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  1. My son has POTS - maybe with other symptoms
  2. Possible sciatic nerve injury after injection?
  3. muscle twitches all over body
  4. numbness in feet lower left leg and right hip area
  5. tingling sensation on head like bugs under skin
  6. BUrning sensation neck and head
  7. Sural nerve biopsy
  8. Are these seizures?
  9. Am I Being Proactive Enough?
  10. To all those with vertigo/loss of balance/dizziness
  11. Brain feels like its brian swollen!
  12. Sharp burning facial pain (forehead, eyes, brows, ear pain , back of neck) for months
  13. Weird Brain
  14. I Wish I Knew What I Have And How To Get It Fixed
  15. I'm newly diagnosed w/Hydrocephalus, and...
  16. re-curring pain after L5 S1 disectomy
  17. Does anyone know what is going on/ have you experienced this?
  18. stroke patient feelings and sensations
  19. Neurology vs. Orthopedic
  20. Tremors/Twitching/Balance Problems-Normal MRI?
  21. Brain MRI - why decide to add contrast?
  22. What could be going on?
  23. Brain MRI
  24. ACDF C5 and C6 Surgery
  25. Diagnostic Report
  26. The search for answers continues
  27. Finally getting somewhere
  28. NEED HELP.. low grade fever on and off..neck pain
  29. Anyone had these symptoms before?
  30. Having constant drunk feeling for last year
  31. Help! Daughter Post Cervical Rhizotomy Pain
  32. Imaging options for those who cannot have an MRI??
  33. Pseudotumor???
  34. CSF? Cerebrospinal fluid?
  35. First neurologist visit Wednesday, what should I expect?
  36. mra brain report says i have foci what does it mean?
  37. What condition would alway make you want to curl your wrists inwards (volar flexion)?
  38. Essential Tremor and Cancer Risk
  39. Depression/skin sensations
  40. Blackouts while sitting or standing (3-4th one in 4-5 months)
  41. Involuntary body jerking... help please!
  42. Nerve pain in arms and legs
  43. Help!!????
  44. Hypersomnia Nightmare!!!
  45. Minor Head Injury Concerns
  46. Fatty Sheathing (MRI)
  47. Help
  48. Regarding Bones erosions
  49. Bone spur at C4 C5
  50. Please Help Me!
  51. What do i have and where can i get help.
  52. What is wrong with me? Neurological problem? Some kind of disease?
  53. Neck pain
  54. what could be causing these symptoms if its not neurological??
  55. List of symptoms; No answers yet; Worried.
  56. Fear of Fatal Insominia
  57. Head pains and more
  58. ACDF surgery
  59. Lipoma along anterior falx
  60. Post Wreck Pains
  61. Dizzyness, nausea, numbness..what could this be?
  62. CT Scan Results - Translation?
  63. pain - fingers to shoulder blade
  64. drunk / high feeling all day, everyday
  65. pulse senations in the weirdest places...help
  66. Twitching after campylobacter infection
  67. Left Side of Body feels more pain than right half
  68. Neurology OR Plastics - Severe arm pain & tingling -- worst after surgery
  69. numbness in left cheek and lips
  70. Pain above right eyebrow
  71. please help, DESPERATE!
  72. Oculomotor nerve palsy. Seeing with one eye for 3 years.
  73. facial nerve damage due to chemical burns?
  74. Sunflower Syndrome
  75. MRI Results of Cervical Spine and Surgery Advice Needed
  76. No Answers After 6 Years - Left Sided Weakness
  77. imbalance issue
  78. best way to detect facial nerve damage?
  79. Pain on left side............?
  80. Lots of Symptoms- But No Answers
  81. Neurologic Deficit
  82. EMG (Nerve Test)
  83. I really Need Help Here - Comprehensive List of Symptoms
  84. cervical myelopathy.
  85. Third nerve palsy
  86. auditory processing issues in adult
  87. help! whats going on
  88. MRI due to Acute Vertigo
  89. Third nerv palsy - no diagnose
  90. Mini-Stroke & mri
  91. Mini-Stroke & mri
  92. Tremor in muscles when tensed, everywhere seems to be affected, please help
  93. Please help - pain is getting worse
  94. Head / Brain Noises
  95. Thumb moving involuntarily
  96. Help
  97. Pineal Cyst - Doctors won't help me!!!
  98. What can be done for NMH?
  99. weak knees
  100. Dizziness, Fatigue, Weakness.
  101. progressive nerve damage
  102. Need help, an answer, or advice.
  103. Reverse Deja Vu
  104. Fractured C7 Vertebrae / broken neck
  105. wilsons dissease keyser fleisch rings with pic.
  106. Odd warm/burning sensation on the right side of my face?
  107. Back pain
  108. Unexplained Symptoms that continue
  109. Hypothetically possible?
  110. Nerve pain, back pain, leg pain, arm pain, forearm pain, headaches= oy vey!!
  111. Possible cure for burning man syndrome
  112. MRI: Cervical Radiculitis
  113. brain tumour and after care advise
  114. Heart Attack-like Symptoms = Nerve Problems?
  115. Understanding Myelogram
  116. reflexology
  117. brain cyst
  118. weakness / confusion after stomach "flu". When to see a neurologist..?
  119. Neuralgia?
  120. Eye sight
  121. Need help with MRI results
  122. Radial Nerve Injury
  123. my left leg
  124. Physical Therapy for Herniated C6 disc?
  125. Help With MRI Result?
  126. could be MS?
  127. numbness in my extremeties with a lum on the middle of my spine
  128. Seizure medication effect on pregnancy
  129. Herniated C6 disc. Anyone have these symptoms?
  130. in dire need of help!
  131. index finger to thumb test...
  132. Was this a migraine?
  133. Whom should i consult? orthopedician or a neurologist?
  134. Need help interpreting something (MRI Brain)
  135. Lower right abdominal pain that also shoots into right back!
  136. VP shunt revision cost
  137. my dad: muscle weakness/worms crawling on his legs
  138. this pain causes me so much grief
  139. im an active 21 yr old guy. i could really use some diagnosing what i have.
  140. Buzzing in limbs
  141. Odd Symptoms
  142. Peroneal nerve injury
  143. myasthenia
  144. Fat deposit? On my brain??
  145. Bad vision disorders (visual snow, flickering)
  146. interpreting MRI results
  147. Pediatric neurology ?
  148. Vertigo since 12/1/10. Unusual problem. need advice.
  149. to bright to strong .
  150. cortisone dent in back
  151. AVM Malformation
  152. Dont know what to do,or who to see?
  153. need someone to tell me what my brain mri means
  154. Foraminotomy
  155. Severe migraines!!
  156. Nerve pain following a car accident
  157. Suffer from Neurodermatitis..nerve ending damage?
  158. Anterior Cingulate Cortex Affecting Vision?
  159. Please read, I's suffering, cannot figure out what's wrong, any advice appreciated!
  160. essential tremors
  161. Started with a swollen hand...
  162. concussion
  163. neck injury please help
  164. unknown disorder in infant
  165. rocking feeling
  166. Psychedelics left me weird and messed up
  167. Neurological problems with vision?
  168. neuro ordered emg,normal but no response what?
  169. Frustrated with "normal" results
  170. Drunk Feeling
  171. Burning itching feeling in legs, any ideas?
  172. MRI findings
  173. No left face movement on deliberate smile
  174. EMG Test During & After
  175. What the heck just happened?
  176. sensory disorder
  177. Numb Scalp,Ears,Face, Photophobia,Can't taste food
  178. constant dizziness and blackouts?...
  179. Mri's
  180. I need information on a possible neurological disorder
  181. Need Help Understanding....Please
  182. Migraines
  183. MRA tomorrow, negative CT and brain MRI
  184. Throbbing pain in my head? Is it a tumor?
  185. How long until neurology appointment???
  186. Ear problems causing neurological problems?
  187. Toxic Mold??
  188. to the administrator:
  189. NeuroInflammation..possible Neuro Auto Immune Disease..any advice?
  190. Fractured humerus
  191. Not sure if this is Neurological or not but Creepy Crawly Skin Sensations
  192. neck, shoulder blade area and right arm pain
  193. Arm pain
  194. Trembling
  195. Burning left sided chest pain/stomach pain
  196. Nerve entrapment
  197. Aneurysm
  198. Living with Disc Degeneration....help!!!
  199. Crushed my index finger; now numb
  200. How long is the dye from a Myelogram in my body?
  201. Crawling sensations
  202. Just Got diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Type 1
  203. Unilateral weakness, running out of patience.
  204. Leg twitches at night suspected nerve damage
  205. extensive facial nerve damage, smashed face in accident at work today
  206. Dolichoectasia of the basilar artery?
  207. mri and ct myelogram differences
  208. I am so scared please put ur opinion
  209. It feels like my ankle is cold but it isn't.
  210. Right side body weakness
  211. Help for neuropathy
  212. HELP! Strange Symptoms!
  213. Repeatitive muscle twitch
  214. Mentally "falling" feeling
  215. I think I'm having seizures or strokes...? pls help
  216. Is it neurology or depression ?
  217. eye twitch and mood swings
  218. Never been so scared :(
  219. Is this a seizure?
  220. trying to find answer's
  221. Has anyone else ever experienced this?
  222. Dull pain in left side of my head.
  223. is there a test that can be given standing up?
  224. Breathing problems - Dyspnoe of unknown origin
  225. left eye twitch along with small muscle spasms and headache
  226. Syndrome of a. vertebralis-please help
  227. Thought I had a stroke
  228. really need help
  229. Dr refuses to check for Lupus
  230. partial seizures
  231. Nervous System, Do i have a problem?
  232. Feeling like passing out in my sleep and internal head shakes
  233. Faints
  234. very worried, please reply
  235. im so scared. whats wrong with me?
  236. Pressure behind ears after neck is stretched
  237. Otherwise healthy 42 year old male...
  238. Neurology symptoms?
  239. What could this be?
  240. Why do painkillers alleviate tightness as well?
  241. Nerve Block Complication?
  242. Seizure due to low blood sugar?
  243. numbness/loss of feeling in pinky
  244. MRI Results
  245. Re buttocks feeling cold, rectum feeling full, for no reason
  246. Tingling around menstrual periods
  247. Cervical disc degeneration causing pins & needles all over??
  248. Pressure in right side of head.
  249. Not sure what is going on with me...
  250. Please, I just want answers...

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