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  1. surgery scar
  2. Nervous
  3. Multiple Large, Precancerous, Sessile Polyps.. worried
  4. Chemo for colon cancer. Exhausted.
  5. Ileostomy during chemo.
  6. Colonoscopy
  7. would colon cancer show on ct scan?
  8. Possible Colon Cancer Symptoms
  9. Rapid growth of Colon Cancer
  10. Scans suggest colon cancer in my wife, and maybe more on liver
  11. Edema of the lamina propria
  12. 22 and freaking out
  13. Do I need another colonoscopy
  14. Curious about colon cancer development
  15. Neuro endocrine tumor - NET
  16. 32 yrs old, bleeding, 45lbs gone and scared
  17. 32/scared/questions/not diagnosed
  18. possibly cancer?
  19. Do I need to see an oncologist?
  20. 35 y/o scared to death I have colon cancer
  21. Severe blood loss back passage
  22. Help! Had my first colonoscopy ever
  23. Colon Cancer Patients, What Were Your First Symptoms?
  24. 16 year old with colon cancer?
  25. Pain
  26. Went for diverticulitis, found colon cancer
  27. Not feeling great...
  28. Colon Cancer ?
  29. Groin pain/cancer?
  30. Diarrhea from barium?
  31. Cancer?
  32. 9 months after colon resection still having cycles of diarehha . Is this normal?
  33. Narrow stools
  34. New here with question about back pain.
  35. CEA Question
  36. barrium enema after a perirrectal obscess
  37. Need opinions and/or advice, please (kinda long)
  38. Colon Cancer
  39. COLOGIC blood test for colon cancer
  40. Blood in loose stool
  41. Possible Colon Cancer(?)
  42. My Stool is flat on one side
  43. Pre-cancerous cells
  44. Bloating/gas, floating stools, nausea and lower back pain
  45. Is my doctor checking the right things?
  46. Do I need a colonoscopy?
  47. please help, scared of colon cancer!!!
  48. Soft flat stools
  49. Extrinsic compression or colon at cecum
  50. newbie
  51. Recurrent Colon Cancer with liver metastasis
  52. Should I be 'safe' two years after colonoscopy? Thoughts, please
  53. finally colonoscopy
  54. Stomach Pouch After Resection
  55. Another concerned hypochondriac... Opinions?
  56. 87 years old colon cancer. Anyone know a good colon surgeon in Atlanta area???
  57. Keep The Faith
  58. High cea for a smoker :(
  59. 29 years old male and scared of it being colon cancer
  60. Colon cancer anxiety
  61. Hard Stool. Little blood when wipe. I'm depress!
  62. Oh no!
  63. rectal bleeding
  64. Waiting on biopsy results suck!
  65. Scared half to death - 2 large colon polyps and diverticulitis
  66. Opinions of course of Action - Possible cancer?
  67. Colon Cancer?
  68. Anxiety sx of post op colon cancer?
  69. very afraid I got colon cancer, but have one symptom only
  70. UC w/low grade dysplasia
  71. Colon Cancer advice i am so scared
  72. 22 years old, possible colon cancer symptoms?
  73. 10 weeks of loose stools
  74. Colon Cancer??
  75. Worried sick about having colon cancer
  76. Possibility of colon cancer at 19
  77. Endoscopy/Colon - Pathology still not back
  78. Egd and colonscopy
  79. hello all
  80. Could this be anything other than Colon Cancer? I am 18, very scared, and have spent
  81. Colonoscopy
  82. Sister diagnose with cancer, have concerns
  83. failed colonoscopy
  84. im a teenager and having mucus on stool which i think gets worst with constipation ?
  85. Colon cancer from Crohn's Disease?
  86. periphetal neuropathy after chemo
  87. Colonoscopy 2013
  88. Colon cancer
  89. Thin stools after colorectal surgery/LAR surgery
  90. Dr. Wants to See Us???
  91. Worried please help
  92. Recent Surgery For Colon Cancer And Have Some Questions
  93. small black pasta like stuff in stool and tiny red specks is this food or coloncancer
  94. Colon cancer patients, what were your first symptoms?
  95. Colon cancer / colonoscopy
  96. teenager and have black spots in stool think i have colon cancer
  97. All symptoms but no visible sign of bleeding
  98. Please help me figure this out
  99. I am a teen and had blood on stool surface please help !?
  100. No Colonoscopy?
  101. BM after chemotherapy
  102. Just found out I have a 2 cm lump near a lipoma near rectum part of colon
  103. Weight loss with other symptoms 33yrs old
  104. Advice for drs appt
  105. Quick question in regards to metamucil and colorectal cancer
  106. im a teen and have blood on stool worried i have colon cancer ?
  107. sporadic symptoms, please advise!
  108. colon cancer stage 4
  109. Bit paranoid of colon cancer, please share with me I am very anxious
  110. Worried about bowel cancer
  111. Worried about colon cancer
  112. Could This Be Colon Cancer?
  113. Very worried
  114. 12 Polyps Removed 12?
  115. Scared
  116. 21 year old male seeking advice or anyone who is in a similar situation
  117. 45 Year old - reason for concern?
  118. Polyps 3 yrs ago now new symptoms - worried
  119. Ileostomy reversal
  120. small bowel polyp
  121. New Here
  122. need advice
  123. Newly Diagnosis
  124. Question about "flat" stools
  125. i scare to death
  126. New to this illness
  127. I am 18 years old, and I am scared that I have colon or anal cancer.
  128. What test do I get done! Weird symptoms.
  129. Oxaliplatin, 5FU and Leucovorin and Avastin
  130. They want to take a piece of my colon...
  131. Need help! looks like I have all the symptoms
  132. So an update
  133. 21 yr old... scared and concerned
  134. First colonscopy Wedensay... any tips
  135. High Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) Indicates Possible Colorectal Cancer (CRC)?
  136. Do hemorrhoids get aggravated with loose stools or is it Cancer
  137. Colon polyp size and visual features
  138. double contrast barium emeira
  139. Had colonoscopy 9 months ago
  140. Weird aching in lower abdomen
  141. colonoscopy every 3 months
  142. 41 yr old. woried about blood in my stool.plz help
  143. I have Polyplastic Polyposis Syndrome. What does it mean?
  144. if 1 positive lymph node, must there be more?
  145. need advice?
  146. Help Diverticulities or Cancer No history Adopted
  147. Has this happened to anyone besides me?
  148. Syptoms and advice
  149. Strange whitish lump near anus
  150. Loose Stools and Cancer?
  151. PET scan shows fluid in left pelvic area
  152. hemroids or colon cancer
  153. Masses in colon scared
  154. Resection for low grade dysplasia?
  155. ColoVantage DNA Blood Test for colorectal cancer
  156. very scared
  157. Advanced Colon cancer with mets any new advise or medications?
  158. XELODA/capecitabine
  159. Colon Cancer questions?
  160. Colonoscopy today.. some concerns and ??
  161. worried and anxious :( advice?
  162. stage 4 colon cancer
  163. What were your first symptoms?
  164. What were your first symptoms?
  165. Need Advice
  166. Colonoscopy without anesthesia?
  167. Do I need to directly do colonoscopy or see my Gastroenteology first ?
  168. worried
  169. Should I be freaking or am I over re-acting??
  170. Small pea sized Lump IN Bum!
  171. So hard
  172. Blood in the Colostomy Bag - Over and Over
  173. colon cancer
  174. would surgery cure the symptoms ? shortness of breath, etc
  175. worried about rising cea's
  176. 30yr old with almost 2 year old T3N2M0-first post
  177. Wedcolonoscopy
  178. Fatigue...
  179. Not the typical symptoms
  180. Recently diagnosed with colon cancer
  181. 21 y/o male - gas, noises, maybe blood
  182. Worried
  183. Very Nervous 22 year old male
  184. Issues with number 2
  185. Need advise
  186. 22 year old, is everything okay?
  187. Colononscopy for elderly
  188. Symptom of colon cancer?
  189. please help with diagnosis
  190. concerned... any help appreciated
  191. Ileostomy reversal
  192. Had my first colonoscopy and worried about pathology report that just came back...
  193. opinions??
  194. What are the causes of colon cancer?
  195. folfox-6
  196. In the hospital and have a question
  197. why chemo???
  198. Blood quite frequently
  199. hard black stuff in stool and black flecks.
  200. Just wondering.
  201. terrified.... :(
  202. post colonoscopy,, help
  203. My Mum has just been diagnosed with colon cancer
  204. I'm scared..
  205. Help?!?!?!?
  206. Advice appreciated
  207. opinions please---a bit worrisome
  208. Colon cancer or IBS?
  209. Mass in colon.
  210. Abdominal discomfort and shortness of breath. Colon Cancer ?
  211. bright red blood with BM for over a month
  212. Heeellppp!!!
  213. Flat stool after apendectomy
  214. A little worried...Colon cancer... something else? Anyone with any insight?
  215. Help with a difficult family member!
  216. Time symptomatic until cancer was diagnosed?
  217. Advice needed on Colonoscopy results!
  218. laproscopic colon resection
  219. Worried about Stool and Bowel change
  220. Just need to vent
  221. Recommended colonoscopy, help me out
  222. Some opinions would be great!
  223. blood in stool,,,
  224. question for illeostomy patients
  225. Need Straight Answer No Sugar Coating pls
  226. IBS or CC or something else?
  227. Information required about Colorectal Surgery recovery time
  228. 2 Colostomy Bags
  229. stage 4 colon cancer
  230. thin stools, GERD, nausea HELP!
  231. blood on toilet roll
  232. Just diagnosed- surgery questions
  233. blood when I wipe once but not the second time
  234. Painless lump INSIDE rectul/anus (no bleeding.)
  235. Rectal Cancer - Robotic Surgery
  236. opinions... advice anyone?
  237. Is colon cancer common in your early 30's?
  238. Hypochondriac worried about CC
  239. CT Scan nonspecific Lymph Nodes in intestine
  240. black spots on colon
  241. Question
  242. Rectum Worries
  243. help me
  244. Colon Polyps Removed
  245. awaiting biopsy
  246. Six months after surgery still have questions.
  247. Colonoscopy today
  248. Need support after sigmoid resection
  249. I might have a very large tumor in my colon.
  250. Sigmoid colon resection plus extras

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