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  1. NeilMed Sinus Rinse
  2. Coblation tonsillectomy and sinus polyps
  3. Balloon Sinuplasty vs. Sinus Surgery
  4. Sinus Tachycardia Starting Exercise Program
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  6. Sinusitis
  7. Are our nasty sinus problems and Asthma misery caused by common household items?
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  11. sinus
  12. how do i go about getting the results of my sinus ct scan
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  15. Sinus trick
  16. Sinuse cyst or pylops?
  17. Sinus Rinse Spray or Netti Pot?
  18. Sinus Drainage
  19. bad headache 4 weeks after having sinus surgery and a septoplasty
  20. Brain fog, sinus & ear pressure, lethargy... for over a decade
  21. sinus
  22. Severe ethmoid pain - sinus or nerve? Please help.
  23. Chronic sinus problems
  24. sinusitis chronic relief?
  25. Sinus Tachycardia Support Group
  26. Sinus issues?
  27. possible sinus tachycardia
  28. Sinus Headache
  29. Sinus Infection. Question about meds. I was Rxd.
  30. sinuses inflammed
  31. Prednisone for sinus infection?
  32. sinus 365 days yeae
  33. Sinus infection with no drainage??
  34. Sinusotomy Questions
  35. Bad breath - trying to find cause (GI/sinuses/etc.)
  36. Peroxide sinus Flush/Flooding --- is it safe?
  37. chronic sinus headache and fatigue
  38. Sinus Infection????
  39. Sinus Trachycardia
  40. sinus headache on top of the head
  41. Sinus Headaches
  42. How to get mucus to drain from sinuses?
  43. Headaches from Neilmed Sinus Rinse
  44. Sinus dryness and inflammation
  45. Allergy/Sinus life changing remedies
  46. PAC's & PVC's w/ Sinus Tach
  47. Recurrent Sinus Infections Stopped by Natural Nasal Spray
  48. me and my lovely sinuses
  49. tmj and sinus connection
  50. Can Allergies/Sinuses cause acid reflux?
  51. Sick sinus, heart block or not heart related
  52. sinus drainage
  53. soymilk and sinusitis
  54. how long before sinus antiobotics start working
  55. Sinus infection? Allergies? Something else?
  56. Chronic Cough/Sinusitis?
  57. Sinus/Allergy medications and TTC
  58. Two quick sinus fluid questions
  59. tight neck, upper back, sinus pressure, tension
  60. Sinus surgery or Not? Help
  61. Peri- menopause, High blood pressure, Stiff neck and Sinus - Acid reflux - Odema
  62. A question about Sinusitis?
  63. Ringing in Ear and Sinus
  64. sinus infection
  65. Bromelain/papaya for sinus and inflammation.
  66. Acid Reflux & Sinus symptoms - What's cause and what's effect?
  67. Burning sensation in head and pressure in head/sinuses
  68. Burning sensation in head and pressure in head/sinuses
  69. Sinus infection or Pink eye
  70. Allergy/Sinus?
  71. CT scan with fusion for sinuses?
  72. Cost for sinus surgery??
  73. neilmed sinus rinse with nailmed packets
  74. still congested nose after sinus surgery
  75. CT Scan for Sinus Problems
  76. CT Scan for Sinus Problems
  77. does the eye drops systane cause sinus drainage
  78. etc or anxiety or sinusitis? Please help!
  79. Sinus Help
  80. Sinus surgery - preop procedures
  81. Possible sinus infection; when to seek help?
  82. sinusitis
  83. Right sinus pressure, ear "fluttering", ear/eye numbness
  84. Just had endoscopic sinus surgery, and really could use help
  85. Sinus Rinse
  86. Sinus surgery-help
  87. need help PLEASE.Sinusitus? or?
  88. Squirting diluted Hydrogen Peroxide into my nose cured me of frequent sinus infection
  89. recurring sinus infections
  90. Sinus pain without congestion
  91. sinus problems and odd smells
  92. tooth in sinus cavity in front
  93. chronic sinusitis
  94. Sinusitis without excess phlegm or runny nose?
  95. why won't my sinuses drain?
  96. My Sinus Surgery Experience
  97. pregnancy sinus
  98. Hi all, new member. Sinusitis people, lets talk!
  99. Sinus surgery and voice change
  100. Retention Cyst in left sinus.
  101. Worried about cold messing up recent sinus surgery
  102. Afrin No Drip decongests my nose great 12h. Will sinus surgery decongest permanently?
  103. Can sinus issues cause eye problems?
  104. Sinus Cyst
  105. Does TMJ have an affect on ear related sinus issues?
  106. why after sinus surgery is there a smell left in the nose
  107. Any one heard of SinusWars Products?
  108. sinus cavity inflamed!?
  109. Please help! Septoplasty and sinus surgery 3 weeks ago...feel worse!
  110. sinus drainage and acid reflux
  111. Sinusitis and polyps?
  112. Please help... 5 1/2 yr old child with allergies & chronic sinus infections
  113. Swollen neck lymph node, sinus, jaw pain, etc...
  114. Swollen neck lymph node, sinus, jaw pain, etc...
  115. Can sinus/allergy medications increase anxiety?
  116. Risperdal/risperidone causing sinusitis!
  117. Sinus inflammation & Immune System
  118. Sinus inflammation
  119. What To Do Next...Don't Want Sinus Surgery...
  120. strange symptoms with sinusitis?
  121. Sinus headache with clear nose or Migraine?
  122. Sinus inflammation, congestion & headaches
  123. Sinus Bradycardia magnesium orotate
  124. 5 weeks after sinus opp something not right.
  125. How soon after sinus surgery can you do nasal irrigation?
  126. Chronic sinusitis since 1993 and nasal polyps now *sigh*
  127. Who here has nasal polyps with terrible sinus issues?
  128. one sided sinus pressure
  129. disgusting taste in mouth with drainage from sinuses
  130. Pregnant with Innapropriate Sinus Tachycardia
  131. Sinus Infections: Cause or Effect?
  132. Sinus infection and antibiotics?
  133. does fever come and go with sinus infection
  134. Sinus infection and toothach.
  135. Sinus surgery and septoplasty
  136. how do you know if it is sinus infection ear infection or tmj
  137. what is sinus chronical
  138. Severe chronic sinus problems....
  139. Issues after Sinus Surgery
  140. Sinus infection and Nasonex?
  141. I could do with some advice re sinusitis
  142. Ears plugged up, dizzy after sinus surgery?
  143. Sinus cysts
  144. a headache every day/sinus trouble.. any ideas?
  145. Very dizzy 3 days after sinus surgery
  146. Sinus surgery
  147. prednisone dose for sinus
  148. body odor due to sinuses
  149. does sinus cause dizziness
  150. Sinus infection, Sinusitis or something else
  151. Sinus Tachycardia / PAC's & PVC's Support
  152. had my operation to open sinuses
  153. Needs Sinus Surgery Advice
  154. Sinus Cyst question
  155. Sinus Issue
  156. sinus pressure pain,need advice please
  157. Sinus and Eating
  158. Horrible sinus infection and bronchitis. How long before it improves??
  159. rocephin to augmentin for ears/sinus????
  160. Sinus Allergies and swollen throat
  161. Sinus surgery and what you can eat afterward
  162. Sinus Surgery Recovery
  163. Sinus Tach & PAC's/PVC's Please Post Responses
  164. Chronic Sinusitis and GAD
  165. Has anyone tried Acupuncture for their sinus/allergies?
  166. Sinus or tooth pain?
  167. Sinus versus tooth problem?
  168. left sphenoid sinus chronically infected
  169. Sinus Trouble And Weakness After Extraction
  170. Is it normal for sinus infection to get worse as the day goes on?
  171. ETD from sinus infection
  172. Sinus congestion and feeling run down
  173. Insomnia, Sinus Pressure, and Extreme Dizzyness - Please help Diagnose.
  174. Mirgaines or sinus headache
  175. How I treated my sinus/ear problems naturally
  176. Excruciating toothache with sinus infection?
  177. Facial Migraines not Sinus Infection
  178. chronic sinusitis bettr in the morning
  180. Chronic Sinusitis?
  181. Hypothyroidism & Sinus Bradycardia
  182. how do you do an upside down sinus wash with peroxide
  183. sinus pressure and headaches after surgery
  184. i need advice! - sinus tachycardia
  185. sinus causing anxiety..tips??
  186. how to determine if my bad breath is caused by sinuses
  187. sinus problems
  188. Is there a reason NeilMed sinus rinse makes me feel worse?
  189. what can be done for my sinuses the bleed alot on the right side
  190. why does my sinus hurt when i bend over
  191. Can flagyl be used to treat a sinus infection?
  192. is endoscopic sinus surgery and septoplasty painful?
  193. Is tinges of yellow in the mucous ok with a lingering sinus infection
  194. what can you do for sinus and nasal congestion when you can't take decongestants?
  195. suggestions on how to unclog sinuses
  196. sinus problems
  197. Oral steroids w/out antiobiotics for chronic sinusitis?
  198. sinus
  199. Mild chronic pansinusitis?
  200. Sinus Ifection or LPR Symptoms
  201. 2nd sinus infection this year
  202. Sinusitis without infection?
  203. Sinusitis without infection?
  204. Ongoing Throat/Sinus Issue
  205. Is this sinusitis or something else?
  206. Smokey or Weird Smell from Sinus Infection
  207. Can the cold cause sinus pain?
  208. Lots of sinus problems Help!
  209. "Best" antibiotic" and doctor to treat sinus infection?
  210. persistent sore throat/sinuses
  211. pressure in head, dizziness-sinus related?
  212. I can't get rid of my sinus infection
  213. Help! Can't get rid of sinus infection
  214. how long after sinus surgery can i blow my nose
  215. why do my teeth hurt when i have a sinus infection
  216. Sinus Infection - Chills
  217. what causes a bleach smell in the sinus
  218. Sinus Tacycardia and Hypothyroidism
  219. Sinus Tachycardia and treatment
  220. Why did my doctor prescribe Methylprednisolone for my sinusitis?
  221. I do have sinusitis, no treatment though?
  222. can sinusitis cause body aches/pains??
  223. can bv cause someone to have a sinus infection or fever?
  224. What are the symptoms of sinus polyps?
  225. Sinus Headache and Soy
  226. Sinusitis??please advise.
  227. vision loss related to sinuses
  228. need help, facial pain/sinus pain/chronic nasle for years.
  229. Chronic Neck/Back Pain, Fatigue, and Headaches Confused with Sinusitis?
  230. Sinusitis/flu then woke up shaking
  231. Deep cough and sinus allergy?
  232. Chronic Sinus trouble and feeling I have a internal yeast problem
  233. sinus trouble
  234. Symptoms of Migraine vs. Sinus Problems
  235. Sinus infection or just a cold?
  236. Ongoing sinus problems for over a year, no resolution!
  237. What is sinusitus?
  238. Fungal sinus infection?
  239. sinus tachycardia with short PR interval
  240. New Onset - "Travel Sickness" & Sinuses?
  241. sinuses and location
  242. Help ! I have sinus pressure It wont go away.
  243. Dermographism, Immune Disorders, Sinusitis and Septoplasty questions!
  244. can wisdom teeth cause sinus problems
  245. one-sided sinusitis or dental infection?
  246. Sinuses
  247. Difference between Atrial Fibrillation & Sick Sinus?
  248. Had sinus surgery the 16th....but still have sinus and allergy problems!
  249. Acute sinus for a year.
  250. Sinus Test with Delayed Reaction