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  1. Recommendations for ice therapy machine?
  2. 8th week after R.Cuff surgery
  3. This is my first rotator cuff rodeo ... confused and lost
  4. In 2 minds about arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation?!
  5. Shoulder pain worse after surgery
  6. elbow tendinosis and PRP
  7. "Patience" Is A MUST!
  8. Deep, Deep ache after Rotator Cuff surgery
  9. Need more sleep after surgery
  10. First post-op visit
  11. Recliner Back To The Bed
  12. Bruise/bulge on the anterior side of shoulder joint
  13. Undersurface Tears
  14. Please help understand MRI results
  15. Left shoulder.
  16. So tired of pain... I am not patient!
  17. Frozen shoulder/bone spur/bicep tear
  18. Considering 2nd Shoulder Surgery
  19. Fell and broke shoulder, can't get help
  20. Dislocated Shoulder Help!
  21. Rotator cuff surgery
  22. rotor cuff agony
  23. New MRI Right Shoulder
  24. Frustrated at 12 weeks
  25. Not been here a while update
  26. Shoulder Pain for months
  27. Sharp stabbing, burning pain and numbness above left Tricep.
  28. Continued right shoulder pain after 3 operations
  29. Shoulder pain after sleeping on a tempurpedic mattress
  30. Understanding MRI report & what to expect
  31. Pain in neck
  32. Frozen Arm
  33. I don't think it's my rotator cuff...
  34. PRP for minor shoulder dislocations post arthroscopic surgery - 19 years old
  35. Right Shoulder Issues
  36. Rotator cuff repair
  37. Rotator cuff surgery
  38. Bicep pain/7 wk from rotator cuff surgery
  39. What is full rotator cuff tear from injury like? Not sure if I have a full tear.
  40. 1st surgery just failed.
  41. Shoulder Surgery frustration
  42. SLAP tear... what is the next step?
  43. Totally Lost Over Shoulder Injury Diagnosis
  44. RTC recovery issues
  45. New OS, need patience!
  46. Question about an MRI result.
  47. One month today had my surgery
  48. Second shoulder surgery
  49. left shoulder sadness
  50. Pain Behind Left Shoulder Blade
  51. Rotator Cuff Tear
  52. 20-days post op Rotator cuff Surgery
  53. Recovery from Munipilation Under Anesthesia Procedure
  54. Fustration 8 weeks post op subacromial decompression
  55. Fustration 8 weeks post op subacromial decompression
  56. Shoulder surgery THIS Thursday March 5th
  57. shoulder replacement
  58. Frozen Shoulder - Constant Pain
  59. Grinding and pinching pain AFTER shoulder surgery
  60. Shoulder, Neck, Arm Pain for over a week
  61. Rotator cuff recovery
  62. Help with MRI Results
  63. PRP/Stem Cell
  64. Recovery from rotator cuff surgery
  65. Shoulder pain for 6 months - no diagnosis
  66. right shoulder scheduled for surgey..
  67. Pre rotator cuff sugery
  68. Strange "vise grip" feeling in shoulder cap
  69. pain after shoulder surgery
  70. Hurts to lie on my shoulder
  71. Night pain 14 days post-op RC
  72. Shoulder.
  73. Shoulder pain/tightness 11 weeks post surgery
  74. Feels like too much room after rotator cuff/labrum/bursitis surgery
  75. rotary cuff and cervical problems
  76. Shoulder Repacement 3 days ago
  77. Pulling Sensation
  78. Post Labrum Repair Surgery
  79. a few post op questions
  80. Total Shoulder replacement next week
  81. Narcotics??? Tramadol, Tylenol?
  82. Narcotics??? Tramadol, Tylenol?
  83. Natural healing post op.
  84. MobicCelebrex after rotator cuff surg
  85. what have you done that works? Post op 6 wks
  86. 6 week checkup post rotator cuff subscapular repair
  87. what exercises do you do to help your shoulder injuries?
  88. 2nd SLAP Tear. MRI Impressions
  89. Fell this morning!
  90. Driving after rotator cuff surgery
  91. 13 Days Post Op Rotator Cuff Surgery pain
  92. 2 Days Post-Op Arthritic Shoulder "Cleaned Out"
  93. More surgery after surgery?
  94. Where I'm At, What To Expect
  95. Pain in shoulder, no insurance, please help
  96. Partial rc tear plus ruptured bicep tendon
  97. Severe Shoulder pain.
  98. Reverse Shoulder Surgery After 4 Rotator Cuff Repairs Arthritis
  99. shoulder problem.
  100. Please help with translating MRI on Right Shoulder in laymens terms
  101. Sleep
  102. Own blood injected to heal shoulder ... anyone have it done?
  103. Post-surgery pain
  104. Recovery Advice
  105. Horrible right shoulder pain and clueless
  106. Shoulder pain from getting hit by a car on a bike
  107. Labral Repair/Bankart/Bicep Recovery
  108. Just looking for advice
  109. Rotor cuff injury
  110. How to keep from moving after surgery, nightmare problems
  111. Recovery Tips
  112. Dr Thomas Wright in Gainsville, FL
  113. Shoulder replacement questions
  114. Pain meds
  115. MRI results?? dont understand.
  116. tenotomy recovery
  117. I survived rotator cuff surgery ... barely. My story.
  118. Does MRI need contrast dye?
  119. new pain
  120. well, I got yelled at
  121. When can I give up the recliner
  122. Warmth in joint?
  123. How do you arrange your pillows?
  124. 17mm tear ... Surgery yes or no?
  125. Snapping scapula
  126. Shoulder surgery in 2 days
  127. biceps tenotomy
  128. Types of Slings for Post Op RC Surgery?
  129. Shoulder Injury - Advice Needed!!!
  130. What is going on? RC Repair Post-op
  131. Pain behind shoulder blade
  132. Shoulder pain for past 3 months, keeps coming back
  133. Shoulder pain, Tendonitis? Something more? Help!
  134. Shoulder surgery in 2 weeks
  135. Found out I have 50-60% tear but I'm not in any pain
  136. Shoulder Tendonitis surgery
  137. Frustrated with Doctor
  138. get me to a surgeon!
  139. Pain in right shoulder. Tendonitis?
  140. Shoulder surgery
  141. Rotator Cuff tendonitis/tear
  142. Question regarding anchors
  143. Shoulder MRI
  144. PT gives mixed messages
  145. Right Shoulder Injury
  146. shoulder pain
  147. Mild AC joint Arthropathy
  148. Shoulder Replacement
  149. Severe shoulder pain
  150. Two month follow up/Rt shoulder surgery sch
  151. Unrelenting left shoulder pain
  152. Looking at Total Shoulder Replacement
  153. How should I prepare for surgery?
  154. Tingling on the outer edge on hand and pinky and ring finger
  155. shoulder blade advice
  156. SLAP tear, impingement, "fine tears" infraspinatus tendon: sympsoms worsening
  157. Possible SLAP tear and Torn rotator cuff
  158. One month post surgery
  159. Continue PT or Have Surgery?
  160. worried about reinjury to shoulder
  161. Labral/Rotator Cuff Repair, Still Have Pain
  162. Acromioclavicular Joint Injury and Cysts?
  163. RC tear, contemplating surgery
  164. Joint Pain
  165. MRI reading
  166. Rotator Cuff Tear and self treatment
  167. Shoulder injury - torn tendons
  168. severe Pain from Rotator cuff - cured ! (no pain killers)
  169. Constant shoulder blade pain
  170. Pain Five months after rotator cuff surgery
  171. Bicep Tedonesis
  172. physio
  173. MRI Results ... Anyone wanna help me interpret?
  174. had a MRI with an arthogram this the report from the radiologist.
  175. Right Shoulder injury
  176. RC surgery set for June 17
  177. Total Shoulder Replacement Problem
  178. rotator cuff ... or something else?
  179. Bicep Tendonesis
  180. Another surgery
  181. neck pain
  182. RC Surgery June 4...
  183. Shoulder replacement
  184. Anyone's shoulder problems get worse waiting for surgery?
  185. Strange stretching feeling in my shoulder
  186. Had rotator cuff repair 3 days ago- very confused
  187. Do Dr.'s always cut and reattach bicep tendon?
  188. Eleven shoulder replacement surgeries
  189. Throwing after injury
  190. Surgery June 12th
  191. Anyone have a positive review about RC surgery?
  192. Immobilizer Pain Post Surgery
  193. Sharp burning
  194. Hoping for someone to talk to.
  195. Horrible pain
  196. Positive outcome
  197. LTRSR - Then Oblique Fracture 4 weeks out
  198. Surgery or not
  199. After Rotator Cuff Surgery - Just released for full range
  200. AC separation and rotator cuff
  201. is it torn?
  202. 1st post and nervous about surgery
  203. What does it mean?
  204. Subacromial Decompression - post op
  205. A long read but full picture -- desperately need a kind soul
  206. Questions about surgery before nerve healed
  207. second surgery
  208. Please help
  209. What a Rotator Cuff Repair Operation Report Looks Like
  210. 6 months post op ... shoulder still hurts when I wake up
  211. Popping shoulder feels better
  212. Subacromial Decompression
  213. Day 16 after surgery - Just call me Slingboy
  214. Ongoing Shoulder Problem
  215. 2nd surgery
  216. Where I Slept After RC surgery...
  217. Ongoing AC issues and shoulder problems
  218. Ongoing AC issues and shoulder problems
  219. Rotator Cuff Surgery Compromised during Recovery Phase?
  220. Any suggestions or opinions of what could be wrong with me??
  221. 4 weeks post op, first day back to work!
  222. sharp boney bump after rotator cuff surgery
  223. after rotator cuff surgery
  224. MRI of shoulder findings what does it mean?
  225. On a new path
  226. cortisone/bleeding
  227. Arthroscopic Rotator Surgery 3/20/14 My Story
  228. Another person with shoulder pain
  229. Rotator Cuff Surgery soon
  230. Rotator Cuff Surgery Advice Please!
  231. Rotator Cuff Surgery Advice
  232. Rotator Impringement Insanity
  233. Shoulder pain
  234. Rotator Cuff Surgery with graft
  235. Supraspinatus rupture and revision
  236. What the heck did I do?
  237. pain in left shoulder after eating
  238. When to call your dr?
  239. Biceps issues
  240. Me again, small update from yesterday's surgery
  241. posterior labrum repair
  242. Does Rotator Cuff Tendinosis Hurt This Much?
  243. Shoulder pain
  244. 2nd Shoulder???
  245. Rotator Cuff & Labrum Debridement
  246. 13 days post op
  247. Shoulder pain and stiffness when I wake up
  248. need help in what to do
  249. Pre-op appointment today
  250. Chronic shoulder impingement and pain caused by clavicle problems