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  1. Diagnosis for Strange Sinus/Throat Illness?
  2. Sinus surgery vs balloon sinuplasty?
  3. Severe headaches/dizziness/nausea please help!
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  5. Severe sinus
  6. Is this Sinusitis?
  7. congested nose despite surgery
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  9. Found "Something Helpful"...
  10. Sinus surgery
  11. anybody brave enough to try capsaicin spray?
  12. 3 Years of hell please help - Breathing.
  13. Help
  14. Sinus Infection for 6 Months (desperate)
  15. Nasal Spray Addiction Recovery
  16. Loss of taste, dry mouth following sinus surgery
  17. chronic blocked nose
  18. Sinus migraine after debridement post sugery appt.
  19. concerned about dental xray
  20. bilateral fess
  21. black frilly substance
  22. Sinus infection possible without fever?
  23. Do you have to present a fever to have a sinus infection?
  24. How long post op did you feel better?
  25. After Sinus Surgery
  26. Second opinons on surgery
  27. Fairly long list of symptoms could it be my sinus?
  28. Very odd symptoms
  29. Severe sinus problem, help!
  30. Best Turbinate Reduction Procedure
  31. Sphenoid Sinus Infection - need advice
  32. Blood red septum, constant sinus cavity pain for several months
  33. Need input - Chronc Scnoz Probs got me down
  34. Please Help!
  35. Eye pains and eye twitching
  36. reovery from sinus surgery/septoplasty?
  37. Chronic Sinus Problems
  38. Polypectomy
  39. Polyps and Cysts
  40. Sinus Surgery, To Have or To Have Not??
  41. X-ray
  42. Sore throat?
  43. recurring sinus infection
  44. Silent Sinus Syndrome
  45. Dizziness
  46. Singulair
  47. Sinusitis & CT Report
  48. Sinus infection??
  49. Weird Sinus Condition! It's killing me
  50. Bad Sinus infection
  51. Confused over CT scan result
  52. Any tips on sinus/congestion issues from temp/humidity
  53. Dr Says Surgery Will Not Help my Condition
  54. Uhm, color of mucus when using nasal irrigation?
  55. revision surgery
  56. Can Sinus Pressure Do this?
  57. Sinus and off balance problems for a year
  58. Sinus and off balance problems for a year
  59. Sinus surgery fixed me!
  60. sinus infection taking forever to get better
  61. burning nose pain while breathing in, stinging feeling in left nostril
  62. Chronic sinusitis, sore throat for months..nose not blocked??
  63. Chronic sinus infection's for years
  64. chronic sinusitis, no stuffy nose -operation??
  65. Balloon Sinuplasty
  66. Sinus Polyps - Non Surgical Treatments
  67. Sinus surgery?
  68. Starting to think my sinus problem is TMJ instead!
  69. sphenoid sinus infection
  70. Sinus problem and tense neck/shoulders
  71. I cant taste anything or smell
  72. Need advice from fellow sinus sufferers!
  73. Sinus Pressure/Anxiety/"Shocks"
  74. Permanent sinus infection
  75. Dizzines & Tiredness, Blocked Nose
  76. nasal problem
  77. Not sinus infection after all???I'm not convinced...
  78. Sinus polyps sorted.
  79. Need input on Sinusitis
  80. sinus
  81. Septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery
  82. sinus flooding and cold symptoms
  83. Post Nasal Drip/Night Coughing addvice for a 2yr old?
  84. Newbie--Possible Sinusitis; doctor won't help...
  85. Avolex for sinus infection
  86. Sinus surgery question
  87. Sinus Infection - watery eyes.
  88. Possible Sinusitis?
  89. Daily sinus headache
  90. What was your recovery like after sinus surgery?
  91. Mild Daily headaches
  92. Has sinus surgery worked for anyone with chronic sinusitis?
  93. Unusual symptoms - Are they linked to my chronic sinusitis?
  94. over one year "sinus" problems... please help!
  95. Stuffy/Runny nose every morning, 8 yrs
  96. Sinus cavity pain or tooth ache?
  97. Sinuses Causing Sound Sensitivity? Advice Please
  98. Sinusitis - It's like a bad joke
  99. Help - Severe, Chronic Sinusitis, my story
  100. New here! doing the peroxide flooding
  101. Super bad sinus pain, feel like dying
  102. Things Getting Worse
  103. Can a food allergy cause nasal pressure?
  104. Sinus Problems
  105. 6 months No Sinus Infections
  106. Ear Not Equalizing When I Burp/ Inflamed Etube?
  107. Pulsating sinuses with heat/cold
  108. balloon sinus.surgery?
  109. Chronic sinus problems.
  110. Tickle
  111. Baby shampoo rinsing
  112. Bad breath... why me?
  113. Nasal surgery or meds and sprays? have to decide soon
  114. Is this all sinus related
  115. Accupuncture for Sinus Pain
  116. Septoplasty Yesterday
  117. Medrol pack for Sinus pain/pressure
  118. cant smell or taste :(
  119. Sharp Pains in the back of my head
  120. Sinus infection or tooth problem?
  121. watery eyes
  122. Polypectomy and Septoplasty Surgery Concerns
  123. geofftrain
  124. Left Sinus blocked when lying in certain positions
  125. Sinus related symptom?
  126. Swollen sinuses , ENT says allergies? Really?
  127. Sinus Congestion, Insomnia, Lots of Doctors, and No Answers...
  128. nose pressure/cheek pain/ head pain
  129. CT Sinus- what does this mean?
  130. Is this Sinus Problems or something more serious??
  131. Cheek pain
  132. Sinus headaches every morning...
  133. sinus issues and now nystagmus
  134. Constant headaches for weeks now
  135. Sinus problems, allergies, or something else?
  136. Question...yellow mucus
  137. five (5) surgeries at one time
  138. Maxillary Sinus Blockage
  139. Maxillary sinus POLYP that no one can find!
  140. Mary: Post Nasal Drip Naturally
  141. confused
  142. infection due to stitches
  143. Now problems with Ethmoid sinuses..
  144. sinus symtoms
  145. Is this sinuses?
  146. Possibly post nasal drip?
  147. I think something is wrong.
  148. Teeth pain after sinus surgery
  149. Teeth pain after sinus surgery
  150. Chronic post nasal drip exacerbated by water and food?
  151. Insane headaches after sinus surgery
  152. Could all of this be sinus related?
  153. chronic sinusitis and ear crackling
  154. Sinus surgery
  155. pressure on tooth sinus?
  156. sinus surgery
  157. Septoplasty a year later
  158. To have surgery or not?
  159. Looking for help with Sinus issues
  160. Water trapped in sinuses after Neilmed Sinus Rinse. Also mucous dripping down throat
  161. Sinus Pain, TMJ and medication
  162. Sinus problems and swelling?
  163. Blood during peroxide nasal flooding
  164. Following sinus surgery...
  165. Maxillary sinus cyst and sinus pain - any non-surgical treatment, especially meds?
  166. Acute/chronic sinusitis and anxiety???
  167. Is this sinus
  168. sinus infection hard to breathe
  169. Dizziness
  170. Sinus pain without congestion... thoughts?
  171. Ct scan sinus
  172. Large Sinus Polyp
  173. How long to cure a sinus infection?
  174. Possible Post Nasal Drip?
  175. Bad Breath
  176. Sinuses are always clogged!!
  177. Sinus problem and can't sleep. Please help.
  178. When is it time to go see a doctor/go to the ER
  179. First time sinus problems help!
  180. Constant Congestion
  181. Could saline rinsing be making it worse?
  182. Does this sound like allergic fungal sinusitis?
  183. Hard to breathe through nose?
  184. Maxillary Sinus Cyst, cause for concern?
  185. Sinusitis and difficulty breathing
  186. Dizzy, cannot focus due to sinusitis
  187. Severely dropped sinus
  188. Cough and headache - sinus related?
  189. Chronic, Recurring Sinus Issues
  190. Sinus problems? back of neck pain with nose pain
  191. Dizziness + abdominal pain
  192. On-going sinus pressure.
  193. Clogged Ears from Sphenoid sinus
  194. sinusitis 10 years now
  195. Sinus Problems/Dizziness That is Driving Me Insane!
  196. Sinus infection causing cappillary veins in eyes to rupture
  197. pain left side for years
  198. DIY Fix
  199. 3 month sinus infection
  200. Needing help and mental relief
  201. Sinusitis or misdiagnose?
  202. Voice changes with endoscopic surgery
  203. Chronic Sinus Pressure
  204. Chronic Sinus Infection Case Study?
  205. VERY PAINFUL Sinus Infection
  206. sinus infection for 2 years
  207. Sore roof of mouth
  208. Nose picking
  209. Hidden cause of sinus problems
  210. Minimal bilateral maxillary and minimal anterior ethmoidal sinusitis
  211. Sinus Pain And Secondhand Smoke????
  212. Problem with sinus surgery! Help!
  213. permanent sinus/respiratory infection; at wit's end again
  214. Sinus ?
  215. Upcoming Surgery
  216. constant runny nose
  217. Slight disorientation/dizziness due to sinuses?
  218. Sinusitis since birth.
  219. chronic bad breath from sinus?
  220. Septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery: Decongestant
  221. A Peculiar problem: sinus issues with no congestion, constant headache,etc..
  222. very dizzy please help.
  223. Severe Pain no one can figure out...
  224. sinus issues
  225. going crazy please help!
  226. Dental Surgery
  227. Relife From Sinus Pressure
  228. Popping Sound in Nose?
  229. Living with allergic fungal sinusitis
  230. Sinus Infection w/bronchitis and Levaquin
  231. Sinutitis
  232. Waterpik Sinusense
  233. Started Sinus Flooding last week. Have some questions.
  234. Post nasal drip won't go away, gets worse immediately after eating
  235. Help, post nasal drip. To people with post nasal drip, is it one side only? or both?
  236. Sinus infection due to wisdom tooth issues?
  237. Sinus infections and high blood pressure
  238. Septoplasty recovery
  239. sinus solved drink lots of water
  240. Anyone use the New FinESS Sinus treatment! Sinuplasty
  241. Sinus headache severe.
  242. Prednisone withdrawal
  243. Head/Ear pressure
  244. Any advice? I really need help
  245. Can Flonase cause green mucus?
  246. New here
  247. Dizziness due to Sinuses?
  248. How can I convince my ENT to do additional Turbinate Reduction?
  249. Sinusitis ?
  250. permanent sinus infection?