results
  139. Advice pls?
  140. Core Needle Biopsy Results
  141. mammogram after an ultrasound????
  142. Male Breast Cancer
  143. breast fluid question
  144. what to do if you get a cold before surgery?
  145. What Causes Atypical Cells
  146. Breast Cancer and Extreme Insulin Resistance (Diabetes)
  147. Genetic testing question
  148. Core biopsy with ultrsound
  149. Lump behind my nipple...and I'm worried!
  150. Stereotactic Breast Biopsy-needle
  151. endometrium
  152. what a bulky uterus could mean
  153. Lump question...
  154. Found fluid filled cysts
  155. ?'s about expanders and implants!
  156. Had masectomy and monthly chemo now starting weekly chemo
  157. Had masectomy and monthly chemo now starting weekly chemo
  158. Has anyone had the same issue..if so...what happened
  159. My mum..
  160. biopsy/surgery timing and menstrual cycle
  161. Swelling after breast cancer Surgery
  162. Breast exams by family doctor
  163. Metastatic breast cancer and MUGA results
  164. Post surgery pain..
  165. Inflammatory Breast Cancer
  166. breast radiotherapy
  167. multiple nodular densities in breast cancer survivor
  168. Breast Cancer question
  169. Lump on breast
  170. i itch under my breast.....
  171. Should I be worried?
  172. Breast cancer
  173. I am so scared, Please pray for me!
  174. very worried
  175. mastectomy/reconstruction
  176. My SIL is loosing her battle with breast cancer
  177. Does breast cancer hurt?
  178. Advice for my sister-inlaw
  179. Help... very worried
  180. can you have needle localization done if you have implants
  181. Nutrition
  182. possible complications
  183. Inverted Nipple With A Scab Over
  184. New here just had a lumpectomy now facing chemo, radiation
  185. shortness of breath when bending
  186. sentinel node breast where available 2003 uk
  187. Chemo
  188. Focal Asymmetry Right Breast
  189. Another new person.
  190. should I even see the doctor for lump
  191. diagnostic mammogram
  192. what to when you find a lump under your arm
  193. Hey everyone, I have a question concerning post biopsy for my mom
  194. Unexplained rash- scared- could it be Inflammatory Breast Cancer?
  195. Breast exams
  196. Could this be breast cancer?
  197. How to be supportive
  198. MRI Biopsy
  199. lymph node involvement
  200. I'm so scared
  201. Florid Ductal Hyperplasia with Atypia?
  202. My Poor Grandma Breast Cancer Spreaded Some One PLease help!!!
  203. Paget's Disease??
  204. Inflammatory breast cancer
  205. what is the risk of having a mammogram if you may be pregnant
  206. i am so confused!!Any ideas???
  207. Oncotype dx test
  208. 93 year old aunt with new dx
  209. Starting Chemo tomorrow, and need some advice. Please!
  210. Had mammogram
  211. Operation
  212. Tiny hard lump
  213. does prempro cause adenosis?
  214. I think I have felt a lump on my breast?
  215. MRI Guided Biopsy--how does it work?
  216. New Member/Breast Cancer?
  217. Waiting For Biopsy Results
  218. Breast Cancer and Tamoxifen
  219. Cj
  220. Question about father's breast lump
  221. Cause for concern??
  222. how to read an mri
  223. Results?
  224. trying to be strong!!
  225. Primary vs metastatic site?
  226. Lumpectomy, radiation question
  227. Chemobrain a myth?
  228. Self-Centred & Paranoid
  229. Doing breast exam today and found a small lump!!
  230. Is it true that cancerous lumps are not painful??
  231. Post-surgical scarring and ASTYM
  232. Pre-cancerous cells in breast
  233. Breast calcification - age 44
  234. Nipple change, hormones?
  235. started chemo
  236. Need information now!
  237. Just Wondering??
  238. Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
  239. Pauli
  240. cant cope anymore
  241. Never knew my heart could break this much!
  242. what is a complicated cyst in the breast
  243. The best advice I ever got!
  244. Breast Cancer in 1991 & Implant Issues
  245. My mom has cancer for the 4th time.
  246. Jojo
  247. Any and all info I can get
  248. Severe Pain in Left Breast
  249. Possible breast cancer
  250. My 6 mo. follow up mammo