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  19. sinus headache
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  23. Does sneezing relieve sinus congestion for anyone else?
  24. what do these symptoms indicate
  25. Inverted Papilloma Removal
  26. Sinus problems?
  27. Having ethmoidectomy and sphenoidectomy in a few days
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  40. Sinuses
  41. Pilonidal sinus
  42. Please help!!!
  43. Noes pluds when laying down
  44. Why does it get worse at certain times of the year?
  45. Any chronic sinusitis sufferers use Manuka honey?
  46. Sinus pressure that moves around
  47. help
  48. Bump on top of gum/near sinus
  49. sick for 4 weeks now
  50. ENT in Miami specialised in Fungal sinusitis?
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  52. been having symptoms and elevated pulse.
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  66. xalatan and headaches
  67. Sinus Help- Very desperate
  68. Root Canal causing Sinusitis!!!
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  70. Smelling of Congestion
  71. Do i have sinusitus?
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  73. Stomach pains
  74. Do we have the science?
  75. Chronic left sphenoid sinusitis
  76. Sinuses causing me lots of trouble; feeling chronically tired! anyone have any advice
  77. Painful Sinuses.
  78. Sinusitis Sufferer
  79. I have had a foggy, heavy head since just before Christmas.
  80. need some advice, maybe just a "listening ear"
  81. Xlear
  82. Most digusting post you've ever read
  83. Is this just a sinus problem.
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  85. numbness in forhead/skull/pressures
  86. Long lasting Cold or Allergy or Sinusitis ?
  87. please help to understand my options
  88. Sinus irritated by incoming wisdom tooth?
  89. Gross Question about Discharge after Sinus Surgery
  90. can i use 6% H202 (VOL 20) by diluting it?
  91. Sinus Problems
  92. Sinus infection leads to BRAIN INFECTION???
  93. pilinidal sinus (post-op) isnt healing
  94. Diagnosed Sinus infection - are these normal symptons
  95. I'm new to this, and need help from sinus sufferers!
  96. Man I hate having sinus problems! Claritin isn't working well today... :(
  97. Maxillary Sinus on CT
  98. staph, sinus and ear ringing
  99. Chronic Fungal Infection in Sinuses
  100. Frontal headache
  101. Left side head pain, If it's not Canecer, then what else could it be. ?
  102. Minimal Bilateral Maxillary Sinusitis
  103. sinus help!
  104. How do you Sleep after septoplasty/sinus surgery?!
  105. Headaches, ears popping, drainage
  106. Sinus problems all winter
  107. Facial Pressure and Temple Pains
  108. Duke53
  109. Candidae for Sinus surgery & Septum repair
  110. lump in neck goes up and down
  111. anyoneanyone sinus problems due to any facial trauma or cheekfractures?
  112. Chronic Sinusitis - already had 3 sinus surgeries
  113. Unsymmetrical Eyes
  114. sinuses and eye problems?? please help
  115. Is there Enzyme deficiency that causes sinus headaches from eating creamy foods?
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  117. Multiple symptoms
  118. Chronic Sinus infections.... please help!!! MRI attached
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  120. Is 250 mg of Zithromax/Z-Pack enough for severe sinus infection/flu?
  121. sinus headache
  122. Is this a sinus issue?
  123. Florida Sinus Sufferers
  124. my son is got a headache and epilepsy the doctor diagnose that its the sinus causing
  125. Allery/Sinus Drainage Issue
  126. Double vision relative to sinus problems???
  127. Chronic Sinus infection or irritant?
  128. Sinus surgery packing and other scares
  129. Tension? Sinuses? TMJ? Migraine? Stress?
  130. No Frontal Sinuses
  131. What do i expect with my sinus surgery?
  132. Anxiety and Sinuses relation thoughts
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  134. sinus cause pushing down of eye
  135. Chronic Sinus Allergies
  136. Nothing coming out doing Upside Down Sinus Flooding? What's wrong?
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  138. sinuses will not let up!
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  140. Please Help - 2 Months Post Sinus Surgery - Is this Normal?
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  142. Bad Tasting Mucus & Bad Smell after Sinus Surgery
  143. What to expect after sinus surgery?
  144. what could be in my attic to cause me a sinus infection?
  145. maxillary sinus retention cyst
  146. Sinus infection without nasal discharge?
  147. Nasal/Sinus Cyst vs Polyps
  148. Sinus Node Re-Entry Tachycardia
  149. Recovery after sinus surgery
  150. Sinus pressure with no congestion
  151. Clogged sinus tract?
  152. maximus sinus tuma
  153. Yasmin and my cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
  154. Recovering from hospitalization for cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
  155. Please help recurrent sinus infections
  156. One sided temple ache..sinuse problem?
  157. Do you have sinus pain/pressure on excessive heat days?
  158. Is it sinuses or is it a tooth problem...how can you tell the difference?
  159. I need some help witha serious sinus problem
  160. Sinus problem
  161. Over seven years without a sinus infection. Needless to say, I LOVE 3% Peroxide!
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  166. Sinus?
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  168. Does air condition affect your sinus or allergys?
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  176. sinus lift before implants?
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  183. SinusWars Products?
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  191. It has now been 10 years since I suffered Chronic Multiple Annual Sinus Infections!
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  195. Allergies, Sinusitis, or Anxiety?
  196. Does anyone suffer REALLY bad chronic sinus infections? This is MISERABLE. r/o pls
  197. working out and sinus tachycardia
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  203. Can Anemia Help Contribute To a Sinus Infection ?
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  208. sinuses or something more serious
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  210. Maxillary sinus check this monday
  211. Sinus Tachycardia from a back injury?
  212. Sinus Tachycardia from a back injury?
  213. Sinus Surgery Draf 111 ??
  214. Sinus Infection, Swollen Lymph Nodes, Bronchitis and more all at one!
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  217. why are my sinuses low
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  221. Sinusitis
  222. Sinus X-ray question, abnormal sella turcica?
  223. why does a sinus infection keep coming back
  224. Headache after sinus infection
  225. Anyone been to Mayo for sinus/allergy issues?
  226. Sinus Lift Sedation
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  230. Sinus Problem
  231. Sinus Infection and Dizziness
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  233. Sinus Odour
  234. Sinus?
  235. sinus problems, PLEASE HELP! xx
  236. does sinus cause cough and tightness in the chest that make it hard to breath?
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  242. Dry Eyes (blocked oil gland) and Sinus Pressure
  243. depression and anxiety over sinus condition
  244. what happens when sinus is punctured when tooth is extracted
  245. Sinusitis
  246. My colds always turn into sinus infections. How do I stop this from happening?
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  248. Can I chew advil cold and sinus? (the non gel ones)?
  249. I think the herbal sinus meds are making me worse
  250. Bradacardic heart rate with sinus arrhythmia