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  1. burning sensation in lungs
  2. A Little Help :)
  3. What is a non calcified lung nodule?
  4. What is the life expentancy with lung cancer in the brain with 3 nodes?
  5. Questions about CT Scans
  6. Advanced SCLC - Any Survivor Stories out there?
  7. Does anyone know how fast a tumor can grow?
  8. NSCLC Stage IV
  9. Possibly Lung Cancer?
  10. chemo schedule??
  11. non small cell lung cancer
  12. Pinching pain around my rib cage and pelvis
  13. Cea Results
  14. Squamous cell, chemo question
  15. Need lung cancer treatment info
  16. Chemo Pills
  17. Question regarding Pancoast Tumors
  18. My Dad is Dying
  19. Can't quit smoke..help needed
  20. CT Report - Need Explanation
  21. Need help interpreting MRI results
  22. Nodules on lungs
  23. Any info on PCI dosage?
  24. I thought I might have good news
  25. Need some info please
  26. Mom Too Weak for Chemo-Giving Her a 2 month Break
  27. Please Answer Me, I Beg You!
  28. What is a "hot spot" that appears in PET scans and CT scans?
  29. New here -- facing lung surgery soon
  30. sharp pain
  31. For Turbo
  32. Question
  33. Smoking? Cancer?
  34. liquid zeolite
  35. A little secret about Tarceva I've found...
  36. 5mm nodule - new here
  37. how young were you got you dx?
  38. Carcinoids
  39. How common is lung cancer in non-smoking 40ish women? Symptoms?
  40. Worried!
  41. Mom ... New Nodules/Lumps appearing on her back ???
  42. There is Hope!
  43. Things don't seem to be too good
  44. Please help...
  45. Is it justified to request a referral?
  46. Please help....worried out of my mind....
  47. I'm still here...
  48. My mom diagnosed with Lung Cancer
  49. New here, and terrified
  50. sening hugs and needing hugs...sorry
  51. Mom given 6-8 weeks to live...
  52. very early lung cancer but spread to the spine
  53. Please Help!!!
  54. lung cancer/liver spike
  55. Alone for the first time..
  56. stage iv lung ca with mets to bone
  57. ARGH!! This is soo frustrating
  58. Mom is very near the end - what to expect
  59. teresa????
  60. Mom SCLC 6 months out
  61. I love you all!!!
  62. My Dad is in stage 4 of his cancer
  63. My Robert lost his battle tonight
  64. Thought I was ok...stronger....
  65. mom is gone
  66. sharp pains in my back between my lungs
  67. recently diagnosed
  68. Lumps in both arms in same place???
  69. newly diagnosed adenocarcinoma of the lungs
  70. Chest Pains! Help?!
  71. Dads gone
  72. spot on lung
  73. My Dad's Cancer
  74. Could this be a MIRACLE?
  75. MY Dad passed...
  76. I get my biopsy results in the morning
  77. blueeyes62
  78. mom with lung cancer
  79. sylvia48
  80. adenocarcinoma of lung question
  81. question about stepmom
  82. Why....
  83. important question
  84. Still In Remission! Praise The Lord!!!
  85. large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (lcnec) lung
  86. body tremors
  87. sorry
  88. Acceptance...
  89. Daughter Needs Advice About Dad
  90. To Stephen21
  91. Mom with Lung Cancer
  92. You inspire
  93. Question for the ladies .... after lung sugery
  94. God took him home
  95. tumor in lung
  96. Really need advice...
  97. Really need advice...
  98. Visiting Aunt In Fla. Has Stage 4 Lung Cancer, Doing Well
  99. Surgery for early stage NSCLC
  100. mother-in-law
  101. wondering about symtoms
  102. New wound..reopened
  103. my story with this disease
  104. Does anyone know what wet lung is
  105. A question for turbo.
  106. Trying to stay positive
  107. numerous tiny nodules in both lungs
  108. my husband has just been diagnosed
  109. First Mom....Now Dad
  110. Difficulty Breathing.
  111. My stepdad will be starting chemo treatment soon
  112. Feeling guilty and selfish.....but trying to be strong
  113. 5mm Non-Calcified Nodule in Right Lower Lobe
  114. Lung Cancer Life Expectancy?
  115. multiple nodular densities in breast cancer survivor
  116. Question About Chemo Treatment
  117. PET scan & Thoat Cancer
  118. Thinking of you SherryAnne
  119. Lung Cancer Caregiver.
  120. Home from the hospital and surgery went well
  121. Cancer Centers
  122. what is a noncalcified nodule?
  123. lung cancer survivor,chest xray?
  124. I miss my Dad
  125. Second Opinion Canada
  126. ct scan
  127. Treatment Effects Newbe
  128. PET scan results
  129. where do I find help?
  130. carol1961
  131. lung cancer treatment
  132. How can I make the best out of the last couple weeks?
  133. Chemo and the brain
  134. Dad is in heaven now
  135. Mom's is going down hill fast
  136. Lung Cancer - Mets to Spine
  137. Thinking about you, Carol
  138. Dont want to seem rude
  139. I think Dad is getting close to the end
  140. Shaved my mother's head
  141. Mom is in a better place now...
  142. just diagnosed with lung cancer
  143. I lost my dad so quickly to nsclc...
  144. making her way
  145. Dad is home from the hospital
  146. My mom
  147. shadow on the lungs
  148. Faith has gone home
  149. small cell lung cancer clinical trials
  150. Just diagnosed w/ lung cancer, need info - please!!
  151. Lung Cancer related?
  152. My dad is going down hill fast
  153. Scared of Surgery
  154. To All Members
  155. Mom has Lung Cancer and am looking for guidance please.
  156. PET scan question
  157. A love story
  158. Wll this cause lung cancer quicker.
  159. Another loss to lung cancer
  160. Do these symptoms sound familiar?
  161. update on my dad
  162. awesomegranny-is there an update on Faith?
  163. Nodule in Lung, Are they common?
  164. My mom is very weak, don't know what to do.
  165. Anyone with experience w/ Taxol?
  166. Loss
  167. appointment tomorow for results
  168. Trust Your Body
  169. Das has 6 months
  170. Help! Mother Has Lung Cancer/Secondary Heart Tumour
  171. My dad
  172. Emotional wreck, probably malignant tumor in lung
  173. scared...do...and don't want to know
  174. Its over
  175. Another test- and thanksgiving
  176. Why November?
  177. Things are getting worse
  178. Any Info on DCA for treating cancer?
  179. Xmas Season....lost?
  180. what is gleevee
  181. Need help
  182. Confused about treatments
  183. Numb feet and fingers from Taxol
  184. My Dear Friend is dying (HPV and lungs)
  185. Mom finished 2nd cycle of Topetecan today!:)
  186. Still in remission, thank the Lord
  187. mother-in-law with small cell lung cancer
  188. How are you Faith?
  189. Mom has a couple of months to live
  190. my dad
  191. lung shadow
  192. messages from people who have had cyberknife
  193. tumour in lung need advice
  194. Pneumonia
  195. numb area on face???
  196. What to expect next?
  197. Clubbed Fingers
  198. Help me understand why my Mother continues to smoke after nsclc diagnosis
  199. Another question about pain
  200. How do you know its the end?
  201. Rockie
  202. Did I do the right thing???
  203. My brother is gone.
  204. info please on topotecan chemo
  205. my mum had a bad cough wheezing why did they not diagnose cancer years ago
  206. The Reluctant Doctor
  207. Is it really cancer?
  208. Is this false hope?
  209. could lung cancer be shown on my ecg
  210. Dad just passed, mother in law just diagnosed
  211. help
  212. Mediport horror
  213. how long can you have cancer without knowing?
  214. They have given up on my brother
  215. "life"
  216. Cancer, Arthritis, Or Back?
  217. Gemzar and Brain Mets
  218. difficulty to breath
  219. Unexplained Joint Pain
  220. Scared.....
  221. My brother's lung cancer has metestasized
  222. My Dad has passed
  223. ct scan
  224. mass in a lung
  225. Faith
  226. question about chest x-ray
  227. Does anyone know about DECADRON / dexamethasone?
  228. 2nd Gemzar Treatment-Scared!
  229. Very annoyed at Dr!
  230. former board poster on this anniversary
  231. It's Over
  232. Faith and food
  233. New to the Forum and New to the World of Lung cancer
  234. New Here! Sister Has Lung Cancer
  235. cancer mets to the lung
  236. Very bad news
  237. Back on the rollercoaster again...
  238. Lung surgery....What to expect????
  239. First margin taken from Dads arm was adnexal Carcinoma.
  240. TURBO58 are you out there?
  241. Does TARCEVA work at all?
  242. Morphine Problems
  243. Mom with small cell lung cancer
  244. My brother's lung cancer came back
  245. Pain in chest, nausea, loss of appetite
  246. CT scan
  247. Faith....
  248. A question for all
  249. Ct Tomorrow
  250. Non Small Cell Lung Cancer?????

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