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  1. Numb and tingling whole body
  2. How serious is this, should I cancel my vacation?
  3. what else could it be?
  4. Occipital nerve
  5. qeeg
  6. left arm numb
  7. Brain MRI Report Can Someone Help?
  8. not sure what my mri results mean
  9. I don't know what's normal and what's not!
  10. Is this occiptal neuralgia?
  11. Muscle loss/twitching
  12. dx'd with CTS twice, now what??!!
  13. Pain gets worse in evening/night
  14. ACDF - Tremors
  15. Burning pain around ears
  16. pipkins
  17. stiff person syndrum
  18. Any ideas on possible Neuro problem?
  19. Searching for answers?!?
  20. Where else to turn?
  21. Nerve Pain in back of left hand
  22. I have had three neck procedures
  23. Sudden Onset of pain, numbness and tingling.
  24. my head hurts for over a month!!!!
  25. Numbness
  26. brain clot
  27. Burning skin with clothes
  28. All tests are normal?
  29. Need help
  30. Multiple EMGs
  31. emg ncv uppers and lowers
  32. Sound familiar to anyone?
  33. Increasing memory issues - 47years old - ECT in 2001
  34. How long did it take you to get an accurate diagnosis?
  35. My husband and narcolepsy
  36. Hands and Feet pins and needles
  37. sciatica almost a year
  38. Seizures?
  39. help for my father
  40. spinal problem
  41. Feeling Like I'm always buzz
  42. Feeling Like I'm always Buzz/Mild drunkness
  43. Mysterious illness
  44. brain fog, anxiety
  45. Possible B 12 deficiency?
  46. Spot on right frontal lobe
  47. Nerve Pain from Arthritis??
  48. Trigeminal Neuralgia
  49. Pentagabin titration
  50. Severe neuropathy from chemicals?
  51. need help ready mri
  52. Quickly getting worse, numb and tight
  53. Ulnar Nerve Surgery
  54. cauda equina syndrome
  55. Post Lami Numb Foot...would love to hear from those who have recovered from numbness.
  56. Call-Fleming Syndrome or Thunderclap Migraines
  57. Possible nerve damage/compression - need advice
  58. Essential Tremors
  59. Post Seizure Symptoms
  60. Any advice or ideas?
  61. extremely painful burning and stabbing pain in arm
  62. A Newbie Join In This Community
  63. Pinched Nerve
  64. Really really worried. Neurological symptoms and lumps on chest and head
  65. c5 and c6
  66. cervical foraminotomy May 2012
  67. electrohypersensitivity
  68. balance issues for over a year, 24 years old, dr's cant help me?
  69. Is there a nerve in the side or back that can trigger a gag reflex?
  70. restless legs
  71. Neuralgia
  72. is hypertension part of M.S?
  73. Undiagnosed Seizures while sleeping
  74. 3 hour seizures
  75. Please someone help, several neurological symptoms with several test but no clear dx
  76. Really concerned, neurological problems.
  77. craniotomy versus jaw issues
  78. heartbeat pounding in head
  79. Need diagnosis - several neurological issues
  80. New poster, former lurker...
  81. Do I have 'Occipital Neuralgia'?
  82. MRI results. I have lot's of questions before I seethe Neurologist.
  83. Nerve Injury
  84. Risperal for "twitching"?
  85. Ticking sensaton on head
  86. MRA Blood vessels-Help
  87. Mother in law very sick and need some help.
  88. Headache
  89. foot drop?
  90. Can anyone please put this MRI report in terms I can understand?
  91. Intestines Swollen
  92. Diagnose Me! Pretty Please...
  93. Please help!
  94. Pulsations, lighheaded, spaced out - Month 4!
  95. neurological symptoms, had a CT and MRI without contrast, was clear so what is it?
  96. Skin areas feel like a million needles...
  97. VP shunt infection?
  98. What can i expect after MRI Scan and what is this?
  99. Hereditary Spastic Paraperesis (HSP)
  100. unbalanced feeling when walking
  101. Help understanding MRI results? Please...
  102. Muscle weakness/cramping , headaches ,docs unable to diagnosis
  103. Migraines and then some
  104. brain cyst?
  105. buzzing in my ear on right side
  106. unconscious for 3 hours
  107. So many symptoms... please help! Long post..
  108. CT Scan of brain and Cerebral Angiography.
  109. Random pain
  110. Headaches, weakness, and numbness
  111. peripheral neuropathy and lyrica
  112. Slight Twitching; Questions to ask after MRI
  113. Explain a brain scan finding please
  114. SHARP Throbbing Pain in Outside Edge of Foot
  115. worst pain and fatigue I have ever had
  116. Seizure Meds
  117. Help understanding MRI, please
  118. muscle issues with raised CPK
  119. sudden onset parathesia
  120. What is Vertebrobasilar Attaxia ?
  121. No emotions - MRI report - interpretation
  122. Mysterious Ear Pain
  123. Living with essential tremor
  124. Involuntary Movements & Collapsing/unconsciousness
  125. Complex regional pain syndrome
  126. TIAs and Stroke in 23 year old male
  127. Corticobasal Ganglionic Degeneration
  128. Expanding nodules on my head!!
  129. Trileptal and lymph nodes
  130. Pressure in head, feeling like eyes are rolling back
  131. Elbow/Ulnar Nerve Tingling?
  132. Re: Facial Numbness
  133. Paresthesia? neck/throat and face
  134. Lightening bolts and Sparklers
  135. I'm Scared.
  136. Could somebody tell me where to turn next?
  137. flinging arm(right) and violent twitches after needle stick injury
  138. Tingling hands and feet
  139. Right leg weak and goes spastic
  140. Facial Numbness
  141. Sciatica
  142. Cervical MRI Report. What does it mean?
  143. Cervical MRI report home please
  144. Neurologist or Orthopaedic? Shoulder surgery needed.
  145. Leg weakness & myelo? One side higher than other
  146. Nerve leg pain and might sound totally crazy off the wall!
  147. Please help me find the answers
  148. Help with MRI finding???
  149. Results for my Sural nerve biopsy....
  150. Can anyone please help me with this?!
  151. What to expect during an EEG?
  152. My son has POTS - maybe with other symptoms
  153. Possible sciatic nerve injury after injection?
  154. muscle twitches all over body
  155. numbness in feet lower left leg and right hip area
  156. tingling sensation on head like bugs under skin
  157. BUrning sensation neck and head
  158. Sural nerve biopsy
  159. Are these seizures?
  160. Am I Being Proactive Enough?
  161. To all those with vertigo/loss of balance/dizziness
  162. Brain feels like its brian swollen!
  163. Sharp burning facial pain (forehead, eyes, brows, ear pain , back of neck) for months
  164. Weird Brain
  165. I Wish I Knew What I Have And How To Get It Fixed
  166. I'm newly diagnosed w/Hydrocephalus, and...
  167. re-curring pain after L5 S1 disectomy
  168. Does anyone know what is going on/ have you experienced this?
  169. stroke patient feelings and sensations
  170. Neurology vs. Orthopedic
  171. Tremors/Twitching/Balance Problems-Normal MRI?
  172. Brain MRI - why decide to add contrast?
  173. What could be going on?
  174. Brain MRI
  175. ACDF C5 and C6 Surgery
  176. Diagnostic Report
  177. The search for answers continues
  178. Finally getting somewhere
  179. NEED HELP.. low grade fever on and off..neck pain
  180. Anyone had these symptoms before?
  181. Having constant drunk feeling for last year
  182. Help! Daughter Post Cervical Rhizotomy Pain
  183. Imaging options for those who cannot have an MRI??
  184. Pseudotumor???
  185. CSF? Cerebrospinal fluid?
  186. First neurologist visit Wednesday, what should I expect?
  187. mra brain report says i have foci what does it mean?
  188. What condition would alway make you want to curl your wrists inwards (volar flexion)?
  189. Essential Tremor and Cancer Risk
  190. Depression/skin sensations
  191. Blackouts while sitting or standing (3-4th one in 4-5 months)
  192. Involuntary body jerking... help please!
  193. Nerve pain in arms and legs
  194. Help!!????
  195. Hypersomnia Nightmare!!!
  196. Minor Head Injury Concerns
  197. Fatty Sheathing (MRI)
  198. Help
  199. Regarding Bones erosions
  200. Bone spur at C4 C5
  201. Please Help Me!
  202. What do i have and where can i get help.
  203. What is wrong with me? Neurological problem? Some kind of disease?
  204. Neck pain
  205. what could be causing these symptoms if its not neurological??
  206. List of symptoms; No answers yet; Worried.
  207. Fear of Fatal Insominia
  208. Head pains and more
  209. ACDF surgery
  210. Lipoma along anterior falx
  211. Post Wreck Pains
  212. Dizzyness, nausea, numbness..what could this be?
  213. CT Scan Results - Translation?
  214. pain - fingers to shoulder blade
  215. drunk / high feeling all day, everyday
  216. pulse senations in the weirdest places...help
  217. Twitching after campylobacter infection
  218. Left Side of Body feels more pain than right half
  219. Neurology OR Plastics - Severe arm pain & tingling -- worst after surgery
  220. numbness in left cheek and lips
  221. Pain above right eyebrow
  222. please help, DESPERATE!
  223. Oculomotor nerve palsy. Seeing with one eye for 3 years.
  224. facial nerve damage due to chemical burns?
  225. Sunflower Syndrome
  226. MRI Results of Cervical Spine and Surgery Advice Needed
  227. No Answers After 6 Years - Left Sided Weakness
  228. imbalance issue
  229. best way to detect facial nerve damage?
  230. Pain on left side............?
  231. Lots of Symptoms- But No Answers
  232. Neurologic Deficit
  233. EMG (Nerve Test)
  234. I really Need Help Here - Comprehensive List of Symptoms
  235. cervical myelopathy.
  236. Third nerve palsy
  237. auditory processing issues in adult
  238. help! whats going on
  239. MRI due to Acute Vertigo
  240. Third nerv palsy - no diagnose
  241. Mini-Stroke & mri
  242. Mini-Stroke & mri
  243. Tremor in muscles when tensed, everywhere seems to be affected, please help
  244. Please help - pain is getting worse
  245. Head / Brain Noises
  246. Thumb moving involuntarily
  247. Help
  248. Pineal Cyst - Doctors won't help me!!!
  249. What can be done for NMH?
  250. weak knees