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  1. tightness above adams apple, tingling, sinus drainage, glands feel funny?
  2. Husband's sinus problems
  3. Sinus infection and pressure in my face
  4. Sinus problems connected to eye problems?
  5. Does Anyone Else Seem To Get A Lot Of Colds/flus/sinus?
  6. Throat problems and chronic sinusitis
  7. Severe Sinus Pressure behind head, ears
  8. Sinus and Ear Ringing
  9. Question about sinus infection
  10. what to do if sinus infection is not draining
  11. Sinus Attack?
  12. Constant Sinus Pressure?
  13. Still a Sinus Infection??
  14. could sinus cause this
  15. Swollen Posterior Cervical Node from Cold/Sinus?
  16. Dry, painful sinuses, just inside the nostrils with constant throat clearing
  17. Another cold or a sinus infection?
  18. Having sinus problems
  19. sinus discharge from anus
  20. sinus surgery
  21. VN to MAV to Sinus to VN--different doc=different opinion
  22. Desperate sinus/teeth help - what to do?
  23. Lightheaded And Weird Feelings...is It Sinus?
  24. sinus issue/ acid reflux?
  25. Sinus and lower jaw pain.
  26. Cold = Sinus Infection???
  27. Is loud music safe with chronic Sinusitis?
  28. Sinus infection vs lazy doctor
  29. Sinus wash?
  30. Pneumonia and HIB vaccine for sinus infection?
  31. wpw and over active sinus node
  32. Exhaustion and sinus infection
  33. Dental sinus infection
  34. does anyone know if sinuses can cause this....
  35. Sinus infection and odd pain in neck/throat & eye pulse
  36. IV Drugs for Sinus Infection
  37. Sinus surgery next week...
  38. Is this Sinusitis
  39. Sinus infection and dizziness
  40. Anyone get a sinus/chest infection from not taking Nexium?
  41. Sinus infection...reason for dizziness?
  42. Labyrinthitis, Sinusitis, Chest infection, ?glandular fever!!!
  43. Sinus problems
  44. Dentures and Sinus Issues
  45. eye issues & sinus
  46. optic neuritis and sinus
  47. Sinus Infection for 2 months, What should I do?
  48. thirst, sinus pressure, nausea - AUGH
  49. Sinus Surgery,Septoplasty And Turbinate Reduction as well as a tonsillectomy!
  50. Had Endoscopic Sinus Surgery,Septoplasty And Turbinate Reduction
  51. Sinus - Chronic Daily Headache
  52. Sinusitis
  53. My ears... or jaw....or sinus's?? Please help!?
  54. Sinus or Cold problem and thyroid problems
  55. preauricular sinus
  56. Sinus Tarsi
  57. can sinus do this
  58. sinus
  59. Sinus tachycardia questions
  60. sinus operation does it work?
  61. chronic sinusitis- bloodshot eyes- connection?
  62. chronic sinusitis, red eyes, floaters..conection? please help! :confused:
  63. Sinus Headache - Looking for remedy????
  64. sinus and visionn
  65. sinus and eyesight
  66. sinus headache worse when i am lying down
  67. sinus..chest infection !!!
  68. Levothryroxine and sinus infections or colds
  69. sinus issue
  70. any of you suffer vision issues from sinus's?
  71. sinus question
  72. Allergies or sinus infection?
  73. chronic sinusitis
  74. do sinus colds hurt teeth?
  75. Chronic Sinusitis
  76. can sinus do this?
  77. there is yellow mucus in my nose. do i have a sinus infection?
  78. Xalatan drops for Glaucoma and "Sinus'" Headaches
  79. Sinus Drainage Question
  80. Sinus eval for probable root canal issue
  81. Sinus evaluation for likely dental issue
  82. sinus?? I can't take anymore of this.
  83. Increased coughing with mucus from intramuscular cortocosteroid for sinusitis?
  84. can sinus do this
  85. sinus, burning in neck shoulder and face
  86. is this sinus
  87. sinus xray now a CT scan why
  88. sinus and temp vision loss
  89. Chronic sinus infection due to upper jawbone infection
  90. sinus pain, neck pain and over heating
  91. Prolonged sinus and lungs.
  92. what if my sinuses bleed?
  93. visual disturbance from sinus inflammation
  94. Can sinuses cause dizziness
  95. Sinus Infection
  96. Sinus and Toothache Question
  97. Sinus problem?
  98. could this be sinus
  99. Do I have a sinus infection?
  100. Does anyone take anything for sinuses??
  101. Need advice.Recurring problems of tonisillitus, sinus, PND...?
  102. does mucinex work on sinus congestion?
  103. sinus? bronchitus? flu?
  104. Sinus Problem?
  105. Sinus Surgery tomorrow
  106. get dizzy when sinuses are blocked
  107. Major Sinus Issues
  108. how do I know I have acid reflux and not a sinus drip?
  109. Another and Another Sinus Infection???
  110. The Big Bad Sinus Infection
  111. could this be Sinusitis?
  112. Sinusitis? Not sure
  113. Input about Flu shots and sinus infections
  114. sinus infection or cold /virus
  115. sinus and essential throbocythemia
  116. Wisdom teeth can they cause serious sinus infection
  117. Symptoms of chronic sinusitis
  118. Sinus Pressure Upon Waking Up
  119. Sinus Infections
  120. Sinus Problems...could it be an infection?
  121. I have sinus drainage and a sore throat, what do I take?
  122. sinus surgery, rhinoplasty and tonsilllecltomy at one time
  123. Ear, Sinus, Neck , Jaw/Tooth
  124. Help for dry sinuses!!
  125. Sinus Infection?
  126. Old eye injury/eye pain/sinus/TMJ/Depth?
  127. Sinus/Ears Ringing
  128. Sinus infection or something else?
  129. Fluid in ear with sinus infection
  130. Sinus infection still giving me trouble;(
  131. Sick Sinus Syndrome???
  132. CT scan for sinus!!
  133. is this sinus
  134. sinusitis???
  135. Heater Irritating Sinuses-What Do You Do?
  136. Is this sinus?
  137. gurgling noise when sleeping from my sinuses
  138. Antibiotic usage for Sinus Infection
  139. sinus problems driving me nuts!
  140. Sinus surgery question
  141. Chronic sinusitis??
  142. TMJ disguised as sinus infection???
  143. Query on Venous sinus Thrombosis
  144. Sinus Tachycardia
  145. sinus pressure, stiff neck, sore throat, dizziness symptoms
  146. Sinus infection
  147. fluid shift sinus/ear Thick secretions
  148. I have sinusitis problems since very long time!
  149. still having sinus infection issues after sinus infection is gone?
  150. HELP!!! IM TERRIFIED!! Food stuck in Nasal/Sinus Cavity!!!
  151. TMJ and sinus issues
  152. How bad does the packing hurt when being taken out after sinus surgery?
  153. Sinus Lift?
  154. dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?
  155. dietary changes for allergies/sinus?
  156. how do i know if i have a sinus infection
  157. sinus infection????
  158. what makes your ears pop allergies or sinus
  159. Best ARB for sinus problems?
  160. Sinusitis and cannot stop sneezing
  161. Sinus Surgery 4 Months Now
  162. humidifier or dehumidifier for sinus infection??
  163. Sinus drainage with non-stop cough
  164. My wall of the maxilary sinus is damaged what can I Do
  165. Multiple Sinuses being formed after surgery
  166. Anesthesia options for sinus surgery
  167. SINUS SURGERY AND ADNEOIDECTOMY- anyone been through both at the same time?
  168. Sinus Issues, most annoying thing in the world
  169. digestive health and sinuses connection???????????????
  170. Ear clogged from sinuses...or what?
  171. Sinus infection?
  172. Sinus/ear problems & anxiety - Part 2
  173. question about Pre-op for sinus surgery
  174. Severe Sinus Problems
  175. Image guided sinus surgery
  176. Sinus infections
  177. Beware of Sinus CT Scan after ACDF!
  178. Sinus Lift/Eating
  179. Can a blocked sinus cavity cause this?
  180. I have an ear and sinus infection that is causing me to have an uri, what can I do?
  181. Chronic Sinusitis?
  182. hole in sinus cavity
  183. Sinus surgery Minor... or slightly major...?
  184. sinus surgery progress
  185. sinus/stinging nettle
  186. Chronic Sinusitis
  187. Sinus Lift/Implant and wearing a denture question?
  188. Sinusitis or something more?
  189. very bad throat and sinus congestion, some stomach upset pain in upper left abdomen
  190. dizzyness anxiety sinus and chest bone pain
  191. dizzy/lightheaded...sinuses?
  192. Doctor says I need sinus surgery!
  193. sinus jaw pain
  194. Fed up with sinus problems!!!
  195. Abscessed baby tooth causing recurrent chronic sinusitis
  196. Sinus Lift advice?
  197. sinusitis1
  198. Sinus headache without any drip etc?
  199. Is this really sinusitis?Please help!!
  200. SCARED Setoplasy, polop, and sinus cleaning
  201. Good, safe antibiotics for sinusitis?
  202. Sinus Allergies
  203. Recurring mucus in lungs, without cold, sinus, or allergy symptoms
  204. inappropriate sinus tachycardia + chronic fatigue?
  205. Chronic Sinus Infections........
  206. Very Very Sick. Please Help Me. Sinuses/ears
  207. Post endoscopic sinus surgery problems
  208. Sinus and Dizziness
  209. Lump in neck after Sinusitis... HELP!
  210. Sinus Tachycardia???
  211. TMJ and Sinus Drainage
  212. Sinus Infection
  213. Sinus Surgery 3 weeks ago, voice nasaly
  214. Fever of Unidentifiable Origin + sinus pain
  215. Sinus headache every morning
  216. Sinus Infection in May, still have sinus pressure
  217. best otc pain reliever for sinuses
  218. lung or sinus problem
  219. Sinus problems or allergies
  220. Vision Problems/Sinus polyps?
  221. sinus tarsi implants ?? anyone ??
  222. Is it possible to have sinusitis without having nasal discharge?
  223. New Here - Inner Ear or Sinus Infection?
  224. Sinus Polyps Question
  225. sinus and ear pressure
  226. Sinus Rinse???
  227. Sinuses and ear infection?
  228. Sinus infection and high blood pressure
  229. Sinus problem??
  230. Sinus Pain and Pressure
  231. Nothing Works/sinus
  232. chronic sinus headaches
  233. is this sinus related
  234. Sinus vs Teeth
  235. sinus issue, what to take?
  236. Please Help with Sinus and deep throat tickle with cough!
  237. Sinus Allergies/headaches/fever & hot face
  238. Sinus infection question!
  239. Sinus Rinse works for everyone?
  240. Question about Sinus headache and decongestants
  241. TMJ or Sinus?
  242. Tylenol Sinus?
  243. Sinus surgery in 3 weeks...advice?
  244. Allergies or Sinus infection?
  245. Allergies or Sinus infection?
  246. sinus headache?
  247. Sinus issue?
  248. sinus pressure = dizziness???
  249. CAT Scan Revealed Mild Sinus Disease-no symptoms? Help
  250. sinus surgery?

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