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  1. I Really Need Help
  2. It's been two years.
  3. Not sure if I was raped or coerced?
  4. My Story.
  5. Confused.
  6. Want to move on
  7. Help me feel normal.
  8. Somebody please help
  9. I said no, but he didnt care
  10. unsure if I was raped or not
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  14. It really all started when I was little ...
  15. Still feeling violated and remorseful...
  16. never want sex
  17. Venting
  18. Have i been molested!?!
  19. confused,yet relieved
  20. Medical Exam and Testing After Rape
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  22. My story & reason for joining
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  25. think I may be pregnant
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  27. I don't know what to do
  28. Did my father sexually abuse me?
  29. family is forever right?? My story. Help.
  30. Soreness, but can't remember? Unsure.
  31. I'd like to be brave and share my story
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  33. Mental health & Suicide Ideation Resources
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  35. I don't know where to post...
  36. Was this a sexual assault?
  37. Was I molested when I was 14?
  38. was this a rape?
  39. Is It Really Rape??
  40. I don't know if i was raped, probably just paranoid: please please help
  41. Was I sexually abused?
  42. 34 and a mess :(
  43. Don't know what to do
  44. possible sexual abuse but no memory of it?
  45. Somebody please reassure me!
  46. Is this abuse or just harassment?
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  48. Could my past be affecting my marriage
  49. how can you overcome sexual abuse?
  50. How do I heal?
  51. Need advice
  52. Was I being molested by my dad?
  53. Cant experience pleassure
  54. coming to terms
  55. Little worried
  56. How do I know
  57. Could I have been molested or sexually abused as a child?
  58. weird physical problems showing up while trying to process emotional effect of rape
  59. Possible sexual abuse as a child?
  60. What would you call this?
  61. Rape or just stupidity?
  62. sleep trauma after my assault
  63. Older Now and Very Confused
  64. Frustrated
  65. dont know where to begin
  66. was i sexually abused as a child?
  67. What do I do? Victim of sexual assault at 22.
  68. Repressed Memories?
  69. sexually abused years ago!
  70. Resurfacing Memories - Molested by Father.
  71. Trying to remember it
  72. i dont know what do do :/
  73. Help
  74. Just need to vent
  75. need opinions! rape victim.
  76. Possibly molested as a child and cant rememeber...
  77. Never can live with myself
  78. I think I was molested by children as a child.
  79. I don't know if I was raped
  80. My Story..
  81. raped need help!!
  82. How do I get over it?
  83. Please someone help me?
  84. I blame myself but, would you call this rape?
  85. Please help :( memories of molestation resurfacing
  86. Really Unsure
  87. This board is only for victims, not friends/family
  88. is this rape
  89. Rape/Assault
  90. confused...
  91. Is this considered rape?
  92. Is this considered rape?
  93. Still feeling pain of rape that happened years ago
  94. Regarding the subject of Suicide
  95. My story
  96. Date rape drug
  97. confused...
  98. Need to share..
  99. Cannot Fully Remember/Having Flashbacks
  100. I was assaulted in a park my a close friend
  101. Why me?
  102. Just need to vent..
  103. is this rape?
  104. is this sexual abuse?
  105. Why can't I get over this?
  106. Debating closure.. still cant forgive.. angry
  107. Never thought I'd ever seek for help But I need it
  108. Does it ever get easier? Will I ever move on?
  109. Does it get easier?
  110. Is it considered rape?
  111. I think I was drugged and raped
  112. Fear of... men?
  113. i need help i dont know were to post this ,
  114. i dont know were to post this.
  115. My family and My rapist
  116. Please help!!!!!!
  117. terrified it will happen again, please help
  118. I don't know if I was raped.
  119. Abuse from Family Members
  120. was i molested? does this count? i was 7..
  121. Sexual Abuse/ Rape and OBGYN
  122. Was I raped
  123. I am a guy who was molested as a child...
  124. Perplexed.
  125. still struggling
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  133. sexual abuse
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  143. kidnapped and raped
  144. rape and death?
  145. I'm not sure if I was raped or not
  146. I don't know if I was raped...please help
  147. Is This Considered Rape
  148. was it rape?
  149. life after rape?
  150. I was raped
  151. I lost my virginity to a rape when I was 13
  152. PTSD r/t sexual abuse
  153. Wow. I just found out my girlfriend was raped many years ago. I dont know to act.
  154. Sexual abuse
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  169. Sexual abuse
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  171. rape?
  172. sexual abuse?
  173. Trying to get help for myself (sexual abuse and depression)
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  175. Sexual Abuse
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  177. Sexual Abuse
  178. my kids.and sexual abuse...PLEASE HELP!!!!
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  182. HIV/Rape
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  184. Therapeutic Assignments
  185. he says hes going to stalk, rape and kill me
  186. was raped and found blister, please help i'm scared to death )o:
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  217. Sexual Abuse
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