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  1. Bleeding From Uterus Or Rectal
  2. Post colon resectioning diet
  3. Perforated Colon During Colonoscopy??? About ready to cancel...
  4. How long are you supposed to feel very sore after a right hemicolectomy for cancer
  5. Rectal Polyp
  6. pain for 4 weeks
  7. Have you had post rectal cancer pain?
  8. how long a recovery for CC
  9. HELP...I've had a lump for 8 years
  10. First Colonoscopy - Very Nervous and Have Questions
  11. Could this be just about anything?
  12. All done
  13. Young woman with stage 4 colon cancer
  14. My symptoms/your thoughts?
  15. Bloody mucus constantly seeping out...OMG
  16. Freaking out a bit
  17. Colon cancer spread to peritoneum
  18. recovering from colon surgery
  19. primary cancer
  20. The best way to use honesty
  21. Do I have colon cancer?
  22. colon cancer with multiple metastasis
  23. bleeding
  24. How common is it?
  25. Information please.. if anyone can help here?
  26. made my appt
  27. CT neg but Colonoscopy pos?
  28. Elevated CEA, Waiting For Appointment
  29. Today, prep and worried
  30. Black stools?
  31. Question about sedation prep
  32. Hemorrhoid
  33. Re: internal hemoroids
  34. stool DNA
  35. Round 14 Folfiri done, CEA @ 2.7 - Remission!
  36. Re:colon cancer
  37. what is normal when you are getting chemo??
  38. Advice ASAP on barium swallow
  39. Stool DNA
  40. Now I am scared!
  41. Tips regarding dreaded bowel prep and drinking Ensure
  42. do I need a Mam after a PET CT & Cat IV contrast?
  43. Fever
  44. anal tags, fissure, or hemorrhoid
  45. Weight loss
  46. Questions about symptoms
  47. Colonoscopy Keeps Resulting in HBP
  48. symptoms concerned
  49. surgery for colorectal cancer
  50. Going to the Gastro Doc have ???'s
  51. barium enema
  52. Worried that I might have Colon Cancer
  53. Anyone experience adverse effects from pelvic radiation?
  54. Me- mom of 2.5yr old stage 3C rectal cancer need answers
  55. 26 year old male diagnosed with rectal cancer
  56. Colon Cancer question
  57. Any suggestions??
  58. Any suggestions here would be great again!
  59. who do colon resection
  60. Insight on symptoms
  61. Colonoscopy: distending and pressing on abdomen
  62. colorectal cancer in stage 111
  63. why would feces come out rectum if I have an ileostomy
  64. Colon Resection Stage 1 with prior Gastric Bypass Surgery
  65. need info on port infection
  66. when can tooth be pulled after cancer radiation
  67. fluid in the pelvis area
  68. Stage 4 colon cancer
  69. diverticulitis
  70. My First Colonoscopy-A Breeze!
  71. Scheduled for my first Colonoscopy, terrified out of my mind...
  72. any other choices on that icky stuff you drink be-4 a colon operation?
  73. Anyone see the Tv information on Colon cancer?
  74. In a difficult spot-need some advice
  75. New diagnosed, very confused.
  76. What is a Villousadenoma polyp and can they do lazor surgery on a polyp?
  77. How risky is surgery on a noncancerous poyp on the colon?
  78. Should I be worried?
  79. My mom just had a colonoscopy and they found polyps
  80. what is a pic line?
  81. Divertriculosis
  82. pico-salax
  83. How can you tell if the treatments are working???
  84. Symptom specifics
  85. 3 Brothers, all diag. w/colon cancer @ same time, Success Story
  86. i'm worried and dont know what to do.
  87. Problems after ileostomy surgery.
  88. Blood Clots in 2yr old stools
  89. when colonoscopy or barium enema is too painful to complete
  90. what is sigmoids polyps
  91. rectal bleeding-sorry for the unoriginal topic
  92. I need a colonoscopy, how much should this cost and do insurance companies pay for th
  93. Good news from for my Mom!!!
  94. Stage 3 colon cancer ...how can this be?
  95. what is the average life expectancy of stage 4 colon cancer
  96. rectal bleeding
  97. I am so worried
  98. Teeth Falling Out?? Need Advice
  99. Colonoscopy and Insurance
  100. Finally found out Mom has colon cancer
  101. 16 yr old blood on TP and in toilet
  102. Detection of colon cancer
  103. I am terrified
  104. how do you treat red skin under the flange around the soma???
  105. black stool and greesey
  106. what do black tarry stools look like
  107. How long are colonoscopy results good for?
  108. Worried about colon cancer possibility and colonoscopy
  109. odorous stools
  110. Colon cancer prevention?
  111. blood in stool
  112. how much is a colonoscopy in hawaii
  113. Dad's neuropathy not going away after chemo for colon cancer! Advice?
  114. Possibilites other than the diagnosis
  115. feel like i want to poo bad but dont
  116. Has anyone heard from Lindylea?
  117. I am new to all of this !
  118. stools are light brown and odorous
  119. xeloda and vitamins
  120. what does it mean when your stools are pencil thin?
  121. Monkey Update!
  122. I am 24 and a little worried
  123. stage 3 questions
  124. cancer third time
  125. xeloda or capecitabine side effects
  126. 16 year old scared about colon cancer....
  127. hello again
  128. very confused and worried
  129. very confused and worried
  130. Cancer of Appendix
  131. I am so sad
  132. when I defecate, I feel like I am going to throw up
  133. Best Wishes to LindyLee70
  134. lost his battle and could not bear to come back here till now...
  135. Cry For Help
  136. Scared Monkey here:
  137. Happy New Year To All!!
  138. once i saw blood in my stool...what does it mean
  139. How exactly to get tested for HNPCC / Lynch Syndrome? Very strong possibility of it.
  140. Frustrated and sick
  141. Aunt with stage 4
  142. A little blood.....
  143. Please help!!!!!!!! Driving myself crazy!!!!!
  144. Could it be a hemorrhoid?
  145. neurontin for neuropathy--anyone use this?
  146. Can Chemo Obstruct Recovery?
  147. how much does a colonoscopy procedure cost
  148. Normal CEA Blood Test. Does that mean DEFINATELY no cancer??
  149. New Here and Thanks
  150. Blood in Stool
  151. Stoma/Colostomy/chemo advice needed!
  152. What to expect? Prep on Sunday, Colonoscopy on Monday.
  153. Newly Diagnosed -- Can I work during treatment?
  154. Rectal itching problems
  155. question about colonoscopy
  156. Spot on colon
  157. My Sister is Dying
  158. Prep For Colonoscopy
  159. He's gone
  160. Rectal Cancer treatments recovery
  161. right lower abdomen lump or knoth
  162. on behalf of good friend
  163. back home from the hospital
  164. Question
  165. Update after lung surgery
  166. xeloda and paranoia
  167. Anyone Have Narrowing Of The Colon?
  168. Family history and screening
  169. question about my dad!
  170. results are confusing
  171. why do i have anal and stomach pains
  172. Back again
  173. Need Some Advice
  174. Symtoms and Advice
  175. Rectal Lump / Bump
  176. how long after chemo and radiation should one have rectal surgery
  177. Reaction to chemo treatment
  178. colon resection surgery tommorrow
  179. How Long Does It Take to Die of Colon Cancer
  180. how long b/4 a polyp becomes cancer
  181. Sirtex Spheres and Insurance?
  182. pain near navel
  183. CT Scan Report Good News/Bad News May Be A Cyst
  184. Rectal-Colon Cancer
  185. They are stopping the chemo
  186. what causes mucus and blood on your stools
  187. Colonoscopy prep-3 step process
  188. Having bowel movement and not knowing it...
  189. new diagnosis
  190. colon surgery on Nov.14
  191. Bad Bad news
  192. what does CEA number mean?
  193. colonoscopy is done, why do a flex sig now?
  194. Early Detection Of Colorectal Cancer
  195. A couple of symptom questions - please help!
  196. Did you see blood often?
  197. advanced colon cancer
  198. evaluation by gastroenterologist
  199. stool changes
  200. People are working on our issues
  201. My Mom's Colonoscopy Results - Tumor & Biopsy - Please Help!
  202. Chicago Doc Recommendation Please!
  203. Quick Question...
  204. HNPCC / Lynch Syndrome
  205. 6 days until I see the doctor.
  206. cost of Colonoscopy
  207. He's not well and I feel helpless
  208. tumor benign or malignant?
  209. Rectal Lump
  210. traces of blood in urine
  211. Lung surgery?
  212. I'm Scared, Please Share Your Knowledge About Tests
  213. Day after Colonoscopy
  214. reatachment
  215. how much does a colonoscopy cost?
  216. After Chemo Is Over, What Kind Of CEA Results Are You Getting?
  217. Not sure what going on?
  218. rectal cancer, radation burning
  219. what does a loopy colon mean
  220. HELP!!!! Insight needed....
  221. severe rectal bleeding
  222. chemo-radiation before rectal surgery??
  223. Side effects from colonoscopy
  224. scared i might have colon cancer
  225. Need Advice. How long for recovery from surgery?
  226. Got my biopsy results back!
  227. Can it be Cancer if no blood visible?
  228. Rectal Adenocarcinoma
  229. gastroenteroly
  230. colon tumor?
  231. still having issues need advice
  232. ez detect colon disease test
  233. how much colon is removed?
  234. My colonoscopy and prep experience
  235. colonoscopy and tumor
  236. Jelz
  237. Colonoscopy Preparation
  238. Skin tags and colon polyps
  239. Blood in stool ... worried!
  240. Diarrhea
  241. 20 year old roommate has colon canceR?!
  242. First Colonoscopy
  243. When you were diagnosed...
  244. going to doc wed. for rectal bleeding - what to expect?
  245. blood on stool, in toilet, and wiping blood - please respond
  246. Colo. scheduled/sympt. help please
  247. Slow wound healing
  248. Rectal ca wo/treatment
  249. A little scared here....looking for positive info
  250. I know I am overreacting.....