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  1. Question about nerve pain and physical therapy
  2. Stiff Persons Syndrome
  3. Many symptoms, no answers
  4. bizarre foot/anus issue
  5. MRI Scan single white spot
  6. Newbie/lengthy post about legs and feet
  7. Having a lot of anxiety all of the sudden.
  8. Can anyone tell me what this means?
  9. Dark Spot on MRI Scan
  10. Necker Cube/Medical condition.
  11. Loss of vision in right side of both eyes, five times, twice with speaking disorders
  12. Help reading an MRI
  13. Anyone with Vertebrobasilar Circulatory Disoder?
  14. facial palsy - also stomach neuropathy?
  15. Rapidly Progressive Dementia
  16. Please Help!!
  17. Please help
  18. Cerebritis
  19. Mri of the brain
  20. Constant motor tics, tension points, random anxiety, and occasional numbness or pain
  21. need second openion please,complicated case
  22. 5-HT2C and 5-HT1A downregulation
  23. Illness caused by tetanus booster?
  24. Integrative Medicine for nerve pain on face ? ?
  25. Confued by my symptoms - PLEASE HELP
  26. CPEO - Mitochondrial Myopathy
  27. Dizziness
  28. Head and Facial Problems
  29. Head pressure
  30. Strange kind of trauma after accident
  31. Headaches, Ear, Eye Problems, and Other Neuro Symptoms. Please Help!!!
  32. Lump on forehead I'm very concerned about
  33. Brain M R I
  34. Meralgia Paresthetica and Lyrica
  35. Massive Ischemic Stroke
  36. Ringing in "head" as opposed to ears??
  37. Possible Seizures? 8 year old girl - any insight welcomed
  38. Tingling/numbness in left foot, leg, hand, and arm
  39. Changes in hand preference in the context of mental or brain abnormalities?
  40. Esophoria
  41. twitching and als
  42. Twitching and Muscle Fatigue Following Illness
  43. Please help, MRI report
  44. ? Any ideas?
  45. Tingling fingertip after shower
  46. Possibly Fahr's disease
  47. Am back, with new symptoms
  48. Cerebral Atrophy
  49. Seemingly unrelated neurological events over past year, no diagnosis
  50. Can dairy cause neurological symptoms?
  51. Cyst the size of a Lime in my head
  52. Pain when inhaling upper neck or suboccipital region
  53. Ct c spine results
  54. Chiropractor for compressed nerve?
  55. adjusting to wallenberg syndrome
  56. Phantom water running down back
  57. Deep brain stimulation and dystonia
  58. Seeking Information on Girlfriends Medical Condition
  59. Omnipaque Contrast Dye Injection Nightmare
  60. Chest Fasciculations on left side
  61. Which is better for diagnosing a pinched nerve in neck/spine?
  62. Banged my head a few days ago...
  63. anyone have an opinion?
  64. psdt ADEM recovery
  65. Please read, very sick
  66. EMG question for pinched nerve on neck/spine
  67. Nose, cheek, and finger numbness
  68. Dysarthria/Dysphagia problem
  69. Help with MRI results
  70. Pulsatile Tinnitus after TMJ surgery, heartbeat in ear
  71. Lightheaded
  72. Stabbing pain right leg above knee
  73. Please Help, Urgent MND
  74. Undiagnosed Itching Problem. I Need Help REALLY BAD...
  75. mri reading
  76. Unsure what I have - please help
  77. what does my 15 month old son's mri mean
  78. Please help
  79. Scary progressing symptoms! Pls!!! Anyone!!!
  80. Constant Left Forehead "Tightness" caused by facial nerve?
  81. Tingling and numbness
  82. Tingling head
  83. is this a problem?
  84. Desperate For Advice/Answers
  85. Pinching Pain
  86. MRI report - tingling of hands & feet
  87. Brain fog spaced out feeling
  88. Dizziness, brain-fog, dreamlike feeling, HELP!
  89. Im feeling inconfident all the time
  90. Pain inside brain - help!
  91. Trigeminal Neuralgia
  92. Help - Left side mouth feels weird....
  93. Burning legs arms & consentration
  94. Nerve pain after mole removal
  95. Newly diagnosed with narcolepsy and seeking answers
  96. Help I'm in tears~ Cervical Stenosis/Herniation/Cord Compression
  97. Neurological symptoms?
  98. Need advice re Ocular Myasthenia Gravis
  99. Why is my vision clearer when I lie down?
  100. I need help
  101. Numbness
  102. What is wrong with me?
  103. dystonia
  104. Common Peroneal Nerve Surgery
  105. Strange sensation in fingers?
  106. MRI results? TOS - denied surgery
  107. Testicular pain caused by Zoloft
  108. More than half my hand is numb and tingly
  109. Face numb weeks after surgery
  110. MD vs Myopathy
  111. what can cause these neurological issues? please help?
  112. Could vitamin deficiency cause these neurological problems?
  113. xyrem symptoms
  114. Itchy arm syndrome (brachiordial pruritus )
  115. 11 months of Double vision and slurred speech
  116. MRI brain results interpretation
  117. Concerns Regargrding MRi Results
  118. Cidp
  119. Peripheral Vision is in fragments when in motion
  120. what can cause this??
  121. Partial Seizures Sour taste
  122. Please help
  123. could this be ALS?
  124. Neurological Problems - Undiagnosed
  125. 12 strokes
  126. weird headpain
  127. EMG/Clinical Exam Question
  128. trileptal side effects
  129. MS or Vitamin D deficiency
  130. Unsteady gait and cold spots - need your thoughts
  131. childhood absence epilepsy
  132. Need advice
  133. MRI results.
  134. Always sleeping
  135. waiting for Neurologist appointment
  136. neuropathy type pain killing my feet every day
  137. Long Length Neuropathy
  138. The worst its been thus far!!!!!!
  139. Undiagnosed illness??
  140. gum has tingling pain
  141. Itchy Face
  142. Undiagnosed neurology problem??
  143. Need Help
  144. Got to see a neurologist
  145. cva and plavix dosage
  146. C T Head Scan
  147. neurological problems destroying my body
  148. Migraine for 3 months straight
  149. Muscle twitching, soreness/weakness. I am terrified
  150. Possible neuro-degenerative condition? Help!
  151. Diagnosed with Essential Tremor....
  152. Trying to be diagnosed
  153. What is Neuropathy? Anyone heard of SudoScan? Need Help
  154. Small Fiber Neuropathy
  155. bilateral heel pain?
  156. Herniated Disc-Weakness
  157. Terrifying Tactile Sensory Changes - Am I going to have a seizure?
  158. Drowsiness or Sleep-triggering wave frequency
  159. Hi to all,
  160. transverse myelitis
  161. Numb hip and top of thigh?! Possible slight swelling
  162. constant doll headache
  163. Lip numb
  164. Seizures and tremors
  165. Nodular lesion and polypp? What does this mean?
  166. Legs tingle when i scratch back of head
  167. Congenital Hydrocephalus- Slit Ventricle Syndrome
  168. Insight on Symptoms needed!
  169. Go see the neurologist in three days.
  170. Tingling in back of head
  171. What happened to me?
  172. Brain functions problems
  173. Memory Loss & burning sensation in my head
  174. doctor recommendations
  175. Can water intoxication cause lasting neurological damage?
  176. Nerve root issues and MRI dont make sence
  177. Neurologist referral please!
  178. Weakening sore muscles.
  179. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain damage linked to solvent abuse?
  180. Occipital Neuralgia
  181. Hand/Arm tingling, numbness and burning
  182. L4-L5 Foot pain and numbness
  183. Acdf surgery
  184. Refusing help for dystonia
  185. left side face numbness
  186. foot drop
  187. MRI Results
  188. Spinal cord stimulator
  189. Weird memory problems
  190. Confused by MRI
  191. Understanding language and can't find the right word.
  192. What now? I'm confused....
  193. MRI result Help!
  194. PLZ HELP 20 yr old son abnormal brain MRI???
  195. Numbness in hands/redness and burning
  196. NUCCA or Orthopedic surgeon right?
  197. Right Frontal Lobe sliding down?
  198. strange symptoms
  199. Damage?
  200. leg dragging
  201. Relief from Peripheral Neuropathy
  202. Muscle Twitching
  203. TN progression
  204. disassociation from limbs and other sensory issues
  205. Neurological Symptoms
  206. Has anyone taken Topamax for ET
  207. Strange eye and muscle symptoms!!
  208. lighteded,headaches
  209. Numbness combined with twitching in the upper part of my left leg
  210. What is white brain matter?
  211. Brand name to generic Lamictal
  212. Massive Stroke on Right Side of Brain
  213. should i see a doctor?
  214. Why would i have a reduced Median H-reflex?
  215. Have any of youe experienced these symptoms?
  216. ncv test results
  217. Electrical Current Sound
  218. Sister in Critical Condition-Please help
  219. Nerve problem or Hernia?
  220. MRI--what does it mean?
  221. Don't know what to do anymore
  222. Nerve issues or bad anxiety or fibro?? Pls help!
  223. Headache & Tingling Hands
  224. Short, painful brain twitches
  225. Essential Tremor Meds -- Primidone or Mysoline
  226. Hands shaking
  227. tremors
  228. C1 C2 surgery through the mouth
  229. Why i sweat by one side ?
  230. Please help me understand my mri results.
  231. Full Body is constantly numb?
  232. Young mom needs help
  233. Head presure and not the same
  234. Strange tongue symptoms
  235. EMG and nerve blocks?????
  236. Always cold
  237. Neurological issues & Menopause
  238. burning left sided chest pain
  239. Could all of this be due to prior nerve damage?
  240. Hand Tremors
  241. neurofeedback and head pain/pressure
  242. Question about MRI findings
  243. neck problems
  244. Numb and tingling whole body
  245. How serious is this, should I cancel my vacation?
  246. what else could it be?
  247. Occipital nerve
  248. qeeg
  249. left arm numb
  250. Brain MRI Report Can Someone Help?