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  1. chest x-ray question
  2. symptoms?
  3. Just Got Back From Doc Appt
  4. Stages
  5. Lots Of Questions Please Help
  6. My Dad has lung caner
  7. Granny diagnosed w/end stage lung cancer
  8. Series of tragic events for us
  9. New...my mom...many questions
  10. Coping through the days---through the holidays
  11. Mother recently dx with small cell lung CA
  12. Mrs. Chaz
  13. When is enough, enough?
  14. Thank you all from Mrs. Chazz
  15. I'm afraid the time is close
  16. A little scared
  17. Mom has cancer...
  18. Hospital Attire
  19. My mom passed away
  20. sick and getting sicker- any advice?
  21. Continued pleuritic pain. Need Advice pls!
  22. My Father, Please Help
  23. Sawbuck, r u in there?
  24. Hope
  25. Mom has lung cancer, having problems with morphine
  26. For Chaz
  27. Counting our blessings
  28. Update from gail
  29. Flu Shot
  30. non small cell stage IV
  31. Could I Have Cancer?
  32. Anyone know what this means?
  33. Gail....you're in my thoughts
  34. Some Symptoms
  35. husband has lung cancer
  36. Anyone have reactions to CT?
  37. Questions about StageIV
  38. Any imput re nodule w/coughed blood and enlarged nodes
  39. Is 2 weeks too long?
  40. Any Input Please??????????????
  41. Big swollen Legs
  42. Involuntary Gasping
  43. Small Cell Lung Cancer Question
  44. After 6 months a answear maybe
  45. Prayers for Gail & Mike today!
  46. RE:Question on Lung cancer surgery
  47. Gail...How is Mike?
  48. Mom Diagnosed 2 months ago NSCLC
  49. Support needed
  50. MIL has been told she has 2-5 months
  51. Looking For Advice
  52. I can't believe my dad is gone
  53. RF Ablation
  54. I need advice!
  55. My Mom
  56. Malpractice???
  57. Mystery Symptom : Swelling and Redness Around Eyes
  58. My dads biopsy
  59. My dad
  60. Lingering questions re: stage iiib nonsmall cell
  61. What Does This Mean??
  62. My Mom/ Please Read
  63. My dad
  64. My dad's condition
  65. Is this Dad's time to go?
  66. My dad
  67. Update on my dad's condition
  68. wondering......
  69. She won't see the doctor....
  70. Lost mother Febuary to Cancer, now Dad just been diagnosed with extensive lung cancer
  71. Very upset...what to do?
  72. New to the board
  73. Please help me decide what to do........
  74. What are the major signs?
  75. Tumor and fluid pressing on lungs -
  76. Could I Have Cancer?
  77. Has anyone used Iressa and what were the results?
  78. waiting for monday
  79. husband has lung cancer just found out!
  80. txchaz are you ok?
  81. Our story and how do you know when the end is near?
  82. Anyone here ever had "cystoplasm" (sp?) chemo? Please help...
  83. Stage 4 metastatic Lung Cancer
  84. Brother-in-law has lung cancer and no insurance
  85. Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.
  86. She's gone
  87. update on my mom
  88. Great Book To Read
  89. Husband "Scott" passed away
  90. Please Help Quickly!!!!! Advice
  91. Sudden relapse and death. Any answers, support?
  92. Stage 1 Lung Cancer
  93. Nodule In Right Lung, Please Reply!
  94. Lady J
  95. Details
  96. tjr how r u and sis in law?
  97. i am scared!!
  98. multiple lung nodules
  99. Sister's condition
  100. renee how are things going?
  101. nodule in left lung
  102. tumor on spine
  103. Mom's non small cell cancer
  104. don't know what to think
  105. Iressa and Blood Clots????
  106. My family just keep on smoking!
  107. surviver
  108. My Dad Passed
  109. update on my mom
  110. Renee_ky how are things?
  111. What could this be?
  112. It's over...
  113. Update on hubby 08/20/04
  114. Mattie- Are you okay?
  115. "May I go now?" (A poem you all might enjoy)
  116. adenocarcinoma of the lung
  117. Margaret's story.
  118. We lost my FiancÚ on Saturday, August 14
  119. neupogen and radiation together
  120. Please pray for my friend
  121. How Could They Miss It?
  122. shadow on an x-ray ...
  123. Dry Mouth from Chemo or Radiation
  124. not sure what to do...please help
  125. End Stage
  126. Symptoms? How do you know?
  127. Bad week
  128. After a Lobectomy
  129. Could it be?
  130. Does this mean anything..?
  131. Hubbies test results, dated 07/12/2004
  132. Recipes for Ensure and Boost drinks??
  133. My Story
  134. why did chemo continue with low WBC??
  135. Tjr and Lady J
  136. renee_ky
  137. possible tumor on lung
  138. could i have cancer? very worryed
  139. Information required, please help
  140. Looking for Cancer friend for my Mom
  141. Losing it
  142. Friend newly diagnosed with lung cancer
  143. Even more bad news...
  144. Burning behind left shoulder blade
  145. Mattie- Are you in there?
  146. Scared of lung cancer
  147. Spine Cancer from Lung Cancer...
  148. CT Scan..
  149. Update: Broken Ribs
  150. Stage IV Small Cell Lung cancer
  151. anyone else seen this?
  152. frustrated and worried
  153. Scared about lung cancer
  154. Apologize for this question ahead of time......
  155. Squamous cell, spread to mediastinum, so stage 3.
  156. more bad news??
  157. father-in-law's x-rays
  158. I am worried about my mom
  159. Need some opeinions, please.
  160. They found a lump..
  161. Happy Birthday Mum
  162. To All Of Our Fathers...
  163. Flax Oil and cottage cheese
  164. lung cancer heredity what are my chances?
  165. To: Venture
  166. Just saying hi and checking in
  167. Confused!
  168. A dieing mother...
  169. Stage IV Survivors?
  170. what does this result really mean
  171. Iressa not working, now trying Gemzar?
  172. Results from a CT Scan
  173. For all of those who have lost our moms or other family members......
  174. Would you share your experience with what I see in mom?
  175. Worried....
  176. happy birthday
  177. My father passed...
  178. symptom??????
  179. Mom, will not go to Dr. for possible lung ca
  180. Question concerning non-small cell lung cancer
  181. It's been 6 months...
  182. Hubby with NSCC now on Iressa?
  183. I am Moily's niece. I lost my mother on April 13, 2004 to metastatic lung cancer.
  184. Sigh...questions..please help..
  185. My Sister
  186. just wondering?
  187. Shammyl
  188. Question, answer? :(
  189. The Colonel
  190. Hi! New to the boards....
  191. Update on my Husband
  192. Lady J, are you ok?
  193. Harlea- Are you OK?
  194. Question????????????
  195. upper back pain along spine and too either side
  196. Where is the BEST treatment center to go for LUNG Cancer...?
  197. Hi! New here and hoping to get some support and answers.. PLease.
  198. lung cancer is wrapped around my aorta.
  199. Stage IV lung cancer gone!
  200. haylee31??
  201. my father-in-law
  202. Lung Cancer back after 6 years
  203. husband has stage IV lung cancer with mets to brain, adreno glands, and neck masses
  204. Exposed to asbestos for 17 years.
  205. Renee how is hubby doing?
  206. lung nodule?
  207. Are chest x-rays any good?
  208. Please Help?????
  209. Risk deduction through alternative tobacco source
  210. How much and for how long would you have to smoke to get lung cancer?
  211. Husband stopping chemo treatment
  212. My sister lost her battle
  213. Spot or Mass on lung??
  214. Chest x-ray shows benign appearing nodules?
  215. We Need Help!
  216. Thanks for listening about my dying mother.....
  217. How long can a stage IV lung cancer w/ mets to hip, liver and skull survive without
  218. Sister passed away while on vacation
  219. Your thoughts please!
  220. Lady J and Shuanna
  221. How much time between feeling good/bad?
  222. Thankyou Chazzy, Medphoto and everyone who cared for me
  223. long cough , heart burn , dry heaving, advice please
  224. lung cancer
  225. Thanks for all the support
  226. My husband has stage IV lung cancer
  227. Sister Admitted To Hospital on Vacation
  228. Questions about lung cancer
  229. My Dad's Lung Cancer
  230. I need peace of mind!
  231. How long can we expect- vomiting black
  232. Back pain for 7 months is it cancer?
  233. Time between Kidney failure and death?
  234. Mom is now an Angel
  235. Doesn't anyone respond
  236. Do I need a second opinion
  237. I'm new and my sister has stage IV
  238. Non-Small Cell Cancer Stage IIIB
  239. Does anyone know of effective alternative treatments?
  240. Step Dad finally let go...
  241. Catheter for fluid buildup?
  242. Taking IRESSA while doing Radiation?
  243. getting lung removed - please help!
  244. My support
  245. New meds added today - again!
  246. Update on Step-Dad Diagnosed in late Aug
  247. How fast does SCLC act when it returns?
  248. Lung Cancer FINAL stage- Please HELP
  249. Does the fluid ever stop building up?
  250. My mom's numb