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  1. fear of throwing up.
  2. Depression Phobia
  3. Hard time swallowing pills.
  4. iatrophobia
  5. Blood pressure Anxiety
  6. Paralyzing fear of ants in my house, not outside.
  7. fear of work
  8. Arachnophobe, possibly...
  9. Vein phobia!
  10. Immunizations for child with needle phobia
  11. HORRIBLE fear of going to doctors.
  12. Whats the difference between ocd and phobia?
  13. Phobia with Dentists
  14. Bathroom Phobias/Not feeling clean
  15. Battling with my fear, succeeded at first, now is back.
  16. Any emetophobics had an endoscopy done?
  17. Fear of traffic
  18. Hi everyone... Fear of vomiting in public?
  19. Pool Drains
  20. Emetophobia (Fear of Vomite) - My Struggle
  21. Afraid to Eat! - Phobia of Anaphylaxis
  22. Agoraphobia, anxiety, panic attacks
  23. Phobia of Choking (+ Anxiety Attacks)
  24. Bit by a spider
  25. Ergophobia
  26. Please help with my fear of fainting!
  27. New to HealthBoards--Anxiety-related Health Center Launched
  28. Wife Seises when giving blood
  29. How emetophobia is ruining my life
  30. Fear of storms/tornados
  31. crazy phobia, what should/can I do?
  32. Emetophobia and surgery, please help?
  33. so many phobias, so little time
  34. petrified of throw up??
  35. Fear of needles and procedures
  36. Arachnophobia
  37. panic car
  38. Lightning :(
  39. My emetophobia.
  40. agorophia, fear of going out
  41. Do I have social phobia? here are my symptoms
  42. Fear of Medical appointments
  43. Fear of Veins?
  44. Magnesium seemed to help me
  45. Need urgent advice in how to cure phobias/overcoming them and considering "exposure"
  46. eating disorder
  47. Jittery nerves, Rapid heartbeat
  48. Help?
  49. boyfriends phobias are getting worse
  50. my Nyctophobia is extremely bad. I need help.
  51. Is this a symptom of something?
  52. Exam Phobia, advice greatly appreciated
  53. Fear of Silence--hearing things
  54. Just train yourself!
  55. Fear of dying!!! Premonition?!?!?!
  56. Fear of Going to Doctors
  57. Irrational fear of opening Pillsbury dough cans
  58. Acarophobia
  59. Needle phobias...
  60. Strange thoughts...
  61. Balloon Phobia
  62. What do i do?
  63. Fear of Vomiting causing extreme panic attacks.
  64. help me !
  65. Having problems going out by myself....
  66. OCD maybe or panic disorder, please help
  67. Fear of death...
  68. I dont understand the fear of throwing up!????
  69. To be or NOT to be a mom...emetophobia is ruining my life!
  70. Fear of being sick in public
  71. Lust and Fear, Fetish and Phobia.
  72. various types of phobias
  73. Certain Vines or Plants??
  74. what's in a name?
  75. Bridge Phobia
  76. Social Phobia
  77. This cast causes panic attacks
  78. petrified of people been sick
  79. Anyone with a Bird phobia?
  80. is it only phobia?
  81. 2 phobias but it is silly.
  82. panic disorder with agoraphobia/chest pain
  83. Rabies phobia
  84. Agoraphobia for 10 years and HAVE to travel. HELP
  85. Dentist phobia Please Help!
  86. Agoraphobia - Please Help
  87. Driving Problems (Phobia)
  88. Panic Disorder, Social Phobia, AvPD, Agorophobic? Ohmuhgosh please help!
  89. aging phobia
  90. claustrophobia
  91. Social Phobia Meds. MAOI Nardil
  92. Photophobia caused by zinc deficiency?
  93. Butt Phobia! Chairs etc.
  94. Denta-phobia!
  95. Anxiety and social phobias
  96. Do I suffer from Agraphobia? (Fear of sexual abuse)
  97. Anxiety and/or phobia
  98. panic attacks and phobias
  99. What would this phobia/condition be called?
  100. Emetophobia? im scared of throwing up
  101. Emetophobia.. :(
  102. Social Phobia
  103. Blood pressue and anxiety panic disorder/agoraphobia
  104. I think I have Social Phobia of some kind
  105. Severe arachnophobia!! Help!!
  106. Bug Phobia - I cannot live like this. Please please help me!
  107. Anyone else have agoraphobia?
  108. Big problem - phobia at new heights = anxiety etc!!
  109. dental phobia
  110. Social Phobia
  111. My girlfriend has phobias/anxiety attacks.
  112. My phobia!
  113. anyone suffer from agoraphobia with their PD?
  114. Dentist Phobia
  115. Photophobia
  116. Phobia/Anxiety
  117. pepper and garlic phobia. spicy food related bleeding
  118. Emetophobia
  119. I need help with taking Klonopin for panic disorder / agoraphobia / fear of meds
  120. Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  121. Making phobias go away
  122. OCD/germ phobia...
  123. LUVOX for Agoraphobia/GAD ?
  124. emetophobia
  125. Agoraphobia?
  126. Vomiting Phobia
  127. Panic Attacks, Nyctophobia?
  128. Bad feet 51 needs advice ,surg. soon and has "castrophobia"
  129. Phobia Of Semen - OCD
  130. someone please! TETANUS SHOT PHOBIA!
  131. Agoraphobia..please i need help
  132. Cast-phobia
  133. ergophobia (fear of work)
  134. Depression/Disease Phobia
  135. OCD /Depression / Anxiety mixed with severe Medical Phobia
  136. Phobia Cures
  137. agoraphobia
  138. Can Someone Please Help Me With This Fear (Or Phobia)
  139. Social Phobia and ETS
  140. GPC (giant papillary conjunctivitis), photophobia etc
  141. My irrational phobias
  142. Its not emetophobia, but I'm not sure WHAT it is..help please? :)
  143. Phobia for people, I tremble embassasingly, Whats wrongwith me!
  144. social phobia
  145. phobia of insomnia/sleep?--help!
  146. Anxiety / Nausea / Food Phobia
  147. Social Phobia/Anxiety?!!?
  148. Phobias
  149. Claustophobia
  150. Claustrophobia-like anxiety, help with identification?
  151. Cast Claustrophobia
  152. EMETOPHOBIA!!! That's my biggest phobia!
  153. Wierd Phobias and us that suffer/panic from them.
  154. Food phobia / anxiety
  155. Phobia of flying...bad
  156. first time spoken about phobia... desperately seeking understanding..
  157. Photophobia and tracers ??HELP
  158. eyes tracers -photophobia-anxiety
  159. Is Xanax or Valium better for Dental Phobia?
  160. Social phobia
  161. Being a mum with emetophobia...its so hard!
  162. death phobia
  163. cure Claustaphobia?
  164. Panic attacks, anxiety, depression, agoraphobia....help!
  165. phobia
  166. Seeking Help For This Phobia
  167. vagina phobia?
  168. Anyone Relate To the New Criteria Including Agoraphobia?
  169. Phobia?
  170. Job loss because of social phobias
  171. Creating A Social Phobia/Social Anxiety board please!!!
  172. Claustrophobia and a fear of flying
  173. Cure for phobia? Has anyone tried a TB drug called DCS?
  174. Phobia of Crunches..
  175. suffering from panic disorder and agraphobia what are your exsprences?
  176. Phobia - please help
  177. Claustrophobia and MRIs
  178. can being hypo thyrold cause depression and severe panic disorder with agraphobia???
  179. i suffer from panic disorder with agraphobia and depression HELP PLEASE!!!
  180. has anyone ever fell down from severe panic /with social anxiety (agraphobia)
  181. Choking Phobia-Any Non-Sedative Anti-Panic Medications?
  182. Astraphobia help
  183. asextual phobia of sex?
  184. phobia/panic attack????
  185. Real phobia - too much time on my hands
  186. Sick phobia
  187. Severe phobia/panic moment!!! :(
  188. Emetophobia and anxiety - trying to get healthy
  189. Ultrasound phobia...
  190. 11 y/o Child W/anxiety disorder/school phobia/fear of father's death
  191. is anyone living with Agorophobia?
  192. Help for Arachnophobia!!!
  193. Social Phobia
  194. Serious panic/phobia right now: please respond
  195. Re-connecting with someone-bad or good? Commitment phobia...
  196. looking for other people with agoraphobia.
  197. food phobias associated with anxiety
  198. Fear of Vomitting - Emitephobia
  199. Emetophobia
  200. uk citizen, depressed, embarrassed, dental phobia, bad teeth.
  201. Cleanlyness and Related Phobias
  202. Commitment Phobia
  203. Phobia of getting sick, seeing someone getting sick, I want to get help?
  204. Getting over a phobia
  205. Anyone have a bp cuff phobia?
  206. Social phobia, confusion
  207. Medication phobia
  208. Severe toothache and BAD PHOBIA of dentist!!
  209. Agoraphobia & Safe Person
  210. Semen Phobia - Help Please!!!!
  211. Massive dental phobia
  212. Phobia throwing up,thank u Suzie
  213. Agoraphobia
  214. Emetophobia And Anxiety - Anyone Suffer From This
  215. After decades with anxiety/agoraphobia...
  216. Phobias?
  217. Is there a phobia for stupidity?
  218. Agoraphobia??
  219. need advice about a phobia
  220. how to overcome a phobia... help?
  221. photophobia followed by cloudy vision?
  222. anyone ever experience social anxiety/phobia? CBT help
  223. OCD or Phobia? Please help!
  224. Weird Phobia!!!
  225. Anxiety disorder now agoraphobia
  226. Vulvar Itch: Phobia of vaginal examinations and the Dermatologist
  227. Fear (phobia) of dogs
  228. Eating phobia ? Where to go?
  229. panic and phobia of throwing up????
  230. Has Paxil CR helped Your Agoraphobia ???
  231. OCD, phobias, and zoloft
  232. is this a phobia/disorder??
  233. VBAC phobia!
  234. anxiety and agoraphobia..
  235. Agoraphobia
  236. Neopharmaphobia - Afraid of new medicines
  237. Nausea, eating nothing....phobia???
  238. Phobia Or What ?
  239. agoraphobia and other such things. PLEASE HELP.
  240. Anxiety, specific phobias - need support!
  241. Infant Closterphobia?
  242. Agoraphobia/Social Phobia and Masterbation
  243. Agoraphobia - fear of going out!
  244. After STD scare I have developed a sexual phobia.
  245. agoraphobia
  246. Emetophobia
  247. Must have catact surgery, phobia for surgery in general
  248. 1st dental visit in over 20 years/severe phobia
  249. Agoraphobia, Social Phobia and Avoidant Pesonality Disorder
  250. Restaurant Phobia

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