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  1. Drop in the life roller coaster
  2. how fast does lung cancer spread un treated
  3. Expectations ??
  4. indeterminate nodule
  5. Lung Nodule Cancer?
  6. Cough, abdomen blows up!
  7. paraneoplastic syndrome
  8. what does lung pain/cancer feel like
  9. Mycoplasma pneumonia, now lung nodules and ongoing fever/night sweats
  10. problems with spiriva
  11. Employee with lung cancer
  12. Back pain lung area
  13. diag of LC met to brain stage 4.
  14. Lung nodule... why not just remove them..
  15. Stage III NSCLC treatments
  16. Mom's Diagnosis
  17. my mom going for a bonchular scope
  18. chest soreness in lung cancer patient
  19. lung nodules right lower lobe
  20. cancer
  21. lung concern, re: harmful dust
  22. Hi All...I need some input
  23. Low Sodium/Electrolyes
  24. lung cancer and blue tongue and lips
  25. Pea size infiltrate on CT scan
  26. any input on this company?
  27. How can this happen SO FAST???
  28. middle back pain
  29. 1.5-cm mass protruding from left AP window
  30. Lung Cancer?
  31. lungs.
  32. new here just found out
  33. hi need help
  34. Lung met brain
  35. Hello, I'm new here
  36. Dad has Lung Cancer...help!!
  37. Abnormality on chest x-ray
  38. My Dad: Symptamatic of lung cancer?
  39. After Tarceva???
  40. Cediranib Clinical Trial?
  41. Newb...question on broncostomy
  42. Pneumonia or Lymphoma?
  43. Biopsy taking weeks to come back
  44. Lung Cancer surgery stories
  45. lung cancer
  46. Is this lung cancer?
  47. What should we be asking?
  48. pneumonia confused with lung cancer?
  49. another newbie
  50. Very worried and would like advice please
  51. This is the first day of of the rest of my life
  52. Biopsy Results
  53. Bronchoscopy & Biopsy results - Question related to cancer staging
  54. Question about Bronchoscopy
  55. Chest X-ray
  56. does exercising help
  57. Question on CT Lung Scan resutls
  58. Lung cancer?
  59. pain in the middle of back of lungs/back
  60. Growth on lung
  61. 8 mm nonclacified lingular lung nodule
  62. lost voice
  63. white spot on left lung
  64. Symptoms
  65. Pain
  66. Sclc
  67. Pleural and Parenchymal thickening
  68. Lungs and RA
  69. non calcified lung leison
  70. My mother
  71. my dad was just diagnosed
  72. Dealing with chemo
  73. cancer and sedatives
  74. enlarged gland in upper right lung, scared
  75. Family Needs Your Help
  76. Lung problems,
  77. Be Honest Please
  78. Co-pay assistance
  79. Family talked me into trying chemo
  80. Basic CT scan report I hope it helps someone understand
  81. how long
  82. coughing up blood
  83. Any thoughts
  84. Chemo Progress - Anyone Have Similar Experiences?
  85. I think I have lung cancer..
  86. cancer?
  87. Lung Cancer or no?
  88. CT scan spot on lung 7 years post lobectomy
  89. self diagnosis before a doctor
  90. am i going to die???
  91. I am terrified! Help!
  92. Hi, I am back... I need your advice
  93. Is this cancer or not?
  94. CT Scan question
  95. Ask questions !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!
  96. Adenocarcinoma
  97. lung cancer
  98. calcified nodularity
  99. Pain from an Enlarged Liver
  100. health insurance will not cover my cancer treatment
  101. what does lung cancer pain feel like
  102. Dad has squamous cell carcinoma, now bleeding internally
  103. need reassurance about lung nodule
  104. Please help, Lung cancer or something else ???
  105. mothers doctor stop chemo
  106. lung cancer patients/ CyberKnife treatments
  107. My Grandma
  108. lung cancer
  109. My mum is 80 and has lung cancer
  110. Odds of lung cancer from second hand smoke?
  111. squamous cell lung cancer with lymph node
  112. chemo and lung cancer
  113. A message of hope
  114. if it isn't lung cancer what else could the spot be
  115. adenocarcinoma stage 3??, help please
  116. does lung nodules cause back pain
  117. words of wisdom for a person who has been diagnosed with cancer
  118. dolor pulmon
  119. Nodule on x-ray but not on CT scan?
  120. Need help!
  121. Could my Dad not be telling me the full story?
  122. 2mm nodule on lobe
  123. why is my white blood count high following chemo
  124. Nodule in lung. Not there a year ago. Worried.
  125. NSCLC stage 4 with Renal Vein Thrombosis
  126. tumor in my left lung
  127. Pulmonary Nodules
  128. what does right middle lobe 4mm and 2mm non calcified nodules mean
  129. How young is too young?
  130. Have any Hope?
  131. Have any Hope?
  132. Caregiver needs info......
  133. Cancer
  134. what can I expect when I die of lung cancer
  135. Can an aerosol hair cleaner cause problems
  136. My friend has lung cancer and I don't know what to do
  137. Left Lung entirely removed
  138. Severe arm pain after removal of lower left lobe due to lung cancer
  139. mobile oxygen machine
  140. calcified and noncalcified nodule in my lungs
  141. non-small cell stage one
  142. Lung cancer plus phnemonia .
  143. Calcified nodes & granulomas?
  144. "scan anxiety" how to help?
  145. chest x-ray lung shadow
  146. how long will i live with stage 4 lung cancer
  147. lung cancer x ray vs pneumonia x ray
  148. lung nodules
  149. Lung Cancer...
  150. what is a thoradesis
  151. Devastated and need some info
  152. who is the best lung cancer doctor in Iowa
  153. possible home exposure - asbestos
  154. coughing up blood
  155. A third cancer - lung?
  156. Need Help
  157. Anyone have a 3mm nodule turn out to be cancerous?
  158. how do i raise my white blood cell count
  159. lung cancer!!??!!
  160. Chest Xrays
  161. I have a prodding sensation under my left shoulder blade what is this
  162. Please help!!
  163. pancoast pain
  164. carcinoid cancer rate of growth in lung
  165. how do i know when lung cancer has spread to the brain
  166. Is cancer heard by doctor listening to breathing with a stetoscope?
  167. A message for people with Carcinoid cancer...
  168. lung cancer
  169. Shall I wait?
  170. lung cancer help
  171. Very confused about diagnosis!
  172. I think I might be dieing of Lung difficulties.
  173. shadow on a chest xray
  174. spitting blood
  175. Info please..
  176. Carboplatin and Alimta????
  177. Post thoracotomy neuropathy
  178. Lung Cancer
  179. pain help [plzzzzzz
  180. what can olive leaf do for you
  181. If anyone knows...
  182. please help, new to forum with sick parent
  183. Scared for my friend
  184. i have 4 lumps on my lungs what should I do
  185. Is this cancer?
  186. What to Expect?
  187. how long can you stay on taxotere for stage iv lung cancer
  188. I am new here. I have a question
  189. Recovery From Complete R Lung Removal
  190. Could this be nothing?
  191. Symptoms
  192. Should i get another opinion ?
  193. Non Small Cell AND Small Cell?
  194. Mom has Lung Cancer - REALLY Short of Breath
  195. Advice going forward
  196. what does a CT scan show
  197. CT Results Please Help
  198. breast cancer
  199. Sarcoma
  200. My mum's just been diagnosed with lung cancer
  201. after radiation therapy
  202. pain in back when inhaling
  203. hi
  204. Rught upper lobe pulmonary nodule
  205. Cyberknife?
  206. lump in armpit and 2 nodes on my lungs?
  207. lung cancer and congestion
  208. what kind of lung cancer only has 6 months to live
  209. how can i avoid post chemo neuropathy?
  210. nodules read by PET scans
  211. worried my best friend has lung cancer
  212. lung cancer
  213. Salivary Gland Type Lung Cancer
  214. colon cancer
  215. if you have lung cancer does it show in a cbc test
  216. Cancer in Both Lungs
  217. cyberknife radiation therapy
  218. Symptoms and fear
  219. second line chemo
  220. Re: Dad has Stage IIIB NSCLC, prognosis??
  221. people doing well with metastatic lung cancer
  222. cancer tumors
  223. Nodules on lungs
  224. I need to share my burden
  225. Use the Death & Dying board to discuss your dying loved ones.
  226. i have two nodules in my lung and asthma do i have lung cancer
  227. new . . . and so very sad . . .
  228. burning sensation in lungs
  229. A Little Help :)
  230. What is a non calcified lung nodule?
  231. What is the life expentancy with lung cancer in the brain with 3 nodes?
  232. Questions about CT Scans
  233. Advanced SCLC - Any Survivor Stories out there?
  234. Does anyone know how fast a tumor can grow?
  235. NSCLC Stage IV
  236. Possibly Lung Cancer?
  237. chemo schedule??
  238. non small cell lung cancer
  239. Pinching pain around my rib cage and pelvis
  240. Cea Results
  241. Need lung cancer treatment info
  242. Chemo Pills
  243. Question regarding Pancoast Tumors
  244. My Dad is Dying
  245. Can't quit smoke..help needed
  246. CT Report - Need Explanation
  247. Need help interpreting MRI results
  248. Nodules on lungs
  249. Any info on PCI dosage?
  250. I thought I might have good news

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