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  1. Stage Four Colon Cancer
  2. regarding HBS antigen (+) and CEA -17 ng
  3. Worried- Shall I visit doctor?
  4. Newbie - Surgery Upcoming (Resection)
  5. bloody stool, really scared :(
  6. Post lap colon surgery - is my dad doing o.k.?
  7. Rectal Cancer
  8. colon ca therapy
  9. Anyone else Metastatic Colon stage 4
  10. New widow and newly diagnosed
  11. whats going on
  12. what does a colonoscopy cost without insurance
  13. pre colonoscopy insight please
  14. i went to bathroom to do my stool
  15. how much does it cost for a colinoscopy with out insurence
  16. lump on anus
  17. Colon Cancer confirmed - Surgery Questions
  18. rectal colon reversal stricture
  19. colonoscopy scheduled .......
  20. What could this be?
  21. Colonoscopy results - ideas very welcome.
  22. at last....
  23. stage3 colon cancer
  24. Anxious
  25. still waiting
  26. CEA 4.1 4 years after surgery
  27. tumor in the colon
  28. sphincter cramping
  29. what do u mean by tiny subpleural nodules in the lung parenchyma
  30. black spot in colon
  31. URGENT -Going in for Surgery
  32. fistula nitemare
  33. Small, Thin Stools
  34. Excessive Gas
  35. lump inside the rectum
  36. Cancer Grading
  37. New colon cancer patient
  38. Confused with Dad's Diagnosis
  39. Colonoscopy results?
  40. Am I just scaring myself?
  41. Colon Resection For A Polyp?
  42. blood on toilet paper
  43. 40% rise in CEA in 4 month
  44. very scared
  45. do you bleed after +recum exam
  46. Chemo and radiation for squamous cell tumor
  47. Update on partners lower left symptoms!
  48. Colon
  49. Colonoscopy tomorrow, scared to death
  50. how to mix crystal lite with colonoscopy stuff to drink
  51. fecal bleeding
  52. Colon cancer in women & cancer cells in lungs
  53. Surgeon Recommendation, please help
  54. Colonscopy Cost
  55. Wow, CancerDad you're back !
  56. colons cope
  57. rectal bleeding
  58. kind of concerned....
  59. CT scans
  60. No rectum, need advice
  61. Worried about enlarge growth on rectum area
  62. Lump right on the inside of anus
  63. Have Had Colon Resection
  64. Squamous anal carcinoma
  65. feeling like a mass in lower left side
  66. about the prep for the colonoscopy
  67. what to expect if there is no follow-up treatment with colon cancer stage 3c
  68. dark red blood from rectum
  69. Cancer or Hemorrhoids?
  70. Abdominal pain and swelling after surgery
  71. can you have stage IV Colon cancer and NOT be anemic?
  72. Xifaxan SIBO associated with Anal rectal cancer treatments
  73. why did I get sharp stomach pain when I sat down and pain in anus?
  74. I have left down abdomen's pain for many year and need advice.
  75. 1 positive lymph node out of 20
  76. how does it take for results from biopsy for colon cancer
  77. Ibd
  78. Looking for Advice
  79. bleeding a lot in the toilet after bm
  80. 23 Male, I don't think there's a family history of it.
  81. New and scared
  82. how do you treat a fissure at the top of the natal cleft?
  83. interval of recheck
  84. periods
  85. im obese and need colonoscopy
  86. colonoscopy showed nothing but hemorrhoids can this test be wrong?
  87. Rectal bleeding 34 months apart
  88. colonoscopy help
  89. Scared and confused
  90. Please go to the Doctor
  91. how fast do polyps turn into cancer
  92. Rectourethal fistula
  93. how much is a colonoscopy in utah
  94. could anybody give me some advice please
  95. Colonoscopy question......
  96. Adenomatous polyps and genetic testing
  97. CEA 47 in colorectal ca fellow up
  98. Symptoms?
  99. Villous Tumor
  100. Extremely worried about my sister???
  101. Reassurance
  102. Colon Reconnection
  103. Recovery Time for Resection
  104. new here colon cancer at 26
  105. Im scared it's stomach/colon cancer..anyone w/some knowledge, please help!
  106. Colon Cancer Symptoms - Just Had Colonoscopy
  107. Driving myself crazy with symptoms
  108. need advice
  109. Lower left pains, buttock and anus ache?
  110. Help I am worried.Colon Cancer
  111. What do my symptoms mean? *help*
  112. Concerned
  113. polyps in colon
  114. Starting chemo/radiation Monday - some ?s
  115. after meals
  116. Concerned I have something serious....
  117. Enlarged lymph node 2 years after colon cancer
  118. ensure
  119. colon cancer now in liver
  120. how fast do polyps grow
  121. how long does it take for a pedunculated colon polyp to grow to 4cm?
  122. Worried
  123. flange wear time
  124. Negative FOBT...but still going to GI specialist???
  125. Just diagnosed with colon cancer
  126. colon cancer with mets to the liver, lungs and stomach
  127. if it is possible to have cancer?
  128. 2.5 cm benign adenoma & lap rescetion
  129. do i have colon cancer?
  130. confused
  131. Problems with urination 10 days after colon resection
  132. GA-40 experience??
  133. Colonoscopy recommendation
  134. metastic colon cancer chemo - any clinical trial info?
  135. What can we expect ?
  136. Please help
  137. what wrong if blood count is low in men and doctor can't find any thing
  138. Blood, not in stool- colonoscopy clean
  139. high CEA levels
  140. Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired
  141. Diarrehea - colon resection
  142. Colon
  143. colon/rectal squamous cell
  144. A few questions for the board
  145. New to this-Dad has cancer.
  146. first colonoscopy
  147. How long can colon cancer go undetected?
  148. Does benign polyp mean benign??
  149. cea level question
  150. Answer to severe pain 9 years post rectal surgery?
  151. colon issues any help or advice?
  152. Mary is gone
  153. Male 42 w/5 Polyps Removed
  154. Biopsy showed cancer in Rectum
  155. What are the benefits of Genetic Testing?
  156. Thinking of you Lilsunshine
  157. colonoscopy
  158. For those with thin, narrow stools
  159. stomach pain
  160. Had scope today and they only found 1 polyp
  161. There is a Cure for Colon Cancer
  162. Do colon cancer-rectal cancer symptoms come and go?
  163. Those of you who have had this type of cancer-how many had tailbone discomfort
  164. how much do ostomy products cost per month on average
  165. colon cancer???
  166. Clean 'scope' 4 years ago-could cancer appear in this short of a time?
  167. Colonoscopy - Grrrrr....
  168. So scared...could the cancer have come back?
  169. lump in lower left abdomen
  170. Feeling of ache/bruising in area right above anus
  171. will I ever have only 1-2 bm's a day?
  172. signs of body shutting down
  173. reversal
  174. Feeling Sad
  175. anyone experience nausea during resection recovery
  176. stage 4 rectal cancer doctors will not do a colostomy for me
  177. Hi Im new just need some support
  178. Need Input: Overeacting?
  179. Questions
  180. Colon Cancer
  181. high folate in blood analysis
  182. Worried i might have colon cancer ?? Help
  183. how long does cancer take to grow in colon
  184. rectal pain when sitting
  185. Worried about symptoms
  186. hubby questionable symptoms
  187. I am looking for a good colon resection surgeon in central Florida
  188. I need some advice. polyp with high grade displasia
  189. Rectum
  190. ??? colon cancer treatments
  191. Cancerous polyp ascending colon invasion into lamina propria
  192. colon cancer treatments
  193. So Frustrated By Symptoms and Doctors! Please Help.
  194. recurring bright red blood
  195. Mom has cancer, and need input
  196. Colon Polyp and Symptoms
  197. 20 cm polyp removed
  198. Colon cancer-what to expect
  199. rectal cancer
  200. Very first symptom
  201. Does this sound like colorectal cancer?
  202. Well here goes: Rectal Skin Tags
  203. First Colonoscopy done....
  204. Curious
  205. Pain in lower left quadrant.
  206. Ascending Colon Removed
  207. wind
  208. how to raise white blood cell count
  209. Pain
  210. how long does it take to heal after surgery
  211. MRI without contrast
  212. why is the lower left side of my stomach stinging
  213. What's this pain?? 30 years old...
  214. Cost of colonoscopy
  215. opinions please?
  216. Lump in abdomen
  217. 27yo male worried about colon cancer
  218. Swallowing the Bisacodyl pills
  219. Colon
  220. blood dripping from anus...
  221. Sharp Pain in my colon area.
  222. Pre-Cancerous Polyp Found During Colon Exam !
  223. Confused
  224. knotes around stoma
  225. colonscopy- what to expext
  226. what are the chances I will get cancer if my mom, dad and brother died from it?
  227. swollen leg 3 years after rectal cancer
  228. i feel pain in my rectum n when i wipe it hurt and feel like a lump
  229. Need some hope...
  230. goin for a colonoscopy tomorrow
  231. rash
  232. before a colonoscopy
  233. Does anyone know of a product that can help with the seepage as a result of radiation
  234. Mass Found During Colonoscopy
  235. Cancer Dad ??
  236. Ileostomy takedown, stricture, work off letter
  237. where is the stigmoid
  238. Inconclusive CT scan -- is it really cancer?
  239. Side effects of 5FU with leucovorin
  240. Rectal bleeding and hemmorriods cure!!!!
  241. rectal mass biopsy results
  242. Colonoscopy
  243. polyp turned cancer?
  244. constipated before a colonoscopy
  245. how long it take for colon cancer to develop
  246. what does your waste smell like if you have cancer
  247. how does radiation affect the bowel
  248. Colon Stent
  249. my mom has stage 4 colon cancer with mets to the bones what is her prognosis?
  250. organs shutting down