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  1. eye strain or sinus problem or something else????
  2. Sinus Pain or Toothache? This Hurts!
  3. sinus nosebleeds
  4. sinus surgery recovery
  5. This cured my sinuses
  6. Sinus Problems
  7. allergies and sinus problems
  8. Does sinus "Pressure" mean infection?
  9. Just had sinus surgery. Question?
  10. Help! Sinuses making me sleep open mouthed??
  11. Sinusitis and breathing control.
  12. sinus surgery
  13. Water/air pressure and how they affect sinuses
  14. Sinus pressure..please help
  15. Told not to use Clarinex & Can Clorox irritate sinuses?
  16. I need advice on my chronic sinusitis..
  17. Can TMJ mimick sinus pressure/pain?? r/o
  18. Question on sinuses
  19. I fired my doctor today....chronic sinusitis
  20. Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia?
  21. sinus problems
  22. Sinus relief
  23. The Minimally Invasive Sinus Lift?
  24. sinus problem..I think??
  25. Allergies / Sinuses and Lymph node inflammation
  26. Does this sound like a sinus infection?
  27. Sinusitis?
  28. My sinus just got worse....
  29. Sinuses or anxiety coming back?
  30. Is chronic sinus permanent and incurable?
  31. Sinus/earache/crackling headache
  32. Has anyone's Sinus been helped with antibiotics?
  33. Hi! New to the Board and need help with a Chronic Sinus Problem. Please Help.
  34. I'm confused about my chronic sinusitis
  35. Sinus polyops?
  36. Sinus Allergies
  37. antiotics for sinus infection
  38. Sinuses or Allergies or?
  39. Natural herbs for sinus infections?
  40. Sinus and teeth problems could be connected?
  41. Sleep apnea and sinusitus
  42. I did the upside sinus flooding last night...
  43. No More Sinus Infections
  44. Scared Sinus Surgery Has Failed
  45. Help. Feeling miserable. Is it allergies? sinus?
  46. Uncomfortable sinuses
  47. even if CT scan shows no sinus cavity problems,can dizziness be caused by allergies??
  48. Sinuses
  49. Acute left parateintorical hematoma with thrombosis of left sinus /stroke. was turned
  50. SInus Surgery for ear problems/didn't work?
  51. Sinus/Septum Surgery -now Im deviatied again?
  52. I tried Sinus Buster
  53. new to board, trying to get my sinus cavities to drain....please HELP ME!!!
  54. Anyone ever tried Sinus Buster??
  55. adenoids removal / chiropractic care for sinus sufferers
  56. Can an allergist help with sinus issues?
  57. I finally bought Sinus Buster
  58. Can chronic sinusitis cause weight loss???
  59. Sinus Infection???
  60. Sinus Infection??? Inner Ear Pressure
  61. Sinus infection??
  62. Poll: Are you satisfied with the results from your sinus surgery?
  63. Sensitive teeth from sinuses?
  64. Chronic sinusitis cause weight loss?
  65. Sinuses (how To Relieve Without Speedy Meds???)
  66. Chronic Sinus Infection
  67. Sinus Infections
  68. Borderline sweat, neg gene test, no GI, recurrent sinus/lung infections
  69. Hyperthyroid carbimazole & sinusitis
  70. Curing your chronic sinus infection
  71. Sinus problems due to Wisdom Teeth??
  72. ? about sinus infection
  73. sinus infection/antibotics
  74. Wisdom Teeth and Sinus Problems
  75. Are there any allergy/sinus medications that raise your blood pressure?
  76. I can't stand this sinus pain anymore!!
  77. Toothache Or Sinuses?
  78. How do you know if it's really TMJ or sinus problems (not necessarily an infection)
  79. is this sinus drainage?
  80. sinus pain/wellbutrin
  81. wierd sinus drainage (nice way of putting it)
  82. Sinus Meds and Migraines
  83. Need advice on recovering from sinus surgery....
  84. sinus meds with high bp
  85. Questions for those who have had sinus surgery
  86. Can Sinus's make you dizzy??????
  87. help,looking for alternative med for fungal sinusitis
  88. possible sinus headache
  89. Why see a Dr. for a sinus infection?
  90. sinus headache help
  91. allergies/sinus/ eye connection?
  92. Sinus Surgery
  93. TMJ vs. Sinusitis
  94. neck pain related to sinus problem?
  95. My sinus infection won't go away!! :-(
  96. when will my sinus pain end??
  97. Sinus Infection & Hypo
  98. Horrible Sinus Problems...PLEASE HELP!
  99. 1 yr sinus infection?
  100. sinus infection
  101. Has anyone tried Sinus Buster?
  102. chronic sinus torture
  103. SInus/Inner ear/Dizziness!
  104. Nausea related to allergies, sinus problems, post-nasal drip, ETD???? Help!!!?
  105. sinus infection on one side of my face??
  106. wow sinus cleared no more egg yolk
  107. Maxial Sinuses still being weird.
  108. Hypothyroidism, asthma, sinus
  109. Sinus surgery..when does it become necessary?
  110. chronic sinuses
  111. SInus Surgery - ear problems/mouth breathing
  112. SInus Surgery for ear problems
  113. sinusitis
  114. Anyone had a sinus infection while pregnant?
  115. When does Sinusitis Call for an Antibiotic?
  116. sinuses popping
  117. Sinusitus, Asthma, Hoarseness.....Explained
  118. Sinus headache question
  119. Homeopathic medicine for sinus problems
  120. Sinus headache or something else?
  121. Take alfalfa for sinus infections?
  122. Impacted tooth in my sinuses???
  123. sinus headache??
  124. Does anyone else have sinus tachycardia?
  125. Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia
  126. Racing heart/sinus tachycardia
  127. Sinus probs and....
  128. cold Air+sinuses+blood??
  129. sinus headache
  130. sinus infection/cold causes stiff neck??
  131. Sinusitis
  132. teeth problems after sinus surgery
  133. Sinus pain/pressure without congestion: any suggestions?
  134. Sinus dizziness not going away!!
  135. sinus infection?~?!?
  136. anyone with constant sinus pressure?
  137. Question on Sinuses / Driving me crazy
  138. need some advice about headaches/sinus. . .
  139. 'k-9' tooth absessed, sinus infection?
  140. Weird Sinus Crap
  141. Sinus headache questions
  142. Allergies and Chronic Sinusitus
  143. Sinus misery
  144. Sinus Horrors
  145. sinus problems and dry eye link?
  146. sinus problems and dry, red eyes
  147. *IMPORTANT* Acne around the sinus areas
  148. Sinus problems. Please read
  149. Diagnosed Sinus Tach, also suffer from hard heartbeats.
  150. Infrequent Sinus Flooding with Peroxide & Baking Soda halted my infection nightmare
  151. Migraines or Sinus Infection...Again! Help!
  152. Can a Sinus infection make you think weird thoughts?
  153. Mayo Clinic: Sinus Infections are Fungus not Bacteria
  154. Sinus Tachycardia
  155. what does CT scan of sinuses show?
  156. Is this sinuses?
  157. Packed sinuses
  158. When I Eat, small peices of Food become lodged in My Sinus Tract
  159. Does this sound like a sinus infection?
  160. Chronic Sinus problems and Mold Ė I CANíT SLEEP!
  161. Anxiety & Sinus Problems
  162. Sinus deviated septum Surgery? Risks?
  163. Sinus Surgery? Risks?
  164. what to take for sinus?
  165. Asthma and sinus infections
  166. Sinus Tachycardia - Always Benign
  167. sinus issues
  168. sinus update
  169. Sinus Pain Radiating to Throat and Chest
  170. :) Air Purifiers - Have they helped you with allergies/sinus problems???
  171. Fatigue, Sinus Sufferers...
  172. Sinus pressure sufferers - SURVEY - please participate.
  173. Sinus pressure sufferers - SURVEY - please participate.
  174. Sinus pressure from allergies?
  175. Is this allergies or sinus cold/infection????
  176. Treat my sinus infections "upside down" with peroxide. It works!
  177. "Clear Sinus and Ear"
  178. "Clear Sinus and Ear"
  179. Can my sinuses make me this dizzy?
  180. This dizzy from sinuses???
  181. Could sinus drainage be giving me nausea and stomach pain?
  182. sinus pressure and eye aches when reading?
  183. Sinus infection after a cold...
  184. Sinus pain-pressure
  185. Allergies+Sinuses+Crackling Ears+Dizziness
  186. Connection to sinus trouble
  187. Sinus infection???
  188. Help with sinus infection
  189. Sinus Involvement anyone out there?
  190. Chronic sinus type pain - but x-rays negative?
  191. Sinuses and Ear blockage
  192. Migraine? Sinus? Tension Headache?
  193. symptoms of sinus infection
  194. where are the sinuses located?
  195. Heres what the doc had to say about my headache (need input plz, sinus related)
  196. pilonidal sinus
  197. Sinuses and Eyesight...connection?
  198. Clear Sinus and Ear
  199. Does this sound like sinuses?
  200. synthroid and sinus infection
  201. Sinus, allergies, inner ear, and speech
  202. Swollen lymph node related to sinus problems???
  203. Sinus headaches x 1 week
  205. Surgery for Sinus Infection
  206. one sided sinus trouble??anyone??
  207. sinus problems anyone..?
  208. sinus arrhythmia
  209. Sinus Headaches???
  210. Sinus Headache or Migraine
  211. sinus problems
  212. Strep vs. sinus?
  213. Is this a sinus headache or something different
  214. Sinusitis...bad smell when exhaling thru nose???
  215. sinus infection...smelly nasal exhale?
  216. sinusitis...smelly nasal exhale??
  217. sinus headache??
  218. Sinus Swelling but no Mucus
  219. Exhausted, dry mouthed, sinus problems - help
  220. Rocking and Swaying Sensation from Sinuses
  221. Sinus headache with no congestion?
  222. Chronic Sinusitis ???
  223. Sinus/Allergy probs
  224. Sinuses, allergies, ringing, oh my!!!
  225. 14 y.o.-systolic heart murmur, sinus arrhythmia and possible SVT.
  226. Sinuses and Rocking Sensation...Help!
  227. sinus pain
  228. sinusitis
  229. Sinus Problems Caused by Fungus???
  230. ???? CAN buspar & tylenol sinus
  231. sinus and sex
  232. Swollen Lymph Node, Sinus, Fatigue
  233. sinus narrowed?
  234. sinustis - endoscopic surgery
  235. Chronic Sinusitis
  236. Sinus headaches
  237. sounds like alot of you have allergies and sinus trouble
  238. Sinus drainage
  239. next week sinus surgery
  240. Sinuses/Allergies?? My face REALLY HURTS!!!!!
  241. Is this sinusitis?
  242. implant and sinus lift vs bridge
  243. sinus infection
  244. sinus surgery tommorrow
  245. inflamed sinus and dizzyness
  246. Ear ringing, tired, balance, sinus
  247. Sinuses vs. TMJD
  248. Does anyone get sinus infections from cpap?
  249. How many TMJ sufferers feel sinus and ear pain?
  250. looking for drying sinus medication

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